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Jonathan Riverwalker 12:49pm, 20 December 2006
2007 MDPD

Me at work
(Photo by fluke on Jan. 22)

I want out.
Outside that is.
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Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
so Ive kind of been resisting a bed and furniture cause, to be honest and excessively revealing, ive not really committed to being anywhere - it's funny the timing of the bed, cause part of me is more certain than ever, ill be moving on - i mean an 18 cent an hour raise does not bode well for my future here - yet i love it - and i love it even more with my bed and couch

i called my good buddy rob monday night and almost crying, i admitted retrospectively i that i hadnt liked the whole floor sleeping deal - though at the time i would have said "oh it's cool" no biggee = it is a biggee - i love my bed and my couch too - i feel human and worthwhile - hahahaha

and as a bonus im keeping my place clean - all week and still clean and tidy- that's a goddamn record as anyone who knows me wlll attest

anyway the bed i left at my ex-wife's when i moved out - because my son was sleeping in it eh - my dad made that bed for me when i was real young - i dont remember sleeping in anything else except for a couple brief stints in bunk beds

so then one day jony is telling me he is sleeping in a nest like mine - jaajajaja - that kid - so i ask right casual, not expecting, where's the bed - at tony's i hear, my ex's new man.

i dont get that - it ticks me off - so i get the bed back and hear that he was just abuot to paint it - bad enough he got big stupid nails sticking all out of it - of course i had no way to get it to PEI then DIgby - but 'nough's nough know what i mean -

so last week, denise was moving and wanted me to take her couch and i needed a truck for that and i had to go to wentworth to see the boy so i asked a newish friend type here if i could take his truck, it all worked out ana\d life is good - more furniture announcemtns if i ever get caught up here

monday AM finished up some writing and then went to do my laundry and just finished before council. after council i dropped in the office for a sec and then felt guilty for gong home at 9 pm on my day off - im a sick bastard - hahahaha

made bed with fresh sheets and balnket and quilt - grammie made quilt - i was never a fan of the colours but am grateful for the effort and thought and the love - in case anyone is in a position to help - i want a heavy warm quilt that portrays the colours and textures of a hardwood forest in the fall,i want a green one dapppled with yellow sunshine, a white one streaked with silver and a blue one white capped and starry skied - four will do - hahaha - sleeep well
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 41, Tuesday, April 17
Storming tide
high tide

A big storm coincided with the spring tides this year - man life was diffcult aroud here - maybe that explains my mood - high winds and rain and high high tides - waves were smashing over the wharf - in the daylight itde i was just too busy - i went flat out all week gathering news baby -

my story list is the best way to understand - i wonder if it eill even make sense to me , say in a year?

for APr 26 paper

Fly in
gord/ aisles (photo?)/website

Car rally
amy/ jason/ photo

doctor headhunting
thurberX/ frank/ harding/ shirley pool watson

owner operator
spinney/ stoffer/ jr, stirling, chisolm - ottawa

firefighter year end

wave photos
mine calvins
story on gullivers
more photos?

ferry acoa

quarry - don, panel buxton
read l2Es in paper

council briefs?

Bus - letter - gregory, randall - faye - board

road hammers -story and photo

rent a car at ferry terminal - ellis - ferry

column ideas - amalgamantion, population decline,


and that doesnt include a few thigns i can think of off the top of my head - hahaha - oh boy - long weekend of keyboard tapping ahead

- man it was a week! and it all started tuesday - hahaha
made pancakes for the office with blueberries tuesday AM - i dont know why - nicole said she wantd them, so i made them - and they were good and then nicole and i started hating each other - dont know why - but it wasnt fun

tuesday night is firehall - i worked out before meeting then we did maintenance on trucks - and then shot the shite - picked up movie at library - ladder 49 - i dont know how realistic it i cause i never worked in a city, never saw fires like they portray - but some it is authentique - like the rush, like the feeeling of serving - like the pride and camraderie and foolsihness
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 42, Wednesday, April 18
Storm at Gullivers

calvin retreats to the fire side

If i had got out Tuesday around noon I could have taken lots of waves shots without the rain but i didnt - so once again i have a bunch of wet lens shots of gullivers - i like this one cause everything seems off kilter and blown around and smashed up - and that's exactly what it felt like out there

the winds were incredible and combined with the Spring tides it made a mess of most of the coast line - it stove in one of the fish shacks at Gullivers and that was the photo i wanted - if you follow the SET. you'll notice i get closer and closer and closer to the water until predictably, a wave breaks right over me - hahahaha - soaked to the bone - me and the camera survived - and i got the shot

busy busy with phone calls and interviews and photo shoots - day passed quick - floor hockey that night at the arena - play was up a notch as a couple wily seniors were there - first tw games we tromped tthem like 10- 1 and 8-2 but the last game things fell aprt for us - somehow we ended playing four players against six and lost by a goal or two - run my guts out once again but with five minutes to go i felt my hamstring go Twanggggg! still able to push with right leg and bounce on left - hahahaha - damn - but im so far behind here i can tell you it only took two days to stop slwomg me down - the leg is still tigth and weak and i need to keep stretching it - but i refuse to rest - hahahaha
shower and sleep
Keep well, Jonathan.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 43, Thursday, April 19
Hugs make the world go round

I wasnt going to go tcause I thought was a stupid volunteer appreciation thingy - and it was a stupid volunteer appreciation thingy but i went cause i wanted out of the office - i couldnt breath at work all week - everything about the place made me want to go ballistic -

John had forgotten to do the Regional piece and I somehow ended up doing it - the only thing i had semi appropriate was a feature i've been working on for a while - a week ago, Nicole thought it would be funny to rewrite it

I'll give you just a small taste of what she wrote (she did this to 600 words of copy :)
The first time I met XXX Burningthighs, she was sitting in a lawn chair in the front row at last summer’s Save the Faeries rally with nothing on but a toothless smile. The petite 304 year-old had pinned a poster to the front of her large breasts. She held a cane in one hand and a dildo in the other.

Most of it I could fix but the quotes were impossible - I really had no idea what they used to be - and oh Nicole didnt mean to be malicious - she did save a good copy of my work - or at least she meant to - but somehow she saved two copies of the warped one - so yeah i was not coping well with my comrades Thursday.

so i went to the silly volunteer appreciation thingy to escape and hoping i could score a free lunch - got this great photo - those two dears were selected volunteer and resident volunteer of the year and were so warm and easy going - and i got the greatest story idea while i was there - the volunteer of the year reads the Courier to the residents every Thursday - and not just reads but she talks to them about it - how can I resist? This should be beyond enlightening!

also went to a school heritage fair - also can be lame but i like them because sometimes, just sometimes there is a gem of a story idea - and this was one of those times - one yg girl did her project on "Canada's bigggest mink ranch" and it included a history of it's very beginnings in the 1930s with only three minks - incredibly fascinating and the parents have agreed to talk to me about it - yeehaw - from three minks to the bigggst ranch in canada - and it is in our back yard - dont you just love this crazy world?

Thursday night was poker at the firehall - ive known since forever that i cant gamble - but we only play "poorhouse" meaning once your 20 bucks is gone, you "play on your face" - which is easier - you dont have to bet or worry - just give'r - and this time i didnt get on my face til the last 10 minutes - i missed a couple opportunities to be wayyy ahead - like say with half hour to go i went "both" instead of just low spade and would have raked in 17 bucks - but no, i wanted 35 dollars - greedy fool
it's all for fun - what else can u do for 20 bucks? and dont tell the guys but i actually bought two beer out of my pile so i only lost 16 bucks - hahahaha
loving the new bed and couch - my place is so much more a home - and im keeping it so neat and tidy now - a whole week and i made the bed every day - you know for me that is some kind of record - ahahahaha
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 44, Friday, April 20
Guess why I took this photo?

Im a genius

Working it again Friday and I cant belive all the stories in my lap - it is mindboggling - just doign what i can do - like taking this genius of a photo - we had to run out in between cars to get this and when their eyes got right big i knew it was time to skedaddle

we have a good thing going - these are the guys who organize the wharf rat motorcycle rally - i won the award taking a photo at their event - the last photo shoot they let me get that reflection in the chrome and they were more than game this time - yeehaw - just what i like - people who are ready to play!

are you? who can guess why i took this shot? cause im a genius - yes - so explain! hahahaha

spent a long day at keyboard - left at four thirty to meet john nadour the shop keeper from lebanon for a kick around with the soccer ball - glorious sunny afternoon - two old fools chasing a ball in the old railway station parking lot - yeah!!

after supper richard called and we went up to his place to get...
yes it is unbeliveable - a kitchen table and chairs and a coffee table for the living room - my world has been transformed from roughing it basics to over the top luxury and comfort - im tellig you i am one grateful cuss - a kitchen table - sit down and eat - my next touch - a vase and flowers for the table :)

i was thinking maybe this all started with the bodum - made me realize i can enjoy life and create for myself pleasant surroundings - it is nice but funny timing - just when im thinking i have to leave - but then im not in a huge hurry - fuck it - the summer is soooo nice - so son we will have MDPD party chez moi - table dancing encouraged - hahahaha
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 45, Saturday, April 21
Shower on the shore

I thought about posting one of the new self portraits (1, 2) but i wanted to post the waterfall because.... it was the highlight of my hike today - read on to find out why

up and worked this AM - accomplished a lot and at four decided to take a hike - literally - parked car at point prim and started walking - semi firm goal - find the monument someone told me about - so i walked

and photographed and walked and climbed - the first bit ive seen before and love and wasnt in to shooting it so much but once i started i couldnt stop - the cliffs at House Cliff Cove are unbeliveable - i was overjoyed today - awed - amazed - filled with peace - i needed it - hahaha

i found my self thinking about somthing a bit - maquisarde touched on it one day a long time ago - she asked if i liked walking alone like she did - i didnt think i did - i mean i could see the advantages but always always always i have wanted someone to be there to share with - but not today - i really just wanted to be alone - to move at my own pace - to stop to start to go where and when i wanted - to not have to be nice or funny or smart or attentive - i just wantd to be simple stripped down basic plain me

and i got back to me almost with a snap of the fingers - all the pressures and junk just fell away on the shore - oh it was so beautful and so calm and so still and warm and awesome

i was so glad to be alone and happy to be alone and just alone

i found the monument just as i began to belive it might not exist - erectd by a cptn in memeory of three men from his ship who drwoned on that spot - not far past the monument the coast went over the top with gorgeousity - man - big tall yellow cliffs - and then a hidden waterfal in a wqarm windless corner

you dont know me at all if you think i didnt strip right off and have a shower - i have a superstition about literal natural baptism washing away MIASMA and bad karma - and resetting the etch a sketch of our souls to blank slate quality - beginner state - garden of eden baby

oh yeah it was cold - i got an "icecream headache" - especially the second time in - but i saw a ranbow which made it al worth it

long hike round the cove to some camps i could see - then i wanted to see if i could see farther and tried to climb around camp for view - stupido me - never did get the next view - but i will be able to walk that stretch of cove soon from culloden wharf back - hahaha

came out with a shck at the corner of the culloden rad below mt pleasant - now that i see it on the map, i should have walked back to pt prim on the broad cove road - but i thought maybe someone would pick me up and give me a driv e- no one did - 20 cars went by but people in culloden are chicken shits i guess - hahaha

walked to fire hall and ben drove me back to car - what a hike - im beat
hahahaha - and all caught up finally in MDPD - hooray
ebilflindas 11 years ago
And I'm finally caught up reading all of that! PHEW! I guess your hammy's feeling better? I dig the natural baptismal--reminds me of my gramma's place in the Philippines...it's literally up in the hills and through the woods (or jungle), and when it's shower time, you take your towel and bar of soap further up the hill, up to a spot where water's falling off an outcrop.

Dig the choreography of the gear-heads! Did you have to coach 'em on that, or did they already have a routine down? ;-) I cannot guess the why, though.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thy key to good direction (choreograpohy as you call it) is
a) have an idea
b) shout
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
no the hammy is still tight as hell - so today when i was working out for example instead of lunges, i just laid down on the floor and stretched
not sure about floor hockey tomorrow night - if i do go ill have to keep the "explosive" starts to a minimum - hahaha
AliThinks 11 years ago
Once again, trying to catch up. I'm glad you had the impromptu shower to clear the miasma and reset your karma.

Tabula rasa

Hope your hammy feels better, too!

ebilflindas 11 years ago
I just realized that that waterfall/shower was snow melt, no?
I'd certainly be happy to be alone and just alone after stepping out of an ice-cooooold shower! ;-)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
ebil - im not sure how much of it was snow melt - we did have that dump last week but... it was cold - yeah that cold exactly -

alicatches up - i want to take mre cold showers for my leg's sake but im a wimp - hahaha
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago
I am so glad that you now understand about walking alone. One has to be their own best friend. I love to walk alone and to travel alone. Call me self-indulgent. I don't know if I could jump in such cooooold water though. I used to be able to do that--glacier run off and stuff but now I am too comfortable.

( A Gypsy Outdoors)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 46, Sunday, April 22
Journalist only

Pretty pleasant day sunday - summer has rolled in quick as a flash - worked out at the hall in the morning - and wrote a fair bit - week actually went well work wise - hahahaha -

took a good long llunch and then stopped into fire hall on way back to work just to see what was up - the radio was busy with calls to a fire in weymouth - weymouth was there, plypton, brighton barton, st. bernard and the guys said we'd be called soon for "air" - to fill depleted bottles as our cascade system is better than the others -

when that call didnt come, i headed for weymouth in the civic - should have taklen my bunker gear :( cause when i got there, they kept chasingme out of the way - had to talk my even into the fire as they had the road blocked off -

hard to get photos when u have to stay so far away - hahahaha - karla kelly was there - a teacher in weymouth who takes a lot of photos and does stories for us... for free. she says You should have known id be here - and i said i figured yous were out riding around on your bike - we were she says, but then we saw the smoke -

it's funny - we firemen (hahaha) always have that same coversation - what were u doing when the pager went off - my pager stoyr fr monday is a good One ;)

karla got som eexcellent shots so i postd mine on the internet but submitted only hers to the paper - and one of hers went cover - though the cropped her best shot to death on page 3 (which is the second best page in the paper)

the digby no. 3 showed up 1/2 hour after me to fill air bottles - the crews on scene never really seemed to fight the fire and by the end they called in an excavator to knock down what was left - i never saw that before - kinda cool -

rainbows are following me alot thse days - saw that one that i used for the visitor's guide cover, there was one in the waterfall where i showered and now this one - in fact i see them often at fires

time i got home from that and got the fire story written and the photos processed and uploaded and uploaded the videos - pretty lame - but this is something new for us - went to bed after midnight :(
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 47, Monday, April 23
Digby alarm

Such a warm night - slept with every window open and barley a stich of clothing (TMI?) - woke early by machinery on front street - ?? - i was ttrying to figure out what they could be doing - no snow to clear - are they ripping up the street for paving??

so got up and dressed and stumbled outside - pre coffee me is a slow thinker, ill tell ya - was ten steps towards the office before i turned around and noticed they were knocking down the old flower shop - had a great time chatting with the old boys about history of it all and everyone teasing each other - i kinda put my foot squarely in my mouth but i wont go into details here

my batteries died early so i went to work, made coffee and recharged batteries and came back for more - made a pleasant day even more pleasant to be hangin out sipping coffee - hahaha

ran into the Donaldsons and that reminded carine to send me a thank you note for a couple articles ive written - so sweet of her - really - it is nice to be thanked even if you are "just doing my job ma'am"

busy all day - writing a dandy little editorial - hahaha - and tieing up loose ends - and then just as my day was winding down we had a fire call - a grass fire in jordantown - todd simm's - not much fire when we arrived - boys took some packs and squirted - i took a few photos -

had a quick supper and off to floor hockey - man i pulled the other hammie so i was just one big cripple - then i found i could run without my hamstrings if i took short quick steps - now today my groin is killing me from floor hockey and nothing else!

another fun night but again i lost - had to buy beer for biggie - oh well
fun night :) waddled home to ZZzzzz
Your poor ol' hockey body sounds like it feels like that flower shop.
Well, that comes from trying to live life at full tilt.

Good on' ya man.

( A Gypsy Outdoors)
AliThinks 11 years ago
Lovely rainbow you captured, even if it is at a scene of destruction.

And something I've been meaning to tell you: that photo of you at the top of your diary page, the one from Jan. 22, well, in that photo you remind me so much of my brother Aaron. I think it's the big smile, or the laugh lines, or the salt-and-pepper beard, or all three.

In any case, it just makes me feel this affection towards you. My brother is a cool guy, ergo, you must be, too! :-)

Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Aliafffectionates - funny coincidence that - i have a half brother Aran - and just yesterday.. see john my colleague is a born paparazzi - he is always taking photos (on multi burst) of nicole or me - i mean all the time - and now since the shop bought us these rinky dink video capable kodaks, well he is shooting us in video. all the time

anyway just yesterday i was watching a video of me eating a brownie (and licking the knife) hahahaha
and i was struck hard by just how much i resemble aran - in mannerisms and voice and the way we move

and since aran is a cool guy , i must be too and so i feel an affection towards myself - hahahahaha -

thanks for saying salt and pepper cause it is really more of a snow drift white these days - hahaha

LaM - once blooming youth crumbles, is swept away and forgotten - hahahaha - i will not stop playing til they strap me to the wheelchair - hahahaha
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
nah, not TMI. most definitely not. i think it's the secret to seeing rainbows!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
now u might be on to something - but im afraid evidence is pointing in the other direction - since the furniture and tidiness and general organization has hit my life - ive been wearing pajamas a lot more regularly - partly because then ill be dressed if we get a night fire and partly because now that the place is clean, it is easier to find them every night - actually i didnt mention this, but when i vacuumed i found a set of hooks on the back of my bedroom door i didnt knw were there - hahahaha - ive only lived there a year - hahaha - and that's wher my pajamas hang (oh god - maybe im getting old)

and so maybe im seeing rainbows because of the increased PJ use??
the other night when I slept without a stitch was a result of... hmm... no cant reveal that here - ill email you glory - hahaha
eelend PRO 11 years ago
dandy editorial? what's that?

that pic is amazing

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks E - sadly all too common in rural economically deprressed NS -

dany editorial is me blowng my own horn
editorial is the opinion piece, unsigned on the opinion page - kinda like the voice of the paper - and when i say dandy i mean ... ah... it kinda had some bite - had some zing - something new to say - and an opinion
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
this skirt i'm wearing is dandy
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
im sure it is, but if eelend is going to truly understand the word dandy, you're going to have to show us...
im just thinking of eelend
Dandy that is like in the phrase

candy is dandy but...
won't rot your teeth.

( A Gypsy Outdoors)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
ive never heard that phrase - hahahaa
and it doenst make much sense... does it??
Well I left out the word that follows but...
I will leave that to your imagination. :P
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 48, Tuesday, April 24
Oh sure, that sounds great
what is going through his mind i wonder

Wayne is the local United Church minister and the chaplain for our fire hall - his car broke down a while ago and he donated its body to the firehall for science - hahaha - we used it tuesday night for training - this is wayne listening to the chief describe just exaclty what he had planned for the old family cavalier - it was gruesome - but not as gruesome as...

perhaps i should start at the beginning of the day
for starters i hobbled up to the hall to work out - try to shake off some of the soreness - my hamstrings didnt hurt as much as my groin? - rested legs excpet for a little skipping - warmed up with ten pounds on the high pulley just mimicing paddling - pushing and pulling - and went through work out easy

home and to work - nicole and i are talking again - hahaha - and even went to lunch but something is still weird there - i dunno - funny thing is our bosses from yarmouth were in town without telling us and were seated at the new restaurant across the way - they saw nicole and i go for lunch and probably think we do that every day - oh boy - :P

had the ol' hot hamburg with a funky gravy and we had a super waitress - maybe (and i only say maybe) not the sharpest knife in the drawer but was she ever friendly and efficient and informative and best of all POSITIVE -
sady i was not in a position to tip her as she deserved - she asked if we wanted dessert and i told her i only had 10 bucks "can i afford a piece of pie" yes she says and if you're short a few pennies, it'll be okay - beat that!
as it turns out, i had 17 cents leftover but nicole got the tip :)

now i was a little tired so at 4, i left for home and supper and a nap - at 7 pm. we were scheduled to do the extrication training (IE cutting up the reverend's car) but at 6:40 while i was still fast asleep, we were called to an MVA - i thought it was a joke - or that they were setting us up for the training - to simulate the racing heart and excitement etc - nope

first time i used my "responding shoes" - i bought a pair of those crocs to have bedside to just jump into for the night calls- works good - made first truck - in fact i havent missed first truck in weeks -

man the heart races more i think for the MVA's cause we heard we had four people in the vehicle - the vets were assignign us all roles so we could get the tools into the car right away - turns out all four were thrown clear - ugh - so we were just holding hands and then helping the paramedics lift the back boards - man it looked like the car went a hundred feet through the air -

story is the girlfriend wanted to go home, so she ggrabbed the wheel - you could see where the car went off the raod passenger side - all the way over driver side and then took off through the air - then a trail of glass - im guessing she rolled three times - once for each pile of glass and there she sat upside down in the middle of the road - three of the kids were released with cuts and bruises - one was airlifted to hfx for surgery to remove a blood cut from just outside the brain - looks like she'll be ok...

quite a bloody yucky mess

then we rolled back to station and forgot all about it as we tore into the reverend's car - of course i know it was on everyone's mind cause today every guy i met asked me if i had heard anymore -

learned a lot ripping the cavalier aprt - i got to cut the roof off - so if anyone wants a convertible, let me know- hahahaha

tough choice with todays photo - took a lot of crappy photos - hahaha - the wharf was really battered in those high tides and winds and those shots are pretty amazing but not visually too exciting
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
okay Lam - now it is ringing a bell - hhahaha
I like the choice of today's photo. What a story. :(
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Hey there - just dropping by for a quick bite of flower shop. I really like the house wrecking machine...would have stood there slack jawed and watched the whole thing...busy life you lead.

CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
yeah LaM - it's funny how we all forgot but didnt - every oncein a while id realize - oh jeez - i wonder how she is - but i understand now better - i mean how docotrs and nurses and all that do it - you just keep going forward

CG - who doesnt love to watch the big machines at work? - ive seen a bit of it now - i worked a summer on a road construction crew which wasnt as exciting as the stuff ive seen since - one day i watched 2 front end loaders and a bulldozer pull a whale off the beach

i watched an excavator drive around the inside of an old hockey rink ripping out the insides - and this is the fourth building ive seen torn down (one of which was on fire)
busy? who has time to be busy (hahaha funny thing this post was interuppted by two friends dropping in and one fire call - hahaha - and maybe i shuld get to work today... hahaha)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 49, Wednesday, April 25
Beautiful Cove sunset
Brier Island - Red

I always wondered why they called it beautiful cove - i mean as far as coves go, it isnt that a big deal - kinda boring actually i always thought - til last night - i was in freeport for a meeting (on pepper spray and tasers - or "OC spray" and "conductive energy weapons" as the RCMP officer called them)

meetings on the islands wind up in concert with the ferries - i was looking out the kitchen window at the sunset and knew if i stayed for the bblah blah ending i wouldn't have time to shoot the incredible sky - so i left early - gasp*** and spent the shortest 5 minutes of my life down there - man i should have skipped the ferry and just slept there on the beach - why didnt i think of that - i have a bag and a bivy sack in the car - duh!

wednesday another great day - took a rest from physical activity - phew - and "worked" all day - nothing startlign to report - love going out the islands - made a quick visit to brier before the meeting since i was all that way out there - had a quick chat with wally - he told me a great story about four female PhD geologist students - who rented a room at the hostel - guess they were skinny dipping a couple weeks ago in the Bay of Fundy - just to recap for those who dont read here regularly - the Bay of Fundy is about 1 degree celsius these days - sound fun?

i told wally the next time four women are skinny dipping to call the courier right away - that news - hahahaha - he said hed call

and one other little story - the rcmp constable was taking questions at the end - a woman was asking why "you dont respond blah blah" - the officer told a story about the first time he responded to a call on brier island and went with sirens and lights off - a beautiful sunny day he says - no clouds - no wind - but as soon as he drove on the ferry, the fog horn started sounding .... hahahahaha

home and bed
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
oh wow look at that red
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
and there was red!
eelend PRO 11 years ago
ok, ok
the sky is dandy
my hair is dandy
my dandy candy :P


i love that pic so much
it' s so red!!!!

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
gracias por la poesia inglis - tu entiendes muy bien

apreciaríamos una poquita de poesia espanol...

como -

cielo, pelo, caramelo - todo bello
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 50, Thursday, April 26

John runs the convenience store downtown - it is one of my regular stops - we chat and joke and tease - i knew he wanted to get in shape cause we are always talking about my attempts - hahaha - i also knew he used to play a lot of soccer - so i cajoled him into kicking the ball around with me - we've done it twice now and i think it will continue

the first time i knew he was kind of hesitant - but we have fun, we dont go too long - 1/2 an hour or so - we kick it back and forth for a bit - higher harder - then we get close and juggle - first allowing one bounce then none - good little activity - gets the blood pumping, stretches out over worked legs - and creates big smiles - hooray

this is the way to get in shape - develping relationships based on it all around town - hahaha

so wanted to get all my writing done today - didnt happen - worked out (just upper body) this morning - went light but long - felt so great - hooray - distracted at work - nicole is trying to "grow up" she says - it reminds me very much of my attempt to be "normal" not long ago - although i wish her more luck than i had - hahahaha - she says it hurts - hahaha

thinking of growing up reminded me of peter pan - thinking about it i have always been with wendys who are attracted to my insanity but then want to grow up - (except maybe bronwen :) she was in no hurry to grow up - on paper the best relationship i ever had

hahahaha - even Anne who was 10 years younger than me was really so much more mature - hahahaha

anyhoo - we had a couple calls today - a false alarm this morning before coffee while chris was here - and a grass fire tonight while i was on the phone with JB - that is twice this week we've been interruppted by my pager - "Oh shit - gotta go - love ya - bye"

he must think im going all the time or that im making it up to get off the phone - hope not - not sure abot his availibility this weekend - might see him for a while sunday - i dont have many stories this week but the quality is high - one story is about how local fishermen scrambled to chain wharf together during the storm
and they provided a great photo -

grass fire was bbeautiful tonight but (long story) no batteries in my camera - probably some kids set the fire - it made a big ring around a large wooden ship in a field - kinda looked llike a movie - putting extra batteries in bunker gear just in case from now on

been working all night - need to be done by 10 am - john my colleague and i are off to a pizza party - the worst kept secret - i am a reporter after all - hahaha - im getting a new boss tomorrow and they think it is worth shipping 90 per cent of staff to kentville (1.5 hours away) to eat pizza and listen to speeches - oh i imagine some people will cry -

bright side - i may have more hope of a real raise - we'll see - also could mean john my colleague becomes john my editor again - learning to love living with uncertainty - after pizza party i want to be off for the weekend - do nada - sleep - eat - so i am going to skip sleeping tonight - hahaha - so stupid
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Mr Riverman - you have a nice place to live and play in...Beautiful Cove sunset...stunning - Bravo. No abstract seeds today - just compliments - good stuff in your thread...I even looked you up on the newspaper site - I like your spin on things.

CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks CG - funny i googled myself last night - working on the paper means i leave lots of internet fingerprints - and u reminded me tonight im going to a "riverwalker" festival - honest - it's a showing of canoeing kayaking films - yeehaw - tht's after the pizza party - rck it CG
eelend PRO 11 years ago
pizza party mmmm sounds good

(we should write a collections of poems hahaha)

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
it was good - and i somehow came away with half a pizza - inf act im drowning in food these days - still have the flounder (fish) from grampie, 1/2 a sub nicole bought me, and i am invited out to dinner tonight -

i like the poetry collection idea - i will try if u will - but not today :)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
ACk - Day 51 - no photo - !!

ok, breathing again

was up semi early Friday and at work typing like a madman - writing until my bosses picked us up for trip to Kentville and the pizza party - nothing very exciting

management shufle - the pizza was good - i took half a pizza home - i also ordered the most expensive beer and dessert - but really not that much fun - it was good to have a lot of time with fred h - puts my money situation in perspective - the company just doesnt want to pay people to stick around - so be it - i will ask freddie f one last time - with a firm deadline - then im moving on- or at least trying to - sucks - cause i love digby - and i realize it takes a smart yet stupid fucker to make it here - to be able to stay - i want to be one of those smart yet stupid fuckers

home and more writing and bingo the day was over - no photo
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 1, Saturday, April 28
in a fog
dark and foggy morning day ugh
writing writing and quit late in day to head for hfx - did a 2.5 hour drive in 1.75, parked and did some parkour style fence climbing and jumping to make it just in time for the main course at the new thai place - gingergrass at the corner of morris and barrington

my friends are all dressed in successful urban black while i add a splash of bohemian brown and crumpled - hahaha - fun to eat food with spice and flavour beyond peppery gravy - hahaha

got the tour of den's new condo - big open concept beautiful - courtyard view - but what a courtyard - pool, gardens, old wooden condos, reminded me of sesame street - just never saw big bird - let alone snufalufagus -haha

then to a movie - a movie - fractured - enjoyed but the ending was failry loudly and clearly telegraphed - no real twist or maybe imjust a genius who figured it out earlier than i was suppose to hahaha

slept late - woke up disoriented as to where i was several times - very scary - lots of crazy dreams - headed off to see boy for a wlk on the beach now - then straight hoime and write - fuck me -

bright side - have read globe and mail today - love it - a great artilce about sunshine and vit. D and cancer - gosh it is getting embarassing, as the judge says, just how frequently i am right - hahaha - i have always said this sun aversion thing was warped and gone to extremes - moderate safe tanning has to be good for you - i mean whther you believe in evolution or creation we were born under the sun -
and now it turns out that by avoiding the sun we have limited skin cancers - easy to spot and cure skin cancer - and increased internal deadly cancers like breast and colon and prostrate -

i have never "tanned" but have just spent my time outdoors without freaking that *gasp* the sun is shingin on me - the sun is good - love the sun - love the sun
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Parkour! It's funny to me that you, in the metropolis of Digby, knows what that is, but when I mentioned it on another guy's stream--commenting on his photo of some young guys in Paris (I think) who looked looked exactly like they were Freerunning (complete with a sign card that read something like, "The Street is Ours")--he emailed me wondering what parkour meant.

Brown and Crumpled--I think you're on to something (besides the sun-aversion thing)--it's the new black! :-D

And yeah, that sun-aversion thing--like the bacteria-killing-spree everyone went on with the cleaners and cleansers, killing even the good bacteria our bodies need.

It's about the Middle Way, no? Moderation...avoiding extremes (especially when it's used on junk food packaging!)...get a little Sun, get a little dirty!

And jump over a few fences when you can!

Oh, and that foggy marina looks so cool!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 2, Sunday, April 29
"ill give ya one shot"

cant remember sunday except i know i was slow leaving the city and ergo arriving chez jony - he was hungry so we hit the local diner for his favourite - the Trail Burger - a huge burger so unweildly he loses control of it - hahaha - funny to be in tata - always run into people of a former life - weird - sometimes when i m really feeling self centered i see the inhabitatns of these past lives as extras in the movie of ME

funny how so little seems to change sometimes and other times the whole world is in upheaval

jony called tom and he and duncan met us at the falls - tom jumped off "jeff" - a ledge below the top of the cliff - duncan sat in a chair that was floating in the stream - jony and i stood around and talked to the jehovahs - one of them tried to tell me how the bible teaches against jumping off cliffs - i told him that both the judge and shambhala buddhism are for it - he didnt get it.

my photo of jony is out of focus - like all my time with him, it is rushed, over so fast, i miss him.

drove back to hfx and crashed at the armstrongs - rob did his taxes
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 3, Monday, April 30
just me
Tail BW

woke up early and knocked off five hours of writing - a normal day off - hahaaha - had a coffee and cake with the armstrong before they left for school - and shelley said to take the cake when i left so instead i ate it all - half a cake and three cups of coffee - sounds like breakfast

wrote the editorial and my column and a story on tasers and pepper spray - they were all dandy

then shopping - needed shoes - bought shoes - experienced buyers remorse but actually love my shoes so who cares - then the quest for a new string for my necklace - the original plastic broke this winter in the cold after a run - felt so naked with out it
pearl, my mother sent it from Salluit in Northern Quebec where she has taught english as a second language (actually third - french is second - inukitut or inuit or something is first) for ten years

i had only ever taken it off once before that - the first week i had it on, anne and i hooked up and she took it off me - somehow that makes sense - no one else has ever been able to take away ME like she did

but im back - i found the string (bought one for me and one for jony's bear which also broke) and had it tied for all of $2.20 - i will not take it off unitl it falls off - although i might have to for soccer - considering joining the senior men's team - big hitch - $150 to join - also big committment - 20 games, travel - dont think i can afford it :(

to be honest i dint take this photo monday - i tried but honestly fell asleep with camera in hand -

after necklace, i got my hair cut - short - by Hair by bea - she sits in a little room at the back of an alley and smokes while watching soaps and reading celebrity mags - but i think she does a great job - much neater - i like

then home - right on time to travel with commuters - traffic all the way to digby - home in time for floor hockey - getting beter at not tearing my hamstrings - we played seven aside so there was a lot less running and i even let some of the guys outrun me - hard for my ego but good for my legs - once i get them up to speed - look out - hahaha

we won - finally i didnt have to buy beer for the winners - they bought beer for me :)
I always stand in front of the mirror and cut my own hair. I am certain that Bea would do much better but my hair is like a weed. No matter how much I brush it, it always looks like I just rolled out of bed after a hard night's non-sleep.

Cute picture of your son. I love your necklace.

Raining here.

( A Gypsy Outdoors)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
sunny today finally
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 4,Tuesday, May 1
show me
Genos and the kits

worked out first thing at firehall and then realized i was going to be late so i figured at a mink ranch they wouldnt notice if i dint shower - hahaha

followed paul sullivan for miles way back of nowhere - to one of the bgggest mink ranches in canada - they will have 100,000 minks there by the time all the kits are born this week - 20,000 mothers and 4,000 dads - the breeding took place in march -

in the words of genos "He has a smile on his face March 1 and by march 15 his eyes are closed." hahaha

the first thing i saw at the ranch was a feeeding cart - behind the driver is a tub of brown slop - ground up fish, beef liver, vitamins and cereal - he drives along and puts a dollop on top of each wire nest - the mink reach up and bite a bit off -

the little kits looked like salamanders to me - but they are warm and soft to the touch - and on the floor among the sawdust are lot sof little ones that didnt make it - lots and lots of little ones - ugh

the operation is huge and incredible and and fantastic that they can keep track of it all - in the summer when they hit high gear, they are going through 80,000 pounds of slop a day - just imagine - three trucks are hauling in fresh fresh every day just to keep up

actually not much smell to the place - cattle farms are way worse to be honest - they say if the mink spray it stinks but they dont spray so much...

eye opener - had no coffee til 11 when i stopped for breakfast at genos' recommendation - crowell's - cozy cmfy palce - good food - rewrote all my notes

then work - yawn

dinner in bear river and sent away with a ton of provisions - scallops, bacon, a pizza, a vine of tomatoes, a pie

firehall - weigh in - one month to go and the boys are getting serios now - haha - movie - the holiday :)
AliThinks 11 years ago
I love that necklace.

ebilflindas 11 years ago
Don't know how I missed that post about John, but it's funny that I read it today--you wrote about feeling Peter Pan-ish (totally know what you mean), and I accompanied my son's class on a field trip today to see the Junior Theatre's production of Peter Pan.
Oh, those little babies with a future of growing up to be worn by some rich person.
eelend PRO 11 years ago
the necklace is very beautiful
and those kits really looked like salamanders or something alike
but they're cute :)

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
ali - me too - im sure it is "magical"

ebil - so do you think we should or even could grow up?

LaM - i think of that so often - especially when i see cows and pigs and chickens - "grow up" takes about 2 weeks - then the fur will be "prime" by november - and they "live" in the tiniest little nests - you would not like the "ranch" - but they seem surprisingly comfortable - and the workers spend every day fluffing up the nests, cleaning them out - all because it improves production i know but when u meet these people, you can sense the genuine concern they have for the animals and connection to them

the lives of the workers are pretty closely intertwined with the lives of the mink - i dont know - lots to think about...

eel - thanks - i had another one years ago from hawaii - something wasnt right about it - but this one became a part of me the minute i put it on - sounds corny eh - but true - i dont have many possessions that "mean" something to me the way this does

those were bigger ones there - about 10 days old - the new borns really looked like little salamanders youd find under a rock - even the mamas are cute but Genos says they'd go right for your throat if you let them out - hahaha
ebilflindas 11 years ago
I dunno. I was reminded of how much I like the song, I Won't Grow Up, especially when sung by Ricki Lee Jones...
If growing up means it would be
beneath my dignity to climb a tree,
I won't grow up
never gonna grow up
not me...
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
love ya ebil - i know a great tree here - and i can scrounge some old nails and boards from the demolished flower shop... huh huh?
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 5,Wednesday, May 2

Grass fire in the south end

snapped this from the back seat as we rumbled up to another grasss fire in the south end - must be afire bug down there? no big deal - i didnt get any photos cause i grabbed a "piss pack" this time and humped it down the tracks and it really wasnt needed - it was all out when we got there - got rid of my water by spraying the other guys on the walk back - mature? professional? that's me

nicole's attempt to grow up is losing steam - today she almost kicked me - she raised her foot but then remembered and put it back down - she is doing that weird work out punchy thing she does again but so far she is careful not to aim it at me - she will and ... here's the clincher - talking about i cant even remember what, she did that jerking off motion thing with the sound effects - trademark nicole and definitely not very grown up

i admit ive been a saboteur and not a help but life has been a little dull with her all grown up - id say another week or so and it will be game on once again - candies flying at my head, phone messages delivered as a guessing game, copy on my desk rewritten into penthouse stories - soon
there is hope she'll be comin back to never never land - hahaha

rest day - no work out no run - no work either - hahaha

had a crazy call from the craziest person i know - oh wait a minute i made th call - oops - still crazy - gnight
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
*quirks brow
crazier than nicole?
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
by a long shot!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 6,Thursday, May 3

yeah - so we're rolling along the 101 at a 100 clicks and i figure ill take chris' picture - so i focus and wait for him to turn back... at the road... cause to drive a car you kinda have to do that.... every now and then... right? ... and i wait... and wait... and wait... just a little disconcerting

had the greatest work out today - went for a slow jog - trying to gently stretych out that hammie - then skipping at the hall - faith hill was just starting a song so i skipped for the whole tune - given'r on the chorus - the rthymn really helped my skipping - awesome

then liftig weights and i topped out on all the exercises so i can shift the weights up a little saturday - yeah :D - im getting stronger - finished with a couple hundred (200) torso twists with 10 lbs on the upper pulley - trying to get in shape for kayaking

shower and work - work was the insane asylum i had grown to love - good to see the general lack of focus and professionalism returning - im much more comfortable in mayhem thats all

chris dropped in at 2 with an invite to go paddling - nice timing - right on top of that killer work out - it was a lute dan day!

on the water she was crazy - going up bear river i did a little slow mo surfing in the standing waves made by the wind blowing against the tide - and coming home - oh ack - she was right in our teeth - but man i feel strong today -
not really into workk but physically i could move mountains. was giving the wind a little lute dan "Is that all you got? is that it? cmon!"

back to wrk - nothing done - out to a bilcon info meeting - man that project manager is such a strange fellow - "you didnt see me handing out tshirts" "that isnt the intent for this meeting" -oh so bilcon wasnt giving out tshirts with Bilcon printed on them? - there just happened to be big piles of tshirts and hats with Bilcon written on them laying around but "we never dreamed in a thousands years anyone would take them - oh what a surpirse"
i wonder why they have so many PR problems?... i wonder...
eating well :) though not much baby seal these days... funny that
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 7,Friday, May 4
back to normal
coincidence i ask you

pretty much back to "normal" - i asked Liz yesterday to bring me in some daffodils and by some wacky coinky dink Nicole dressed up as a super hero with yellow accents - she's too cool - not everyone could pull that off

so should have worked today (like i should have the last three days - probably be done by now) but im suffering some kind of distractedness - maybe im bored - i mean every day is new but still i squeeze "it" into the same format - 32 pages black and white and read all over

although last week i submitted an account of my hike along the shore - and wow - never have i had so much reaction from people - seemed to hit a chord with them - still - im not "inspired" - i think im a lazywhiner to be honest

i mean i have some great stories to write and they will make the paper sing buty jeezh - what do i need? am i never to be happy?

and actually im quite happy - which is maybe the problem - im content - you know - sunny weather - folks are nice - lots of food around - liz made scallop bubbley bake today - yum - and chocolate cake - plus she bought me some ribs and BBQ'd chicken - plus i have a pile of judge food to get through - hahahaha

interestingly my photography careeer is going better than my writing career - i won that award, my cover for the visitors guide is dynamite, people here are crazy over the hike photos (in BW and shrunk and cropped), an affiliated daily wanted my photos, CBC ran a bunch of mine on TV and today, an author contacted me about using some in a children's book - of course she wanted them for free so i asked if it wouldnt be possible to pay me - we'll see

so actually none of this "succeess" has resulted in $ for me (unless you count the 18 cent raise here) - oh and three years ago, back when i was an amateur - hahaha, i did win three tickets to the movies for a photo, but i gave those to the lovely young mud covered ladies who posed for me

and it isnt about the money but it is about the money - i mean id like to pay some bills and if they're worth putting in the book, maybe they are worth paying for - reminds me of my old soccer coach who said, "it doesnt matter if you win or lose as long as you have fun, and it is a whole lot more fun to win."
A whole lot more fun...

(especially if you win while wearing a black and yellow superperson outfit.)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i'm pretty sure she wont let me wear it -
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
the author offered me $75 a shot - hooray - if the files are good enough quality - i know the one she really likes is kinda small cause it was far away... fingers crossed - hey it isnt the money at all now - i just want my photos in the book - hahahahahaha
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
looks like it is a go for at least one of the photos - hooray!
AliThinks 11 years ago
Good news on the photo(s?) for the book! I love the yellow-on-black shot, especially the expression on Nicole's face!

Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
she only gave me about four shots but with her that is usually enough - of course i had to cut out th background because these "photoshoots" always take place while im at the keyboard and she is standing at the door of my office

more food appearing - still have a serving of scallop bubbly bake and the chicken and ribs (2 servings) and ive been invited to a seafood chowder sale (they feed me, i take a picture) and then my grandmother just emailed asking for help with a huge pot of lobster chowder on her stove - groan - hahaha
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
so ya know - some days you scramble and take a shittty shot at 11:58 or even later (according to the guru rule as long as you dont go to sleep, you can still take a photo for the day)
some days it is some stupid crappy photo and that's all ya got - and then there are days like today- slept late and the pager woke me up at 10 - i was literally in mid air jumping into my pants when i heard "exercise exercise exercise" - all of a sudden, before id even landed i remebered i was tired and sore - hjahaha - still walked over to hall - normally i am outside before dispatch makes its second call - this time i was still in the hallway - hahaha
decided to go and got lots of fun pictures that would make a great photo of the day - lawrence town had their aeiral there - i also got a shot of the duct tape holding Bear River's hose together - hahaha - and all the fake "victims" done up in authentic bloodly make up - ick - lots to choose from there

id also have used any of the photos from the chowder supper in sandy cove - so delish - and junior was the auctioneeer - so funny - he wanted the double chocolate cheesecake himself so everytime he asked "do we have 12$ ?" he'd say "sure we do." oh boy was it ever funny. people knew he wanted it and ran him up to 21$ for a cheesecake - hahahaha

but then i took another 120 photos on a short hike (only 3 hours) hahaha - a short hike i didnt mean to take - it just sort a happened - more on that later - after i get the photos down - there's about 60 there id have chosen for photo of the day - hahahaha
it never rains but it sure does pour - course here in god's country it was sunny and moderate all day - thoug i hear they are calling for snow in tata where my son lives - another ski day? hahahaha - doubt it - calling for 23 on monday - yes please
I know what you mean about days when there is nothing to put up for photo of the day. These happen for me about 6 times out of seven. I can't wait to see the glut of good ones in your stream.

By the way, if you keep eating all the food you have listed you would never be able to fit into the black and yellow suit even if she would loan it to you. :D
( A Gypsy Outdoors)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
im not going to fit into that suit no matter what - but on the other hand ive been "super crazy" active lately - im really working hard on getting strong for the kayak trip - and even though the changes arent outwardly visible yet, i can certainly feel them - yeehaw - so i need all the fuel i cna scrounge - hahaha

LaM - on another note, i feel so at home here - i mean, never in my life have i had so many people lining up to feed me - and not just food - i mean spiritually, emotionally too - and more than that - i feel like i belong on the landscape - the rocks of the shore - i feel like a tetris piece that fits into the rock here - right this moment, thinking about it, i feel about to burst - i know im a corny lunatic but i cant help it
Lunatic? Yes, indeed. That is what makes you so charming.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i guess :)
i wouldnt have been able to understand that until this year - now that i have seen my charming lunatic of a grandfather in action, i understand a few things - hahahaha
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
wait a minute - i can t believe what u said about six out of seven - gypsy, you have great wildlife photo after wildlife photo - man, if only i could ever take one like that, id be yeehawing it up - plus you are solidly in the habit of the daily walk - sweet -
btw - really glad to be alone on today's hike -the cliff climbing got a little stupid and anyone with a brain would have been a damper - hahaha - although - i could seriously do with some company for a picnic the next time i go back.... - this is the best spot yet!
dda1605 11 years ago
Great portrait of Liz......Real little bee

(Didier 2007 )
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thats nicole - liz brought the flowers - nicole brought the get up :)

she is a buzy bee isnt she - funny i never thought of that - thanks didier for BEEing so smart - hahaha
Well-I am one handed typing because my finger is in a splint.

We do have a picnic planned don't we.

I have invented this wonderful salad that I am taking to a potluck tonight and it would travel well on a picnic--if one can get fresh asparagus there.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
yes one can get fresh asparagus here - and more to the point, two can get fresh asparagus here - dya like fiddleheads?
Can't recall I have ever had fiddleheads.

Salad recipe (I made it up so it can change at any moment)
Fresh asparagus light steamed and drained.
While asparagus is cooking, thinly slice one red bell pepper removing the seeds, white membrane and stem.
Drain asparagus and add it to the red pepper and cover allowing it to cool.
When cool but not cold add crumbled gorgonzola cheese, chopped avocado, and either mandarin orange slices (fresh, peeled) or sliced strawberries.
Make a vinegrette with olive oil and blood orange vinegar. Poor over the whole thing and serve.

Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
either or both... right?mandarin AND strawbs
youll probably have more trouble with the cheese here :(
but that u can bring with n'est-ce pas?

id be willing to bet it was the first time gorgonzola had been within a mile of this picnic spot - hahahaha
AliThinks 11 years ago
Some days you take 90 photos and only get a handful of "good" ones...

I do like La Maquisarde's salad recipe. Must try it. And photograph it.

Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
tis true - and im getting real good at letting go of "bad" ones - i joined flickr almost a year ago and have kept 2,000 photos - i figure 2,000 a year is enough...jeez
I can take 200 to 300 photos in a day and come out with maybe one or two that I think are okay enough to keep. Some days none and others days a few more.

Beware of adding too many flavors to one salad.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i do need to meditate on that - i have always wanted it all - every god damn bit of every god damn thing (im using GD cause my grandfather does and i just had a steady four hours of his wisdom poured over me - the only part i remember is to use god damn a lot - hahaahaha)

so... i was thinking... are you making two salads then?
Meelifluous PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Meelifluous (member) 11 years ago
Wow! That yellow pick is great! :D

baby minks?! Wow.
Mee Mee Meelifluous
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 8,Saturday, May 5

What the .. oh gull eggs, you scared me

so the hike - i didnt really mean to go for a hike - i thought i might take a walk on the sandy cove wharf - see how it wintered as we say.
she wintered rough
I saw a merman and some pretty ropes - and the shore was looking real photogenic in the late day sun (set of trip) so the next thing i know im walking and picking out where my turning point will be
the spot i picked out ended up being a lot harder to get to than i thought and i did some serious rock climbing - a few times climbing up the inside of a long deep fissure, the bottom of which floods at high tide, it occured to me this would be a real bad place to fall and break a leg - like there's a good place

so i was grabbing yet another shot of the sunset sky behind me when i swung around and there they were - three gull eggs - i had just found a gull skull a few minutes before - in the corner of the cove that was my turning point there was indeed a waterfall - two actually - but nothing to write home about - the gull nest was the highlight - something id never seen before - and very seasonal - so that's the PotD

they tell me the Islanders here gathered them on mother's day to bake a cake - my gfather tells me the yoke is very bright orange and slightly fishy

iit felt great to be out there - i feel very strongly that i was made for this landscape - i feel strng and alive and fed by the land here - and playful and spiritual - and yeah corny - home
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 9,Sunday, May 6

Woolavers with picture

I was adopted - i have always had an active imagination - when i was little i often thought maybe i was a robot from outerspace - seemed logical

moving to digby a year ago meant getting to know these characters - i see a lot of myself in them or rather, i see lots of them in me - of course they are just about as crazy as i am -

and now i know, im not from outerspace, im from digby county :D

worked sunday worked - and went out for supper sunday night to visit - thought id spend a couple hours and leave at 8 pm - but they were talkative and next thing i know it is 9:30 - so i make to leave but of course it takes a half hour for them to load me up with food and frenchies clothes (im very grateful)
and just as im leaving i notice shirley has stuck her fingers together with crazy glue and she has a needle stuck between them - and she is using a knife to cut them apart

so whiile im helping her, a racoon decides to start robbing the bird feeder at the window and the judge decides to take his gun after the critter - why i asked myself summoning up patience and respect, did they wait until 10:30 to start acting like lunatics?
finally left at 11:30 - everyone ok
Lunatics? Their behavior defines them as lunatics? Wow. Seems normal behavior to me... :D

Yes two different salads, two different potlucs.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 10,Monday, May 7


up and working monday - all i really had to do was tie up loose ends and write the editorial - hard to find subject where id have something original to say - ended up going for breakfast with nicole - to the irving - just what i needed - coupe fried eggs over hard, big big dollop of potato hash done on the grill with onion, half doz strips of bacon, four big pieces of toast - and coffee - not that i needed any - i had been up most of night drinking java and had already had a mornign cup at work - but i love drinking it

when we got back i whipped off the editorial - and then wrapped up loose ends - made appts for the coming week - got a cold managemnt letter from y'mth saying they were going to be strict with deadlines - it has been ever this in journalism - my only reistance is they keep backing up the deadlines so they can edit in comfort - but it makes our paper more stale by the time it hits the stand - in pei we wrote until 3 pm tuesday and our 6,000 readers had the paper the next morning - here. here they want us to finish on friday and the paper comes out thursday ??

im not going to go into it here - but i will say publicly and to anyone who asks - this is exactly why digby needs an editor here - so we have someone in a position to defend the QUALITY of our paper- that's all im sayig here

took off with chris at 3 for a paddle - warm but windy - the calmest day ive paddled in this year - fet so great on the water - again that feeling of being a part of it all - like me and the boat and the water and the paddle were all connected and chilling - i can still feel the boat bobbing, the water running under the hull, the paddle catching and my heart just bursting :D

we went up the bear river right into the village - I. NEED. A WATERPROOF. CAMERA. very beautiful trip. the judge came down from his place and hailed us from the bank "I was so excited to see you" reminded him of his trips with the boys - he has much to tell me - oh, thats hard to believe - i cant wait - honeslty i cant

he asked if he could get us anything - i said i love a coke - he brought two 2L bottles - hahaha and a yummy tray of squares - they were just what i needed though we didnt drink all the pop (that's soda for you amurikans)

the wind had pushed us in and wasnt to thrilled to let us go the other way but the tide was ebbing strong so it evened out - a good workout - took me a while to catch my breath

took the photo of dried salt on my face on the drive back to digby - im getting to be more and more an old salt - eh?
chris made some yummy looking kbobs at ashley's and i should have stayed but i had to go to town council - so boring - i couldnt keep my head off the table - i was tired hungy and BORED - and i should have gone to floor hockey but i figured it was over

came to work and got a lot of crap organized - including the official end of my marriage - hard but a relief too - deep breath time
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
LaM - i meant two salads for our picnic - or are we having two picnics now -
let me just say - very loveable lunatics
AliThinks 11 years ago
You know the French meaning of lunatique, right? Changing with or affected by the moon? :-)

Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
si.. continuez...
Yes, of course, it has to be two picnics. One there, the other here.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
done and done
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
been thinking about the other night in bear river - i think it might be well summed up by the chorus of fred eaglesmith song, Little Buffalo:

And it's restless nights, and endless fights
100 miles an hour an no headlights
Fiddles and accordions
Tear-stained steel guitars
It's a tar paper shack
Whiskey and smack
Two guns left on a five-rifle rack
Someone round here's gonna get killed
And that's for sure
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
jonathan, you think a lot.
sunshinecity 11 years ago
what wonderful photos you have!
Very beautiful!

~ a picture, a story
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