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Jonathan Riverwalker 12:49pm, 20 December 2006
2007 MDPD

Me at work
(Photo by fluke on Jan. 22)

I want out.
Outside that is.
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Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day seven, Wednesday, March 14
Ear twisting
ear twisting

staying up later but sleeping in so it is working out - but i would be much happier getting to bed on time and getting up ultra early - tomorrow i just have to anyway brcause i just plain have to get some work done - i will be clsong my office door - sad but i guess they are paying me to work and i plan to be city bound early friday - hopefully the only story i will have left to write on friday is the zoning meeting i have thursday night
so i chose this photo cause it really does not in anyway reflect my day - it is opposite - it was so hot in town even at 10 at night you coudl run in a tshirt and shorts - but out on the neck with the wind blowing off the pack ice i thought id just about freeze to death

but this may well be the last wintry photo for a while - yesterday morning when i was out for my run i was still able to jump over and run over snowbanks - tonight they were all melted - now i have to settle for jumping over the cannons and picnic tables :(

work was crazy - nicole was in a mood - she started a water fight - she posted a sign in the bathroom (with my signature) forbidding john and liz from shitting here at work (the office is small and we'd like them to go home but nicole takes it to crazy lengths as she does everything) - she demaded i make coffee at 3 pm and when it was done she didnt want any - everyone here is now into the bodum coffee - my little one is too small for the office so today she asked me if i could buy a larger beday - she is nuts

liz is kind and i have been eating the homemade beans and brown bread she brought it the last two days plus potato salad - i was teasing chris that he wont be having me over for dinner now that he has a new woman - i was just a filler while he was lonely - hahaha - it's funny cause it's true - of course he is planning the whole kayak trip so i really shouldnt tease but it is true

of course it is good timing - the judge will be home in two weeks and i will be able to feed there on seafood galore - so i may survive - hahaha - need the extra protein as i started on the weights tonight - just fooling around, plotting a routine and goals and seeing what weights i can lift - not much with the left - but i did do a bunchof light stuff just to get it moving - skippig hurt it the most actually

jony has not updated his mexico blog since monday and im starting to go alittle nuts - but thats me through and through - have tickets for the basketball games - canadian university finals and a couple offers of places to drink green beer on saturday - so i just have to get my work done - get packed up and a longggg weekend awaits - here we go

the photo is nora, annie and judith - they are worried about the lack of land use zoning on the neck and losing access to the beach - that is one of th greatest riches here - right now there is tonnes of beach access but that could soon be threatened - on the "south shore" near halifax that is already a huge problem, where i used to live i nthe norht of the prvince, the CFA's (come from aways) were just discovering the area and buying it up and coming into confllict with local traditions - to be fair, lots of nova scotia city folk make the same self-centred mistakes

and now it is just starting to come here - it would be so much better if we had the table set so to speak when the feasters arrived -
important wonderful thing about nova scotia - our law allows you access to any body of fresh water to fish ( so you just have to carry a twine with a hook on it and no one can bother you crossing their property to reach a lake or stream) sadly the ocean access is not guranteed -

yes im being lazy lately and using work photos, old photos, rink photos - i just dont have the time this week to run out for a break and take photos - though tomorrow i hop e i remember to run out for a picutre of the crushed tonka truck - i go by it on my run every day and say to myself - oh yes i willl photograph that today

the photo of these planner people is pretty representative thoug because that's the big news this week - ran into guy of Guy and Lace at a zoning meeting and we had a great chatt - great guy - next time im all the way out in freeport i will stop in - there are lots of great people out there - anyway it's late - goota sleep for a few hours -
love this early daylight savings -tryig to get my head around why we didnt do it earlier - time i sconfusing - gnight

p.s. but that is not the photo i used for the paper - hahaha - no ear twisting in the third best paper in canada - hahahaha
CollardGreens PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by CollardGreens (member) 11 years ago
Ear twisting...didn't Nixon do that ?? No, No wait - it was Johnson (another one of the texan presidents in usa)...

CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
im not too up on yur amurrikan polly ticks - surry bout that
CollardGreens PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by CollardGreens (member) 11 years ago
It was a big outcry way back when. LBJohnson pulled on the ears of his beagle until he yelped (the beagle) and the press had a field day. He tried to explain that was how they trained the pups to yell during the hunt. Did you ever get a look at that guy's ears - they were huge - maybe his dad pulled his...

anyhow -
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day Eight, March 15
Bodum rituals
The ritual

This is indoors - I wasnt out today - not even to run ... yet - im going in a sec, promise - but i was indoors all day - ive been dieing to post a photo of my bodum - i spose i should have taken it outside hahaha

so the people in my office had no idea what a coffee press was - funny time for me to switch from tim's - it had been the drug of choice in this office for a while - spring is "roll up the rim to win" time and the rival chain has got a "sip to win" contest going - in fact john in the office next to mine won an ipod on the "roll up the rim to win" contest

when i first brought my little coffee press in the office no one wanted to try any and they questioned my sexuality a bit - but one by one i have them all won over - even liz who doesnt drink coffee has a cup or two of my cafe hahaha - they think i should have bought a bigger bodum except they call it a beday - i dont have the heart to tell them the difference

so nicole has decided she is the only one who can push down the plunger - and it takes a full two minutes to slowwwwwwwllllllllyyy push it down - the novelty wil have to wear off soon...

it makes such delicious coffee i find i am drinking much too much - but it is cheaper than running to tim's all the time -

today the stupidest thing happened - i was making the second pot of the day and the electric cord was kind of wrapped around the kettle - because my left hand is still weak i am in the habit of doign everything one handed and i was untwisting the cord by turning the kettle in my one good hand, the right - didnt i pour boiling water all over my hand -

yes of course it hurts hahahaha

i think ths clumsiness must signal a growth spurt eh? - perhaps not physcially but maybe emotionally or maturity-wise - god knows there is plenty of room for growth hahaha

busy day - up early and tapping on the old keyboard - lots done - lot smore to do - close up of my bodum - i like that photo cause (A) my bodum is beautiful but (B) the tim's cup out of focus in the background - replaced by the bodum and the light switch - which is wht coffee is for me - except i find coffee turns on the love - if you want to ask me a favor, give me a cup of joe annd wait a couple minutes -

i cant say no when i am on the joe - it does really work like a love potion on me - but not just any coffee - tims does not work - this stuff does

so john was taking a photo of me with my award winning photo and - have i told you, i named my monitor "patricia" - well i think someone in the office is jealous of patricia

out late again at planning meeting - bleck

oh and people in town know that my grandfather is my grandfather - i ahve been trying to keep it quiet but now they know - one woman told me today -
"I knew you looked familiar" (actually i get that a lot anyway) but then she said
""Then i remembered you look just like your grandfather - you have exactly the same eyes"
now i didnt ask "how do you know he's my grandfather"
but i was strugling with the realization that that was the first time in my life someone said that to me - sure they have said that about me and my son - and people have even compared me to my father and brother - but i ahve always had to say - i was adopted -

it was boulversant - diary i have been too busy to tell anyone yet - you're the first
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
my my my. you're having an accident prone month, yeah?

p.s. there's a joke begging to be cracked about cute bodums in tight jeans,
but i cannot bring myself to give birth to it. you're lucky today, burns quite aside
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
yeah - i am lucky :D
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
ahhh okkk - Bodum is to Piston like kleenex is to mouchoir ! Now I get it ! Of course it would be Nicole to push slowly...her name brings with it the heritage of a slow and meaningful preparation to coffee. Mind you pistons are only for the morning...AND only in porceline...during the day the "café nomal" is for taste - a café serré would be same amount of coffee but half the water...(also in porceline but in the cup size like a childs tea party) - great taste - small amount of time - a pause - like caffine in a bong !

Hey - your stories are good and the life there presents the image to me of "Northern Exposure" with all the little lives rolled into a bigger one. It is for that reason that I post an abstract seed from time to time - just to see what grows...

CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
are you saying my bullshit makes for fertile planting?
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Absolutely !! Top 10 site on the nutrient scale ! Just add water...
eelend PRO 11 years ago
i think i fell in love with patricia


have a nice weekend, my friend
you made me want coffeeeeeeeee

eelend's 2007
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Nice, I just reawakened my coffee press today, too! Must be why I'm here at 2am!

CG said bong.
I wonder how coffee grounds in a bubbler would do...?
No, seeds are never welcome in the bowl.
What about tea leaves?
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
patricia is blushing eelend
hey ebil - glad to read you - i dont own a bong - honest - that's a fly trap - honest - i think one of the reasons i am loving the cofee lately is i buy organic only and ilike to think that is making a diference ??

steeped in coffee this morning in halifax and mind spinning in wonder - i feebly protested as robert poured my third cup - he just smiled and said "you're fun when you're wired"
so many choices - i coudl be downstairs with my friends i only see every two weeks - i could be reading the saturday globe and mail or even the thursday globe and mail - both are chock full ofgreat stories - i couild be outside sliding around on the ice that caked dartmouth last night - and ducking from the ice that is falling off the trees like shrapnel this morning

i could be at the halifax market - drinking (oh my heart skips a beat) a steveareno coffee, a mary's sticky bun, and watching the throngs of granola shoppers share ice storm survivial stories

i could be at the metro centre watching acadia play a consolation game at the canadian intercollegiate basketball championships - or i could be writing - i have a few ideas literally knocking around my head -they are like enthusiastic suck up school kids with their hands raised - pick me pick me pick me

okay johnny i see your hand - i ll get to you in a mnute - i have a few precious hours of easy free flow inspiration every day - but it can easily be missed or swallowed or used up, wasted on something other than writing - just today i realize i have to start and make conscious decisions about how to use that energy -

and as the ninja turtles say, knowing is half the battle
AliThinks 11 years ago
Mmm. I borrowed a Bodum during my trip to France. I do like the ritual. And the coffee, of course. Nice to catch up with you, Jonathan.

Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
nice to hear from you alidropsby :)
im getting a bigger size one today - hahaha
ill give the small one to the office...
ebilflindas Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ebilflindas (member) 11 years ago
I think it was the GI Joe crew who extolled, "So now you know, and knowing is..."

I laughed out loud to
he just smiled and said "you're fun when you're wired"
I agree! Drink up, Jonatron!

[edited to be more than tolerable!]
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
hey you're right about GI Joe
glad to have that straightened out
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Gotcha. Now I know...
*extends a cup of coffee/peace offering
I could use a cup of that right now. Pour me one, I'll have it for dinner.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
hey LM - i was looking for you downtown - crazy night - i keep calling her moonie by mistake - gotta go -photos tomorrow if i can find my way home - great photos -happy st paddy;s day yall
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day Nine, Friday, March 16
Hfx harbour

hfx bound

left work earlyish - booted'er for Hfx, parked at Rob and shel's, hiked to the ferry, caught'er just in time - and dont i love the ferry - aint she a dramatic way to get downtown - a view of all the streets and bldgs - like a menu - where's a good place to raise hell tonight -

friday was calm actually - watched the last Final Eight in Hfx - after 24 years she's going to carleton next yr - which only makes sense since they have won the thing 5 yrs running now - and carleton creamed acadia - mike and his buddy left with 10 left on the clock - these are the sickest of basket fans - "nothing here" they said and they were right - carelton was leading by 50 at that point and both squads were running their secondstrings

i find the sights in haliax very distracting after a winter in digby - that's all im saying - walked home in the snow and had tea with shelley
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day Ten, St Patrick's Day 2007
St paddy's

kevin and lockyer

This about says it all - Chris was on the txt all night, and kevin and I ... weren't... have to rush but will fill in a few details later...
ebilflindas 11 years ago
We've got a quaint little ferry that runs here in San Diego--it's more of a tourist/historical/leisure thing than anything--I don't know for sure, but I'd guess less than 15-20% of its riders are commuting. It is a nice ride across the harbor, though.

Looks like guys had some fun--ribbin' Chris, at least! Doesn't look like there are too many other souls on the street, though...
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
this is a back street - the party street is uphill about three blocks and it was crazy - the ferry (which is commuters all week) was a sea of green hats - the line ups were nuts

let's take this up here ( i had a slow day - skipped the market, typed and hung out with friends - awesome fajita supper ala shelley) the lineups - outside the triangle people were talking 1/2 hr forty minute waits so i call chris and he says come up the street three doors - the door opens and this gorgeous dark haired beauty in a green tshirt says "Are you jonthan?" I was ready to be whoever she wanted let me tell you - in we go through some back stair well and bingo - we're drinking guiness

i think it is best if i skip details and names as we move forward - met many wonderful people - it's funny how st paddy's day changes the rules downtown - a big crowd from stewiacke were good for a laugh as were the two young industrial engineers but the highlight for me for sure was the two nurses from new waterford - in retropsect i think they were looking for free drinks but we had a great chat while they learned that i wasnt in drink buyng mode - through some process i dont fully understand or wish to question too closely, the drinks were coming to me with out my ordering or having to pay - i heard the words "overpour" quite often and i guess this is irish for "free beer for you"

doherty and sweeeney and that fiddle guy - roach - yeah roach - were on stage and rocking the place - twas sad to leave but the line up cheered everyone who left - us included - next stop - tribeca - which was a strange choice considering "she" went to the lower deck ??

i was in big time follow mode - i was the only one in tribeca wearing green i think - but that didnt stop me having a great time - from there we were headed fr the lower deck when we ran into another fire fighter (kevin is full-time PAID fire fighter in HRM) who could help us skip the line at the fado - which was nice considering the length of that line - the bouncer asked me if Kevin was with us - uh, yeah -

the fado was insane - i think my first time there - chock full of firefighters - so that was fun - i kept my volley work to myself - ran into a few people i had just met at the triangle and if you'd seen the reunion, you'd a thought we'd known each other for ever and hadn't seen each other in eons - everything is relative...

uh yeah - skipping details details details and .... a great st patrick's day

the three main characters - she asked why this was so red - i told her it was sorta like how you cant take photos of vampires except firefighters like us are sooooo HOT - she seemed to buy it - random green smiles - the tension of the evening summed up in one photo - guinness, kilkenny and you should know that chris' glass was full of rum - slainte!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
day eleven, Sunday, macrh 18
Anything but green

Sick of green

let's just say id had my fill of green come sunday morning and leave it at that - had a great walk around dartmouth and im sure saw streets id never seen before - like portland street where this was taken - and many others - wonderful morning for a walk - had to finish off a story and a column for work and then vegged big time -
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 12, Monday march 19


a big zero of a day - after my friends left for work i did take everything out of the downstairs and swept and mopped (discoverd that i mop with my left - had to switch it up), i washed all my laundry and all the clothes and blankets my "nephew" had soaked the night before

and then i veggged - was waiting for jony to arrive at hfx intl at 9:30 p.m. but he called at 5 and said he was stuck in houston overnight - so i hit the road - damn - dont know when ill see him now - im off the 31st again :(

somehow wandered through the old neighbourhood where my sister used to live - to the beach where she had that first job that allowed her to leave home - walked around there a lot thinking, remembering. feeling

ive been struggling lately - which i guess is behind the arm, the burn, the emails i sent out friday (about 1,500 autoreplies to every email in my inbox - before i got it stopped) am still waiting for someone bring the roof down on for me that one - not yet

really feel like ive lost touch with me - like im split - like there is river running through my insides - okay im making this u p to match the photo but it is sorta true - i cant put it in words today but the photo does speak to me about me - nothing huge and i do feel like im figuring stuff out that even i dont understand if - that makes anysense - just feelng alittle "questioning" " thoughtful" "reflective" lately

and actually i guess i do know half of what is going on - im learnign something, i teaching myself somethin - day by day - breathe by breathe - it aint easy - it is a wonderful struggle and i dont want to even pretened to think i might have mastered it - i cant talk about it here - cause maybe im going backwards - i dunno - sorry for any silly person who tried to read that - me included hahahahahah
Perhaps it is a stretch of the imagination but even so, you are looking pretty tall.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 13, Tuesday march 20
Garbage vortex

digby's garbage vorex

Robert told me yesterday there is a huge vortex of garbage in the pacific ocean - i guess there are some currents stirring things around but dont go looking for a big mat of garbagge sucking down like a whirlpool -

digby had a little garbage vortex of its own going on today - here in jew cove just outisde my office - a lot of styro foam from the demoihed floats and oil jugs, javex bottles, condoms, coffee cupsm the regular -

work was the usual - worked hard on a feature ive been hammering at for a while - not much else really - lots of phone calls - picked upa great book at library - i hope - the story of ernie pyle, a war correspondent
went to a paid wrking lunch with chris - and is too often the case came home with three leads - super crazy busy - out to the firehall for wildland fire training - dry as hell - a sleeper

so there, now im all caught up - and back on track - whew
ebilflindas 11 years ago
At least the river that's flowing through you is flowing, and not a vortex of garbage, whorling and washing up in your shallow corners...
Is it time for a run yet?
Where do we humans think it is all going to go? Up in space?
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Yow - just catching up...you take vitamins ?? I am not sure I would have the energy to keep up ! Good for you..

CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
@ebil - it's always time for a run - ive been a few times but nothing steady - yeah actually i feel great - esp cause i recognize the cycles and this low cycle aint very low at all - so yeah im good - a little dependent on coffee but i think that adds to the character - hahahahaha

im with you La M - we had a great bunch of ads here on TV showing a fisherman throwing trash off his boat and his son asks "where does it go Dad?" "Away," he answers.

no vitamins CG but i do take hugs - whenever i can get them - which isnt super often but enough to keep me chugging along - hahaha
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
okay i'm taking a deep breath before saying this:

regarding your inner struggles ... if yours are anything like my own, they're perpetual. on going. you know, a lot of people find it daunting, but i quite like your attitude about it. you don't celebrate your life's difficulties but you take them in stride. you handle business with a minimum of whining and ohgodwhyme. you make living a full life look ... worth it. i admire this. i admire you.

and. that wasn't a come-on. haha
GD, it was a verbal hug. And I send one too.
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
yay for group hugs!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
*takes a few deep breaths of his own

thanks - i'd like to think i could live up to that - really i understand that courage is contagious and that people are watching... so id like to be admirable but im not sure im quite there yet - hahaha - you only see the sanitized internet version - hahaha

jony inspires me to want to be better and your kind words work on me the same way - ...

and im used to people not coming on to me... story of my life... hahaha
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
oh i took so long breathing you updated ahead of me and im afriad i mised the group hug - could we do 'er again :)
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
*opens arms
ebilflindas 11 years ago
I gotta say I'm with Glory on this. The further we get with this diary project, the more we get a glimpse of one another's worlds (inner and outer), the more I find my offline thoughts going to you, my online friends. The past few weeks seem to have held more Yuck than Yay (or that's how it's felt), but more and more often I "hear" your voice telling me, "Hurry hard!" or, "Yup, more please!"
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i am having trouble keeping a straight face when i read that you hear my voice saying "hurry hard" but my head is somewhere else tonight - i love you ebil but not like that - hahahahaha - i hope you are laughing too
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 14, Wednesday, March 21
Digby commute

forward rowing

I want to have a commute like that - i need to build up my arms and chest and back - and legs for the kayak trip - yeehaw

i was going to accomplish so much today but knew as soon as i woke up i wouldnt - i felt so terrible and lounged in bed til 10 - wheni hit the street at 10:30 i ran smakc into a fire call and didnt get to wrk unitl 11:30 - jus tin time for lunch - whole day disappeared on me - helped nicole with her work quite a bit - arrrgggghhhh

then tonight i joined the boys at the fire hall for poker - only lost $5.50 and spent another $6 on beer so not a bad night - i have played poker with close friends before but never with grown men i dont know so well - quite an experience - of course in the continuing series of strange movie coincidences - remember two weeks ago i watched flag ofour fathers and then intervirewed a marine who was on Iwo Jima the next day - well last night i watched casino royale and then was invited to a poker game tonight - well yes i was well prepared - hahahaha

took this photo while climbing around at low tide in the mud -

had my mind blown today - jst what i need - hahaha - another injection of zanity - more please - hahahaha

my fortuen cookie today btw was:
keep a balance between your goals and gentle nature
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 15, Thursday, march 22
Midnight in Digby County
midnight in digby county

my head was spinning for a couple differnet reasons yesterday - ive been oout of sorts with a cold that has been trying to invade my lungs - ignore shit like that but it had my head off kilter

and it seemd an extra heavy flow of information was streaming across my desk - started asking a few questions about the new fisheries act - i usually call about five more people than i need and since usually no one calls you back, you get a half decent amount of comment -

but i guess it is an indication of how important this thing is - two local MLA's, the provincial minister, three communications people from ottawa, and two federal MPS including the parliamentary secretary of Fisheries and Oceans - damn - TMI is not just a joke but real occupational hazard in my job!!

and other mind games - nicole is relentless- i cant remember ysterday to be honest but today she has already marked on my forehead twice with permananet marker and poured coffee on me -

was a talking day and sadly not a writing day - went home early (9pm) for a nap and woke up at midnight when the pager went off - i was buck naked and scrambling around in the dark for somethinhg to wear - ive been thinking about this very thing - about maybe changing my long standing (er.. long lieing ?) habit so that im ready when the pager goes off - only one probelm with that - even whe i wear something to bed it somehow comes off in the night - no i dont suspect my neighbours of sneaking in at night - i have always been a squirmer - and last year when i hurt my back it was scary at night cause i had to wake up to squirm -

actually over dressed - cause the first thing my hands grabbed was a pair o flong johns and then a fleece sweater - didnt even tie my shoes just cruhed the heel and sprinted up the road - made it on truck one with the chief and deputy chief - not a big deal - a flipped car - nothing for us to do -

dispatch asks 3 questions - anyone trapped - any fluids leaking - any fire - if they get a yes to any of those we are called - certainly go the blood flowing - like i needed that at midnight - took another hour to sleep - reading a bok on ernie pyle - interesting as regards being a journalist -

this photo was taken 11:58 - i had taken another bunch of photos earlier that night of a crushed tonka toy but nothing any good at all - glad to get his - hahahaha - it portrays quite well my mental state
AliThinks 11 years ago
Just catching up again...hope that you get to feeling a bit more like yourself soon...and that flipped car is scary!

ebilflindas 11 years ago
LOL! Waitaminute!!!
I thought "hurry hard" was a curling phrase?
Did you trick me into inadvertently having your voice in my head speak to me inappropriately?! Hahaha!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
it is a curling phrase and any misintrepretation is purely my fault - well maybe it is someone else's fault - but not yours - defintely not yours
im one of those pesky people who interuppts just about every cnversatoin with a couple "that's what the bishop said to the actress" or my favourite "that's what sally said to the sailor"
or simply "thats wht she said"
of course around friends i like to add in names - lke this morning, the lemon tarts were not full of lemon - nicole said "they hardly fill the cups"
and i couldnt resist saying "that's what i said to *** all the time"
hahahaha - okay not funny - cruel actually - well maybe a little funny - no, cruel - but funny
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
* (whooo - now I know where the voices went......)

I come here for a laugh and calibration point for sanity and this is what I get ?!?

* note to self: big deep breath before you click...

CollardGreens: Oops!
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Thank you for starting my day with a bunch of laughs!
That's what he said!
Hey, you could've been a lot more cruel! At least you didn't direct it at nicole! You would've been wearing the lemon tarts!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
well it is a successful day if i can make CG take a deep breath - woo hoo
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
oh yeah we make no comments about nicole - but nicole shares many traits with *** including a birthday so it was kind of a sneaky dig
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 16, Friday, March 23
take a moment

a spring day on my way home

this is how my life should be - stopped on the beach on the way home from interviews - i didnt stay long - ideally i would have - ideally i would have had so little to do when i got back - so i hurried back to do nothing - to waste another day

to spend another weekend chained to my desk - but it's ok - it is happening - the grip is loosening - i am just tired and spent - i have just thought myself through a huge wall - through to a new space - ouch - but here i am - sweating - panting - disoriented - ready to be ready - ready to begin - ready all right

like a patch of collard's seed-growing medium - ready to be planted - ready to sprout - to leap up up up at the sun - ready to climb and strive and stand and waver and keep on wavering but standing - and running and jumping and dancing

and running and jumping and dancing
and ready to smile to hug to love
ready god damn it ready
You might say you have spring fever
And I guess it is really happening
all the best wishes to you Jonathan
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
and to you gypsy
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
"Wilder than a march hare" we could add...good luck with the weekend assignment.

CollardGreens: Oops!
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Or SpongeBob Fever!
I'm Ready! I'm Ready! I'm Ready! I'm Ready!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
hehehe -CG
Ebil - your youth pop culture knowledge makes you an essential member of our team - i just saw Team America - you may have the others fooled but not me - your acting was reckless and put us all in danger
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 17, Saturday, March 24

Haven Lady cut out

this is the story i should have written today - my head wasnt quite there but im sure my heart was - the new fisheries act the govt has proposed could quite literally mean the end of sights like this - it is scary and confusing and moving way too fast - sounds like most of my relatiosnhips the last few years - hahahaha

i did work today and accomplished some but i guess not enough - at 6 i took off (how can i feel guilty for leaving work after 6 pm on a saturday - oh if there's a way jonathan, you'll figure it out - hahaha)
and went clambering around at point prim

gosh i love it out there - went to be sure those ice columns were thoroughly melted - and poked around the rocks - the arm is still an issue - i was rewarded with the gorgeous rich sight of the Haven Lady growling around the point and into the gut

i probably took 200 photos of her - i photoshopped this obviously and am really happy with it - that photo is everything i love about digby
(if you know where to look there is even a sweet waterfall in there)

well .. those who make the shortlist for the canwest job are sposed to hear this coming week - cross your fingers or pray or whatever you do for good karma - id hate to leave digby, but ive realized thats the way it goes - i guess i never had a home like this to grow up and leave before - sounds weird i know - but a place where you feel like this has escaped me all my life

it is good to know it is here -
AliThinks 11 years ago
That's a lovely photo...a lovely bay -- if that is what Point Prim is -- and I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Digby seems wonderful, but if it is time to move on, it's time to move on!

When I was back in France a few weeks ago I felt this sense of "home" that I hadn't before...it was weird and good at the same time.

I feel that way about Corsica. I cannot live there; but it is good to know that places like that exist in the world. Santa Cruz is the next best thing for me. Hard to leave a place where you have found your niche--especially for the big city and more money etc. I know you will find a way to find wherever you are an adventure. :-)
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
alicrosses - thanks - how do you know when its time - my grandfather quots somebody and compares life to moving through empty rooms - whe you enter they are empty and you dont now what you are going to do but you go in and fill them up and then one day you see a door you never saw before and you go through - i am content to stay or go right now but when i catch sight of that door...

i am sure too LM but it heartens me to know that you think so too :D

ed. ps. point prim sits at the mouth of the digby gut - a narrow passage into the annapolis basin wherein lies digby - outsside the gut is the bay of fundy - which stretches the back of nova scotia and is the home of the world's highest tides - the worlds highest :P
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 18, Sunday, March 25
Beyond Bear River

Back to the space i was in early on in this project of escaping daily to breathe in the sunny wilds somewheres - I did not have time to go here - and just like La Maquisarde, i did not want to ever leave - i was sitting on a patch of sunwarmed moss and refusing - defying my inner blackberry - i arrived at the sports banquet only 20 minutes late and by the grace of who knows whaat karma, just as the guest speaker began his speech

my only punishment is that i didnt get to eat unitl it was all over - hahaha - another thank you from the community for our coverage -

will be working alllll night - it's no one's fault - as i wrote over on LJ today:
what's behind that? my desire to do my best and then some? lack of time managment? overabundance of distractions? a real soulful deep love and attachment to the work? a belief in what i do as the voice of this community? or am i fucking nuts? right out of'er loony?
i'd guess a little of all the above

up earlyish and right at'er - writing all day - i feel better about this rhtymn after reading that ernie pyle, famous amurikan (learned a new word this week - hahahaha) war correspondent of WWII, worked thisway - he would write a couple weeks' worth of columns at once - holed up in his tent after spending a couple weeks talking to people - that make sense to me - it is so hard to go from conversation to writing - but i would like to get bettter - i will have to if i get a shot at the Canwest job - is everyone praying and finger crossing and all that?

really warm and sunny today and my memory of this waterfall was such that i thought i could get under it and have a shower - so i wore shorts - my legs were warm enough but i scratched them all to ratshit in the brambles - happens to me quite often - hahaha

some day i will go back and spend time - lots of time - maybe even fall asleep like vanwinkle - hahaha - this falls is behind my grandparents' house in bear river - a wonderful walk though it was not at all where i remembered it was - not at all - it feeels like the little gorge moves around so it is hard to find - lots of signs of spring - including croci at the house - glad to have even that hour to notice and breath and run and be scratched and sit and... yell :D
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
mm. nothing is relaxing as yelling.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
spring yelling is something i was introduced to a few years ago - you should read "Ronia the robber's daughter" i know you will love it and so will your daughters :)
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
*nods thanks
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 19, Monday, March 26
On my perch
wharf gull

I listen to country - sometimes i feel like im living my life by obeying the titles of the foxworthy top 20.
today - "this is my town" nahnah nah nah nah nah naaaaaaaaah
didnt sleep sunday night but wrote and wrote and wrote
when it goes well i love it
actually when it goes bad it i love it too - hahaha

the editorial column demanded to be written about 1 A.m. - i was in the middle of somthing else but it kind of erupted outif my spleen so i put down what i was doing and wrote a real kick ass piece - i loved it - well researched, ring of authority, an underlieing hiss of passion, and ... ah trenchant - is that a word in englsh? like sharp, cutting you know
wanna read it? i posted in this new tumblr thing elbiflindas is going on about. if you dont have time here is the best line - this will give you the flavour (it is actually the weakest point of my arguement so that's when i bring out the big guns hahahaha)
==The truth is you’d have an easier job finding a cod in the Bay of Fundy than finding a fisherman who remembers being consulted.==

rest of the day (im talking everything after 9 am when my day kind of wrapped up) i was just BMO around my town - had beakfast with a councillor and chatted about ***gasp*** cant mention that here - just small town excitment - a project - a fun project if it happens

took some papers over to the iwo jima vet and chatted - huld have been sleeping and i think i did dose off a few times - took a walk out the wharf - hence the above photo - chatted with some guys loafing out there

back to the office and played a little guitar in the sunshine of my "den"
made some calls, wrote a story on the vandalsim at the school
made some calls for this coming week and then went home to sleep
slept til council at 6
even so i nodded off a few times in there too - very boring
thank god my buddy chris strolled in the middle of it all with a big choclate dipped ice cream - yum - met his new woman and approv

slept again
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 20, Tuesday, March 27
crossing over (or same title as yesterday)
little john

Another in a long line of days where i just knew i was going to get so much done, everything was going to be great, id be ahead of the curve, on easy street, be able to cruise through the rest of the week ... and it didnt happen

woke up later for starters which is good considering i hadnt slept the night before :(
i had two hours in the AM i did not use well, then sat in on a chat between two iwo jima vets - about what youd expect - and the unexpected bits i can print here - but they will be in the biography years from now hahaha

rushed from there to a local call centre - sadly one of the area's bigggest employers - was worried how that story was going to shape up but it actually looks like pretty good - news worthy i think considering how significant an employer they are

instead of going straight to the office, i did some touring around bear river and then walked down the cherry brook - which flows through a beautiful gully into the village - great to just stop and breathe - in the gulley all you could hear was rushing water - i had stopped just a ways down the road and all i could hear there was the voices of zillion of differnt types of birds - La M would have loved it im guessing

in the gulley i got the bright idea to cross the river on a fallen tree - you can see from the photo i was not really dressed for it - white pants - shoes and the jacket - old navy cord with big floppy pocket perfect for notebooks pens pager cell phone and even camera - much more an urban kit than the climbing the muck and rocks of a gulley - hahaha

back at the office i just couldnt get tapping at the keyboard - i NEED to clean the offcie though because boss is comgin thursday for first vist in 3 months - i want to tape a big X on the floor and write "Couch goes here"

tonight at firehhall was ta raining talk by Synthetic Drug Operations unit of RCMP about what we do when we come upon a meth lab or a grow op - pretty interesting stuff really - 90 guys from around the area showed up so a lot of people got the message and a few more will read the paper - heehee

so i guess ill go sleep, get up early and write and then clean when the distractions arrive
Loca.... 11 years ago
Haven't been here for so long..... interesting reading as always.
That rosie sky with the boats in the peer is just awesome. I love your seagull shot.

ebilflindas 11 years ago
I'm still not home yet.
Just stopping by to throw ya a quick "Durka durka!"
eelend PRO 11 years ago
I'll be at home in 4 hours, I'm working :P

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks loca
oh durka durka durka
but who's counting eh eelend
thanks for checking in everyone :)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 21, Wednesday, March 28
looking out to sea

stopped a couple times on drive home from weymouth - there to day to hear a couple YOUNG local soldiers talk about their experiences in afghanistan - i really left with feeling there is no way to know unless you're there - been reading ernie pyle's book and these guys are saying the same things he was saying aobut war 60 years ago

so interesting - no patience with the school kids getting them set up for photo - hahaha - really needed the beachwalking - could use some more - cleaning my office in a big big way

saw "A good year" tonight - didnt really like the movie yet whenit was over i was left the lightest happiest feeling i have had in a log long long time - so bad it is almost like a faerie tale 0 hahaa

must keep cleaning
Now, why didn't you call me when you were going on that walk I would have loved? Dang. And you are going to give up all this for money?
oh well...
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
you could have helped with both the walking and the cleaning La M - im an equal opportunity inviter - hahaha -
i see me getting these walks in some in whatever form a new job might take - that canwest job (it's wednesday so im figuring no news is bad news) was to cover all NS, NB, PEI and NF - i figure id have been able to do some walking while i travelled around - we'll see
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
hey La M - speaking of walks you would have loved - i wonder if you recognize/ remember a photo of those red cliffs across the bay?
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
oh oh oh before i forget
things i want to do on a bridge
i thought of these when i was walking over the little log bridge on the cherry brook

i want to walk across the bear river train bridge for one
they built an over pass in smith's cove a year ago plus
it goes over the 101 but
they arent anywheres near ready to build a road leading to either side of the over pass
a bridge to nowhere
i want to camp up there one weekend - set up a tent and a hibatchi - gather round some guitars and voices and make a night of'er
i am not confident they'd let us stay but u never know...
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 22, Thursday, March 29
Courier Staff
The professional staff

Quite a group of misfits and Im including myself in there - lately we are getting a long a little better - copious amounts of caffeine will do that - hahaha

even Liz is now addicted to coffee and before she barely ever had any - but the bodum coffee smelled so good she had one little sip. then before any of us realized it, she was having a tea cup full every day - and on wednesday after her regualr teacup she came in my office (the cafeteria im calling it now) and blurts out

"No coffee left? you guys are swilling it. where's the coffee. i need some coffee."

i will laugh about that for years i hope "you're swilling it." hahahahah

this is an indoor photo - i didnt escape the office all day - did do a major cleaning of my office -scrubbing and dusting and mopping - i threw out papers, I FILED, i even got rid of furniture - im on the look out for a little couch - a napping spot, a community spot, a relaxation centre - the den is already quite nice - buti need a better chair there too - and bgeside the couch i wanta little end table for my chess board

and of course a much bigger bodum - (skipping ahead a day -stopped at the JUst US fair trade roastery on the way to hfx friday and picked up a bag of course ground Radical Blend - im excited- and Jony brought me back a bag of mexican organic - maya d'oro or something - had itthis AM (SAT) and it is choclately yummy )

thursday PM tragedy struck - the IT guys stopped in to do a "simple upgrade" and fried my G4 - luckily i had insisted on emailing all my "in production" work before i unlocked the door to my office - so being computerless made it even easier for me to not work firday - yay

it kinda sucks cause i just got the office turned into a clean lean working scene - however, another bright side, the tragedy means they have provided me with webacces to my email - awesome - no more entering a dark zone and losing touch away from work - which has its ups and downs -
ebilflindas 11 years ago
A bridge to nowhere...sounds like the pet / pork project Sen. Ted Stevens had up in Alaska...

Look at you, getting those ladies hooked on your speed! ;-)
Watch out, if Liz starts lurking in dark corners and hissing at the sight of bright lights, you're going to have to cut back on her Bodum access!
Now, you made me want to go in the kitchen and make a brew and have it in one of those little bone china teacups I inherited.
AliThinks 11 years ago
Mmmm, coffee...especially coffee from a Bodum...

Been "away" for the better part of a week, trying to catch up with my diary friends.

ebilflindas 11 years ago
Remember that song I'd asked if you'd heard? Curl, by Jonathan Coulton. Well, I just looked on his website, and he's got it up as a free download. Check it out--it's such a funny song, 'cuz he's so earnestly rockin' out...with a song about curling!

"Come on, baby, put the rock in the house!"
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
IT, they're like grim reapers roaming the halls.... I cringe any time they want to touch my laptop -- I'm guaranteed that something won't work afterwards. The Bodum is definitely the greatest... you're own personal espresso machine..... i love that you even get a little crema on top with it. good, strong, can'tseethru coffee!

" BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia) "
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Hey there - like a few of the others I have been away as well - so missed some river man stories. Your comment about YOUNG soldiers...managed to talk to some in Syria last year - they are young for sure but were coming home to a nation that supports them. Good Stuff.

CollardGreens: Oops !
lramiro520 11 years ago
The latest waterfall pic (mar 25th) reminds me that I need to go check out my local waterfall now that all of the snow has melted :)

And that is one mean looking bird from the 26th!

The Other Side Of The Fence
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 23, Friday, March 30
left later than i planned and then stopped to get some tires on the car - i knw i needed new ones but i hadnt noticed how badddd they were til i parked the car with the wheels turned the other day - racing slicks anyone - those pesky tread thigs just make it harder to keep the tires clean anyway

i asked the fellow if he had time today or should i come back monday - he came out to see what kind of tire i needed, looked at me and said, "You didnt drive this car here did you?"
he said he didnt have time but hed make some - strange thing driving away i was weaving all over the road - i just couldnt get used to the car actually turning when i moved the steeering wheel -hahahaha - but much relieved to have tires i can trust :)

called jony to let him know he was right - that i would be two hours later than i predicted
there are many many beaver dams on the "Denmark Road" - this one is a beaut - huge huge huge - they have more snow and ice where jony lives than we do in the "south"

in drtmth, jb put on a slide show for rob and shel and me of his mexico photos - robert and i made fools of ourselves trying to speak only in espanol - sleep
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 24, Saturday, March 31
spring reflections

i let jony sleep in - i have problems waking up people - esp my son - if he's sleepy i want him to rest - but it means more than half our time together he's unconcscious - i did a lot of pacing - hahahaha

had some of the coffee he brought me from mexico - a darker roast than im usd to with a real chocolately smack to the bean - took rob and me a while to warm to it - but yup, i like

(and the judge gave me a bag of italin roast so i have three big bags of coffee to work on in myoffice now - but no computer - hahahaha)

we stopped on the way home to walk aroud victoria park in truro - he was reluctant but impressed when he saw the dam - "a little bit of truro no one knew about" - that was my reaction last fall when i found the dam - walking back he was still reluctant to follow me through the woods - "not a great day for jony riverwalkng" he says. then when we came to the stream he said "Now see, we're on the wrong side of the river." luckliy there were lots of ways across
only having a day together sucks so much - (ed. monday and still down)
stopped into hippy's on way home and drank and sang and smoked and forgot for awhile
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 25, Sunday, April 1

Waking up at hippy's, i thought i was at Jonestown for a minute - people passed out everywhere - i stole that image from foxworthy - if you go to family reunions to meet women...
if you found a car the last time you mowed your lawn...
rushed home, did my laundry ( in this quonset hut) went with jr to the liberal leadership forum - asked my question - then asked a lot more of each candidate at the reception - why doesnt evryone ask them the tough questions - if i was a delegate id have a lot of questions - a lot - they all wanted to talk to me - they all slapped my shoulder or touched my arm - they all loooked at me with warm smiling eyes - that much sucking up does not make me feel good - i think you can OD on upsucking

or maybe its the insincerity - two of the candidates made me smile - two of them made me grimace -monday i would write a story about the four of them based on the sesame street game - one of these things

yes sunday and monday were my days off too...

sunday night i went up t visit my newly returned gparents in bear river - had stew and the talkng bgins - and the feeding - my lord - i didnt bother to eat monday i had so much sunday - hahaha - no joke - so good to have them home - worked late writing sunday night - hooray
drab chicken [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by drab chicken (member) 11 years ago
ohhhh yes, one can most definitely OD on sucking up. i'm often grateful to be a southern woman. when i find myself confronted by a groveling, ingratiating, slobbery him or her ... i get to smile sweetly and say "bless your heart for saying so!" which is just maybe the most polite way of saying "eat poop and die" that there ever was. and everyone knows it! thank you, tennessee, for providing me with an acceptable outlet crouched in good manners.
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Nuthin' says lovin' like a good ol' Southern colloquial euphemism!
And, glory, isn't "eat poop and die" a polite way of saying something even less polite? ;-)
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
*flutters fan
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i wouldnt quite go so far as to say they were groveling, ingratiating, slobbery - but they were happy to spend a few minutes face time with me - but maybe not after/ if they read my column - i sometimes lay awake wondering if i ahve gone too far - this is one of those times
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
um. i confess i'm capable of going too far.
futhermore, i confess that i feel okay about it
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
im learning to deal with it - the judge says that you discover things by jumping off the cliff - if you fly, then good, keep jumping, if you drown, stop jumping - so far i am not drowning but ill keep knocking on wood for a bit just in case
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
i wonder how high the judge's cliffs are
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
... youll have to meet him is all i know glory...
bring a parachute though
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 26, Monday, April 2


not an up day - tired cranky - and didnt eat - and one little thing ticked me off and sent me flying - why do i let that happen - ruined my whole day and i knew it was happening and couldnt do anything about it - on the bright side, that is the first time in months i have flipped out like that

still managed my column and to rewrite from memory a whole story eaten by the IT marauders - my editor in yarmouth says (her words) the IT guys are leaving a swath of destruction in their wake as they cross the province "upgrading" machines - they promised me today that it will arrive wednesday ISH - or thursday - which would be nice considering id like to take the weekend off along with the rest of the non-practicing christian world

with my day i intended to clean clean clean my apt but i slept slept slept instead - guess i needed it - it didnt help my mood much though - i think it might be the marijuana i smoked on the weekend - i enjoy when im smoking - really put me in a fun sweet mellow place for singing that night - but then later i have these weird dark moods - yeah - think ill give that a pass for the next little while - and i think there are some things in sie of me i need to look at - no, not meth bugs hahaha - just attitudes and responses and scars that could use some sunshine

anyway tomorrow (today as i write) is another day - life is good
ebilflindas 11 years ago
I know what you mean about sweet Mary Jane. Must be why I haven't touched her in weeks...
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 27, Tuesday, April 3

carla was here from vanguard - so i spent the AM giving her a tour of digby - introducing here to the movers and shakers - should have taken photos at every stop - would have been funny- justin i remember was upside down painting, danny was painting in the women's with a cell phone and a roller, peter was selling matresses, tom was leaning over the counter, richard was rocking in his chair watching the surveillance cameras, the women behind the counter at municp. building were all huddled up around pat who had just shaved of all her hair, nick the mountie was leaning out the security door as was dallas the kiwi, met the warden and deputy mayor and judge nichol introuced himself and shook my hand at vimy ridge ceremony - yeah photos would have been fun - haha next time

john and carla and i went to boardwalk for lunch - yum - i had a spicy pork and peppers and mashed pot - that's what the menu board said - imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be potatoes :(

just kiddin - honest - also had pecan pie - oh yeah

then we had cake for nicole's b'day - also carla and i made a bunny out of a pineapple, two elastic bands and six paper clips - nicoel had asked for a real bunny but i didnt think i should... she also asked for... armour... to protect herself from .... unwanted attention... since i am not involved i figure ill just stay out of that altogether... yeah

funny no cake ended up on anyone's face this time

firehall was weigh in night and let me tell you the boys arenbt doing so well - they gained a combined 4 pounds htis month - not good - but good news - that inspired them to start a floor hockey night - that i can play - oh yeah - look out - yeehaw - cant wait

after monthly meeting we had a few beers i dredged up a few of my best jokes and we watched the game(s) on TV - everyone is stoked for what they are calling "our stanley cup" this saturday - montl vs tdot - should be fun
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 28, Wednesday, April 4

frustrating working without a computer - the rest of digby gets their paper before us - so nicole got a couple phone clls before she had seen the ad we put in - the photo was a classic i took months ago - i told her i chose it cause it made her look young - wrong answer once again - and the rhyme underneath:
'Twould be the worst of dirty tricks
To tell how many sturdy wicks
Instead we'll rhyme a wordy mix
And wish her Happy Birt'y kicks
which i thought was ingenius cause it doenst tell her age but if you read it carefully it kinda does... i was impressed with the rhyming - and no i dont use a rhyming dictionary - they suck - hahahaha

so today was fun - hahahaha - my stories this week are gong to be so ultra lame - OMG - just want to get week over with and relax easter style - hahaha - althought tomorow we are having an easer egg hunt here - nicole didnt enjoy the ketchup packet hunt in hr office today??

sure she complained about that but she dint say a word when she found hersey's kisses all over her offcie monday - liz did thank me for her kisses - hahaha - coffee craze has slowed down a little here - alittle i say - good thing - liz was off it for two days and then today i saw she snuck a cup and made the mistke of mentioning it - IM HAVING A CUP OKAY - hahahaha- she is so cute

what does the rat have to do with anything - god if i know
Just catching up on reading your entries. I like the beaver dam.

I'll take that promised walk by the way.

( A Gypsy Outdoors)
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