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Tom Hall (tommune) 2:03pm, 20 December 2006
I've been sporadic on the 365.... but trying to really seriously do 2007 should be a challenge.

Let's all encourage each other to stick with it and accomplish, for ourselves, something fascinating.

A Quick Jump to January 15!
A Quick Jump to February 1st!
A Quick jump to February 14th!
A Quick jump to March 1st!
A Quick jump to March 16th!
April 1st, crunch mode
A Quick jump to April 15th!
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Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
11 March 07

Flew back.... exciting!

A detail off the wing of the plane on the way home...

Boost Pump
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
12 March 07

Nothing really happened today... crashed... so since I got home late... this is close to that day.

Plane People
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
13 March 2007

Can't show you what's on the whiteboard (or project isn't announced yet), but this is the reflection of the flash on the whiteboard....

Whiteboard Sun
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
14 March 2007

More traveling.... so stir-crazy, this looks like an alien staring at me....

Overhead Light
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
15 March 2007

Very dark on the plane... late at night... just the glow of the No Smoking sign....

No Smoking
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
16 March 2007

Just in case you didn't see the big red handle and the seam of the door, here's that exit you were looking for.

Exit Exit
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
YAY, you're back -- see there's been lots of travel going on :-)
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
17 March 2007

Travel Knowledge #17: The secret of the car rental business -- Dirty Keys! That's what they call the keys of cars that have been returned and not cleaned out yet... dirty keys for dirty cars. :)

Now you are in the know!

Dirty Keys

(Sorry for the grain... this is a crop of a shot from far away with a point-and-shoot.)
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
Bella -- ha ha, no kidding... March is always crazy for me. :)
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
18 March 2007

Visiting the family.

sdroW klahC

This is a message board I made in 9th grade. Someone wrote "skrod" on the board (meaning to refer to "scrod" -- a term for fresh fish of the day, or cod or haddock, depending on who you ask) but also "dorks" backwards and sounding like the past pluperfect of "screwed" or something. Aaaaaaanyway, then we started writing other dumb names backwards, and then my brother Bob wrote my name backwards, implying of course yet another dumb term backwards. :) He said, "Go ahead, write MY name backwards". Ho ho, it's a palindrome, so I DID write it backwards after this pic was taken -- treboR. Ha!
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
19 March 2007

My brother and I play paper football every year, competing for the "Hallsman trophy" (my last name's Hall).

This year, I won, meaning I get officially presented the trophy. Woo hoo!

Presentation of the Hallsman!
AliThinks 11 years ago
I am fully loving the familial chalkboard with the stlusni sdrawkcab on them!

satrina* 11 years ago
Great message board, it looks you had a very good time with the family. Congrats on the win!

Satrina: av meg
eelend PRO 11 years ago
You're supposed to invite us for some beers, aren't you? :D:D:D:D

eelend's 2007
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
Sure, just pop down to Austin. :)
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
20 March 2007

Photos of my parents.... they are just two cute ol' bugs. :)

The Folks
laheringer PRO 11 years ago
What a lovely couple.
lramiro520 11 years ago
They look so cute together!

The Other Side Of The Fence
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
La: Thanks
520: Don't they? :)
eelend PRO 11 years ago
they're lovely :)

eelend's 2007
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
Going into crunch mode, there will be gaps.

25 March 2007

At a Pinball expo in Dallas. This was my last time splurge during crunch mode... there will be gaps after this.

Pinball Wizards
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
15 April 2007

Just got out of crunch mode. Milestone showing in three days. Stressed, but can think about other things now.

Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
16 April 2007

Gummi bears must die! (in my belly)

Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
17 April 2007

Boulders? Eggs? Candy.

Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
18 April 2007

A little short for a stormtrooper.

Chewable Ewok
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
19 April 2007

Breadstalks. The milestone showed well, finally uncurling. I actually slept through the night last night. Whew.

Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
20 April 2007

Saw this the day before, but seeing it a second time... had to capture the light. Took a variety of angles, but this one worked.

Heading into a weekend of rest!

Cue the Light
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
21 April 2007

My wife Terri is amazing in the garden. These are actually flowers the daughter and I got her. They've bloomed like crazy! They are peach in color.

Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
22 April 2007

NoNoJoe at the Flickr Meet-up. It was a good turn-out, and good conversation... here NoNoJoe was taking a photo of five of us taking photos of him. :) He did one with three, but I ushered all of us that had SLRs to point at him... make it more of an event photo.

NoNoJoe Shoots

After that, it was kind of a lumpy day. Kind of watched "Infamous", the other Capote movie, but I was exhausted... and in a dark theater room... well, I had a good nap. What I saw of it was good... and very similar to "Capote".
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
23 April 2007

A sad, sad tail of how your lover can flipper heart around.


Back to work today after a relaxing weekend...
sunshinecity 11 years ago
love the chalk board and the paper soccer?? Do explain!

Oh and gummy bears are so yum in my tummy too!!

~ a picture, a story
eelend PRO 11 years ago
oh, poor penguin :(
he should be with that trooper

eelend's 2007
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
SC: Paper football goes like this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_football

Ee: heh, right?
AliThinks 11 years ago
Oh, LOVE the gummi bears! Well done!

Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
lramiro520 11 years ago
That gummi bear pic is awesome!

"Penguinish"...hmm...I gotta try using that word one day :)

The Other Side Of The Fence
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
Nooooo, it's Penguish.... Penguin anguish. :)
sunshinecity 11 years ago
re: Paper football - lmao, some people just have too much time on their hands....
You ever heard of subbuteo? That's somewhat similar, just a higher end version of the home made game, except this is for soccer.

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Tom Hall (tommune) 11 years ago
SC: Haha, that's great...first time I've heard that.... we tend to play "electric (American) football" when we're in that mode... which is a dumb game where you line up plastic players on the field, stick a felt football under the arm of the running back, and turn on the vibrating metal playfield.... the guys kind of go like you set them (left straight right).... but it's doesn't work that well, heh.

Paper football's handy because you almost always have a piece of paper to make one and play it.... Slickness of the table surface is massively important.
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