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Jonathan Riverwalker 12:49pm, 20 December 2006
2007 MDPD

Me at work
(Photo by fluke on Jan. 22)

I want out.
Outside that is.
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Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
glory u dont know the 1/2 of it - hahaha

thanks sunshine - i must say you're aging well since the last time i saw your icon - hahahaha
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 11, Tuesday, May 8


i chose this underexposed piece of crap for the expressions - this is a good day being me - asking people to come outside and play for a bit - and on a really good day the people im working with getting into it and have a lot of fun too

so after a day of juggleing pool balls and apples i squeezed in some soccer juggling too - naddour called and we went out and kicked the ball abit - allowing one bounce between jugggles we hit 30 - but on straight juggles, no bounce we sucked - i sucked - no sleep all coffee is not good for a steady foot - had a quick run before fire hall

we trained on using the winch and basket for hauling fishermen off their boats - something we get called to do fairly often - in fact one of my earliest diary photos WASNT of a dead guy hauled up in our basket - funny to think i wasnt a fire fighter then - just a reporter - hahaha

better photos of the juggling
eelend PRO 11 years ago
they look so happy

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
awesome isnt it to see two grown men have so much fun
lessons everywhere :)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 12, Wednesday, May 9
summer's a coming

signs of summer

i slept in this AM - could not get out of bed - i did finally and went at the day like a soldier - had lots to do and actually got some done - hahaha

first stop was groceries - juice milk bread ya know - stopped at the pool hoping to see danny about a story but he's away :(
still i got these fun shots of justin (he's president of the firehall is how i know him) painting the pool

it was a GORGEOUS day and it was too easy to imagine my self swimming in there - i would have stayed there all day but alas duty calls - then i saw frank as i went by town hall so i did a Uey and tracked him down on a couple items - and hepointed me upstairs to Utility And Services Review Board - yes it was every bit as boring as it sounds - ack!

but there are a couple good stories there - next week - my plate is full if iam going to get it done for these strict new deadlines -

managed some writing as everyone was out of the office today - of course the single most distracting person in the world did eventaully come back - and distract she did.

looks like im on track to be done sometime tomorrow - then a weekend completely absolutely off - not a thought for this place - nope - maybe a big big hike saturday BIG hike!!

chris cancelled kayak for today ?? so imoff to gym now to pump some iron - hahaha
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago
I cleaned the windows and I swept the floor,
And I polished up the handle of the big front door.
I polished up that handle so carefullee
That now I am the Ruler of the Queen's Navee!

Sorry, that is what this photo reminded me of.


( A Gypsy Outdoors)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Yay! more poetry!
My first decree -
say not sorree
for any poetry!
Gilbert and Sullivan takes a bow now
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i was thanking you for sharing it here
you are thoughful and a dear
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago
doe a deer a female deer....

aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
ray! a drop of glorious sun!
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
*beams hello
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 13, Thursday, May 10
bright hope
new daffs

liz brought me in fresh daffodils - she's a mind reader - the old ones were done - and jony's mother finally faxed his marks - would it be unfair of me to point out she waited until i sent the divorce papers?

coincidence im sure - moving right along

jony had great marks - an average of 87.5 - and the big news - he calls me and says
JB"what's up?"
JA "not much whats up with you"
JB"not much"
JA"so how was school today"
JB"same ol same ol"
JB"oh there was one thing... i was awarde the lientuenant governor's medal"

The LG is the head of state (ceremonial deal here) in NS - the LGM goes to the "top grade 11 student" girl and boy in each school

that's my boy
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 14, Friday, May 11


I know - I know - i've flown enough to know that up above the clouds is a bright and glorious sun - but down here it is foggy and ME too -

highlights - getting up early and tasting the ocean in the air - researching and writing - ha- wrote the best lede of my life today. The lede is the first sentence or so - it is the handshake - the "come inside" - it is the wink and the nod - the come hither of a story - today at the top of my column i wrote:

I’ll never forget my first time. Not my first time doing it, but my first time watching it done. It was all in German.

I betcha wanna read that article...
other highlight was going with chris to long island - took the ferry over grabbed a bag of lobster from his girlfriend's mom and back to work - and took a good photo of danny - that was fun - i know my job.

probably gonna work out now - then clean - maybe laundry - then sink back into the fog - damn - i should know better - damn fog

oh and the rest of the article...

Email I mean. Twenty years ago my German prof called me into his office and pointed to his computer.
“She just sent that from Berlin two minutes ago,” he said pointing to a letter from a colleague.
I didn’t understand and I thought it was some kind of hoax.
Since then email has slowly and insidiously taken over my life and yours too ... blah blah blah blah...
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
word. a fun little email can certainly brighten my own foggy day. mm and how.
Jonathan W PRO 11 years ago
Love the look of the fog, We very seldom get foggy days here so it always looks very mysterious and exciting to me. I know I know odd feeling to get from the color gray but lol heck never claimed not to be odd
Natacha.troiscafes Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Natacha.troiscafes (member) 11 years ago
don't be foggy ! let's some sunshine in...
e-mails have not always the taste of confusion or some foggy day. ;o)
very nice shot !
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
kept just busy enough all day - worked til 6 - went for the longet run so far this year (not saying much) in the rain - love to run in the rain - and then a heavy heavy work out - then shower - plans with chris for AM - laundry (ya - one of my fav things - warm fresh clean laundry - yay) and now a quick check here before Zzzzzz

actually i came specifically to send a note to someone - i just figured something out - aint it nice when things fall into *click* place

dyou glory remember your first time?

hey jonathan - i have also learned to like fog and rain - from a crazy dutch girl i spent some time with - did i say she was crazy? - yeah she was - but now i too can see the beauty in it - man i love a run in the rain - and i agree there is somethin exciting about it - but i have to work hardder to be excited than i do say for sunshine

pibette - i know i know - i will be okay tomorrow - whole day WORKING physicallu with friends - i like building stuff - yay - and thanks
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Ahoy there, fissure-man!
Been trying to not spend so much time at the 'pyuter.
But I had to read up on your adventures!
This image is so damn good.

Fog--I live in the fog.
sunshinecity 11 years ago
love the pool wall's bright colour!

Love that fog too!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
dda1605 11 years ago
WooooooooooW, beautiful. Great subject. reflection and use of B&W.
Almost can smell the sea and hear the birds.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 15, Saturday, May 12
me crazy?

u calling me crazy?
AliThinks 11 years ago
You look only slightly frightening. ;-)

Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
so saturday - i woke early hoping to get some cleaning done before chris picked me up - had a bunch of stuff in fridge whose time had come and things to unload in car - still lots of cleaning left for monday (when i have a weekend off i always monday too)
chris made eggs benedict - for our handyman breakfast - he is so chris - hahaha
at chris parent's house we proceeded to rip off the old garage door - by far my favourite part of day - i like demolishing things - a lot - love it

i was undoing a bolt and i got the feeling it was pretty critical when i felt the whole door give a jolt - i says to chris "something is about to happen - i dont know what - but it might be cool"
sure enough the whole door fell on chris's head - see that is as direct as i get - too much subltlety for chris - i stepped out from under door - he stepped in under - door fell on his head - laugh? OMG i just about pissed myself

the day just got whackier from there - conor called on the cellphone seconds after he drove past the exit off the 101 so we had him amke a Uuey - but then he missed it again - too fun - he says both lanes were full when he hauled the Tacoma around - he's a nutter

he became head contractor by virtue of the fact that he was handy and chris and I... are not - together we are worth about half a man - although we both have our skills - chris is good at food - we had a wild wonderful lunch - and i can run a chainsaw -
"You want me to hang upside down and run it left handed? yawn. with my feet? no prob"
they had me in some weird places - somehow we decided we need to cut right though a carrying beam - and more - then we decided to make about 6 feet of the carrying beam a full four inches thinner??
and we were standing under working under that ceiling all day

later in the day chris got a little "rammy" and started thrwoing randowm things outside - cursing all his parnts junk and just throwing stuff - my calming statement "happy mothers day - this is all for a happy mothers day" did not work at all

then he pulled half the roof down when he only need a small hole - above the ceiling was about 3 inches of oat husks - i only know cause i usd to work in a water powered grist mill where we used to spearate the husks or hulls from the oats

conor was awesoe and knew more or less what he was doing - chris on the other hand did not - hahaha - i just hung back and tried to keep busy handing them stuff - hahaha - fun day - joking and carrying on - though by the end it was a slog -

supper was nice - the lobster we picked up yesreday and some oven baked potatoes and chocolate cake with chocoalte icing - yum - i also took some bricanyl and bendryl for the dust was choking me up -

after conor left i opted to stay and make sure chris didnt electrocute himself - it was so sweet to see that door moving up and down - whooo- home shower - big ZZZZZ
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Hammerin' and chainsawin'?
Yeah, you're crazy!
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
on a ladder ebil - chainsawing on a ladder - i am one of the few people im sure to ever read the chainsaw safety manual - and i also read a couple books on it - in the day when i was a greenhorn lumberjack - and one of the things to avoid they say is cutting the tree limb you are sitting on - there is even an illustration with a big X stamped over it with a guy on a limb cutting the branch - sounds incredible but my stepdad (#3) did a version of that - he cut the branch that his ladder was leaning against - yes he fell - no he didnt cut anything serious - yes i laugh my hole out whenever i bring it up! (yes, i bring it up often - hahaha)
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Hey ! Ladders and chainsaws...THAT is what I come here for !! Just back off a break and visiting around...will take several mornings of coffee to read through...photos are as always - good stuff.

CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 16, Sunday, May 13
crazy hike
near cormorant rock

so you go on a hike - 11 hrs - and you take 200 photos which you whittle down to 84, and u whittle that down to 17 best of photos... so how the firetruck do you pick one for your daily... arrgghh - pacing is not my forte - haha

hit the trail about 7:30 am in culloden - had to back track a bit cause i wanted to see how some trails link up with road and i wanted to be sure to cover every inch of the shore - hahaha - beautiful morning on the water - right away ran into a detour - up through a fissure or crack in the cliffs and through the brush - saw some neat things in culloden - who knew they had thier own miniature squat version of the balancing rock?

whole day turned out to be very slow going - i had assumed four hours because i did the last leg in four hours -
many detours even with a dropping tide in a lot of places there was just no way to get around without going into the brush - the brush is not quite as thick as the newfoundland tuckamore but it is damn tough going - by times i had to push with all my might to force my self through - and it is always grabbing and tripping and just being a regular pain in the ass -

chris had planned to pick up my car and drop it in gulliver's for me but somehow i decided that morning i could make centreville and left a note in my car to that effect - i called about 10:30 when i realized how slow the going was - but he didnt get the message til hed already left my car in centreville :(

by 11 i could still clearly see culloden wharf and gullivers was still a blur on the horizon - every point had a hidden obstacle or a detour or some delay - i loved every minute of it but there did get to be a lot of minutes -

saw some crazy stuff - did some stupid things - took a whack of photos - what more can i say - ate well and lots of water - and was truly loving the constant challenge - it was like horizontal mountain climbing - constantly searching for a route - looking ahead for your next move - and on top of that mental game the pure physicality of moving across that landscape - one foot after the other - one climb and scramble after another - one jump and landing - resting and moving -

most of the hike i was looking for a waterfall i had visited by walking out from gullivers towards digby - the last four hours every point i came around i expected to see it and was disppointed every time

if there is ever to be a trail along the neck shore, this area will require a lot of work and planning - there are a pile of landowners with nice places right on the cliffs too so it could only happen with their cooperation - man there are sweet spots for a cabin -

11 hours is alot of walkng - chris came out from digby and drove me to centreville and also fed me at ashley's - i stopped for a shower first - 3 ticks - fell asleep early
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
mm. can you define 'stupid things'?
Dragonhide 11 years ago
May 5th... Wow, niceee!

And you juggle? I do too... I used to be maybe circus-ready good, but I've lost my edge.. I can still juggle pretty damn good, but I just don't practice seriously these days.

Dude, your journal's cool. :)
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Yes, please. I second glory's request.
Motion for 'stupid things' definition?

and yeah, jallen, JWR's jounal is cool--probably the only thing cooler is the journalist himself!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
isnt it more fun to just imagine glory? XOX :P

pretty much the whole day was one retarded idea after another - hahaha - that's why in the end i was glad to be alone - too much thinking leads to not enough action

some people would argue im an accident waiting to happen - maybe - but not on the scale at all of don starkell or timothy treadwell for example - im too much of a chicken shit to get into that kind of trouble - stupid for me is ...

here's an instance that stands out - there was one beach i walked across and i was trying to figure out the whole time if i would be able to get back on the "shelf" directly or if i was going to have detour in land - which is hell, cause you never know just when it is time to come back to the shelf eh
anyway i thought just maybe it looked possible to climb up to the shelf from the shore - so i had to climb down quite a ways actually below the tide line - over some tumbling rocks and the first place i considered turned out to be impossible - but i saw another spot farther down - exactly the spot where i took the picture of the seaweed hair - see how there is a cave like hollow underneath varying in height from four to eight feet?

so at one narrow spot i figure i can pile up enough rocks i can reach the overhang and climb up - it works, i swing a leg up, i make two moves up the cliff and realize the whole thing is wet - i hate wet rock - it freaks me out - i realize im about 10 feet above a pile of wet rocks and to get off the cliff i have to go another 20 feet up over wet rock -

i totally lose my nerve - probably a good thing - getting back down was not easy but better than falling out there in the middle of nowhere into a cave below the tide line with a broken leg or head or arm - see stupid?

all kinds of just little stupid things - they multiplied exponentially as the day wore on - after 8 hours of slogging i pretty much had the coordination and judgment of a stoned alcoholic and some of my routes were decided more out of laziness than caution

still i believe in given'r while ya got'r - so as long as my knees and ankles and shoulders still love and im gonna be an idiot

jallen - i dont juggle in the normal sense - juggling soccer balls is like bouncing the ball off your feet and thighs and shoulders and chest and head - that kind of juggling - awesome work out :P

thanks dude

ebil - the cool journalist struggled today - u guys only see what i let u see - i let u see a lot is true - probably too much - struggling today with whether i am crazy or not - no time to go into it - but man im a little nuts - today i was a lot nuts

on the bright side i said two very witty things that only a crazzzzy persoon could have thought of

#1 - a journalist interviewed my son after she heard him wow his whole school with a 30 minute presentation on his trip to mexico - i emailed the reporter and she sent me a copy - nicole asked, "did she send a photo with it?"
i said "I know what he looks like."
i thought it was funny - ok so call me crazy

the other was this - our IT guys often log right onto our computers while we're using them - you can tell because there is a box around the binoculars icon when they are "on" - of course now they tell me they dont have to put the box around the icon, they can come and spy totally incognito

so anyway, jamie the IT from y'th calls and says
"Hey jonathan how r u?"
great jamie - you?
"Yeah good" he says and adds "were you ever standing in line and just wanted to kill the person in front of you, just beat the shit out of them?"
and i answered: you guys can spy on our minds now too

i mean seriously, how did he know i was thinking that?

ok - call me crazy - hahahaha
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 17, Monday, May 14
im cracking

green III

hopefully underneath my rough exterior is something as pretty as this green
we could pretend i went out to gulliver's monday and picked up my walking stick - and took this photo of the peeling paint then - just cause it happened tuesday is no reason to quibble - im not going to feel bad about missing mondy after the crazy weekend i had - spent monday trying to get organized - at work on my day off - nuts - spent a big part of day editing my sons homework assignment
he had a couple serious bloopers in there (unlike the US there was no slavery in canada, and my favourite, anti semitism in canada started in 1876)
so as ignorant as i am i was able to save him some egg on the face there

monday night was council - didnt sleep - over early - made it to floor hockey - cancelled :(
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 18, Tuesday, May 15
pile it on

everything and the kitchen sink

great talk with jenipher about the beach clean up - of course she had nothing to do with clean up this year - why her photo then? cause i need somebody's picture for the paper - hahaha

her husband, who organized the clean up, didnt want to talk to the courier, but he did follow me into penny's store and he talked with me, jonathan as opposed to me the courier - which is nice - i wouldnt mind if everyone was like that - got an invite to thier saturday afternoon garden parties - ill be there

did not manage to wrk - nicole and i alone at work - we didnt get into any trouble but neither did we work - mostly talked and ate - ate well actually - hahaha - today her husband sent us some great sugggestions about pranks to play on our colleagues - i like the one where u fill the office with those styrofoam worms - but where would we get enough worms -

tuesday night was fire hall maintenance - after which i finally got the website working - god damn aliant and mother bell - took a total of eight calls to get this thing working - always a problem every step of the way - but it is up - bare bones right now - i started a flcikr account for them too - i just love the new slideshow - awesomeness

late zzzzzZZZZZ
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 19, Wednesday, May 16

hugs all around

best hour of my day was listening and watching this crowd - every ribbon wnner also got a hug from each organizer - something to look forward to - the senior games include cribbage, auction 45s (hearts), darts, pool, bowling, skipbo, scrabble, crokinole and many more - hugs smiles and fun games - cant wait to get old

felt the ageing process happening today - just felt overwhelmed with all the work - shouldnt let it get to me - but it does - i get manic sometimes and the probelm is the story ideas hit me like popcorn falling from the balcony at the movies - a steady rain of tasty kernels - hahaha

i am manic in a warped way today - need a tranquilizer - going to bed now - getting up early to finish everything - can u finish what u havent started?
eelend PRO 11 years ago
that's a good question
maybe it started and you didn't notice
and that's why you don't know how to finish it

eelend's 2007
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Uh-oh, I think eelend's onto you!
Jenipher's dog's gotta great mug!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
heck i neeed answers not more questions - but aint that the way she goes - so r u guys sugggesting i skip th tranquilizer?
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
note to the world - nicole's attempt at growing up officially ended today when she kicked me in the head - somehow it felt comforting - maybe i suffer from a kind of stockholm syndrome?
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
yes! sleep a NATURAL sleep.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
so last night i sat at this computer until midnight paralysed by the pile of work i had to do - went home slept - woke up at 4 am - i can set my internal brain alarm clock for any given time and wake up - it is really pretty cool - i wanted to get up at four and get to work - instead i laid in bed until 7 saying to myself "gotta get to work, gotta get to work, gotta get to work"
maybe i should go for a run?
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
whatever. just say no to drugs.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
that is always my plan and then they draw me into deeper conversation and i find myself using big words like cucumber and marmalade - not as catchy is it? "just say marmalade to drugs"
Dragonhide 11 years ago
hahaha what???
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 20, Thursday, May 17
shoulda known better
sugar with that

i really shoulda known better than to ask for sugar in my tea - but really, who coulda guesst she t'row the cubes in from four feet away...

the growing up experiment seems to be entirely done
AliThinks 11 years ago
That is just about the coolest photo I've seen all day.

And whazzat about growing up? Huh? La la la...I can't HEAR you!

Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Good - I can always get a little "crazy fix" here...I really like the sugar toss - THAT would be worth seeing live !

CollardGreens: Oops!
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i kinda lost count how many she got in cause i was so busy scrambling for the camera - it was very sweet tea
Jonathan W PRO 11 years ago
at least you did not ask for some cream
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks guys - there is always a bright side eh jonathan
Ooh a ton to catch up on here. I will do that this evening as I am going on an all day hike right now.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
that sounds fun? can i come? enjoy - woot
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
@Jonathan: I was following your thread here for quite a number of days now, and I really like what I read and see.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks s,B
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
funny dont ya think to have this group of complete strangers reading and commenting on our diaries and im not sur or care that many of my family or friends bother - one friend has emailed every month this year to ask why im not updating my "journal" anymore and i tell every month i am on this damn thing every day - hahaha - 5 moths into it already eh - i have missed a few days and probably will miss a few more but it is funny how it's become a part of my life - the camera goes everywhere with me and i feel quite naked without - o'course as the "Courier man" i have an excuse that not everyone has - but if it were just for work i would at least leave it at home every other weekend - anyway, im quite enjoyng the project - often feeling like i could do more to make it reflective of me and my day - other times feeling like i hit a home run - other times being very inspired by the diaries of others - image wise and method wise - too addictive and too much fun - but it's only for a year - isn't it?
I love reading everyone's entries and I love keeping the journal; but sometimes I am just too blown out to write anything.

I am glad you do though. It is like we have this quota of words and you help the rest of the group to keep up that quota. :D
In school when boys used to throw things at you and tease you it meant they had a crush on you. Maybe she doesn't want to grow up. :)
Meelifluous PRO 11 years ago
Love the mood of may 11th. And the 17th is just great.
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
Day 21, Friday, May 18

Comfort dolls

Friday was a very intense day - the other 1/2 of the Courier was on vacation this week leaving yours truly to cover it all - and friday was deadline day -1, meaning i had a lot of writing to do -

finished the important stuff just in time to make this appointment - gawd it is good to get out of the office even if it is only to crawl into a dank church basement - hahaha - nice warm people and wonderful project knitting these dolls that are used to wrap medical equipment on its way to africa - check out icross.ca for more info - first hint of crankiness at church but these were such wonderful people that it mounted to nothing more than an absence of my normal affability.

i did a story on this project in PEI last year already - and took a great photo of a warm face - and think it makes for a grat little story - if i keep moving around, maybe i can just keep recycling this stuff forever - hahaha

next had to juggle entire day to fit in an interview with a heart attack victim. he couldnt get service at our hospital in town because our hospital closes fridays because of a dr. shortage - we have lots of stories about this but none i dont think with as much impact as this guy - sad scary shitty story and i am gleeful to be able to tell it - to point out how bad it is -

then writing and writing and had to go cover a naval reunion at the arena - freezing damp cold - hungry, tirred and cranky - knew what i wanted and got 2of 3 photos then waited an hour for last shot - the "subjects" were willing but retarded or something - people were rushing us - i said flatly - "This isnt going to work for me" and left

went right to bed to try and get my normal cheer back...
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 22, Saturday, May 19

Lines and warped reflections

no normal cheer waiting for me in the AM - had to write up the heart attack story before 10 - as soon as i go that done i went home and slept again til noon - thoght some exercise might make me feel bbetter - ran and skipped and hit the weights pretty hard - did feel a bit better - showered and went "prowling" for photos on the wharf and on board the Navy minesweeper in port for the naval reunion - got some shots for work and for me and talked to some great people - for an hour or so i just hung around and accosted people with my camera -

i am not good at candid photos - something in my make up - something id like to overcome - but i get lots by asking politely so i may not change anytime soon - hahaha

this shot means a lot to me - about journalism - one description of what we do is hold up a mirror to our community - true and helpful metaphor - and there are lots of stories that are best treated that way - a straight clear depiction of what happened - HOWEVER, some stories of mine are treated to a warped reflection - that is, for good or bad, i have never looked at the world and seen things the way most people do - for good or for bad it is really all i have -
i think also i understand complex stuff easier than others - because i am used to seeing even simple stuff in a warped way, i am used to working hard to understand - so i ask a lot of stupid questions until i get it clear -

i remember a girlfriend in highschool who had marked up her arms with a knife years before i met her but the scars were still there - i asked why - she said for attention - but i heard a tension - and kept asking her "what is a tension?" - what a whacked talk that was - and i honestly didn't figure it out until years later thinking back one day it came to me what she must have meant - that kind of thing happens to me every day - hahaha - though usually i pick up on it a bit quicker

after the photo prowl i went back to bed at 3 pm for the night - ??
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 23, Sunday, May 20


stumbled out of bed - took some photos for an hour - stumbled back to bed - no idea what is going on - must have reached the proverbial end of my rope - complete opposite of last weekend??
spent day in bed snoozing and reading - crawled to couch to watcha great DVD on the "magic of Digby NEck" called "The Last Weir" - stars the Stantons - i interviewed one of them myself last summer - he is such a simple rich down-to-earth and persuasive speaker - my lord - and photogenic!!

at five i got up and drove to bear river to visit my grandparents - i know they enjoy my arrival but the judge is easy to disappoint - he would never say so but i am painfully conscious of not holding my end up in our conversations -

of course that is as much his fault as mine but id just as soon not go into it - had a great meal with them and tea - and helped with a couple small chores

still exhausted somehow?? drove home slow - have orgnized the weekend photos and caught up in MDPD and now must sleep again
but i really have to get up early tomorrow and write a cover letter for that job with the Herald - the other end entirely of the province - but a daily paper - with real pay and prospects for advancement - gnight
dda1605 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by dda1605 (member) 11 years ago
Love your last shots. There are stories behind your pictures (even without reading the comment) and it is great.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks didier (only 8,000 more photos to go before im done my worst hahaha) what u say means a lot cause that is what im trying to do everytime i snap -
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
PS. forgot to mention - just in case anyone is thinking of visiting Digby - i live in the gray building in the background - downstairs is a jewellry store - upstairs the real gem - hahaha - used to be a morgue back in the day :D
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
I agree with your perspective that the diary has become a daily (and welcomed) habit. I have the same "naked feeling" (not to be confused with nekkid) without the camera bag. Your job takes you into "non candid" contact with the masses so non candid photos erupt. That your playground is outdoors much of the time helps us to appreciate that canada has so much to offer.

Healthcare (my business) is in need of repair - not just in canada...it should be ahead of missles in public funding budgets (spoken at your neighbor to the south)...everyone has the birthright of affordable and accessable care...

Thanks for taking us on a ride everyday. Well worth the price of admission - keep up the good work - we notice.

CollardGreens: Oops!
(Don't you wish you were paid the price of admission! Would be better than a slap in the face with a cold wet fish).
Speaking of "nekkid"--when someone you sort of like does something you definitely don't like you can say "I curse you--may your babies be born nekkid."
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Hey Jonathan, I have visited your diary so often in an effort to catch up, but always been called away before getting to a point where I could leave a comment. This time I focussed just on the last page, an got to9 the end. I enjoy your stories, pictures and insights.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
@ Rob - oh the short attention spans of this new generation!!
@LaM - as always, your visits are all the reward i need - ill use that curse for sure
@Greens - im afraid im like many many people here - i know what the problem is but i am not sure what the solution is - it is such a huge problem that the solution i think is going to have be pretty big or pretty radical
eelend PRO 11 years ago
i love your pic of the 19th

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thought u might - hahaha - glad u did
AliThinks 11 years ago
Lots to think about here, lots to say!

You seem to pour more into your diary entries than I am able to, and sometimes I am so drained I can't read anyone else's when I post my own.

I do love reading you, though, and catching up is a pleasure. I'm smiling a dimply smile for you, Mr. Riverwalker. Brother! :)

Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks alisis - ive been spreading my self too thin lately i think but just like i cant say no, i dont know when to stop...
writing comes easy to me = maybe too easy - im working hard at writing less - quality ya know over quantity - ?
Meelifluous PRO 11 years ago
Despite the day, the shot of the 18th is marvelous.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks - the knitters deserve a lot of credit - A) for the colourful knitting and b) for playing along
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
Day 24, Monday, May 21

flowers at the mcbride house

the days are running together and i dont know when i am

cover letter, resume, PDF of clippings and PDF of photos for job with herald - also hit weights hard to day - and watched crank again - love it - more convinced than ever that he lives

2.5 days to write everything before conference in PEI - old friends, good times, maybe learn something - hahahaha

plus laundry and pack... oh boy i cant wait... but first must write
And don't forget to stop and smell the tulips. :-0
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
thanks for that reminder - hahaha - im going out to bear river again tonight - there's lots of fleurs out there to smell
eelend PRO 11 years ago
i don't think he died
but i don't know how could he survive

eelend's 2007
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
eeland... it could all have been a dream. if this was the case, then i'd like to go on record as saying his hot little time with his girlfriend at the mailbox was maybe the best scene of a dream ever filmed. oh to have been a tourist on that bus... oh to have been that girlfriend...

*leans back
*closes eyes
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Uh-oh, J-tron, look what you started with one little word!
Is it getting hot in here?
*leans back
*closes eyes
*falls over backward in chair
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
mm i still feel cranky. if you know what i mean. i know you do
Jonathan W PRO 11 years ago
hmm havent seen the movie from all this thinking maybe i should go rent it :)
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
*leans back
*closes eyes

Sorry, not working for me. Wish I knew what you guys are talking about. some North American cranky thing - with a dreamy love scene by the mailbox? Help me, Glory.
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
it's rated R and if you like action, this one's for you. i was braced for action and was *still* caught by suprise at various points. thrilling flick.
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
Rob -- it's the movie "Crank"

See Layer Cake first sbfaren --

* waves Hi JR -- gorgeous tulips incredible diary entries....
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
things sure got interesting while i was at my grandparents' -

ebil, i think it was glory that stirrred things up while i was gone - thanks G :P

i think Crank broke movie ground the way did matrix did but headed in the opposite direction - almost total lack of SFX but eye-popping action

the HD video is pure heaven on the eyes - and the script is hilarious

there is no doubt in my mind - HE LIVES - glory is right - notice how the film switches into a hazy blurry off balance stumbley wackedness after stratham downs the haitian shit - all a hallucination?

and more importantly eelend - how could he have survived everything he had already put his body through? - so a pesky fall from 3, 000 feet is no more punishing than the rest in my mind - and his eye blinks! HIS EYE BLINKS!

it was not a malibox but a newspaper box - accuracy please people -

for the record ,and not to horn in ( horn in - hahaha) on LBT's turf, but i am feeling quite cranky myself
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
*waves back to bella and offers a seat in grandfathers garden, hands ebil a bottle of ice cold, draws rob a diagram, hands jonathan my copy of crank, gives glory and eelend a vial to experiment with and report back to the rest of us - turns around, pulls up a chair between bella and LaM and breathes deeply - ahhhhhh
Dang, I'll take the seat; but I never go to movies and I have never heard of the movie "Crank". I thought it was all about coffee?
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
pour us some red LaM and let's talk about coffee shall we - i like a medium guatelamalan. You?
I lean towards decaf since I am not a big caffeine freak--except for the caffeine that comes in chocolate. :P AND except when I am in France or Italy. Then I drink those little tiny cups of coffee that just get you there and keep you there. They are too delicious and do not keep me awake all night like American coffee does.
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
* camera fades from black...blink...opens eyes in the tulips
huh ?
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
* ahhhhhh indeed.... time to exhale at day's end....kicks off my shoes and wiggles my toes in grandfather's grass.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
LM - i was thinking this morning as i am wont to do - as i strolled by the real grandfather's grass- you should go play with the others - no need to sit if youd rather run
CG - neat trick eh - i love the McBride house so much - ahhhhh - would u like a closer look? maybe next week...
Bella - it is springtime! yayaa!
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
oh terrific. three of you sip drinks while i experiment with drugs?
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
you're cute when you're sulking
leave the drugs all of you and come sit with us - let's plan a picnic for the judge's lawn shall we...
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
i'll bring chicken salad and lemonade. i prepare mine with grapes
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