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~ Phil Moore 3:11pm, 19 December 2006
Sunrise Smiles

I moved to Paris, from England, in August 2006 with the intention of experiencing life in another country, as well as to improve my French. I anticipated being here for at least a year. Will I still be in Paris at the end of 2007?

As well as providing a structure for documenting 2007, I hope that this project will motivate me to make the most of every day: doing things that will not only make my life more fun, but provide something worth looking at for those browsing through this wee archive.

~~~~~~~~~ January .... ~~~~~~~~~ February ... ~~~~~~~~~~~ March ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ April
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22 23 24 25 26 27 28.....19 20 21 22 23 24 25.....19 20 21 22 23 24 25.....16 17 18 19 20 21 22
29 30 31............................26 27 28...........................26 27 28 29 30 31...........23 24 25 26 27 28 29

~~~~~~~~~~~~ May .... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ June .... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ July .... ~~~~~~~~~~ August
......01 02 03 04 05 06...........................01 02 03.......................................01................01 02 03 04 05
07 08 09 10 11 12 13.....04 05 06 07 08 09 10.....02 03 04 05 06 07 08.....06 07 08 09 10 11 12
14 15 16 17 18 19 20.....11 12 13 14 15 16 17.....09 10 11 12 13 14 15.....13 14 15 16 17 18 19
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28 29 30 31......................25 26 27 28 29 30...........23 24 25 26 27 28 29.....27 28 29 30 31...........
.......................................................................................30 31........................................................................

~~~~~~~ September.... ~~~~~~~~~ October .... ~~~~~~~~ November .... ~~~~~~~ December
.............................01 02....01 02 03 04 05 06 07......................01 02 03 04.................................01 02
03 04 05 06 07 08 09.....08 09 10 11 12 13 14.....05 06 07 08 09 10 11.....03 04 05 06 07 08 09
10 11 12 13 14 15 16.....15 16 17 18 19 20 21.....12 13 14 15 16 17 18.....10 11 12 13 14 15 16
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~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Woop! Although I'm not nearly as popular as you and Philippe ^_~

Wrist is ok really, I'm just moaning!
Italian Papillon 11 years ago
we shall then give you some sympathy...
poor boy....come on...it will get better soon, you are strong so don't worry...and then you will be able to do some more nice jumps as you are used to do....:-)
francophony 11 years ago
That is a great choice of tunes. I would groove to your cd collection any time!

~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Hehehe, thanks. Although it can't be that bad as I'm sure I'll be able to hold a beer tonight!

Thanks! Although I really miss the fact that the majority of my CDs are still in boxes back in England...
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Wednesday. January 31, 2007
Fountain of Light

After work last night I got off the RER a stop early and wandered from Châtelet over to rue de Richelieu to catch a bit of an exhibition (which wasn't very good).

Whilst taking a short-cut through the Palais Royal I realised that now I live in Paris, I hardly ever spend any time at the places which Paris is famous for. I guess that's the same wherever you live, particularly when that place is, as I read yesterday in the newspaper, the third most visited city in the world. Wandering back down the rue de Rivoli, past the big hotels by the Louvre I wondered who has the money to stay there, and how many people they've trodden over to get it.

After having sat in an office all day I felt the need to do something, something salubrious, so I went out for a run. I was only going to go for a brief one, still aching a little from yesterday's skating.
I headed out along the Seine, in the direction of BNF, and once past there, realised that it is where my knowledge of the 13e kind of ends.

So I kept going.

Out through the industrial area around the Quai d'Ivry, I ran through some areas that sat in stark contrast to the grand boulevards I had been walking through only an hour earlier. I quite like that gritty side of life.

By the time I got home, an hour later, my legs were shot. It somehow took me an hour to cook dinner, and then I spent the evening with a book, a housemate and my new friend, the glass of whisky.

Explore places. It's fun. ^_~
Jessie Romaneix © Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jessie Romaneix © (member) 11 years ago
How , lol, some evenings I have the same friend...one only but it's a good brainstormer ;-))
Italian Papillon 11 years ago
Fil.......living in Paris IS fantastic!!!! ( I try to see this city always with the eye of a neophite...and it feels so good!!!) :-)
mscjwharton 11 years ago
Stunning photo! You have the right idea. Just point your nose in a direction and go. It just seems to refresh the senses. Hope your wrist feels better soon. ∆_∆ How about a pumpkin face!
Colleen Continues Creating
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
Great shot!
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
I'm well aware of this fact Sabrina! Paris is ace.

& Thanks ^_^
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Thursday. February 1, 2007

~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Friday. February 2, 2007
Forever Lost

Waking with a sore, tired head after last night's events, I trundled off to work. On my return journey I picked up a Russian friend who had come over from England to visit. T'was good to see her.

We headed to The Magic Numbers gig at the Elysée Montmartre, where their sweet harmonies did a good job of taking my mind off those things from the day before.

Following the gig we escaped the, umm, delightful Pigalle as soon as we could to head over to Parmentier and the divine Marquise bar. Man I love that place.
The Jazz Manouche was in force, which led to lots of dancing after being pulled out of my chair by a rather lovely française. Once that was over, we headed next door to a bit of Irish music with a fiddle and guitar, and then caught the bus back home to be greeted by my drunken flat-mates after having met the girls from upstairs on the staircase, who came in to join in the fun.

Another late night, but a very eclectic one.

Paris is a good place to be living.
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Saturday. February 3, 2007
Falling From You

Whoa that was a lot of walking.

Anastasia hadn't been to Paris for yonks, so we did the touristy stuff. Walked all day - not a metro in sight. Lovely. Itinery was:

- Gare de Lyon (chez moi)
- Bastille
- Marais
- Notre Dame
- Louvre
- Concorde
- Champs Elysée
- Arc de Triomphe
- Tour Eiffel
- Hôtel Invalides (just on the way)
- Sèvres Babylone
- Jardin de Luxembourg
- Marais
- Beaubourg (see picture - A la belle étoile is pretty cool, and the music is awesome)
- Rue Charonne (the good side, damn good vietnamese food)
- Le Caveau des Oubliettes (St. Michel)
- Chez moi (though we cheated and took a bus)

When we got back, Adrian and Pierre were The Drunkest. Adrian's nephew has just been born. Hola!

Phew, that was a monster day. But blue skies all day, a lot of chatting, a lot of catching up, a lot of fun.
Glow* 11 years ago
Must have been exhausting!
Hope the lady wasn't wearing high heels hehe !
Seems that having flat mates can be fun sometimes...:D
I don't know the café Marquise...in fact I think you went to lot of places in Paris I didn't!
Where do you find your ideas?!?

Glow*'s world, at least what she's ok to share with the rest of the world!;)
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
Go get'um, mate -- sounds like a helluva weekend! The 3 Feb photo is excellent! Is that from the roof of Centre Pompidou??
Glow* 11 years ago
must have been, I can recognize the place ;)
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Hmmmm, today is not a good day to be talking about the 'fun' of flat-mates, I'll explain later...
As for the Marquise, it's a really small little bar that I can't even remember how I found out about it. I think generally I just wander around and pop into places that look fun. Occasionally you get the odd recommendation, too. Walk/run/cycle and keep your eyes open! ^_^

Yeah, it was a welcome distraction from things... Photo is indeed the top floor of Centre Pompidou. If you stand up there you get a great view of the video and also the whole of the escalator and the corridors looking down on to the Piazza are playing the soundtrack that accompanies it, which is really, really good.
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Sunday. February 4, 2007
Wandering Shadows

After the essential dash around the marché (yum, lots of herbs, a mountain of blood oranges, and many a légume) more wandering around...

Today we walked down to the Bois de Vincennes and around the lake. It was such a nice day! As a result of which, many many Parisiens had the same idea, but ne'er mind. It's weird that these manicured parks are what now constitute my 'outdoors' time - when it used to be out in the Peaks.

We cheated today and jumped on a métro up to Montmartre, to continue Anastasia's Paris Tourist education ^_~ Nice wander around the back streets, away from the hoards, as well as mingling with the masses watching the sun set from the base of the Sacré Cœur. After a slow coffee, we wandered down from Montmartre to Opéra, and then back to Gare de Lyon where I cooked a big ol' spinach and mushroom lasagne in preparation for the lasagne battle de Sabrina - hehehe.
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Monday. February 5, 2007
Recesses of the Mind

Following Thursday & Friday's conversation, another one took place on Monday and things were concreted. Relationships ending are never easy, but I know it's The Right Thing. Hmmmm.

My house-mates, celebrating Fanny's return from Guadeloupe and their end-of-exams, decided to have loads of people around. It's funny how you can feel lost in a big crowd of people. After a couple of rums, I slunk off to my room for a bit of introspection.

Trying to sleep in our house when you have to wake every day at 7am for work is proving impossible...
Italian Papillon 11 years ago
it is funny how you can sometimes feel lonely in a big crowd.....know the feeling...
and two rums would have put me KO.....you are a strong boy if you have been able to do introspection after those!!!

try to get a place of your own....or with working housemates.....I believe it would be easier....
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Hmmm, the anglo-saxon blood means that a couple of rums doesn't really have much effect at all! Although I think it was probably more than just a couple... Anyway.

Defo need to look into moving, it's just hard when (a) I have such a well placed, large room; and (b) I'm super skint at the moment and can't afford it!
James KEZMAN Photo PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by James KEZMAN Photo (member) 11 years ago
Endings are also beginnings :) Does that typewriter work!?!???

Light Image Truth by J. M. Kezman
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Hell yes, I use it all the time! I occasionally use it to write to people (but often prefer to do said activity in a café, so they're hand-written); but more importantly, it's fantastic for making the track-listings on mix-tapes ^_^

What's even better is that I simply found it!
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Tuesday. February 6, 2007

On the way home I got off a bit early and went a-wandering, again. Discovering the Japanese supermarket just down the road from Opéra is A Good Thing. Lots of fun wandering around, picking up random food to cook with. And I found edamame, which I hadn't eaten depuis longtemps! ^_^

Went out for a run to clear my head and to build up an appetite and did the whole getting lost thing again - somehow ended up at the Paris Mosque, which was the point at which I knew where I was again.

Before cooking up some udon noodles to go with the tofu, shiitake and random sauce I bought, I also whipped up some carrot and coriander soup for lunch the following day. Except one of my coloc's friends ate most of it. Grrrr. I really need to find a new place to live.
But the Kirin beer slipped down well before I retired to my room to listen to some Bach and read, away from the hullabaloo that was the other side of the wall...
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
wow, long time no see
great pics here !
take good care
have big fun

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
James KEZMAN Photo PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by James KEZMAN Photo (member) 11 years ago
You *found* it! That's fantastic! KIOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great place!!!!!! There is also Ace Mart on rue Ste. Anne -- smaller & with a Korean flair!

Light Image Truth by J. M. Kezman
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Working on computers all day, I tend to try to avoid them over the weekend! Thanks :)

Kioko is (slips into street speek) The Bomb! And I'll have to go check out Ace Mart - haven't really ever experimented with Korean food - thanks for the tip ^_^
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Wednesday. February 7, 2007

I was very excited on the way home from work. This was caused by a couple of factors:
- I bought a snowboarding magazine (after having spoken to a friend about trying to organise another trip), which gave me The Psyche. Think there shall be another trip at the end of March somewhere, and it's likely to involve a road-trip. I can't wait. I'm far to easily influenced by media ^_~
- Whilst at work I managed to source a couple of tickets for The Decemberists' at the end of the month. Boom. So I was meeting that guy to buy them off him.

Following buying the tickets, the night improved even more by going for a drink with a friend. Somehow ended up staying out very late, after getting dragged into a gay bar. I'm far too naïve.
But fun was had, words were spoken, drinks were drunk, and I got home faaaaar too late considering I would be getting up at 7am.

C'est la vie.
Glow* 11 years ago
Always something happening in your life, wow! :)
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Hehehe, I think I just talk it up ;)
But seriously, one thing I've learned over the last couple of years is that to do things, you have to take the initiative. Don't wait around for other people to ummm & ahhh, it will only lead to disappointment and regrets on missed opportunities.
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Thursday. February 8, 2007
Le Gardien

After dashing home work and whipping up a quick spot of Japanese (courtesy of the tofu & shiitake mushrooms I had left over from t'other night), I headed over to Trinité to meet a couple of folk to go and watch my first play in Paris. Not only that, but my first my play in French!

We went to see Pinter's Le Gardien (The Caretaker, in its original title) at the Théâtre de Paris, which was really good fun. Although I found it a little tough at times due to my français merdique, especially when there was no interval, so it was two and a half hours of intense concentration not only on the language, but the play, too!

I really should have got a photo of the theatre itself: t'was veh nice inside. But I'm still a bit shy about whipping out cameras left, right and centre. I'd make a terrible photographer. So the stub will have to suffice as my record of the evening.

Post theatre, a glass of blanche was supped, new friends were made, and I didn't manage to get the early night I needed... Ah well, there's always the next day.
Glow* 11 years ago
What is a glass of blanche??
And yep, you're right, but sometimes I can't even count on me to get the motivation to get out alone or to call people to make them go out with me!
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
That just takes practice! After you've rued enough things you wished you'd done, the motivation will come ^_^

Blanche is the generic term for wheat beer, or Weißbier. Hoegaarden and the like.
Italian Papillon 11 years ago
you talk it up.....really?!?!?! heehee ;-)
Glow* 11 years ago
Thanks for the explanation ;-)
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Friday. February 9, 2007

On the way back from work I finally had chance to have a wee look around the petit Willy Ronis expo that is on outside Gare de Lyon at the moment. Some really inspiring photos of the mountains. Inspiring for the photography (there's one of a girl in a window looking out over Mont Blanc which is fantastic); inspiring for getting on the train and returning to the landscape which I love. It was crazy to see what the resorts were like in the thirties etc, and I was also surprised by the sorts of things they were doing back then with just wooden planks!

After a quick run, and a spot of food, I headed over to Tom's place where there was a party a few floors up. Except we didn't really make it there...

Arrived at his to be greeted by many a margaritas, and some interesting Guatemalan shooters, and another fête spontaneously combusted chez lui. I love nights like that. Met loads of new people, spoke a fair amount of la belle langue and had a very, very good night.
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Saturday. February 10, 2007
Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish

After waking up on Tom's couch, I meandered back to my place, finding a cool little market between Nationale and Chevralet, on the way.

I later explored the multitude of camera shops on the Boulevard Beaumarchais for the first time, spotting a Nikon D100 that I could be tempted by. I love my old film SLR, but film (and more the processing) is getting far too expensive. Anyone any suggestions/advice on DSLRs? I think I'll have to buy en occasion as I haven't much money at the moment.

After eyeing up some lenses to go with that body, I decided to go for a petit exploration - I haven't really spent much time around Oberkampf, so sauntered up to Republique to begin the search for The Next Best Café.
My quest was immediately interrupted when I spotted a little organic, vegetarian restaurant/café (La Pharmacie I think it was called) tucked away on a little back-street. I was in need of a drink, had a letter to write, and this looked like the ideal place to do it.

I wandered into the little back-room, with its comfy chairs, and took a seat, sharing the room with only a couple of françaises. After ordering a théière of delicious chai, I was writing away when one of the said française asked me for a light.

Now I don't smoke. Except that since I arrived in Paris, I occasionally have. And having a packet of cigs in my bag left over from Wednesday night, I replied with "no, but if you find one, could I get one too?"

When she returned, she asked me where I was from, and conversation ensued from there. Quite how the three of us were talking for two hours, I'm not sure, but it was ace. I found an awesome café, and met some cool (and rather pretty) people. Smoking appears to be the grande facilitator to meeting people.

On the way home I picked up a monster of a fish - Owen and I were going to experiment. So following my ace day, I had an ace evening, cooking good food with a friend, chatting, drinking le vin and listening to music.

I <3 Paris
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Sunday. February 11, 2007

Another day of wandering. I met up with a friend and we went for another wee explore - this time actually making it up some of Oberkampf, up around Ménilmontant to Belleville, before hoping on a métro to Montmartre where we found an amazing Italian deli.

In the evening, I finally got around to starting making some of the mix-tape I've been meaning to send to a friend for months. Although I had to do a bit of repair-work on the ol' type-writer in order to write the track-listing... Making mix-tapes is an art ^_~

Cooked up a beast of a veggie curry using some random spices I had left, and spent the evening chatting with les colocs...
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
Check out this stream to see what you can do with a D100 -- her work is absolutely awesome! There is a big photography trade show at the beginning of March -- both Nikon & Canon are expected to bring out new dslr models. THAT means there should be lots of gear used equipment market this summer =)
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Oooh, thanks for the heads-up on both the photography (awesome, indeed!) and the trade show.

I'm not sure I've enough patience to wait until the summer, but it might be worth waiting until March to see what is launched.

The problem I have with the D100 is that it's pretty old, and so for the body, the algorithms and didgery-pokery inside are likely to be pretty aged by more recent models. And it doesn't seem to be much cheaper than a 2nd hand D70s I saw... But I like the meatiness of it.
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
The D100 definitely has some heft. I understand it is quirky to work with, but the image quality is excellent. You will need to shoot RAW, though, to get the best out of the camera. Go here for good reviews on all things Nikon. Ideally, you could rent one for a weekend to try out, but I am not sure the D100 is still in the rental pool over a year after the D200 was released. Speaking of the D200, you may see a few of those shake loose if the early reviews of the Fuji S5 are confirmed...
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Monday. February 12, 2007
Snail Mail

A relatively uneventful day.

Got home from work, went running, cooked a bit of a Franco-Italian mélange for supper, hung with Pierre a little (although he was more engrossed in a computer game than anything else), read a little.

But most importantly:
Finished the letter. Finished the mix-tape. Assembled the envelope.

Technology isn't all that.
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Tuesday. February 13, 2007
Musique Pour Plantes Vertes

After going out for a wee skate, remembering that it was lame-o roller night at Bercy and so hitting the streets instead, I headed over to the Palais de Tokyo to meet a friend and wander around the new exhibition, entitled 'M', which follows on (loosely) from the 5’000’000’000 d'Années.

Some of the exhibitions were fun (Michel Blazy's Post Patman was pretty damn weird, but good); some were interesting (États: faites-le vous-même gave some fascinating information on micronations, although was a bit too saturated by stupid Americans declaring their bedroom their own 'state'); some were disturbing (I don't want to know what is going on in Joe Coleman's world); and some I just don't think I really got...
But I did have fun playing guitar to the plants in Peter Coffin's Musique Pour Plantes Vertes ^_^
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Wednesday. February 14, 2007
Chef de Crevettes

St. Valentine's Day

With recent events meaning that it would not be a day en couple, I invited some friends round for a bit of a soirée; a dinner-party so-to-speak. I like playing monsieur le chef.

An entrée of garlic prawns was followed by pumpkin and spinach lasagne (does butternut squash not exist in France?) and followed by some cake that las chicas brought 'round. Splendid.

A fun evening of banter, français, wine and good food.
Glow* 11 years ago
I don't understand: how can you post pics so regularly if you're shooting film?
I love when men know how to play "chef"; my brother in law is a real good cook ! :-)
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Film? Alas, you are mistaken. Most of the photos that make their way into this here thingy are just from my silly little point-and-shoot digital (see the EXIF). There's been a few film Lomo shots, but there's not been much real SLR action for a while. Not since Oslo in December really :(
Hence the need to scrape together some money to buy a DSLR!

With respect to playing chef: it's just that I love food! The only way I can afford to eat well is to learn to cook - although I don't profess to be a good chef by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure as hell beats 'packet' food!
Glow* 11 years ago
yep, but some men (and women I'm sure) wait for their partner to cook for them !
Well, I must say I don't really like to cook for me: when i'm hungry I have to eat really soon and that means no real time for cooking...

And for film I clearly misunderstood, my fault, I don't go and see exif datas...
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
about the playing for plants - i have this idea/ dream/ vision
of a cafe/ greenhouse/ bookstore/ music venue

the "walls" are plants hanging or growing up, the decorations are flowers in pots - everything is for sale or for cooking with
imagine for example you order bruschetta - we pull up a garlic, yank a tomato off the vine and pinch some basil - bam -
later you want some lemon balm tea - voila
and as you leave you buy a bouquet of sweet pea blossoms

sadly no smoking - too hard on the begonias -
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
Great photo from the 12th! RE: cooking -- aptitude is trained through experience-- keep cooking!!!
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Time is not an excuse! A really good stir-fry can be knocked up in less than ten mintues, from first whipping out the chopping board to emptying the wok on the plate :) Yum yum yum food food food. Hehhe.

Mmmm, like the idea of the bruschetta! Although the books may go a little mouldy in the humid environment ^_~ hehe

Merci. I've made the photo 'public' as the package has now arrived with the recipient!
As for the cooking, fear not, I do! I cook every night, albeit often very similar meals - usually a load of veggies thrown together in a multitude of ways... And I'm loving Winter for the fine excuse (and abundance of seasonal produce) for making many a soup ^_^
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Thursday. February 15, 2007
Mixtape Making

I was goosed when I got home, absolutely pooped. But I managed to convince myself that a run was a good idea. And it was. Just a wee one, up from Gare de Lyon to the edge of the Bois de Vincennes and back again. Think it was record time, around twenty five minutes.
Even though my body was exhausted when I got back, it woke-up my mind a treat ^_^

Having a fennel that needed using up, it was high-time to experiment in the kitchen. The result? A fennel and tomato soup! It even tasted pretty good, especially considering I completely made up the recipe. Nyom nyom nyom.

Following that, it was time to make stuff. A friend in England has her birthday on Saturday, so I stuffed her card with a menagerie of birds, and then it was time to get making a mix-tape to send to another friend in Italy, who has his birthday on Sunday.

And then it was time for bed.
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Friday. February 16, 2007
Slack Jaw

A night out in Paris.

Before heading out with some folk, I made the mistake of watching Boardbagged, a snowboarding movie, which made my appetite for the mountains grow enormously.

But here in the city, a fun night was had in La Marquise (again), meeting some new people, before heading on to some other bars.

A crap photo, but a fun night. This was more a token snap-shot for the project than anything else.
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Saturday. February 17, 2007
Free Hug

After a lazy start to the day, and watching some of the fantastic Planet Earth chez Tom, I hit the streets. Wandering over to Shakespeare & Co. to pick up a couple of books, I bumped into this manifestation outside Notre Dame - free hugs left, right and centre! It's a bit old-hat now, and this example was far too saturated with people jumping on the bandwagon, but fun nevertheless.

Following the bookshop, streets were wandered, coffees were supped, crêpes were consumed, and letters written before spending the evening hanging with les français.
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Sunday. February 18, 2007

Sunday was a beautiful day in the city, and I was determined to make the most of it.

- Wake up, head to the market for the banter and collect the bounty of fruits et légumes.
- Hit the streets for a skate, need to get those legs working. Except I quite literally hit the street. Ouch. Bloody boards...
- Meet some photo folk for the Chinese New Year défilé à Paris.
- Head out wandering with Fanny; Père Lachaise is pretty, basking in a Winter sun.
- Meet some more folk in the Marais. Tasty hot chocolate.
- Head back chez moi and watch La Haine with people.
- Chat, cook, sleep.

If Winter never ends...
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Monday. February 19, 2007

Another week of work begins.

Highlight of the evening should have been hanging with my colocs and some friends, but in actual fact it was the run I went for. Frees the mind and all that.

I think I might see some more of France this weekend. Maybe hitch-hike as I can't afford the train right now...
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
not very often
not as often as I would like
but I am here !
watching you

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
Glow* 11 years ago
What if winter never ends? What 'll happen then ?
You amaze me, where do you find the courage to go and run so often after work ??
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
Your last 3 are great -- like I want a hug from that guy! LOL!! Getting a decent shot on Sunday was tough -- lens flare!!! I like the wide framing on the 19th, really rich blacks as well. Good work!
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
I'm not sure if I should be complimented or scared?!

The hardest part of it is putting on the trainers and stepping out of the door. After a few strides, I never regret it. It wakes you up, makes you feel good, and clarifies things. Blows out all the cobwebs and all that.
And if Winter never ends? Think of all those crisp blue skies with frost on the city streets. Of those days on the mountain, strapped into a snowboard. Of those days of rich sunlight and long shadows. Those where you step outside and get hit by the cold, but being warm as you are wrapped up in coats and scarves and hats. Of stepping back into a room where a fire burns and hot chocolate warms you.
I <3 Winter.

Thanks! Sunday was indeed tough - I'm not sure how well the majority of my shots will work out - I was mostly using my argentique and also my fisheye - both films of which still sit in the cameras... The shot I posted isn't particularly good, but the one I feel best conveys the 'atmosphere' of the day, and is thus the most suitable for the Diary Project...
Glow* 11 years ago
Well I feel the same but it's for summer!
Those days which last for so long before sun sets, those days when you can go out with a very thin dress and hardly nothing else and still feel warm, feeling the sun on your skin, those days when people get out of work and go on terrasses (bars) and drink with friends,...well I love it so much I could continue talking about it for hours, I miss this season so much! I guess theyr are 4 seasons to please at least 4 different types of people! ;-))
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Ah, don't get me wrong, I like Summer too, and I do see your point. But Winter is so much more beautiful (at times). And based on last Sunday, you certainly felt the sun on your skin!
I guess it's all about making the most of each season ^_^

I'll have to try wearing a thin dress, come June. Heee.
Glow* 11 years ago
I agree :-)
Hehe, and I just can't wait to see you in a thin dress! ;D
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Tuesday. February 20, 2007
Between Light and Darkness

Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras

Today's photo is a bit of a hack.

What I actually did today was to return from (a rather boring day at) work, head out to a café, write a little, meet a friend, and go to a restaurant.
We were supposed to be going to another friend's to cook up a feast of pancakes (after all, Shrove Tuesday is just really an excuse to gorge on flour, milk and eggs, non?). However, wires were crossed, calls missed, and instead, we went to a lovely crêperie near Denfert-Rochereau where rather luxurious versions of what would have been pancakes were consumed.
And we talked. A lot. Mostly about moving to another country, which reminded me of a quote I love from Milan Kundera:
"Being in a foreign country means walking a tightrope high above the ground afforded a person by the country where he has his family, colleagues, and friends, and where he can easily say what he has to say in a language he has known from childhood"

It was a really, really nice evening.

So, what was 'The Main Event' of the day should be what features as the photograph for today. Except that I'm still not very confident or comfortable with whipping out my camera at times. And to be perfectly honest, it just didn't cross my mind in the restaurant.

Instead, I shall make do with a moody photo of ugly, tired-looking introspection, playing about with the light in my room, after getting home.
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
you can be a bit scared and very pleased at the same time
OK ?

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
Italian Papillon 11 years ago
I do agree with you: I love both - winter and summer....I could not live without one of those seasons....( and unfortunately we have already lost two of them....autumn and spring...so that's enough loosing!! ;-))

I think i would love the phrase from Kundera, but.....if I could understand it.....is something missing?? am puzzled....
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
I'm not sure whether what we're experiencing here in Paris at the moment is a really mild Winter or just a very early Spring! But this has been a crazy year for the seasons...

There's nothing missing from the quote, but the metaphor does use a rather uncommon structure - a style that I love reading, but is very rarely used outside literature (at least in the circles within which I mingle!)
Is it the afforded that throws you?
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Wednesday. February 21, 2007
Discipline et Obeissance

The walk back from the office to the train station in Versailles was beautiful - there was a really moody sky cast behind a really nice, warming sunset.

In the evening, I headed off to meet elBidule to watch Primer at St Michel (rad little cinema) which was a bit of a head-fuck but really good. I'd like to watch it again to try and 'get' everything. Even more amazing when you consider it was made on $7000!

On the way home I jumped off the métro early to sit in a bar, alternating between reading some more Calvino, and writing (abysmally in French) whilst supping the vin rouge...

Good evening.
Italian Papillon 11 years ago
@ Fil....yes, it is in deed....would you be able to explain?*mmmmhhhhhh, I feel like a starter in english* ;-)
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Hardly a beginner! It's quite a tough extract to get your head around...

The 'afforded' is basically saying 'given to' - so a (very poor) précis would be something like:
"Being in a foreign country means walking a tightrope high above the ground where the people of that country have the luxury of family, colleagues, and friends, and where he can easily say what he has to say in a language he has known from childhood"

But that loses all the nice meter. :p
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
I notice this when back in the US -- there is an ease of communication that I miss when in France. In your home country, you have all of the same metaphors, pop-culture references (although that has started to change :) and just plain vocabulary as everyone else...it is the liquidity of communication that I miss. I hate having to talk my way around a word I don't know or have forgotten in French. I read a statistic that 90% of expatriot assignments end early & I can understand why -- I was completely exhausted for the first 4 months I was here -- new job, city, language, culture, new everything! The stress is tremendous! But then you get used to it :)

Spectacular shot!
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Oh good lord yes - it is so frustrating to not be able to properly express what you say. I fear that when talking to people in my (terrible) French I must come across as so boring, because I simply cannot express the vast majority of what I want to say! Although it does provide even more incentive to learn and improve.
Living with French flat-mates is good for the language, but as you say, exhausting after a day at work when you just want to relax, and so to simply converse requires muchos thought.

But very much worth it.
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Thursday. February 22, 2007

Music is fantastic.

I was originally supposed to be travelling back to England for a long weekend, kicking off by going to see Bloc Party in Sheffield. But situations change, and that was no longer happening.

Luckily, after scouring the interweb a week ago, I had managed to acquire a couple of tickets for the sold-out Decemberists gig at La Maroquinerie.

I'd only heard one of their albums, Castaways and Cutouts, but was really looking forward to hearing more. And boy I was not disappointed. They were ace. The support band, Lavender Diamond, were jolie enough, but nothing spectacular (and the singer was bizarre!)
But I was captivated by several of The Decemberists' songs; right from the start with the opening song The Crane Wife 3, through to Shankill Butchers, and the opening song of the encore, Red Right Ankle.
...And I also formed a monster crush on Lisa Molinaro, who was playing viola. She pretty. heee #^_^#

Live music never fails to excite, and I am very much looking forward to getting more into the Parisian gig scene.
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Friday. February 23, 2007
Home Working

Caught in the dilemma of what constitutes the thing worth posting: does one post something that relates to the majority of the day, or the highlight of the day? I usually opt for the highlight (five photos per week of my office would be boring) but today, I'll succumb to the working life.
It was a little out of the ordinary, as I had the opportunity to work from home rather than commuting to Versailles, and it was also rather hectic, as I had a bit of a deadline to adhere to - I finally finished working around 7:30pm with a site FTP'd and an e-mail report sent. Phew ^^;;

That left just enough time to go out for a quick run, before cooking up a spot of grub, before heading over to a soirée chez Tom. This was the highlight of the day. But another excuse for posting a 'work' photo was that I was having far too much fun to remember to take a photo :-/

~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Saturday. February 24, 2007
Fallen Angel

I woke up relatively early after last night's festivities, and decided today was the day to leave Paris. I didn't have much cash, so hitch-hiking was the order of the day. An hour or two later I was at Porte d'Oléans with my thumb out.

What I love about hitch-hiking is the people you meet. From first arriving at the periphérique I was chatting to another couple of people who were escaping the city, and then my first lift turned out to be with someone who had organised the Decemberists gig from Thursday!

I didn't really have a plan where I'd go, just thinking that Orléans/Tours were about a 'do-able' distance to see somewhere new yet not spend the whole weekend en route. My first lift ended up resulting in an offer of Chartres. Why not? I'd heard it has a nice cathedral (true) and it was a good place to follow on elsewhere.

After looking around the cathedral and old town, I walked a few kilometres out of town to get down to Orléans - I thought Tours might be a bit too adventurous considering the hour of the day.

A direct lift from Chartres, whizzing past the terre de le grenier, brought me to Orléans and I had a quick nose-around before investigating the bed situation from the comfort of a nice little crêperie.
It was non-existent.
Turns out that the hostel is closed at weekends (what?!) and the cheap hotels are full.
Cue a mission down to Tours.

The train left in an hour, so I had a quick dash around seeing a bit more of the city (although was not very inspired - the part I (briefly) saw lacks any character and is swamped by high-street shops...)
An hour and a half on the train with the company of Calvino (and all for just 8€!) resulted in arrival at a rather wet Tours.

I made a beeline for the hostel, securing a bed, before heading out to see what Tours à la nuit had to offer, and I was not disappointed. From initially walking through the streets to the hostel, I knew that I had made the right decision in leaving Orléans!

A fantastic meal in a restaurant followed by a couple of beers in an amazing jazz bar I stumbled across meant a really fun night.

I love travelling.

[Photo-set of the hitch-hike]
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Sunday. February 25, 2007
From Green to Grey

Awaking in the hostel the first thing I heard was the falling of rain outside.
After a spot of breakfast (brioche = good) I braved the rain thinking it may be a soggy return back to Paris. I wandered the old town a little, which was a polar opposite to the night before - everything was shut and grey. Taking refuge from the rain in the Basilique St. Martin I learned that the French word for my current abstinence from chocolate and other such vices is Carême. I then continued to test my willpower by wandering the covered market...

Wandering around, I came across a cool little broquante, which are always fun. And then wandered to the Jardin Botanique, where the rain subsided and I discovered that they have kangaroos and an emu in France! Joy of joys.

More wandering, and then a fabulously long lunch of fouées before thinking about leaving for Paris. I walked up to the autoroute to attempt to leave town, where I got picked up for a couple of kilometres, being dropped where I was told it would be much easier to get to Paris. Except afterwards, hardly a car went by...

Desperation at one point prompted me to wander up to the autoroute itself to see if there was any sign of a péage nearby, which there wasn't.
I was ready to try to hitch back to Tours, thinking that maybe I'd have to take the train back in the end, when a lovely couple picked me up and took me to Orléans! Persistence is the key.

From there, after being briefly moved on by the gendarmes, I eventually got a lift all the way back to Versailles. Not only that, but chatting to the guy revealed he worked for a company that were in need of developers, and suggested I e-mail him my CV! Life can throw up very random opportunities. (So, by the way, how does one write a French CV?)

After my commute train back to Paris, and before going home, I headed Chez Tom, where we did a wee turn-around and ended up going to see Casablanca with Steph and Paul in a wonderful little cinema just down from the Panthéon. I can't think of a better location to watch such a movie. And oh, how many classic lines does it contain? Brilliant.

I eventually crossed the Pont Charles de Gaulle around midnight, arriving home where I was very much ready to crawl into bed.

A fantastic weekend.

[Photo-set of the hitch-hike]
Italian Papillon Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Italian Papillon (member) 11 years ago
It looks like a very different weekend from mine....but am working on the photos and you will know of it soon......however I bet it was enjoyable too!!!!!!!

PS: I could help you with the French CV should you need help of course!
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
Casablanca! Defiinitely in my top 3 of all time. Claude Reins rocks! Great shots on the 24th & 25th!!! Good luck with the potential gig!

Light Image Truth by J. M. Kezman
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Monday. February 26, 2007
Piscine Joséphine Baker

Legs were too tired to run after the weekend, so decided to swim, instead. First time in the water since I was in the Atlantic back in August (where, if I remember rightly, I thought it would be a good idea to see how far out I could get. Not a good idea.). Swimming pools aren't a patch on open water... But I swam until my arms would no longer pull me through the water, and that is a good feeling.

I meant to take a more 'arty' shot of the new pool on the quai de la Seine, but I forgot, and by the time I remembered, I was already walking home, and in a hurry to make it to the supermarket before it closed at 10pm so I could eat. Except I didn't make that, either. Pah.
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Thanks for the offer :) I'm not sure when I'm going to get time to actually start all this, but I might give it a shot, and if I do, I shall call in your services ^_^ But I'll probably see you tomorrow night, anyway?
And the weekend was very enjoyable, thanks! The best.

Yes, he is so good! So many winks and nods. Et merci.
Italian Papillon 11 years ago
@ Fil: yes, I may come tomorrow night, but it will be later on...I think, at around 20h/20h30.... :-)
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Is that late? Don't think I'll be able to make it before then!
smithbob 11 years ago
@fil you go to swimming pool near "bibliothéque françois mitérrand" ? how is it ?
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
It was the first time I've been, but it was good. I don't have anything to compare it to in France, but it wasn't too busy, was really cheap and is open suitably late in the evening :)
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Tuesday. February 27, 2007
Shakespeare & Co.

The Most Photographed Bookshop in the World? (a.k.a. Another Uninspiring Photograph...)

But yes, after work I popped in to see if If On A Winter's Night A Traveller had arrived yet (which it hadn't), so instead I bought some others: Difficult Loves (a collection of Italo Calvino's short stories), as well as Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy and Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence. My literary education slowly continues...

I know I should read more French literature, or at least literature in French, and I do every couple of weeks, but the allure of novels I can fully understand is too great at times!

After a run and a tasty fish supper, whisky and books kept me entertained until a friend popped by to say 'ello. And then I slept. And it was very welcome.
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Wednesday. February 28, 2007
Consequence of Love

Regina Spektor is sublime.

I'd been looking forward to this gig for a while, and even though all my friends are lame and wouldn't come, I wasn't put-off.

I must learn to actually look at where things are, though - I arrived a little late thinking I knew where the gig was; a mistake which involved a fifteen minute jog to find the place, and I was already running late :-/ This meant that I missed the first support act, but judging by the second support act, I'm not sure I missed that much.

Only Son was ok - his opening couple of songs appealed to me for their acoustic simplicity, but when his band joined him (via an iPod - please tell me this isn't where live music is going!) his New York sound just didn't live up to Death Cab For Cutie which is where I think he takes his influence.

But Regina was wonderful. She sat at her piano playing some songs alone, and was then joined by her band; she played all the songs I wanted to hear (although she did require a little prompting for Us - I still can't believe the fluidity between my call and her response with those opening bars!) and she was great. And the signs around the place exclaiming "At the request of the artist, no smoking please" made me love her even more.
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Thursday. March 1, 2007

After work I headed out to the flickr@paris mensuelle to see a few folk.

I was resolute that I was only going to stay for a couple of beers - last time I went the next day at work was hell. I kinda succeeded. I did only have a couple of beers. Except that a couple of people saw to it that I also had several glasses of champagne. And then some vodka cocktail thing.

I staggered home. Again.
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Friday. March 2, 2007
Night Train

Sat at my desk on Friday, nursing a wee hangover, it occurred to me that there wasn't much of the ski season left. So I started to dream about what I could do about it.

I could go snowboarding for the weekend.

Except I can't really afford it.

Snow reports tempted me.

SNCF prices tempted me.

A desire to be in the mountains really tempted me.

But the bank didn't like it.
Not one bit.

So I spent the day thinking of what could be, rather what would be.
Especially when I tried to convince my friends that it was a good idea and to come with me; but none of them agreed.
I decided I'd just have to wait.

But that evening, I decided that the bullet needed to be bitten. The season is too short.
Money isn't all that, anyway.
Snow is.

So I booked a train which left in two hours time.

Frantic packing ensued.

"Aieeeeee, where are my goggles?"
"Shit, my snowboard needs a service"
"Ack, I'm hungry!"
"Gah! Gonna miss the train!"

At around 10:10pm I was running out of my apartment, through the pouring rain and over the Pont Charles de Gaulle to Gare d'Austerlitz where a train was waiting to whisk me to the mountains.

I sat in my seat and I smiled.

Here come the mountains.
Glow* Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Glow* (member) 11 years ago
Wow, I know I already said it but I loooooove your diary, it amazes me, well...YOU amaze me !
And reading you makes me want to do things: swim, go to the patinoire (ice skating), travel...Thanks for that ! :-))
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Ummm, well, thanks!
I'm glad I can help you do things you want to do.

As I stated when I started this project: I hoped it would help to inspire me to do more, and whilst I didn't go boarding for the sake of taking photos, I'm glad that by posting things like that, it can encourage others to do what they want to do ^_^

Of course, I need to thank my friends who inspire me to do things, too.
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Saturday. March 3, 2007
Board Rider

Wake up on a train seat. It's God-knows-what-time in the morning, but I can see the dramatic landscape outside and that always fills me with excitement. Here come the mountains.

When I arrived in Bourg St. Maurice, the rain was coming down. The taxis weren't interested in short journeys, so I walked the kilometre or so to the hotel to dump my gear and get ready for a day on the mountain.

When I reached the funicular to take me up to Arc 1600 I found out that half of the mountain was closed due to bad weather. This, however, meant that the lift pass was cheaper. Bright side of life I tell myself.

After being whisked up the mountain it's still raining, but up here, the rain falls on snow, not earth.

Get high.
High means cold.
Cold means precipitation is snow.

So I take the biggest chair-lift I can find.

It also means poor visibility in the cloud! But when you're riding down fresh snow, that means little.

Riding freshies all day is hard-going: not only is my back thigh now made of iron, but my wrist is pretty nailed from several crashes.
But most of all, it's my cheeks that ache: from smiling so much.

God I love the mountains.

I receive texts from my best friend (in Italy) who is also enjoying a weekend on the mountain. Just a shame we couldn't be enjoying it together.

Head back down through the slush-puppy to finish the day.

Repeat the walk back to the hotel, relax (bath + book + beer = bonza) then go out for a meal (x2 The Walk).

And sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be a rad day.
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Sunday. March 4, 2007
In Search of New Snow

If someone can tell me a better experience than waking up in the mountains to a blue-bird day, knowing that there is fresh snow on the mountain and that you're going to be riding it, I would like to know what it is.
Admittedly, it could be improved by waking up next to a cutie of a boarding girl, the both of you heading up; but if I had to choose between the girl and the board, the board would get it every time.

This is the situation I found myself in. I raced down to breakfast, raced back up to get ready, and marched that walk down to the funicular.

When I sat on my first lift, the sky was a perfect blue, the resort had opened up, and I was going high. High as they could take me.

Over in Arc 2000 I found some fresh stuff. Off the back of a piste, over a ridge.

Which I dutifully rode.
Again and again.

I also came across some pretty hefty drops - accidentally hitting a 10 foot by 15 foot gap. Boy am I glad I can ollie!

In the afternoon I hit the board-park, within which were the biggest kickers I'd ever done. I didn't want to risk nailing my already injured wrist, so I settled from some long, float-y indies over them.

Back down the mountain, relaxing outside the hotel with a book in hand, I was in heaven. Sat on a patio surrounded by the mountains, it was idyllic.

Taking the TGV back to Paris was hard. Not only leaving that place I had called home for the last thirty-five hours, but because I realised how much I had abused my body.
My left shoulder is trashed. I can't lift my arm up above forty-five degrees. And every muscle I have has suddenly made itself known by aching like hell.

It's a good feeling.

[Photo-set of the trip]
educated boot [deleted] 11 years ago
That's brilliant Phil !! Can't wait to for next WE at Auxerre , riding and photo ;-)
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Cheers dude - yeah man, next weekend will be rad. What sort of jam is it? Dirt? Street?
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Monday. March 5, 2007
Hôtel de Ville

I ached.

(And nipped to the bookshop after work and saw a friend & made dinner & drank wine.)
~ Phil Moore 11 years ago
Tuesday. March 6, 2007

I still ached.

(My shoulder is royally ruined.)

Friends of my colocs came by in the evening, and we all drank & ate together.

And then a guy who I did a website for a while ago dropped by to explain that the crate of wine that was left in my room whilst I was away isn't just being stored there (as I guessed) but is actually a gift. Wow. A crate of some rather fine French reds (apparently a bit of a tour de France) and a couple of bottles of champagne.

I'll lay those down for a wee while I think. Special occasions and all that.

It's nice when people surprise you like that.
Glow* 11 years ago
What's the difference between dirt and street bmx ?

~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Dirt BMX is riding on dirt. Namely trails (such as this or this) or I guess at tracks (such as this).

Street BMX is riding on the streets :) Julien has lots of shots of his friend riding street recently (like this).

There are also skate parks to enjoy, and then at tracks there's racing and stuff.

Ooooh, there's so much fun to be had on a wee 20" :)
~ Phil Moore Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 11 years ago
Wednesday. March 7, 2007
Our Lady

Tacky photo day.

After work, I managed to drag my sorry ass out for a run, and it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. My shoulder wasn't great, but my legs & lungs were surprisingly compliant! Need to get back on the healthy-eating and exercise train to lose a few pounds... Good excuse to buy some fresh tuna to cook ^_^

I finally managed to get my hands on If On A Winter's Night, A Traveller - I'd been waiting for it to come in for weeks, and over the week-end I got a call saying it had finally arrived. Woop!
Following that, I wandered around the corner of Shakespeare & Co. to the Studio Galande to see Paris je t'aime - another thing I'd been waiting to do for ages.
Some of them were pretty damn clichéd, but overall really enjoyable ^_^

It prompted a wander home, rather than jumping straight on the métro.
And some thinking...
educated boot [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by educated boot (member) 11 years ago
Thanks for the ad for my photos Phil !

Hey I see you've got tons of wine to chug ( well not chug of course ) . I hope there are some big occasions coming soon :-)

Thinking too much isn't good , watch out. Some pretty nasty things have happened to people that thought too much ! Remember the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ( I trust you've seen it ) ...

"Go with the flow" as the QOTSA would say ;-)
Glow* Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Glow* (member) 11 years ago
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