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Wespionage says:

This is a great chance to see how refined my intelligence-gathering techniques are. My guess is that I shall come up with some of the least intelligent results possible.

What I will (hopefully) put here will be the visual milestones for whatever it is that's occupying my thoughts.

(March update to description...) So, it seems that a photo a day is not working out for me. Instead, I'm posting one photo about every week. Turns out that I take a ton of crappy photos and I guess I just can't bring myself to plop them here. So many folks around here though are able to take excellent photos day after day -- this project is a great chance to see just how consistently good some people's photography is.

(April update to description...) I find that I just don't carry my digital camera with me enough to do non-boring photos every day. I tend to carry the film cameras. My original idea was to include placeholders here so that I could drop the images in later, but as with the toy camera stuff, you never know if a photo is going to suck or not, so by the time I get the film processed and get it back, I've forgotten about where it's supposed to go and really have little interest in filling it in. Once again though, I realize I still have a ton of admiration for those of you who actually execute so many great photos every day. It's just awesome. Also, I think this diary project needs more intimacy -- not just in words, but in pictures. More in the spirit of what I think of as a diary.

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April 22 :: The End of Winter

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