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Samrag 2:27am, 21 December 2006
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Daily Photo Set: 2006, 2007

This is something I've been doing now for few months already, and look forward to post my daily photos here as well.

But let me tell you folks... it is VERY hard to take one photo each day... couple of times I have just managed it before midnight!
It is even harder to try to take "good" pictures or "interesting" picture or "relevant" pictures each day.

1. Take photo daily
2. Try to have them with some diversity
3. If something "unusual" (birthdays, trips, visits etc.) occur that day, try to have the daily photo reflect that.
4. Make no changes to the photograph other then red-eye, crop and straighten. - and even keep those to minimum.
5. The day is 00:00-23:59 (not as with some; from the time I wake up, and till I go to sleep)
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sarahwoo 12 years ago
I love the golden light...even if geese scare me.

Sounds like today was calm and relaxing...similar to mine in some ways. Time spent outside, time spent cuddling, time spent together with no other plans and intentions... love it.

Sarah My Photo Diary
satrina* 12 years ago
That goose is a natural model and looks great in that golden light

Satrina: av meg
Android9 PRO 12 years ago
The light is gorgeous in this shot. I love hearing about your day, and seeing the extra photos of your family, and adventures. Very cool. Awesome picture man.
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Seems you have a great little flickr community there :)
Beautiful daylight shot - I need to visit Iceland one day :)!

NicoleB / Rainmountain: Share the weirdness with me ;)
Loca.... 12 years ago
And did you get your sister in?
Nice shots and great family you have, nice to see the pictures of their smiley faces.

Samrag 12 years ago
@ Loca-Bandoca: Yes... I did..Herdís ... though she punished me of course by putting a photo of me as the first photo, instead of herself!!!! aarrrggghh
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
I have to thank you -- first, I love the golden goose pix.... next, thanks for showing me how to do the blue linky thing -- i'm using it all over the place on MDPD -- and I was lucky enough to also find Herdis photostream too -- great shots there, I'm going to have to check her daily now too!

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
Samrag 12 years ago
DAY 8: 08. January, 2007 - Monday (357 to go) Home
08.01.2007 - Coffee beans
Each day I drink at least 8 cups (large) of coffee, so it is only right that I post one photo it.

My Day: Rather uninventful. This week I am working on nights shifts, begin at 8 in the evening and finish around 4 in the morning. And then of course sleeping most of the day!
Today (yesterday) I was however rather busy... I did some cleaning and took down most of the christmas decorations. I scanned in one film for my parents (1000 to go....aaarrrggghh), began and gave up on the film Tube, ate some horrible sausages, and then went back to sleep for couple of hours.
When I came to work one of the part time girl told me that she was quitting - had gotten a job at kindergarden. Few minutes later another one of the part time girl called - to tell me she was quitting!!! - had gotten a full time job at a bakery!!!
hhhmmm - love being responsible for staff problems...

Then when I came home after the shift the internet was more or less down... aarrrgghhh.
karinga Posted 12 years ago. Edited by karinga (member) 12 years ago
Well, days like that are there to be more happy when a good day comes:) Love the smell of coffee but drink it extremely rarely:)

(Inga in Finland All Year Round)
<- see, I can make it myself now!! thanks:) you must be our official tutor or sth!
eelend PRO 12 years ago
8 cups of coffee? Glad to hear it. Some years ago, the doctor shouted me because I used to drink 6. Now, I just drink one or two and 3/4 cups of tea. I don't know if I'm doing better or worse, really, but I feel great hahaha!

Mmmm night shift is terrible. Hold on. Maybe one of these days you'll call to your office and say you're quitting, too :)
Have a nice day.
I bookmarked you, too. See you.

re: Jan. 4; it was an old fountain :)
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
too much coffee
bad for the tummy !
but milk is not so good eitherif I may say so
(milk is for veals)
(and gurus of course)
but you will find your own drink one day
I am very confident !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
minitv2002 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by minitv2002 (member) 12 years ago
Hi, creat meeting you the other day, to bad i didn't get a cup of coffee, looks very good :)

JMW ( - Here by Samrag's command )
ILIGHT 12 years ago
mmm coffee. That's the stuff ! In fact, I think my pot has stopped dripping- better pour myself a cup!
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
I love the shot - looks yummie!
Sorry to hear about all the girls finding a new job at the same time though :(!
sunshinecity 12 years ago
... milk for veals?? No way, milks is super yum, I agree with theGuru on this one!!

As for you, ... well, I thkn you might need to cut down a bit on your coffee... aren't you bouncing off thew walls?? Mind you, it's probably not as strong as our espresso, is it??

~ sunshinecity - a picture, a story
Wow and Flutter 12 years ago
My first topic post in this group is here with your imagery.
I really enjoy viewing the world via flickr and the daily record of everyone.
During the winter months, you have extend "golden hours" via the low sun angle longer than those in the southern latitudes.
The Goose is a nice example of this and the inverse is the moody night shots you have captured.
Nice work and I look forward to viewing more of your photographs.
chibi_butterfly Posted 12 years ago. Edited by chibi_butterfly (member) 12 years ago
Yamm, coffee! I drink not so much as you do but anyway absolutely addicted to it in the mornings (especially after working late shift).
The best thing to drink is peppermint latte they serve on the upper floor of Radisson SAS in Tallinn. :)

Do you fry your beans yourself?

Ana (Mu aasta piltides)
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
the white end of xmas shot - loved it - the sad forlorn little tree - and the snow - we are having a non-winter so far - the only weekend i wanted snow was the weekend i planned to ski with my son jony - and we got it - it's likenature knows i am to busy now and hasnt scheduled any snow - until the 27 - so thanks for sharing your snow

the duck - as i was reading the post, it was like he was my tour guide - giving me the duck's guide to Reykjavík :P
Loca.... 12 years ago
I love coffee as well, drink it with a bit of milk these days, don't really know when I started but the black coffee makes me feel bad. Love the smell on it do.

Samrag Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Samrag (member) 12 years ago
DAY 9: 09. January, 2007 - Tuesday (356 to go) Home
09.01.2007 - Unfocused thought

My Day: At 11 in the morning I was woken up by cartoon noice. Tristan was already in the kindergarden but the cartoon still playing. I tried to get back to sleep but was unable to. Felt that I needed few more minutes - but like the Guru's brain, mine was having such nice chat to me about possible money worries, housing worries, school worries etc etc - and was not having me shutting it off at all. So no more sleeping that morning..

I got online after a nice shower, finding way to many members here having not posted for couple of days - making my brain worry about that as well ;-) But so many photos from you all made me smile, and feel connected. Then I got a phonecall which lasted for 90 min, about a difficult subject, which I can't share here.
I've always known how to deal with stuff, but I've never been faced with such thing.
After that conversation I went for a walk. Took some photos which all could have made it as today's photo: The nice building, Another Sign in the Sky photo and the French Embassy 100 metres from where I live.

But none of them would have reflected my day...

I'm just home now, it is 4.05 in the morning, it has been snowing tonight... It was sooo quiet walking in the snow. No sound, everyone a sleep - most of the street with no tire mark or footprints.
"Oohhh, it's so quiet" - going to bed, cuddling up to my dear little family and might just post one snow photo when I wake up.

Nothing more to report today.

Please all KEEP POSTING...

Later edited: Oooh, and I took this one aswell, but felt somewhat that it was too lazy.
leroyer 12 years ago
Oh, so you had one of those morning brain discussion too...
They can't never shut up, can they ?

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
Jissy 12 years ago
you have quite a beeeg fan club in your diary here...I can see why!
@1 Jan- what a great capture of Tristan- love his eyes in the pic!
@ 3 Jan- thanks for sharing the beautiful view ;-)

Everday with Jissy
Heidulius 12 years ago
I really like this photo Sam! Your face is so relaxed.

There's no cartoon on now and your'e sleeping soundly. Yes. Good girl Heiða, good girl.... ROFL!!

Heiða D.
alert chicken [deleted] 12 years ago
hang in there

/just dropping by to say hi
sarahwoo 12 years ago
my brain works like yours...it has trouble shutting down but it seems the guru's brain is working oppositely sometimes...

I like this shot...it is nice to see you.

leesure PRO 12 years ago
LOL love the coffee shot...clearly great minds DO think alike.

-Lee, The ChubbyMan
karinga Posted 12 years ago. Edited by karinga (member) 12 years ago
Yeah, sometimes the shot we like the most reflects the day the least. And then it cannot go here! No no no. No matter how much we want to decorate the diary:)
Candles I love. Nice peaceful shot.

(Inga in Finland All Year Round)
eelend PRO 12 years ago
hehe I like that little bear
My brain uses to wake up before I do... Sometimes, that's soooo disturbing, haha
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
Hi Sam -- you've been busy! Glad to see another coffee addict like myself. Tell me, do you teeth get discolored -- I find that mine aren't so pearly white, and let me tell you, that's a big thing here in the states. People pay tons of money for the WHITEST teeth! I saw another of our flickr friend's photos with coffee he brought back from Brazil ( I think it was brazil) he had 5 pounds, I had to chuckle when he said it was supossed to be a year's supply -- I told it it would be more like a month for me.

I like your self-portrait too.

See u, my friend! and have a great day -- can't wait to see what you're up to next!!!

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
barb howe 12 years ago
barb was here too. My wrist is hurting --I think I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome so excuse the short comment. Just wanted to say hey. Good to see you!
mbauhs PRO 12 years ago
Good stuff! You tell some great stories to go with your pics. I love the duck and coffee pics! I'm gonna go get some caffeine in me now....
Samrag 12 years ago

Ok... just a suggestion, as some of you enjoyed the quick links at the beginning of the topic.

I've now included at the top, a link the the PHOTO SET itself, and would love to see some of you do the same.
When I visit your topics, sometimes I want to have a quick look over the photos you have posted as your daily picture so far - but without having to scroll through the whole post.

What do you guys think??
chibi_butterfly 12 years ago
Great idea, Sam! *gone to put PhotoSet link into my topic
Glow* 12 years ago
Well, it wouldn't work with mines,cause most of them are "private".
But good idea
CollardGreens PRO 12 years ago
OK I'll bite - how do you / where do you / set up the quick links - have seen them in several recently and really like the idea...
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
ok, off i go to set up my quick link to the set.... i don't think i'll do the single numbering thing -- seems like too much effort especially when you will already have the set.... i dunno... convince me....

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
sweltering distance [deleted] 12 years ago
I'd like one of those too. Instructions for the quick link
sunshinecity Posted 12 years ago. Edited by sunshinecity (member) 12 years ago
... once you set up the first quick link, adding anumber and a URL each day is no harder than adding your post to your thread eaach day... it really is easy!! Not to mention the fact that, you're pretty much helping your avid readers keep easier track of your posts
: )

... you know anythng about HTML... you need to add some code in your text as you make post...
For example, when I sign my posts, I use a code that allows my signature to become a link, as do many others. I type:

~ sunshinecity, <a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/2007/discuss/72157594425326657/">a picture, a story</a>

which turns into: ~ sunshinecity, a picture, a story

You can do the same, and replace my name and URL with yours.

For the quicklinks it works the same way... but using the permalink for each individual post...
Message me if you need further assistance!

~ sunshinecity, a picture, a story
Samrag 12 years ago
@ The GURU: Yeh but mine does not fear the coffee, like yours seem to fear the Red Bull - it crawes it, likes it, makes me want it and need it. But I'm cutting back on everything else... One battle at times, even though my brain tells me constantly that it was bullshit to quit: drinking, doping, smoking, drinking soda,
...and is trying to stop me in going further. I'll win... you'll see
(my brain is making this paragraph came out all wrong... )

@ Jissy: fan club... not sure about that - I think I'm just bugging them so much that they don't dare but leave a comment ;-)

@ Sarah: Yeh... sometimes I am soooo tired, and I go to bed... and then my brain will decide to try to solve all my problems. Doesn't matter what I think about - it will lead me back to the problem solving stuff. Many times I've given up... put in Aliens, and fallen a sleep over it (it's a trick... my brain will shut up, and allow me to go to sleep, and then create a wonderful dream where I'm battling aliens with Sigorney Weaver).... mmmhhhhmmm

@ Leesure: Yeh... we sure do... let's keep track of this, and see if this happpens again this year ;)

@ Inga: Agree... totally. But in some ways I find it more irritating the other way around. Like Tristan had birthday party 30.12 and I took many shots during the party - but they were all horrible, so I had to post one just of the cake... when I really wanted to put photo of him, or relatives giving him gifts.... hhhmm.

@ eeland: We all seem to have bit of uncontrollable brainfunctions going on here.... Maybe all photographers do... or all netsurfing people.. or just anyone that rallys around the Guru...I wonder

@ LBT: Love as always

@ BellaGaia: Your comments are always so warm, thanx. White teeth... I don't really know if they make my teeth discolored... have been drinking coffee since 10 years old... sooo no comparison really. But compared to the smoking and beerdrinking, too now, then my teeth are getting whiter ;)

@ luckywhitegirl: just seeing your shadow cast over my thread, makes me feel a lucky white boy...well pinkish really in this cold.

@ mbauhs: thanx,

@ chipi_butterfly: thanx - please do.

@ Maia: thanx... very private Maia...

@ CollardGreens & Federici: I see sunshinecity has been helping... if you need any further help, just email me or her :)

@ BellaGaia: I'm not going to try to convince you ...!! ... well ok.... I am..
It is not just the fact that one can go directly to your latest photo without any scrolling, or that one can find your specific photo (with comments - not just the photo like in your set - even though I've now started including link to the daily post with my photo in my set... aaarrggg)....
...but also as we go forward. Imagine when you have 130 photos in your thread, and you want to find a specific one - because of a comment you remember, or link that someone put there, or to check up on something you wrote for the day or......
... would be nice to go straight to it ... I think.

hhmm.. now for today's photo (well yesterdays..)

msspider66 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by msspider66 (member) 12 years ago
Where is 10 Jan?

[Ms Spider66]
Samrag 12 years ago
huh... I'm just going through it now... picking one... my 10th of Jan is not really over... as such...

But if you can wait - one will be here in 10 min ;)
Samrag Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Samrag (member) 12 years ago
DAY 10: 10. January, 2007 - Wednesday (355 to go) Home
10.01.2007 - Covered Christmas lights
The fence just outside my doorstep. Took this at 3 in the morning when I came home from work...

My Day: Ok... so there was no cartoon on full blast this morning. So did I sleep in, use the opportunity and take my 8 hours sleep. Nnnnooooooo.... woke up 11.32, after 6 hour sleep.
After listening to Heida's horror story about the dangers of ice I had myself a cup of coffee and sat down to check up on all my bookmarked Flickr friends.

3 hours later:
I decided to give my grandma a call. My grandma is this great 88 year old lady. She has never taken bullshit from anyone, has the greatest (and most synical) humour, and tells you how it is. She was born 50 years before her time!!
It was her birthday yesterday, and I have it as a rule to call her around the time of her birthday. She was so happy to hear from me, but she was worried... not about the fact that she is getting very old and sick and might have to go and 'live' in a hospital... no, her worries were about my mum. My mum is getting worse of her Parkinson deciese and it is affecting us all.

After chatting to my grandma I felt lazy... so I tidied up in the flat, went to the shop and.... went back online!!!
Managed to scan another film for my parents though (999 to go).

When Heida came home from work I drove to the school. It was my first day. The teacher in my first class was this old school guy. He was fat, bearded, with twist on each side of the mustache, like he were used to twist it with his fingers. And he loved teaching... there were no fancy equipment... just him, the chalkboard, and a 40 year old briefcase (which he used as reference to the sun... and earth,... and... whatever).

I went back home to check up on my great little family, had a 30 min dinner, shower, chat, kisses, hugs, and then ran out again. Called work to get a change to be one hour late as I hadn't realised I should have been in school. The owner was very nice - but tired in his voice. One of the girl has a sick child and couldn't come today (he didn't mind that, exept she had said that she could always easily get a babysitter if her girl would be sick - and therefore we would not have to worry about her not coming to work due to that!!!)... She will be home with her girl through out this week, so .. he will work now every day of his week off... and one of the guys called, and couldn't come to work either. He got someone to cover for himself last sunday, so he could play football, and managed to break his nose,... so he won't be coming for the rest of the week..... aarrrgghhh.

But my boss was fine with me being one hour longer in school.

I found out that two of my classes were at the same time.. GREAT !!! So I was jumping between them.

Went to work at 9... easy going night... and now I'm home at 3.30 in the morning..

..anyhow...anyway...anyhows...and .anyways.. not more to my day today...

Well... 1 more thing... going to start posting here link to the leftovers.. The ones that didn't make it... the photos that might have become photo of the day. You are all welcome to comment on them, tell me if you think I was wrong in my choice etc etc.....;)

The ones that didn't make it: Leftovers
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
I LOve, love, love this pix -- i'm gonna fave it right now!

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
'stee 12 years ago
good lord you work hard, samrag. i'm not sure how long i'd last doing days like yours!
that photo is gorgeous by the way. all that snow!
sunshinecity 12 years ago
... so "silent"! It's a peaceful picture!!!

Your day sounds busy busy busy!!
I'm not sure if you said it already somewhere... I might have missed it, but what work do you do, that keeps you up so late? And what classes are you taking?
= )

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Samrag 12 years ago
@ Sunshinecity: I'm taking Sociology 233, Chemistry/Physics 133 (combined) and English503. I manage (along with the owners) a popular fast food restaurant in the city center of Reykjavik, called Nonnabiti.
Italian Papillon 12 years ago
As everybody's saying.......What a day!!!! Wow, you are really busy! (it is too long since I saw the snow.......tis picture looks so peaceful and nice!!!) ;-)
minitv2002 12 years ago
There is never a dull moment in Samrag's live, I know that for sure.
He is just one of those guys, that always has something going. I'm more of a lazy guy, maybe that's why we have been such good friends for over 28 years, puff, has it been so long !

JMW ( - Here by Samrag's command )
Samrag 12 years ago
wow... 28 years... No one has been able to stand me for that long... if they are not related to me..

No wonder you moved to Denmark
karinga 12 years ago
Aha! Nonnabiti! Gotta remember that name and visit you there when I get to Iceland in summer. Or if I get there! Maybe I take a secret shot of Sam working and post it in my diary as my day's highlight! Looking forward!! I wanna go to Iceland even more now:)
AllanThinks 12 years ago
Three in the morning? You work until 3? Oh. My.

But I guess seeing the world at 3 a.m. affords photo opportunities the rest of us will never get.

Allan's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
Innamorata Crush 12 years ago
the lights are beautiful...
accidental_charm 12 years ago
very lovely picture, samrag.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
... thanks for the explanatoin! I'm nosey
= D

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
oddityinabox PRO 12 years ago
_i thought that I should officially reply and say thankyou for the source of the quicklinks idea! I believe I've gone a bit over the top with it, but by writing down all the future dates I've just realised how big the task of a photo a day really is! Jeez!

How did you find doing the task last year?

_ravi | *life through pictures
Jissy 12 years ago
Gorgeous pic, and a beautiful story about your grandma- I miss mine dearly and love hearing stories about how others appreciate their grandma's! lol at the left overs.... It's a daily struggle deciding which one's i like vs highlight of the day vs ones that came out good vs vs vs and and and....
sarahwoo 12 years ago
How do you stay so postive on so little sleep? That is the first thing that goes on me...I become a grumpy ball of negative energy...

How much sleep do you get?

satrina* 12 years ago
Just dropping by to say hi! and I enjoyed reading about your grandma, it reminded me of my grandma.

Satrina: av meg
sunshinecity 12 years ago
... probably 6 hrs average a night? That's about how much I get really... you just get used to it

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Samrag 12 years ago
@ BellaGaia: Thanx ... really appreciate it - it is always so nice when someone truly enjoys your photo. :)

@ 'stee: Yeh, some people say this - but in general I think I have a similar day as most Icelanders... most of us have at least 2 jobs!!

@ Italian Papillon: Thanx... they day didn't feel long... too short in fact.

@ minitv2002: You would know it... after all these years - watching my adventures... (good and bad)... and you have always been there for me... that is something!

@ Karinga: Great - I'll feed you something very nice. I hope you'll make it. Did you say you knew someone in Iceland - or shall I schedule a day or two of for tour guiding etc.?

@ AllanThinks: Well when I'm working evening/night shifts... I miss the mornings instead ;)

@ dans la reine: Thanx. I've always enjoyed snow over lights. My dad used to build litle snowhouses from snowballs, and put a candle inside - it's a memory that I treasure. Hope that during the scanning of my parents films I will come across a photo of that.

@ Sandra: Thanx

@ Sunshinecity... you can always be nosey.. and I will always answer (maybe sometimes just in email.. but I will always answer... and always tell you the truth)

@ Kekett: No worries - in fact I might steal the format idea back from you. Love how organized you are - reminds me of someone... hhmm whom ... aaah yes me ;)

@ Jissy: Thanx - and regarding the leftovers - I realised two things:
- If I take a lot of photo on particular day, it will take me ages to pick one, regretting my choice for a long time (mostly for the lack of an opportunity to share it)
- If I don't post the photos straight away, they gather dust in some folder somewhere. If I post them, I am more likely to do something with them at a later time.
...ergo - Leftovers will be posted on most days.

@ Sarah: I am not always positive... just ask Heiða! But I am more positive then negative. Lack of sleep is a long term bad affect for me - not short term... like if I have slept too little for a whole week I might becoeme crumpy and dangerous... but shorter periods they don't affact me - then things like not eating or missing out on my coffee - that will create a monster out of me.

@ Satrina: Thanx

@ Sunshinecity: yeh... about 6 hours.. and you kinda get used to it... that is correct - However, one of my new years resolutions was to get more sleep and eat more regularly.... but I've been unable to stick to it, as my body is just waking me up constantly after 6-7 hours. Can't sleep longer then that in one go. So sometimes I take a 1 hour nap in the middle of the day.
Samrag Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Samrag (member) 12 years ago
DAY 11: 11. January, 2007 - Thursday (354 to go) Home
Taking out of the window in my flat.. while snowblister/Storm... thingi went by.

My Day: Today was so similar to yesterday. At 11.30 I woke up (had gone to sleep at 6 - tried to carry on sleeping but without any luck). So me and Heiða got few minutes together before she had to drive of to her work of handing people their lottery winnings.

I had few things to do:
1. Create a new shift plan for Nonnabiti
2. Create a excel work sheet for the owner of Nonnabiti
3. Scan one film into the computer (1 a day is my goal)
4. Create the shift / school / birthdays / appointments calander for Heida and I (which we hang up on the kitchen cabinet)
5. Finish packing the christmast stuff
6. Unpacking 4 boxes of books
7. Tidy up the flat (clean the bathroom, do the dishes, vaccum, mop,)
8. Copy some TV series and movies into my dads travelling harddrive that he asked me for last week!!!
9. Put songs on the work iPod as everyone was getting crazy about the music, and doesn't want to listen to the radio either
10. Buy books for school and begin reading them.... do some homework.

3 hours later.... (anyone noticing a pattern here)...
I decide to spend one hour more on Flickr. My daughter was chatting with me on msn and I decided to invite her to join us here in this project. She takes great photographs, draws wonderful pictures, writes stories... but she is also a teenager. She lives with her mum and stepdad - and even though we are very close when we meet - we are such strangers all the other days. I'm hoping that maybe this little project will bring us closer together.

1 hour later
I tear myself away from the computer and quickly go around the flat like Ajax... though I only pick up loose stuff, make the bed and wash the dishes. Outside the snow is growing... one of these days no one should really need or want to go out in! When Heida came home she told me that at one point she had to park the car due to the snowstorm (not sure of the english word for snjóbylur)

I decided to go to the shopping centre for several reasons. I needed to buy some books for school and I didn't want to prograstinate such important tasks. I wanted to drive in the snow (he he), specially after Heiða told me she believed it to be dangerous etc etc... And I wanted to check if I could freely take photos in the mall, as the Guru and others have been stopped doing so malls in their country.

...Ok... now I'm just getting tooo tired

... but I might post more tomorrow... maybe...

Edited... after 7 hours sleep: I purchased some boots for Tirstan and changed a DVD that he got into the Cars. He loved it.
Went to work after cooking some Pitabread-food-thingi for us. Came home around 3 in the morning.
At work I meet all sorts of interesting people.
- Meet a group of foreign students that look at Nonnabiti as their holy place. They come there at least 3 times a week and last night the core group came with some additional foreign students, so the group counted about 12 people.
- An Icelandic bloke living in Finnland/Sweden for the past 16 years came the second night in a row. He was so lost somehow the poor kid. Working with iron or something on daily basis, he is not used to business trips. His company had picked him out to all of a sudden be a business man for few days and go with the vip guys from the company to Iceland - and be a translater. But of course the rest of the group got stuck in London for 2 days!!! So this Finnish/Icelandic bloke had no idea what to do, and just looked like a lost kitten. Poor thing lol
- The drunk foreigner came once again. Always very drunk, always has a smile, talks english with scandinavian accent, might be frome Sweden. I speak Icelandic to him, because I found one of these nights that he has been her at least a year. lol, and he tries to speak Icelandic, but can't and doesn't understand a thing... we both have a laugh... at least the nights when he is not tooo drunk.
- The Icecream girls came... Three litle Icecream girls. Come most evenings that they working in their Icecream place. The owner of Nonnabiti shops there (he could eat Icecream in every meal), and they shop at Nonnabiti ;) - brought us some Icecream last night :)
- Dóri, a former work colleague came second night in a row. Had been drinking a little bit last night - was sober now
- Andri, a colleague from junior high, came... second night in a row. Purchased chicken sub as usuallly.
- Þórður, regular, came... found out that he is boxing now... olympic boxing, not Rocky Balboa boxing (he tells me... no idea what the difference is)

...Tim and I had again a great chat about the difference between Kosovo and Iceland. He has family all over, USA, Germany, Australia, Iceland... and yeh think his dad is still in Kosovo!
We are fast approaching to become friends (i.e. not just work colleagues).

Managed to piss of Heiða when I came to bed at 5. I'm good like that ;) but we cuddled after few rounds. But I don't think she got much more sleep as Tristan had decided it was day already - and he is very stubborn when he decides such things. I was too tired to notice.

My to do list... ok got almost nothing done of it yesterday... but today I just have to... so I will be very lazy commenting today... I think.

The ones that didn't make it: Leftovers
Tom Hall (tommune) 12 years ago
Certainly like the diversity you've taken so far!
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
Whew, I'm tired just reading all that and I just woke up! Hope you're rested up today.

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
karinga 12 years ago
Ah, Looking forward to be fed sth nice! Yep, I have a good friend in Iceland, he lives in Akureyri now but Im pretty sure will make it to Reykjavik to meet us. Im not sure how much time we will stay in your country but if I get there, I promise to visit you! Thank you for being so kind, Sam the Big Brother!
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
Osbornb PRO 12 years ago
Lovely snow scene -- what's that, a little park out there? I see what looks like picnic tables.
Samrag 12 years ago
- ok ok... added a little bit to the daily entry...Very therapeutic to write you day down like this.
Samrag 12 years ago
... thanx... that is one of my 'unwritten' rules, so thanx for noticing ;)

Wellllll, if I could have slept more then 7 hours then maybe... but my brain keeps waking me up after that time.

This Big Brother nickname is growing on my...Shall try to be worth it. Try to stay at least for 2 nights, preferably one of them Friday or Saturday night. But you need 2 days... One for the golden circle, one for the Reykjavík and the Blue Lagoon... and then one evening in Reykjavík on Fri or Sat....

You can have some of ours... it is like 30cm deep now. And scheduled to snow all weekend.

No park... only just someones garden. But this was one of the reason I posted it - this didn't look like people back garden but more like general park with nice trees and stuff.
sarahwoo 12 years ago
Whoa...busy day...beautiful shot of the snowstorm*. Although, maybe it wasn't so fun for you. I grew up in a snowy place and I have to say I don't miss it all that much. I like visiting snow...skiing and such but I don't know if I could go back to the regularity of it all. But we are talking about moving to the Alps so we'll see...


*You used exactly the right word...there is another word called blizzard...that is when the snow is really swirling around in the wind and it is hard to see...
dda1605 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by dda1605 (member) 12 years ago
great to read you again after some days abroad and
to look at some great pictures. I just loved the coffee beans pic., "it takes one to know one", I am an addict too.

(Didier 2007)
sotonrich 12 years ago
I love the snow....any chance you can send some down to the south of England...we never get any :(

Breathed Upon
sunshinecity 12 years ago
... aha!!!! Glad to see you making good use of the buddy icon"!!!
= )

Lovely picture!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Android9 PRO 12 years ago
&nbsp;Beautiful picture. Makes me miss snow. Then I remember how cold all that snow is and I like just admiring it from afar.

Samrag Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Samrag (member) 12 years ago
DAY 12: 12. January, 2007 - Friday (353 to go) Home
12.01.2007 - Hard choice
These lovely toothpicks found their way to the floor few minutes later when knocked over my another lovely member of Nonnabiti's staff ;)

My Day: Was uneventful! After a week of night shifts you tend to miss the daily ruitine called life. You get up when you feel like, you feel excused to just hang around, and do f**k all, you are beginning to feel tired and irritated, and hanging around the computer doing nothing feels like as much as anyone could ask of you!!!
So... that is what I did ;)
I did finish the shift plan...
I got further with my Dad's storage disk ... (though I am terrible terrible collector and never ever want to throw any films or TV episodes...)...
I did some more film scanning (send me your films, I'll scan them for 500 icl.kr per film ;)...
I did some more cleaning the house (very quickly though)
Tried desperatelly to take photos of my desk (which was supposed to be this saviour for a photo of the day... as I knew I wouldn't go out... and did I manage it....nnnoooooo)

Went to work after Heiða had gotten us Dominos Pizza - great going with the living food thing!!!!
...on that topic though... No more Soda for me... done, finished. First in series of "not-any-more" stuff.

The night was the slowest in months. Combination of snow blizzard, northpool frost (as can be seen by the growing ice on my car and it being CreditCard January.

At 5 in the morning we had to throw out a guy, and it took 4 of us to do so, but it was just lovely to see him end face down in the snow. We had gotten everyone out at 6 (closes 5.30 in the moring weekends) and after cleaning I headed home.
It was great walking home. The blizzard had finished, the frost was minimal and silence over everything. Took some photos, which I might post tomorrow (today). In bed snuggling up to Heiða at 8.30 in the morning.

Only one of Tristan made the cut Leftovers
dda1605 12 years ago
Even from toothpicks you can make a good pic., very original I thought it was a part of a flower.

Domino Pizza ......! At the begining of the year it was "healthy food".

(Didier 2007 )
karinga 12 years ago
I am offered a job which includes night shifts. Now, I guess after reading your posts I want that job even less;) Sounds like it messes up everything... My life here in FIN is messed enough already!:)
Samrag Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Samrag (member) 12 years ago
HEY... I have quit the soda... and let me tell you... things will follow. Soon candy, and fast-food... but all in right time and order. My mum used to tell me - "Do things well, or don't do them at all" - so I am not going to become this saint 1.jan - but rather use 2007 to slowly but surely get to my aim of going completely on Living food ;))))

Well... yes it does mess up everything - but people on night shifts are also often free or awake when other peoples are not. There are benefits. Walking through the snow this morning, with nothing but riffraffs, police, taxi drivers and cleaning crew in the streets.. is sort of a privilege... ok doesn't sound like it... but it really is (specially when one is doing this sober) ;)
Innamorata Crush 12 years ago
sunshinecity 12 years ago
... wow, when I first saw this it looked like some sort of anemone or sea urchin... love it!
oh and thanks, I found the spell-check option!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
bunæn PRO 12 years ago
Working nights: the problem is relating to all the other people who don't. Trying to keep up with them can lead one to "make three days into two."

Of course, this time of year, at least you don't feel deprived of dark for sleeping during the day, or do you?

bunaen: I resolve to eliminate all procrastination and regret from my life.
Samrag 12 years ago
...thanx... wasn't really sure about todays photo and stuff... Have this huge snowing photo-opportunity-thingi going on outside... and I post a photo of toothpicks...hhhmmm ... and still I am in the afternoon... missing the opportunity to go out....

You are soooo right. And that is really the reason that after a whole week of it you end up having missed 10-15 hours sleep somewhere along the way... because you were trying to do all the stuff other people do as well. And the dark/light hasn't really bothered me.
It was always fun to drive by the US army base (recently-not-here-any-more) - as they all had alumanioum (and now the dictionary is not helping...) in their windows to keep out the lights... so all the windows were silver alien looking.
Samrag 12 years ago
DAY 13: 13. January, 2007 - Saturday (352 to go) Home
13.01.2007 - Saturday morning in Iceland
Walking home this morning was just beautiful!!!!

My Day: Short...so far. Woke up around 14.30 and found my little family lying in the sofa watching Cars. Apparently they had already been out and about.
My day has somehow escaped!!! Had quality time with Tristan playing rally game. He just loves everything about cars.... and speed.

Not much else... really.

On general notes. Just love how we are building this community here. How people are sharing not only their photos, but their day and thoughts. Now going to check up on ALL OF YOU (if I have enough time before I go to work at 23.30)

The ones that didn't make it: Leftovers
karinga Posted 12 years ago. Edited by karinga (member) 12 years ago
You are really good in night shots! Well, you wrote it was morning but I guess it's pretty the same at this time of the year:)

(Inga in Finland All Year Round)
Samrag 12 years ago
Thanx... it is all in the long time exposure (7 sec I think this one was) which makes it hard as I have to find a spot where I can steady my camera or just put it on top of something, which is hardly ever where I want to have the camera.
karinga 12 years ago
Hehe, I know what you mean! In our trip to Norway in summer 2005 we wanted to take few shots of two of us from the distance so Kari decided to put the camera on the fence nearby. It was real scary because the fence was like 5m away and anybody passing by could have snatched it. Also, there was nothing behind the fence, and the camera could have fallen other 5m down on the asphalt!
But the pictures came out nice so it was worth it after all:)

(Inga in Finland All Year Round)
Samrag 12 years ago
uuhhh... link to that photo...bitte
karinga Posted 12 years ago. Edited by karinga (member) 12 years ago
I wanted but it appears that I didnt upload it to flickr... Tried to find it from the backups but they didnt work! Doh... Will post it when I get it, promise!

(Inga in Finland All Year Round)
CollardGreens PRO 12 years ago
Agree with you on the community...nice photo today..I forget that the sun in your part of the world is contrary in winter !

CollardGreens: Oops
Samrag 12 years ago
Thanx ;) The sun what and a what?
bunæn PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by leroyer (member) 12 years ago
You need one of these Gorillapod gizmos to hold your camera for those long exposure shots.
Samrag 12 years ago
Yeh, and I'm turning 35 in feb - ... need a bigger and better camera more... one can always hope and dream.
But the one thing with having a stand, is that you only have such thing when you go out specifically to take photos, not with your in-your-pocket camera!
bunæn PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by bunæn (member) 12 years ago
Well, I carry a bag to work every day and the Gorillapod fits in it nicely, along with the slightly-too-large-for-the-pocket-camera, lip balm, meds, calculator, iPod, notepad, and samurai sword.
oddityinabox PRO 12 years ago
Ya know, I never saw those toothpicks being actual toothpics when I first saw... For some completely bizzare reason I saw... A sea urchin!

It's also not fair that you have snow... All I have is the cold wind and rain... And none of the clouds are pretty to photograph either!

_ravi | *life through pictures
sunshinecity 12 years ago
ditto ... see my comment above!
Glad to see I'm not the only one having visions!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Osbornb PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Osbornb (member) 12 years ago
A beautiful snow scene. It must be very relaxing to walk through a snow-covered town. At least that's how I remember it when I used to live in a colder climate.
2007 in photos or bust
sunshinecity 12 years ago
I loved your last pic Sam, sorry I forgot to mention... the lighting is perfect!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
fpigna 12 years ago
I agree completely: nice shot
dda1605 12 years ago
There are two things I envy you for :
1> your pictures
2> the quality time it seems you have with your son

(Didier 2007 )
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
I was just thinking about how I'd love some snow right now! We're having a mild winter in Paris. I miss snow like that. Where I'm from, Kansas, it snows like that.

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
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