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A gypsy outdoors

Gypsy Flores Photography 11:45pm, 19 December 2006
I take mostly photographs of the natural world and hopefully I will be able to post one a day; but I often travel and do not have an internet connection when I do. I defintely have no problem taking photographs everyday.

A test shot for our "borrowed" clothing theme. Me, approaching 58 on February 3, 2008.

Self-Portrait in Red Scarf
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Яick Harris PRO 11 years ago
Toronto has an infestation of Racoons. We would have to use MacGyver-like devices to keep them out of our garbage. They're very ingenious little animals.

Love all of our nature shots!
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Drive by visit - still a little groggy from the nap ! the bluebird is extraordinary - I too hate to be group controlled...

CollardGreens: Oops!
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Hats off to you. Animals can be very difficult to capture. And you have many beautiful examples!

You're making my feet even more itchy.
RobW_ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by RobW_ (member) 11 years ago
First time here, and I shall have to come back for an extended visit to take in more of your wonderful wildlife and bird shots

Rob: What I Did in 2007
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 5 years ago
April 16, 2007

Thank you everyone for all the kind comments and visits. I promise to visit your stream tonight or tomorrow. I just have time to catch my breath, catch up here and meet a friend for dinner.

Forster's Tern
Forster's Tern/Sterna forsteri
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 5 years ago
April 17, 2007

The day was so windy, I could hardly hold my camera.

Marbled Godwits
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Forster's Tern...ok I learn something every time I swing through. I used to see these terns in great huge packs (wait ...flocks?) when I lived in fla. Usually in the winter - they would all gather in a huge crowd and stand on the sand with their heads pointed into the wind...sort of like a funny windsock - as the wind migrated through the compass points, the terns would change their stance..."one good tern deserves another" (alternate title!)

Good stuff - CollardGreens: Oops!
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 8 years ago
April 18, 2007

Another very windy day. Difficult to work when it is so windy and very difficult to keep my camera from blowing all over the place.

Western Sandpiper
Western Sandpiper
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 5 years ago
April 19, 2007
Another full day with an early morning walk around Moss Landing. I was able to inch up fairly close to some Caspian Terns and photograph their antics. I took lots of photos of them. When I returned to the road and my truck there were two swallows sitting on the wire that barricades the cliffs from the parking lot. I inched closer and closer until I was able to get some fairly good shots of them. At the first salt pond near the beginning of the road was a Clark's Grebe sitting on land. I had never seen one out of the water. I took lots of photos of it just sitting there and then it stood up with this sort of ungainly stance. I have posted one like that on my stream.
Back to work and then a chiropractor's appointment. I am slowly feeling better--but very slowly. Then a snack of some grilled vegetables at a nearby café. Off to my french literature group to discuss our current "roman"--Suite Française--Iren Nemerovsky.
Home finally to get ready to be gone all day tomorrow. I will work in the morning and then a friend and I are going to the East Bay for an adventure ending in a dinner and a concert at La Peña. The group is Elias Lamman Trio and they play music of their home country of Egypt.

Northern Rough-winged Swallow
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
she's so fluffy i want to pluck her off her branch and squeeze her
ItinerArts 11 years ago

The sandpiper shot is great.

CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Looks like the wind is still up...good stuff here...

CollardGreens: Oops!
ParaScubaSailor 11 years ago
The last two shots have a very endearing proximity feeling with the birds. And they're so sharp!

Well done.
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 5 years ago
April 21, 2007

Baby Black-crowned night heron

Baby Black-crowned Night Heron
April 22, 2007

Was gone all day yesterday. Went to the gym in the early morning and then to work. In the afternoon my friend Susan picked me up and we went to the Palo Alto Baylands for about an hour. (That is where I took the above photograph of the baby bird). Susan is a stained-glass artist so we went to Newark and to Oakland for her to pick up glass for her current project. Afterwards we strolled around Berkeley's Shattuck Ave and had some juice. We met friends for dinner at the Chiléan restaurant that is connected to La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley. After a really wonderful dinner we went to the concert area and heard the Lamman Ensemble. The first half of their set was very disappointing. Although most of the individual musicians are excellent, they had included a guitar player and Georges Lamman's wife on synthesizer and that was just horrific. I couldn't tell if they just wanted to be Arabic pop music. In the second half, though the synth and guitar players left the stage and it was just accordion, violin, oud, darabouka, and riq. Excellent.
Got home and to bed about 1:00 a.m.
Got up this morning at about 5:45. Raineys picked me up and we drove to the Palo Alto Baylands for a day of shooting. We had a wonderful time. We plan to go back early Thursday morning when the area is less crowded.

Two baby black-crowned night herons
Where's are mommy and daddy?
ItinerArts 11 years ago
Wow... great heron shots! Those babies look fierce.

Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
i like the baby shots - my ex-mother-in -aw has a magnet on her fridge
"A baby is always a blessing."
I agree but I have had many many "discussions" with other-minded folk.
dont mean to start a polemic here - just saying "new beings" make me smile :)
ItinerArts, I think they were more scared than fierce. Yes, JR new things make me smile too. These babies were so sweet and I worried about them so much. I still am. I am going back to the Baylands this Thursday with my flickr friend Raineys. I hope to find out from the rangers if anything was done for them.
April 22, 2007

Took a walk around the wharf this morning and then in Neary Lagoon. Now I am making a "Mississippi Mud Cake" for a party where we are celebrating 5 birthdays.

(Lots of chocolate and coffee and brandy in that cake for those inclined to like those things combined. :D )

Starfish under the wharf this morning

April 23, 2007

Neary Lagoon/Early Morning

Tent Caterpillars

Tent Caterpillars
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Yaaahh ! Now you got the goosebumps up !! Sorry I have been slow in posting lately - I do sneak a peek daily but haven't had too much time for posting...as always good stuff !

CollardGreens: Oops!
April 24, 2007

Egret on a misty morning early
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 5 years ago
April 25, 2007

Female Common Merganser
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
that is one cool dude (er dudette?)
Oops, I forgot to identify this lovely little ducky. She is a female common merganser.

You keep changing your icon. You look very serious and professional in red.
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 5 years ago
April 26, 2007
Raineys ( flickr.com/photos/72984804@N00/ ) and I left this morning at 6 a.m. to drive over to Palo Alto to the Baylands again. This is such a rich area for bird photography--both cliff and barn swallows, snowy egrets, black crowned night herons (with babies), Canada geese (with babies), lots of shorebirds, norhtern harriers, avocets, clapper rail etc. Today we even photographed a white kite in a tree not too far away. Afterwards we met Marianne ( flickr.com/photos/bush/ ) in Belmont to take a walk with her but we got there late and we needed to rush off as we had an appointment in Half Moon Bay with someone else. So we agreed with Marianne that we would come back and let her show us the wetlands near where she lives. The reason we were late is because we got sidetracked by two other photographers at the Baylands. Mike Spinak ( flickr.com/photos/57203173@N00/ ) and Mark Hatasaka (who is not on flickr but has his own website ( www.dpsimple.com/ ) and others and is the published author of several books on digital photography. We all agreed to go down the road a piece where there were mandarin ducks and woodducks. We had so much fun that we forgot about the time. So after parting with Marianne we drove across 92 to the coast to Half Moon Bay. We waited in the agreed parking lot for about 45 minutes and Sharon never showed up. We moaned that we didn't have a phone number for her and we would have rather have stayed and taken a walk with Marianne rather than be on this windy foggy beach. Back in the car, we drove north on Highway 1 and had lunch at a great fish place next to the beach. From the restaurant, I could see birds on the beach so I asked Rainey if she wanted to go down there and see what was there. Besides lots of Western and Bonaparte's gulls there was a whole flock of Brant's geese. The lighting was terrible but we tried anyway. On the way home we stopped for a walk in the Pescadero lagoon and photographed a very cooperative spotted towhee and a Forster's tern flying along the waterway.
Home for a shower and time enough to dump my photos on to my computer and upload about 3 of the little Canada geese goslings. Now, I am heading off to a meeting.
Catch everyone later...

Canada Geese Goslings

We're swimming.  This is called swimming
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 11 years ago
so that is where they come from - hahaha - look after them for us - more new beings - yay :D

when karla, a contributing photographer for our paper took that icon photo at the weymouth fire i posed and tried to look serious instead of my more natural - wide eyed, jaw dropped "Holy geeez that building is on fire" look - i get a little giddy with excitement

p.s. love the reflection of the chopped off head - funny
lramiro520 11 years ago
Geeeeeeese! I love watching families of geese crossing the road with traffic stopped on either side of them. They're so beautiful. Wonderful shot.

The Other Side Of The Fence
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
They are so cute ! 25th windswept elvis look ! Uh huh..

CollardGreens: Oops!
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago
April 27, 2007

After work Rainey and I drove north to Año Nuevo State Reserve and walked the path to the beach. We said, "let's not photograph birds today; but the elephant seals instead." Of course, we stopped a few dozen times to photograph the little birds that kept landing in the chapparel--song sparrows, white-crowned sparrows, spotted towhees, American goldfinch, a wrentit, etc. But out on the beach there were lots of elephant seals still lying around molting. One is kept back by ropes and the rule is to stay at least 25 feet away from them. We stayed at one area where there were quite a lot of them and had a great time watching them and taking their picture. Then we walked along another path where we encountered one of the docents (Delta Dan--a very colorful character from the Sacramento Delta who had a chair, a spotting scope and a book of poetry at his station) on the boardwalk who said we couldn't go any further as there was a seal right there about 10 feet away. He didn't mind that we both lay down in the sand and started shooting away at face level. Eventually the seal found his way back down to the beach and we were able to continue to the lookout point where we saw a stellar seal--the only one there. By the time we left, we were exhausted from the sand and the strong wind. We stopped at a café in Davenport and had something to eat and rested in the warm interior of the building.

Elephant Seal
Elephant Seal
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
CollardGreens: Oops!
If you are interested in watching falcons on a nest with baby chicks go here:
Ha ha ha ha ha. Ipuzzled has posted a photo from the old daze.

April 28, 2007
Woke up for an early mornig walk around Neary Lagoon. It was so quiet and peaceful. There were woodducks and swallows, marsh wrens, mallards, grebes, a common yellowthroat and song sparrows. The light was golden and the water was smooth and emerald green in places. I saw a mallard family with 5 babies.
Then I had to work all day pruning an ivy hedge to make up for so much time I took off this week. When I got home a friend called and asked if I wanted to take a walk. We took a walk through the open space above Seacliff Beach. Now, I am getting ready to go to an organ concert with Anthony Newman at Holy Cross Church as part of the Baroque Festival.

Common Yellowthroat
Common Yellowthroat
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago
April 29, 2007
Early morning walk along the San Lorenzo River. The tide was high and there wasn't many birds; but still there were quite a few common merganser couples (watched one pair during their mating ritual--like other water birds, the male is very rough with what seems like a rather reluctant female. ) I observed several snowy egrets, the usual assortment of starlings, blackbirds, house sparrows, house finches, gulls etc.
Back home to bake a cake for the birthday gathering this evening and prepare for my radio show. I got to the station about 1/2 hours before my show to check out what was new in the station's currents and found a few things that looked more than interesting.

Now I am home after posting my playlist and taking a shower making the frosting for the cake and getting ready to go.

Snowy Egret on the river this morning
Snowy Egret
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Nicely done as always - looks like the wind is up only a little. BTW - what is the broadcast ID for your radio show? Would like to catch it on the internet...

Thanks - CollardGreens: Oops!
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago

I am on every other Sunday from 1 - 3 p.m. Pacific Standard time so that would be Sunday nights starting about 10 p.m. in Paris. I was on today so I will not be on again for two weeks.

Here is the sort of thing I play on my show:
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 5 years ago
April 30, 2007
Early morning walk in Neary Lagoon. Watched a marsh wren build a nest, saw a coot sitting on its nest tucked away in the reeds, heard a common yellowthroat singing, found where the wood ducks were and saw 1 female, 5 adult males and 2 babies.

Male-Wood duck-and-baby-Wood duck
May 1, 2007

May Day

After work, I took a walk on the beach.

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican Flying
May 2, 2007

I grow about 100 different roses in my garden--most of them I started from cuttings. They are like little princesses when they bloom.
This is Rosa x alba 'semi-plena'

Rosa x Alba 'Semi-plena'
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Yow ! Thanks for the link - I will take some time and sort through it. There is a bird preserve near where I will vacation next week - we will visit with your shots as inspiration. I am searching for a long lens to rent as well. Thanks - CollardGreens: Oops!
What kind of camera do you use? My lens is a Canon 100-400 mm. I have seen other photographers around here that use a 600 mm shot for birds; but they have tripods. I cannot even imagine hauling something like that around. I doubt that I will even take this lens with me when I go to Corsica.
Oh, I went to your photo stream and I see you use a Nikon. I am certain you can find a very good lens for taking shots of birds. If you don't use a tripod, try to rent a lens that has image stability.
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
I will try for a 400 with VR stability and good light qualities...we will see..I will certainly use a tripod until I get the technique down - perhaps them trying to go by hand. Thanks again for the advice and inspiration...
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Such spectacular bird shots! I wish I could spend more time on your stream. You would garner an awful lot of new favourites!
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago
May 3, 2007

Went to Moss Landing early this morning. Photographed a common loon in breeding plumage. Spent the day pruning ivy. Cut my index finger on my left hand which made it hard to work (but I did anyway, bleeding all over my tools) and even harder to type. Saw my chiropractor and now I am making a dish to take to my french group potluck. (Steamed aspargus with raw red bell pepper, avocado, sliced strawberries and crumbled gorgonzola cheese all in a vinegrette of olive oil and blood orange vinegar).

Common loon in breeding plumage

Common loon
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
dont forget to breathe :P
nice shots as always - i see it is sunny :D
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
poor lamb. sorry about that boo boo
May 4, 2007

He seems to be wearing a smirk...

American Crow
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
he's so beautiful - he should be smirking!
so very cool
I am icing my finger. I think it is broken.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
ack - from cutting it? is that why he's smirking?
im lost?
No, when I cut my finger (with my saw) I also hit it very hard. The saw slipped while I was pruning a particularly thick piece of ivy.
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Ouch with the finger! He is a sleek, smug specimen, isn't he?
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
if you go to the doctor, be sure and ask her if you'll be able to play the piano when it is healed...
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago
I would much rather be able to play the clarinet, thank you very much.
Of course, that imples going to see a doctor. I cannot afford it. The U.S. doesn't have a national health care program like civilized countries.

Stokely Carmichael said "Justice in this country means just us white folks." Nowadays it would be "just us rich folks".
May 5, 2007
Early morning walk in Neary Lagoon. I had it to myself for a little while--I mean I was the only human. Birdsong was everywhere. A female mallard with 5 babies sitting on the lawn deep in the english daisies. A flock of Cedar waxwings over by the weir. Marsh wrens chattering, song sparrows singing, barn swallows landing and arguing with each other, a squirrel hiding in a tree scolding me.

Had a great telephone conversation with my sister Lynette. I love checking in with my sisters. Debbie and her husband will be traveling to the Azores soon. In July, Lynette, Debbie and myself will meet in Santa Barbara for a sister fest. I am so looking forward to that.

Meanwhile my finger is stiff, sore, and bruised but I seem to be improving.

I am not usually so accident prone.

Cedar Waxwings
(what I call "fly by shooting")

Fly By Shooting
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
looks like your trigger finger is okay - hope it is 100 per cent for the sister fest - youll need all your digits for that im sure - :)
May 6,2007

Female Grackle
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
love dis - u do it well - repeating patterns - the gold sticks - the patches of green - ad of course the movement here is woohoo - plus she is one serious looking new home builder
May 8, 2007

Rough times.

Red-tailed Hawk
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
sorry to hear it - great shot
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago
May 8 2007

One of the best parts about being an old woman is that I can walk down the streets without anyone noticing me (except if they notice the lens I am carrying--and then again it is not me; but what I call "lens envy." ). Youth definitely has advantages; but I do not mind growing old. I love a challenge and it is great not having to worry about how I look and what others think of me--no peer pressure. I wear my wrinkles and grey hairs proudly.

Marsh wren on nest
Marsh Wren
May 9, 2007

Trying to photograph swallows in flight is a sure road to hell... or at least a sure road to driving myself crazy. It may be better than being slapped on the face with a cold wet fish but not much better.

After unsuccessfully trying over and over, I decided to think of it as a video game--never mind that I have never played a video game in my life. In between frustrating myself to no end, I tried other birds in flight, Canada geese mostly. oh well...

Had a lovely chat with my sister in North Carolina this evening. She and her husband are leaving in two weeks for the Azores Islands. She has been doing a ton of research on the family there. She hopes to meet some relatives that may be remaing.

Face to face with a moth

Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 5 years ago
May 10, 2007

Just how it is sometimes...

Open Wide and Say Ahhhhhhhhhhh
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago
May 11, 2007

Spent the late afternoon at Jetty Road trying to practice birds in flight shots. Now, I am heading off to do the African Music show at the radio station.

Brown Pelican
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
i think i'm a seal
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
glory - perhaps a silkie - you should look it up - especially if you ever plan to visit the coast. You could start by watching THE SECRET OF ROAN INNISH

gypsy - do you have silkie's outwest? if you dont know what i mean, you might want to listen to Tom makem's song PETER KAGAN AND THE WIND - i think it is the best thing tommy ever did

I know im not a seal - nicole says im a cheetah, but my mother gave me this whale tail and i feel a lot of power there - gypsy are you a bird of some sort? perhaps a swallow - hahahahaha
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
ps gypsy - who would ever want to be young - my god - i never imagined id be this happy to be 38!
Yes, I know what a silkie is.

Do we have them out west? She smiles slyly.

I am a bird. Swallow. No. I am a small shy bird that hides in the forest.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
oh is this a guessing game?
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
*snorts @ swallow
what a man thing to say.

drab chicken [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by drab chicken (member) 11 years ago
omg! that was just a guess off the top of my head, then i went to your stream to look for more clues and found www.flickr.com/photos/99667240@N00/494439155/ which has me believing that perhaps i am right. if i'm not correct, that's fine. i still feel proud. haha!

p.s. your mother's day seals are awesome
May 12, 2007

Stayed home most of the day spending time in my garden and my house. Took a late afternoon walk along the San Lorenzo River. My son and his girlfriend are coming to visit this evening for a day or two.

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Hey ! Have been away as you know...just back in and dashing around to see what I missed...good stuff here ! Will catch up more in the morning over coffee..

CollardGreens: Oops!
May 13, 2007

My son and his girlfriend Chelsea came for a visit for Mother's Day. We had a lovely morning together then I did my radio show. After the kids left, I drove to Elkhorn Slough for dinner with my friend Susan and her daughter Eve. Susan and I took a sunset walk. I slept over in the guest room and took an early morning walk. Now I am rushing off to work.

Mother's Day sunset at the slough

Sunset at the Slough
May 14, 2007

Running on empty. I will tell the story after I have taken a shower and eaten some dinner.

Newly hatched baby coot

Baby coot being fed
Jonathan W PRO 11 years ago
beautifull sunset
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
holy toledo - that is a crazy looking bird

glory - man thing to say? i only said swallow because on May 9 gypsy said
Trying to photograph swallows in flight is a sure road to hell.

is the game over now :(
The Brown Creeper is a small, well-camouflaged bird of woodlands--barely noticeable.
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Details - the shot is wonderful ! Glad to be back to get a daily fix !

CollardGreens: Oops!
I spent last night out at my friend Susan's in Elkhorn Slough. We took a lovely late night walk and then continued to chat till quite late. I woke up for the sunrise but it was a foggy morning so there was no golden light. I nevertheless went for a walk along the water. Very few birds are up that early but many came flying in about the time I was ready to go back to Susan's for breakfast. We had pancakes and talked some more; but being Monday we both needed to go to work. I drove back to my house, got my tools and got on it. In the late afternoon, I took a walk around Neary Lagoon. As I always do, I checked out the coots nest well hidden in the reeds. I knew there were five eggs there and one coot parent always sitting on them. Today I saw movement and while I stood there I saw a tiny head peek out. One of them, perhaps two has been born. One parent was keeping guard and going off to find worms. The other was very lovingly feeding the new baby. I tried to take shots through the weeds, they are pretty good but the reeds are obscuring the image somewhat. Never mind, the scene brought tears to my eyes and even now when I look at them I am a bit misty eyed. LIfe is a miracle.
ItinerArts 11 years ago
Newly-hatched? Quite a lot of plumage!

Dragonhide 11 years ago
such beautiful nature shots... This diary is inspiring for me to work harder on my nature shots :)
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
the shots are amazing and i think the reeds add to the scene because we get a good sense of how hidden the nest is
*holds out tissue
hear ya go :)
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 5 years ago
May 15, 2007

I did take lots of shots today; mostly of cormorants and brown pelicans. I originally posted a pelican shot here; but changed my mind. I created this one today and liked it better as it speaks about my mood and what I am thinking about rather than what I did today.

Sunrises in Corsica/Sunsets in California

Sunrises in Corsica/Sunsets in California
ParaScubaSailor Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ParaScubaSailor (member) 11 years ago
Great creation with the sunsets. I'm so glad to be back and find all the treasures you've posted on your stream...

I like your musing about growing old. Nothing can replace character and experience...

I hope your finger is better.
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 5 years ago
May 16, 2007

Long day.

Anna's Hummingbird
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 5 years ago
May 17, 2007

Mr. Grumpy
Яick Harris PRO 11 years ago
wonderful nature shots. Wow!

Is April 25 a Merganser?
Yes, she is a common merganser
Jonathan W PRO 11 years ago
you just have the most beautifull shots, recently purchased a telephoto ( 70-300) and have been trying to take more nature shots and that experience just makes me more and more impressed with your photo's
noxious bulb [deleted] 11 years ago
This is a very nice thread. Congratulations on your photography.
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 11 years ago
May 18, 2007

Immature European Starling
On my river walk today
ItinerArts 11 years ago
You should pubish your own field guide!

ParaScubaSailor 11 years ago
Drive-by catching up...

Loved the crab on the 17th, and that Starling on the 18th.
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Good morning - I seem to be following para around today...

I like the diversion to ground based life on the 17 as well! I do hope all is well and that your plans for corsica are well under way...

Best - CollardGreens: Oops!
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