iciblancheneige 12:16am, 18 December 2006
Hi there!

Hope everyone has had a great new year's eve, lots of friends, fireworks and bubbles:-D

Hope to be able to finish this quest..
iciblancheneige 11 years ago
morning after..

After a night of bubbles, friends and joy, the windows in my appartment were condensed a bit. :-)
Hope everyone had a splendid start of 2007 and it will continue to be a great year.
iciblancheneige 11 years ago
First day of the year: very busy day... This is what the freshly new unitagenda looked like after 7 hours...
iciblancheneige 11 years ago
another day of working too much. After a loooong day of working, I felt like this today...
alina_gerika 11 years ago
happy New Year)

do you like candles? )
iciblancheneige 11 years ago
I love them. Much better than lightbulbs. And much better than the very unromantic TL light in my bathroom. Only when reading I do prefer some artificial light.
And a happy new year too!!! Now I'm off, gonna take a look at your piccies :-)
satrina* 11 years ago
Happy New Year!

I like the window pic, the sepia tones look great.
iciblancheneige 11 years ago
(Sorry for the bad quality, but my mobilephone hasn't got that much pixels and I forgot to bring my camera. )
An after work drink with two of my collegues *Hi Ellen and Evi :-D *
I think the three of us are starting a collective for sad-lovestories-but-still-quite-okay-women :-)
After another day of hard work (I'm becoming very boring here, third day in a row I'm whining about job), this was just what I needed: a good laugh and talk with tho very different persons. I learned a lot about them and their perception of me toninght. We agreed to do this more often :-)
Glow* 11 years ago
Well I think that collective might grow very fast!...:D
Can't wait what you'll tell us about your week-ends!(Hope you don't bring back some work at home?!)

Maïa's world, at least what she's ok to share with the rest of the world!;)
iciblancheneige Posted 11 years ago. Edited by iciblancheneige (member) 11 years ago
This was last friday, 5th of january. I was driving from work to my mother and passed a little fun fair. It looked splendid in the dark with all of the lights!!
iciblancheneige 11 years ago
... catching up. I made my pictures, just didn't post them yet, so here's the one from saturday 6th:
I'm a menber of couchsurfing (www.couchsurfing.com), a group that stands for hospitality worldwide. This evening Sammy, an Australian bloke, asked to have a drink in Antwerp. He tried a lot of Belgian beers (Kriek, Bolleke, Grimbergen, Hoegaarden,...) and still managed to walk straight!!
iciblancheneige 11 years ago
and the one for today, january 7th:
Still with Sammy, but several hours later (and me looking ....well... not at my very best, to use an understatement). We went to a salsabar and he's a natural talent in Merengue, Bachata and Salsa :-) We had great fun! He was great, no inhibitions, just dancing, shaking and having fun. The way it should be :-D
Glow* 11 years ago
iciblancheneige 11 years ago
my friend. There were three of us.

*runs off to read the rules again*

Nope, The Rules say nothing about having to take the pictures yourself... For me it was a highlight of the day, so that's why I posted it. (sad huh, still a lot of the day to go, but believe me, nothing exciting is gonna happen today, just me in my house, cleaning, chatting, reading, taking a bath, listening to music,... Won't annoy you with piccies of that:-) )
Glow* 11 years ago
well if you're listening to good music, tell us what, I always like to discover new artists...And be careful, you never know what the day will end like...;)

Maïa's world, at least what she's ok to share with the rest of the world!;)
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
iciblancheneige 11 years ago
january 8th. A great night out. I'll be lazy and just copy/paste the text I wrote already:
another great day... Got a text message from a friend who asked me if I felt like going to Amsterdam with him that night. A friend of his had won tickets for a Belgian comedian who played in Holland that night, only he couldn't go so he gave his prize to Sammy (another Sammy).

Thanks to my lovely collegues I could leave 45 minutes earlier from work to catch the bus. Had a great night!!! The comedian was quite ok, not hilarious, but I really enjoyed the experience (it was taped, apparently they were making a dvd, so we choose seats onder the swinging arm of a camera, nice and safe) and the company :-)

And think about it: a bus with Belgians, coming all the way from Brussels and Antwerp to see a fellow Belgian telling jokes in Amsterdam... :-D
iciblancheneige 11 years ago
Totally useless, but o so funny.... The Red Button Site!!!
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