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Jonathan Riverwalker 12:49pm, 20 December 2006
2007 MDPD

Me at work
(Photo by fluke on Jan. 22)

I want out.
Outside that is.
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ebilflindas 11 years ago
Hey, what happened to the double post?
I thought it rather apropos!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
sorry Ebil it's gone to the ethers now

Day 54, Friday, Feb. 23
Anchor in the dark


on the way to the senior boys bball game in Weymouth, I went offroad a bit and ran to catch the last rays of the sun - not as successful asi hoped
the light is fading , my anchor is holding for now...
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago
Don't let the light fade too much Jonathan! Keep that anchor firmly holding yourself to shore.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
"I went offroad a bit and ran to catch the last rays of the sun"
A good sign that this was the case. When there's still a sense of reverence, we're doing OK, I think.
*hug* I know just how you feel, and sometimes it seems there's no good reason behind the feelings of lacking a center... For me I can blame it on hormones. *wink*

Erica Day by Day 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks La M - i will be okay but i feel pretty gross - trying to be patient with that - you know "when you're going through hell, keep going" kind of approach
thanks magpie - there are so many little things bugging me - trying to count blessings instead of annoyances - breathe in brreathe out
i am a lucky fellla really :)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 55, Saturday, Feb. 24
Piled up and snowed in

Woolaver's woodpile

first stop this morning was the Tourism Showcase in Annapolis - rushed over yucky roads only to discover i was about 4 hours early - hoo weee

turmed out to be interesting all in all - learned a lot and made some great contacts - "Oh you're jonathan riley" - i was just starting to hear that in PEI when i left and now im thinking that time is approaching here - the thing is i love it here - couldnt be happier except the $ which is overbearingly depressing - i dont want much - pay my bills and eat regularly neither of which is certain the way im paid here - cant do both in the same month righ now LOL

and there are some good jobs advertised right now - im gonna try for them even though it means leaving Digby if im successful

"Oh you're jonathan riley - you sure do get around" i got more compliments on my photograpy today than my writing which is interesting - though about six different people commented on the "no skating" column - hahahahaha

heard some great stories today and lined up some good future conversations - the funniest thing i did today was take a brochure of our competitor's rates - she wasn't happy to learn i was from the courier but short of tackling me there wasnt much she could do, was there - LOL

heard some funny remarks during the speeches and i think ill do a sidebar on "War of the wittiest" - the winner was warden thurber hands down - CEO of the ferry company Mark MacDee had commentted how he heard the Dixie Chicks singing on the drive down and it was "taking the long way round" - he wanted to use that as a soundtrack for a commercial somehow - warden thurber came right back in his intro with - we hvent got a permanent solution to this ferry issue yet and until we do, to quote another dixie chick song, "Im not ready to make nice" ZZZZzzing!

met warren paton who is working on a huge project at the marsh (where i take the sunset photos) huge story - worthy of a book for sure!

stopped into bear river on drive home - checked on woolaver's house - coulndt get up the hill with my "slicks" so walked up - the door i think has been unlocked since i was last there before christmas - i locked it this time - here's the grandfather's woodpile- the slope behind the wood is covered in rhodo and azalea's - gorgeous when they bloom

headed out for hockey game - the keith's were down 2-0 in the series and facing elimination so i figured it was worth the 2 hour drive - good thing i stopped at the fire hall - i had it in my head i was going to shelburne but i was going to barrington - richard straightened me out

didnt really know where i was gong at all - id never been into barrington since we won the high school soccer provincials there in 1986 hahahahahaha - so no clue where i was going - asked the gas attendant hw to find the arena -

packed - my lord - 700 people crammed in there - i had to park in the next county - that rink was rocking - every corner, every inch by the glass was full of fans - found some digby fans (when they recognised me) but then spent most of my time on the digby bench - exciting game

1-1 after the first (Devon tied it up with a huge solo effort - break away down the boards, cut in front and over goalie's glove)
2-2 after the second- (Devon assisted with a backwards through the leg pass)
and most miraculouly 3-3 after the third - barrington scored on penalty shot awarded on a highly suspect call - thenwith 20 seconds to go, liam blocked a shot with his shoulder, passed to cookie, who faked the slap, stepped in 10 more feet and rocketed a wrist deep into the mesh - the 50 digby fans and i (losing all journalistic neutrality) went nuts -

first ten minutes of overime - no score thouhg Barringon had four breakaways ( one of them a three on zero rush!) and we hit the post twice - Tinggggg!

second overtime of 20 was sudden death and after some incredibly close chances they bbroke out of our end and scored on a long shot - anticlimatic and heart breaking - damn exciting and worth the drive - it is long fucking drive

on the way home, had to stop in y'mth for coffee and to do my run - i dont know what time i started but i finsihed at 11:57 - just got my run in in time - man this is going to be tricky - 310 days to go - hahahahaha

so much writing to do tomorrow - arrrggghhhh - dont anyone even think of stopping by to chat unless you want to write -some topics you may want to write about
- food miles (specifically how the two local supergroceries have stopped shopping local and simultaneoulsy using farm logos - sad day when you cant tell where the apples come from
- NS govt still has no plan to meet kyoto targets by 2010
- individuals must lead the changes if we are to slow or stop global warming
- props for the digby area tourism association - the networking was magic there
- bring public up to date on ferry fight
- sidebar on the use of lame humour in political speeches
- hisotry of minor hockey
- latest wrangling in quarry environemtnal review
- deep fat fryer explosion - family suing family suing family
- good ol hockey game
- edit incoming story on boys basketball

shoudl be a fun day - piled up and snowed in oh yeah
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Damn! How do you not score on a 3-on-none?!
Was the winning goal on an empty net?
Great game recap--felt like I was right there, even though I have no idea what teams you were watching or where they're from!
Sorry I can't stop by to help with some of the writing--I'd do it for a cup o' Timmy Ho's--I've heard so much about that place!
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
you gotta try some - cant be described - but be careful - its like heroin and you can seriously be addicted after just once rolling up the rrrrrim

which explains why i am up at 3 am tonight

the winning goal was weird - like the buddy just shot it and it went in and it was like "oh - he just scored" - no big build up and pass or rebound - he just stepped over the blue line and bam - kinda boring really - im not bitter - our goalie was hot all night - he probably stopped 8 rushes all by himself - sad to see the season over although i might get a little more rest now LOL

of course now ill have to start cheering for clare....
Can I be the heroine of the stories? I'm not a writer but I can pour the wine.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
when i say i removed the E, i mean from the word heroine and not from the stash that also included heroin and weed -

what stories? but for sure - yeah
however it's coffee at Timmies

right now id settle for which ever shows up first to be honest - heroin, heroine, coffee or wine

bring it :P
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 56, Sunday, Feb. 25

Ta dah

The coaches last night were yelling at the boys to take it - the bad reffing - even when the ref awarded a penalty shot, the coaches' reponse was "You knew it was going to be like this so shut up and deal with it."

That is the secret - you know - like Lieutenant Dan screaming at God from the mast of the shrimp boat to throw everything at them - that is the only way - welcome whatever comes at you - easy to say

today was so warm and sunny - i sensed it even before i got outside - in the hallway of my aprtment building - i felt that delicious desire to plant seeds and lay cardboard-covered manure down for new beds - the earth was tugging on me today

i felt the beginning of Ronia's spring yell - the wildness - the vitality - the newness and dirtiness of it all - hmmm

spent whole day in office writing about the future of the Digy-saint john ferry service - HAHAHAHAHA - i did step out for a break with the camera - drive out to the seawall - gorgeous - no batteries - haha

so back to office and then a walk along the wharf - i feel like the seagull - like somebody asked him to stand on one leg raise one wing and hum the music to star spangled banner - okay - yup ill do that

ridiculous - and at the same time absolutley in love with the ridiculousness - this wont make any sense - not even to me soon - but it's true
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Rantings, writings and secret seagull salutes - enjoy them all...the photo is noteworthy here - all the angles and straight lines...then the seagull salute (they do that when the primal springtime emerges). Just a hello while the voices are asleep !

Best - CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
im glad yours sleep and give you an ocassinal break :P
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Wait, you forgot one--while humming the star spangled banner (why'd you pick that?), you have to whistle Oh, Canada, too!

Sounds like your spirits are up--what I like to see!
"You knew it was going to be like this, so shut up and deal with it!"
I love it!

Reminds me of some Buddhist ideal I read somewhere--To be joyfully engaged in the vicissitudes of Life.

And another one:
Welcome to Samsara--Practice Hard!

Practice / Run / Skate / Photograph / Write -- whatever your practice...
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
don't forget the most zen of all sports - curling and the wonderful "Hurry hard!"
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
haha! i love the image you evoked w/ Lieutenant Dan up there. awesome
Meelifluous PRO 11 years ago
Beautiful shot. .
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Hey, have you heard the song, Curl, by Jonathan (=D) Coulton?
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
@ ebil - no, ill look for it
have u seen Men with Brooms?

@GD - one of my fav things to think about

@Meeee - thanks
Have a lovely day Jonathan. Spring there--grey winter cold rainy day here in sunny California.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
hey gypsy, u 2 - springy again today - i know it's a deception but im falling for it big time - good day for a swim LOL - good day for a sleep if i can just finish (and by finsih i mean start) the editorial

another day by the fire 4 u? party at the flowers house!
eelend PRO 11 years ago
it seems you had a nice day
ridiculousness is funny, from time to time
it makes you feel alive

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks for the smile
MarySesami 11 years ago
Great Shot!
MarySesami's 2007
Indeed party at the flower's house. I'll run out and get the cheese and porto. You provided the stories and songs. Everyone else can bring their smiles.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks mary
gypsy - i dont mind starting but when i get tired ill say:

"Now it's gypsy's turn on the floor
and rather than spoil the sport
she said she'll do the best she can
and this is the song that she sang -
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 57, Monday, Feb. 26


Fuck damn shit - otherwise known as the chance to start again - i dont know how it happened - sunday i was feeling shitty but i wasnt letting the shittiness get to me if that makes any sense - and i planned to use the run as a break in the middle of writing - next thing i knew it was 12:46 am

what a sinking yucky shitty feeling - nothin i could do - and all the crazy things i'd done to keep it going - the latest being my run at 11:30 pm along the HIGHWAY outisde y'mth - two cars stopped to ask if i needed help - the day i ran after fighting fire all night - all for naught

i know that's not true and as i slowly raise out of the yuckies i see this as a chance to start again - my bigggest philosophical problem with running every day was that it didnt leave me any option to renew my intention - which was the thing i liked about it too - and it is a habit now - i think it about and miss it when i dont go -

so tomorrow AM i will start again - 3 days off

but the intention thing is something i need to focus on - it's too deep to talk about her fully- i just want to be more connected and committed with everyting i do - deliberate - intent -

while leaving space - i find im so undeliberate right now - so whatever, that there is no space in my life - it is filled with rush rush rush - if i was deliberate about the important things and then let the rest of my life breathe - let it be - - -

monday - didnt sleep again sunday PM - wrote about 5k words over night and until noon - had lunch at george duncans with the hallidays - he mentioned inviting dawn and me sometime - i dont think he knows she has a boyfriend - funny world

it sucks when my writing all piles up in one night - i have to find a way to fix that - it is all a kind of laziness - this lack of intent too - i am a hard worker - give me a task and ill put my head down and do it and never complain til its done - but as my own boss i try to do too much - leave myself too open - and then i end up being swamped

i need to make some choices - that aint easy but it has to be done - liek thinning your carrots - liek tightening up a piece of writing - intent

anyway - i smell spring and a chance to renew a lot of things - i feel like writing some long letters to some special people - i feel like running away and shedding my skin and bursting forth anew - and i feel like digging in here - and reaching out - and belonging - and sinking my roots in - something is fermenting inside me - i dont know what...

but im dieing to find out...

oh yeah - not an outdoor photo - in fact that's the point isnt it - the medium is the message -

ps and yeah that's last years calendar but it's all i had - confusing but workable
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
i am impressed by the way you utilize your diary space. it's not just a series of pages used to showcase a pretty part of your day ...it's a thoughtful expression of self. it's beautiful
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
GD - thanks - i have thought about that very thing - i did not want to post boring shots without meaning - and then it occured to me maybe i was showing just interesting shots with no meaning

i dont often actually think about what shot i want - i just take pictures and by luck or fluke or some magic i dont get, i find they represent what is going on in me at least partially - it is fun aint it

and it is fun to watch how different people work with the same medium and produce something with an enitrely different feel and texture - they are all so fascinating
AliThinks 11 years ago
I'm so enamoured of the Lieutenant Dan analogy that I don't quite know what to say.

I guess I just hope that you are okay, because I have a lot of affection for you, Mr. Riverwalker.

Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
ok? oh yeah alicares im ok
in fact that's the point of the Lieut. Dan image for me anyway - keep piling it on baby - like i did to my roomate in college - poor guy - he loved to sleep in and one day he asked me to put an extra blanket on him - well i piled every blanket and jacket and pillows and just everything on him - he loved it - that's the way to live - pile it on - yes please, thanks

the past few days ive been having fun with an idea at work - funny i never mentioned it here - i told them i am going to try to be normal - just like everybody else -
sorta like wwjd i ask what a normal person do?
it makes for a lot of laughs -
xox :P
Carrots and mindful thinking

My late husband used to double dig a smal space and then sit down and plant one carrot seed at a time. Now carrot seeds are very very small; but he would very carefully do this everytime he planted. That was the difference between he and I. I would take the carrot seeds and mix them with sand and then carefully spread the mixture along a line that I had made.

I have no idea what is "normal" . Does it mean "average"--if so, why would anyone want to aspire to that? Better to be the wild man that you are.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
La M - i do not enjoy planting carrots half as much as pulling them - that's all im saying about that - okay, ill add this - i have often wished the carrot faery would plant the seeds while i was away :)

me being normal is so farrr from possible - i tried real hard today but every 5 seconds one of the girls would point out whatever it was i was up to and say - oh yeah, that's normal.

then i went to get in my car - and i must have sat there chuckling for five minutes - see i havent cleaned it out from the last road trip - and ive been to frenchies and got a big bag of clothes (frenchies is a used clothing store that i am addicted to) and well it is a disaster - the funniest part for me was the pringles can stuck down my snowmobile boots - that is normal isnt it?
so here is the inside of my car - i must get it cleaned before the weekend - im just thinking of the bad mileage hauling all that junk around LOL

Day 58, Tuesday, Feb. 27


of course this photo fails to catch the wide assortment of beverage containers on the floor - oh man - okay - see this is part of my plan to let everythingh hit rock bottom so i can start climbing up up up - and it is a crappy photo cause im just not up to a good photo today - starting again tomorrow - fresh oh yeah

did lots of cleaning and organizing in my office and well started on week's work - tonight at the fire hall we trained with the breathing apparatus again

so fun - first we did a maze they have built in the back of a shed - totally black - you have to climb up and down and over - lots of dead ends - find a door and find the dead guy - i completely forgot that i was blind if you know what i mean - i wanst conscious of not seeing i was so intent on feeling - it is freaky though - i was breathing too fast - it helps to remain conscious of the BA so you remember to slow your breathing - and imagine how much faster id breathe in a fire - ack -

then we did a maze they made with tables on there side - looking for a wee dog - that is confusing too - learned so much - cant wait to do it again - gooooo nigh(t)
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Feeeelll the force Luke !

CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
that's exactly what is was like CG - i was even waving an axe around - although thankfully i wasnt being zapped - and we never did find the dog - looks like im expendable crewman material :P
eelend PRO 11 years ago
it sounds very funny
i envy you :S

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 59, Wednesday, Feb. 28
Tax Sale

tax sale

ahoot - another day just trying to be normal and it was not working whole sale today - very organised got lots of organizing stuff done - made lots of calls - but as always it is the stuff that just comes to you that is best

like a new monitor - no longer must i squint - and peer - oh joy - still havnt had a second to hook it up but soon - oh frabjous day

and then a call from herb anderson - what does he want? - his uncle's medals were stolen - his uncle as it turns out was in guam and iwo jima - he saw the flag on mount suribachi - what made my hair stand on about that - i just saw flags of our fathers only two days ago - before that what did i know about iwo jima ?? and then today i am in the living room with a man who was there - hearing war stories of a man who was injured three times -

they dont give three purple hearts so he had two purple hearts and a congressional medal of honor - he mailed them to his daughter in california - the box, photographs, blank but signed checks all made it - the medals didnt ??

when i got back my head was spinning - then i read an email from my wife's lawyer - it was expected even welcomed news but that stuff still makes your head spin - that's normal - so i called my buddy chris - we were on for tonight anyway - we went tax sale hunting - this is a fun game - and i want to play more often -

the first house we stopped at in acacia valley looked to me like a dump but he's going "well it is a fixer upper" even after he looks in the window he says "I will not stay here one night but i'll fix it up, flip it and make 10 grand"
then the neighbour comes out
and gives us every shitty peice of news about the house you can imagine - of course he wants to buy it cheap - maybe - maybe that's unfair - anyway he takes us inside - i was having the time of my life - the place was trashed thrashed smashed kibash'ed baby boom banng boinnggggg
and he says ill take yas upstairs but i gotta get my light - he comes back with a big dark toque, a camo jacket, a huge honking spotlight and a LOADED shot gun

"i brought jed" he says -

this guy really enjoys scaring the taxsale people, let me tell you - "jed" is for the racoons he says will attack you if upstairs, so upstairs we go - im wondering what has happened to me? that gun did not scare me one bit - i thought it was funny - he got me to hold the light and he was pointing at big ol turds with the barrel saying " see that? that's fresh shit - you can tell because it isnt mouldy."

(And all i can think is - jonathan, you dont have a hope in hell of ever being normal - i dont ask for stuff like this to happen to me - although the last time i got together with chris we washed his rav4 in the surf hahahaha)

then we checked out a couple more nice places - and had pizza and beers before callig it a night - which it was my LOL - ran again today - this AM - it was so warm - so sweet - met 10 people on walk to work and three story ideas - just one of those sweet lovely rich glorious juicy yummy stick to your ribs kinda days - hooking up my monitor and going home to laugh myself to sleep -

eelend - you can set up a maze in your own house, put on a blindfold and look for your cat LOL just be careful she doenst scratch u again - let me know how it works out - :P
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
the new monitor is soooo sweet - oh my oh frabjous day
You should have seen my house when I bought it!. The floor looked like a roller coaster. There was no foundation and it had been built in 1863.

Oh kalee, kalay, celebrate a new monitor any day.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
did u do the work yourself?
this place is not a fixer upper - its a mower downer :P
eelend PRO 11 years ago
hahaha ok, i'll let you know
and i'll take a picture for you to see it :D

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
cant wait :P
ebilflindas 11 years ago
So I've been feeling a bit blah lately. Enough that I haven't taken any pictures, let alone post any here or visit anyone's diaries. I think I caught what was spellin' you a few days ago. Reading your past few entries perked me up, though. I love those "sweet lovely rich glorious juicy yummy stick to your ribs kinda days"--I feel one a-comin'...
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 60, Thursday, March 1

Guy and Lace I

what a wonderful day - headed out Digby Neck around 10:30 after a little working around the office this AM - the 'Neck is a long spit of land made of the tail end of the North Mtn range as it dives into the sea - there is a break at East Ferry and the ridge pops up again forming Long Island, another gap and a final gasp that is Brier island

first stop was sandy cove and the Digby Neck Consolidated School - the principal is a wonderfully eccentric fellow and he gave me a time about an hour early (11 am) and the mountie who was supposed to be the third judge was told to come an hour late (1 pm) and Dustin from the school board was told the exact right time to arrive - oh well hahahaha

i had a great explore around the school - read a couple "picture books" i can recommend - "The snowy day" by Ezra jack Keats and "people" by Peter Speir - both part of a multiculturalism display and so were these hands. (i also "took" 6 photos of kids snowshoeing off the principal's computer to use in the paper)

the pancakes were good though hippy would be mad about the syrup

i was there to judge a karaoke contest and it was very entertaining especially cause i was so busy trying to work out who and how to choose - dustin is much better ( by that i mean quicker) at judging - two of the kids sang "whiskey lullaby", which if you know your modern country is a song about suicide - parents let their 10 year old kids sing that? teackers let them? interesting - but most of the songs were much more upbeat and fun -

from there i headed for the long island ferry - but for some reason nick the mountie followed me which makes me nervous so i stopped at the little river store - never in there before anyway so good chance to check it out - quaint - hardwood floors - shelves - something out of the early 1900s

caught the 3 pm ferry and found Guy working in the yard - chattted outside with Lace nuzzling us the whole time - what a gentle friendly horse - i posted six photos of them altogether - had a great chat about the new livestock bylaw ( yup i get paid for this LOL not much mind you LOL)
from there i dropped in on Andy and Chris - lovely couple - lovely house - great dog and cats and horses - really just chatting with him about every thing - the bylaw, the quarry, the fire department, trail development - we had fun ( i did anyway) and covered a lot of ground and then he steered me to my next interview - about salt on the roads - kinda dropped in there unexpected although they had heard through the grapevine that i was in freeport and were half expecting a visit - great chat about the salt with the woman of the house and about the quarry with man of house - all work - then off to next stop did not know where i was going - i just plannd to stop at the first house with a school bus parked in front - alan welcomed me right into the house and gave me the whole spiel on how dangerous the roads are without salt - from a bus driver - that has some weight non?

finally headed home - the ferry is still such a novelty for me - i love that my job requires me to cover communities off the mainland - too much fun - home and working throough photos and stories - the way i add it up, i have about 10 hours of writing to do tomorrow - plus i heard about two big incidents in digby while i was away - an illegal cigarette bust and a man was run over by a semi in a local parking lot - so im going to ask the secretary here to investigate those if she has time - LOL

stopped up to arnie the hockey player's tonight to drop off a few copies of the paper with his stories in it so he can send to family and friends and i had to ask him a few questions - ended up there a full hour - i could definitely write a book about this guy - im telling you

really feel pumped up - feel like i have good great warm important stories this week - and all i have to do now is write - OMG - i just this second as i type remembered - damn - oh shoot - a job i want - the deadline is today - ok - see i love it here - obvious non? but no dinero!
it's not a question of me being greedy - i am just not making enought to get by - it is scary - i talked to the manager in nov - he made some verbal promises - i wrote a letter in december - nothing - i am going to tell him im applying and they will have to move fast or let me go

i do love it here - shoot - but i need to be semi practical - and i think i would love this job on offer - as atlantic correspondent for a national news company based in the west but expanding east

im gonna try and who knows - my cover letter is going to be hasty - im going to make a point of that - im busy - that's a good thing - and let my work talk for me - we'll see - last week's issue is a good one because i wrote some very newsy pieces on the ferry which would be the kind of thing id write about a lot - why am i perfect for this job?

cause i have worked in both PEI and NS - i have lived all over even in NB and worked at the NS legislature - and im a crazy wild writer with a little journalism experience and lots of life experience - it would not be as much wild fun as this job but it would be more serious and pay better and here we go
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
Trying to catch up... Just a quick Hello! *waves*

Erica Day by Day 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
whoa - ebil - that's too bad - i know how it feels to fall off a log - my running streak evaporated in one day of all-work-and-no-play - but i dont think ill ever be perfect -it's the effort that counts - here i go again - yeah - you can feeel those days coming a long ways off - if the up rythmn hits you the way it is washing over me right now, you're are going to be in for it - rock n roll ebil - rock n roll :P

*waves back at magpie
*reaches over and drinks the coffee i had out for her - and the maple dip donut too
When my son was in second grade he read "Lord of the Flies." He loved it so much he wanted to give an oral report on it for his class. His teacher told him he could not as that was not appropriate reading for his age. I was a bit stunned. He pretty much gave up in school after that. Although I don't think I would want to hear kids singing about suicide, I do want to hear them singing and talking about things that turn them on--music, dance, books, seeing things, whatever.

I'll take the decaf, please.

Would you be as wild and crazy in a better paying job? Hope so. Would you still have the time to wear a sloppy grin as you walk over the edge of the ice?
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i hope so - 38 and still trying like hell to get a not so fuzzy picture of who i am - im pretty convinced the wild part is an essential part of moi - i discovered in digby just how naturally im come by the insanity - no doubt - makes me feel prretty good about it all

a wise man i knew often said "there's a difference in everything" - i think there would be some different wild and crazy - more suit and tie wild and crazy - lots more travelling - there would have to be if you're gonna cover the atlantic provinces - that includes ol newfie land - i could handle that -

bob dylan says every pleasure comes with a slice of pain so pay for your ticket and dont complain - we'll see- i sent the application off - now i have to be reading the paper alot and the new brunswick and newfie ones in case there is a test - i imagine there will be - we'll see...
ebilflindas 11 years ago
The Snowy Day is one of my favourite childhood book memories; thanks for calling it up!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i m the medium - not sure who used me to remind you but im happy to be used LOL
lramiro520 11 years ago
Just stopping by to catch up and say Hey! Soudns like you had an awesome day...and the possiblilty of a new job! Opportunity! Now it does sound like you love where you are now, so I can see how it would be a tough decision. As long as you love what you do and do what you love you can probably be happy anywhere.

The Other Side Of The Fence</a
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
happy? never think about it LOL
keeping it real i think about a lot :P
"would living in halifax wearing a tie enable me to lead a real life?"
that's the question
i have a very real life here but it is not sustainable - i cant afford tires let alone repairs for my car - let alone save any money - let's not even talk about fresh vegetables LOL
so the prime motivation is sustainability - but you're right iramiro - i think the job the job is one i will love to do and that's the key - life in the city - pros and cons - pros and cons -
Watch out for the cons and pros in the big city.
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Stopped by for a hello and a read...big city...dress up ties??? Somehow it doesn't sound like you...eat rocks, walk, wear leaves but certainly do what pleases you in professional life...yes all the business of needing to make some money aside >>> if you dislike the job or where it is located then it won't really be a life would it? Compromise certainly...zen up a bit and the right one will land on you. (I do hope I am going on about a potential job change and move to big city etc...I would hate to be waxing prophetic about the wrong subject !!)

Good Luck...CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
sprained arm - taking a few days off diary - happened in a very mundane manner - will make up good story before i come back
lramiro520 11 years ago
Take care of that arm!! Hope you feel better soon :)

The Other Side Of The Fence
ebilflindas 11 years ago
You were wrestling with a bear when your beeper went off. Running back to the station house, you narrowly escaped falling into a culvert by grabbing a low hanging tree branch. It was dry, though, and snapped, but your momentum sent you sailing across to dry ground, where you had to tuck and roll to keep in stride with your run.

After a quick change, you hopped on the back of the truck, hanging from the handrail. At the fire, you were grappling a hose with one arm while taking pictures with your free hand. Suddenly, a dog appeared in one of the second story windows, and without thinking what to do, you ran over and called to the dog to jump. After a moments hesitation, the dog jumped, and you caught him easily, pumped up as you were on adrenaline and TimmyHo's Joe.

After the flames were put out and the hoses rolled up, you walked over to the passenger door of the truck. Not knowing that it was locked, you gave it a mighty tug, spraining your arm.

Something like that?
I so hope that is the true story; but if not, dang it is a good story anyway.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
yeah we'll go with that one - one-handed typing sucks!
eelend PRO 11 years ago
i love this shot

how did you end up judging a karaoke contest?

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i answered the phone and someone on the other end offered me pancakes
Hope your arm is healing.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
the way it;s hurt means it wants to turn outward counterckickwise - with effort i can turn it back clockwise enough to touch the keyboard but not all the way around enough yet to type - maybe in acoupledays - im gonna need a typist here atwork

i took photos for work today andwill start the diaryshots again 2morro - wont be typing much - too hard on my right arm alone and i needit for work :)

did an interview with some christian men today about an upcoming retreat - they offered to heal it for me - its a month away so gosh i hope i is better before then...
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 1, Thursday, March 8, 2007


AM in court - sexual interference case thrown out because of police delay - one of those cases where i have no clear idea what is going on because no one besides complainant will comment at all
PM driving through storm to house of alleged victim to talk with mother

only -30 today. took a bunch of outdoor photos for work and kept 3 for me, including this one.

busy with meetings until 9 pm - meant to wade back into stream of work but am already up to eyeballs
love my job today - judge called to praise hockey memory story and three other calls i missed from people happy with me - the various accused were not happy to see someone scribbling notes in court today - oh and "my judge" was mentioned in court today - that woke me up -

used my new bodum today - loving the world - except very bored with one-handed typing - bought free trade coffee known as jungle blend - hope it doesnt make me itch...
lramiro520 11 years ago
Love the color of this shot. Nice to hear that you had a great day on the job. I hope the arm is recovering well!

The Other Side Of The Fence
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
OK - you found where they are keeping Hoffa ! Sounds like the damaged wing has not slowed the flight. I'm going to look up more today - nice roof shot.

CollardGreens: Oops!
Hey, you came by, took a picture of the roof of my house and you didn't even stop to have a cup of tea. Dang.

My coffee won't make you itch, it is the sort of coffee, where you turn to your friend and hold out your cup and say "Want a bite?"
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
i don't know what i enjoy more on your page, the photos or the stories.... it feels very homey and you get some great shots! Hope the arm is better

" BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia) "
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
for me it's the stories. totally.
get well buddy!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
so GD my photos suck eh - wahhhhh :(
thats cool i only play at photographing but i am hoping writing will buy me a small mtn top cabin, a split axe, a garden hoe, a rocking chair and lots of chocolate - thats all of the dream i can type with one hand

thanks iramiro,
collard - im guessing if anyone knows where hoffa is, it's u
La M - i knocked - loudly - sounds like my kind of coffee - yes please
BG thanks - it is incrementally better but i am still typing one handed - earning my pay fo' shOre
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
hahaha! what??? i did NOT say your *anything* sucked. i'm a conversationalist, is all. you're my kind of diariast: intellectually unselfish. plus you have a sensational flare for turning a phrase. it's what keeps me in orbit around this planet.

*lost in space
You knocked loudly? Dang, guess I wasn't home.

Love the stories, love the photos. Visual conversations
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
hugs all around - on me
just watch the arm - easy

GD - i think thats why so many of my friends put up with me - although a lot of it is more in the line of performance art storytelling - which leads me to my arm injury...
oh but i cant now - so sore
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
'i think thats why so many of my friends put up with me'
maybe. or maybe it's because you're just so darn cute.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
cute - hahaha - thanks

hey that reminds me! ive been meaning to write this but 1armedness is bad for my scriptal memory ( i made that up - there's photographic, verbal, tactile, muscle, and now scriptal) ??

anyhoo - one of the women i work with ripped the clothes right off me yesterday - the great thing about that, besides the obvious, was:

i had brought needle and thread to work, planning to fix my torn jacket pocket in court - well she felt so bad for the little tear (happened quite innocently actually - my fault - i was teasing her with a plate of my homemade nachos and things predictably got a little rough) - she felt so bad she took my coat to a seamstress - who fixed the pocket too

funny life aint it
eelend PRO 11 years ago
that's a great shot
i wonder what or who is inside
how's your arm?

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
yeah - i noticed what looks like eyes there after i got home - im going back to check - it is a very beautful place though a little far from here

today i can type two or three words at a time with my left before it cramps up and that makes it very sore - i am so bored of being one armed - arrrggghh
learning breathing growing
I wish I could see it in the large size. It looks like two cats inside. Very haunting.

Of course since that is my house, it would be kittygirl and penny looking out from the skylight.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i have looked at in large and you are better off imagining from the medium - it really starts to look like nothing the bigger you go
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
What did you do? I'm a hand therapist... come on over and I'll fix ya up. When did you do it?

Thanks for the coffee and donuts! But for future reference, the maple dips are ok but I prefer the normal glazed kind or old-fashioned kind if any. Or those apple fritters are yummy too...

Erica Day by Day 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 2, Friday, March 9, 2007

up early - tapped out a story before early am meeting - about fishery
one fisherman left at the end saying "Id have been better off to have spent the morning with my son piling pulp wood."
me too i thought quietly to myself and wanted to follow him - so much understandable frustration among these men who have fought a system bigger than them for years - and even when they thought the system was working for them, it was screwing thjem hard.
if the Tories pass this new fishery act, the small independent fisherman is done - sad - i asked the federal ndp fisheries critic if the small independent fisherman could be saved - his answer - good question - i hope so - you have to keep fighting
im not optimistic about that - still it is exciting and mind boggling to be listening to a conversation go everywhich way from sunday and know that it is your job to make sense of the jumble - this coming on top of all the other stuuff we make sense of - thisweek -
- school boad policies for the protection of children (which are all really about protecting theschool board)
- pesticides in urrban areas
- small town festival politics
- environmental review processes

and i was asked to sit on a media forum quizzing candidates for the leadersip of the provincial liberals - a lot on my mind - thinking about possibilty of new job - received receipt notice and they will announce a shortlist in the next three weeks - i really need to brush up on details for the inevitable test - and thern there's me thinking aboout going in one more time and asking for a raise here

in PM i tapped out three more stories - went to clare with john tonight

covering clare now that digby is out of it - prettyexciting tonight - twice the legal number and them some of people were crammed into the rink - the door man told me that the fire marshall is aware and not about to let it happen anymore - what to do though? next week clare is in the championship series - it is going to be even more nuts

exciting to stand there among all that crowd - the players warming up - snapping the puck - the music gradually growing louder - the zamboni circles slowly for the big flood - theplayers return - the ref blows his whisltel - they'r off - thecrowd - drawling thier acadien jaoul - hollering in thickly accented engl;sh at theref - it's a lot of fun - especialy to havea role - to be a part of the ewhole show - i cant see the lines between work and my life so cleary at all - who i am here is forever indivisble from the paper - so funny really

i do think about how long this will last - what will i do next - but i am so damn busy enjoying this trip - thers lots more id write if my other arm worked -
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
magpie - my hand is oka but my arm wont turn around enough to let me type - pretty serious sprain - most of the hurt is in the muscle now

ill add it to the list - i like to remember people's preferences if i can
CollardGreens PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by CollardGreens (member) 11 years ago
eelend...I'm telling you it was Hoffa !

Mr Riverwalker sir - that is one nice rosey photo...looks like all the boats belong to a single owner the way they are painted.

Hope the arm/hand is healing...try typing with your toes - I do when lost for words and it is good when writing about a "tickelish" situation !!

CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
pretty astute on the one owner comment - biggest issue fishery-wise down here is that DFO has a policy that the owner of a licence and boat must operate the boat - but the opposite is happening and everyone knows it (even people in Europe ;) yet the rules arent enforced

you're nuts!
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
I can give you some stretches if you need it - if you feel stiff once the acute pain has calmed down. A hand therapist works on the entire arm, not just hand... Esp. elbow and below but injuries aren't usually isolated to one little part. You know how they say... The wrist bone's connected to the...

Using heat or ice? ;)

Erica Day by Day 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i should be yeah - the acute pain gone - i need stretching yeah - in order to get my left hand in a position to type, i have to raise my left elbow or sit way back - with my arm almost striaght i can type today - but then my inner elbow starts hurting LOL

what ya got?
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
actually - i thought i could type but after a few minutes it all just cramps up and that acute pain comes back - it is so funny - if i werent typing id never notice this anymore - arrrrrgghh
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day Three, Saturday, March 10

all a blur

I ve been reflecting when possible on recent events and the truth keeps seeping through - i need to slow down, to breathe, to lie on my back and stare up at the sky for a while -

the pace has been fun and rich and colourful, but im dizzy

suddenly warm today
What a fun shot. I agree, everyday one needs to lie back and stare at the sky and reflect on what an amazing gift life is. Hope the arm is improving.
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
* jots note to self...lie on back, look up - easy business

Agree with you on the dizzy part...nice shot here - I like the way the helmet is NOT part of the blur ! Oh - sunshades and a pillow make for a better nap !

CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day four, Sunday, March 11
Spring sunset in the joggin

somebody's a gonnna be yeehaw-yellin soon - this morning it was pouring - made me giddy - the warm earthy smell of spring - the cleaning it was giving everything - the snowbanks literally dissolving before my eyes

i turned the heat off and opened every window in my apt today - it wasnt actually that warm but i was seasoning my new cast iron fry pan - got a little smokey -

did a lot of writing today - heavy stuff - more, lots more in the AM - hey i can type with both hands today - hooray - the left hurts and gets sore, but i can do it - thats what im talking about - to celebrate i have started the running up again - so fun to run in the rain today - i forgot how cheerio happy a little jog makes me- boy oh boy

and.... i have a new reason and motivation to work out - oh, it's a secret - i dont want to jinx it - but talk about sweet - i just may be going paddling for a week on the wildest most beautifullest coast in the world - ive been before - on a coastal steamer - but this time, a la kayak - oh boy oh boy oh boy - so the arm must heal - and money must be squirreled away and reading must be done and gear gathered, and planning - oh is there anything more exciting than a week on the water

oh -and chris and i watched crank today - loved it - every second of it - i say he lived - he lived - trust me

ggrabbbed this photo on the way to chris' for lasagna and a movie - the joggin is screaming spring these days - time for ol riverwalker to hit the rivers again LOL

im gonna be busy the next little while - either way that job stuff goes, i want to explore every inch of this place this spring - like you would say a girlfriend going on a trip and no one's to sure if she's coming back or not - know what i mean?
eelend PRO 11 years ago
you say you're going to be busy, but you already look busy!
and happy, that's great
i'm glad your arm is better

oh, and about crank... yes, he LIVED!


eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day five, Monday, March 12

Okay this picture is not from today - I took it back in September - why is it here? Cause my streak of good happy wonderful yummy news continues...
for example, the managing editor wrote me an email today, to say.. well here, ill let u read it:
"you guys are the leaders in sports coverage. Great writing. John's pics are incredible. Only saying this because it's true but in my 40-plus years in this biz I've only encountered a couple woefully underpaid people who I knew would go on to be "names" in this biz. One of them worked with me 20 years ago and became a top investigative reporter for the Toronto Star, some of her pieces actually changing legislation--I see her name in textbooks nowadays ---I figure you're destined for similar status too. So when you write your memoirs remember I said so."

that was nice to read. i've been getting a few of those comments lately, and my head is probably swelling a little. but i take this whole new career pretty seriously and really feel born to it - i hope things do work out for me - i am scared of not making it, of having to throw in the towel and do some other less rewarding career for $ - financially it has been scary but these days i am on pretty good terms with the bank people when they call and the car is still holding together... we'll see

another call came from the former marine whose medals were stolen - since i did my stories on him, everyone and there dog is calling - he had three camera crews in house at once today fighting over who would go first, and three newspapers called - what is sweet is that he calls me everytime someone else calls and says "You've really started something here." I guess his phone was ringing so much today one of the TV guys unplugged it - hahahaha -

but the biggest head swelling news has to do with that biker photo - our paper, the digby courier, was voted #3 in Canada (circulation 2000 to 2999) - okay that still doenst expain the photo - that photo was #2 feature photo in Canada (circulation under 3999) - so yeah im a little smiley tonight

and you want some more good news - well my editorial wrote itself out pretty good today, i like it when that happens :D
and... a guy i work with pretty close here in the community ripped me a copy of crank today - i love it - and he may be able to help me get my bed home (long story) this weekend
and he may get me a free ticket to the canadian intercollegiate sport basketball championships this weekend - and he gave me a tshirt signed by the Atlatinc university sport champs - for my son :P

and i got the official invite on the newfoundland kayak trip - oh i am so stoked - can u tell?
and was reading jony's blog from mexico - he is having a blast - took him a whole week to get sunburned LOL -

and well, i got a pretty good pile of work to do and there is another big pile to go early tomorrow - i think i ll go to bed now and live'r large tomorrow -
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Looks like all 10 fingers are working again - thanks for the entertainment...I can just hear the roar from the bike !

CollardGreens: Oops!
eelend PRO 11 years ago
wow wow wow
those aren't good news, those are incredible!!!!
congrats, my friend
go on like this (i'm sure you will)

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day six, Tuesday, March 13
it's a funny thing waiting - it can be a consuming thing where all you do is wait - that is to say, you do nothing but wait - nothing
more often we distract ourselves or continue to work towards the thing we wait for - but to truly live means not waiting but being completely, right now with nothing held back, with nothing in reserve, with nothing on hold
that's a hard one...
such a warm beautiful day today - i should have taken some photos of the sunrise - did it ever holler spring - the calendar says a week, but i truly belive it started today - anyone who had seen that sunrise and felt the sun's warmth today would have agreed
had a cple appt's this morning - the first i dont know if i can manage a story from it - yes, it's true i can do a story from anything, but will I? diff. question - long talk with a local fisherman and it sure was an education - both on the issues and learning about the wide wild diversity of people and views and ways of thinking -

then to see the cple pictured above - waiting for their son to return safe from afghanistan - i love traditions like this - i love methods of communication - i love folk signs and symbols - i love that these people love thier son and think of him and pray for him AND (this is the point) they aren't afraid to let the community know what is going on in their head and heart and home

then i thought id get a bunch of work done but... hm how to say this nicely? my office can be a crazy place to work - funny, wild, silly and sometimes not the least bit productive - damn

out at meetings all night - missed fire training but had a beer with the chaplain - he too arrived late and we just shot the sh*t til late - have lots to do tomorrow becaause must leave early friday for bball game - front row floor seats - free - maybe - hope so

one last note - every where's i went today to do a story, i left with two more things to look into - this is the one thing about journalism that doenst fit my psyche so well although i am learnig and growing - i like to start a job and finish it - bam - done - take a break - next thing - here you just never ever get to the end - you have to find the rythmn and drive it a bit your self - impose yourself - set limits...
Your life reads like a novel and I keep waiting for the next chapter cause I can't put the book down.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
hahahaha - one flew the cuckoo's nest, ?? hahaha
of course, sure it READS like a novel but imagine if yu were sitting here living it and waiting for the next chapter ... hahaha

i was just over at GD's - now there's a wild life going on - and you out dancing every night
do you find it as funny as me how we know all these people on here but really we dont - i mean even people u meet in real life you dont know what is going in thier minds but on the intranet - ha
i dont get it yet - im workingon it but i dont get it...
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago

if i vomited up my disatisfactions offline the way i do online .. i'd have fewer friends, for sure. haha. I SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT

*high five
keep smiling, jonathan
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