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photo_obscura PRO 9:47pm, 17 December 2006
it is ironic that i would get philippe's invitation to join this project as i did a very similar project exactly ten years ago. i called it 'the other side of myself' otherside.org/entry.asp?entry_id=1 because at the time, i was going through an identity crisis and i wanted to discover who i was, other than the person that everyone knew. what i found was that the journey to discovery is long and difficult and along the way, you meet all sorts of people, some good for you and some bad.

i think this is an interesting challenge and i look forward to sharing a little of myself with you.

my name is michael woodward and i will see you on 1/1/7

latest entry
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photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 16, 2007 - lisa

sometimes, you meet people and you just hit it off. lisa and i get along well and work well together. she is the only person i have really shot glamour with that i felt i could pull off what i was looking for and get something that she really liked as well. i think this will be the start of a great working relationship!

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 17, 2007 - dapper dan

we didn't really celebrate st patrick's day this year. we went to azcra's office party in baltimore but first we went to get her hair done and quickly stopped at sephora for last minute makeup supplies.

i love going into a mall dressed in a suit, tie and overcoat. people actually notice me and i get better service.

sephora mirror michael
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 18, 2007 - dave

dave is a musician whom i met through his wife abby who used to go to the same club we did. he needed promotional shots for his album. we wanted something that said 'dark' and implied 'goth' but didn't go too far. i think we hit it on the head.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 19, 2007 - pizza

we made home made pizza's for dinner tonight

azcra likes pizza
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 20, 2007 - me

me leaving work. i look tired. on the way home, my oil light came on. i went to check it and the entire oil tube came out in my hand. methinks tomorrow isn't going to be fun.

photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
march 21, 2007 - early morning tow

towing your car to the shop is never a good way to start the day. luckily it wasn't serious and they had me back on the road by days end for only $250.

broken oil thinger on the tt
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 22, 2007 - christina and karina

christina asked me to take off work early one day and shoot her with a new model, karina. they have similar body types so they played with concepts where they wore the same out fit, or opposite outfits. this one stood out for me.

christina and karina
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 23, 2007 - dog park

i took the girls to the dog park today for an hour. i have never seen them so well behaved than the way they were the rest of the night. clearly they need more exercise ;) don't they look happy?

me and the girls
CollardGreens PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by CollardGreens (member) 11 years ago
Just cruising through some diaries that I had not spent any time in - your came up and 22 Mar caught my eye (beautifully done)...looking further my question is - why have I not been here more often? Congratulations on a fine spread and wonderfully beautiful models. An envy for sure. Bravo -

CollardGreens: Oops !
ItinerArts 11 years ago
I also really like the shot from the 22nd.You have some very good work!
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
march 24, 2007 - networking

we held our third dc art networking party today. we had almost 70 people in our house. it is getting so big that we will likely move the next one to our studio.

this is claire. claire is a beautiful girl from holland without a trace of an accent. she is also the spitting image of my friend dawn desiree. i have a shoot lined up with claire on april 13. this will be the first time i use both makeup and hair people. i am excited!

claire and michael
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 25

after a very late night last night, today didn't start off right. it ended up being pretty good though. i won't go into details.

bad morning
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 26 - claude

this is my cat claude. my car is in the shop again. check engine light.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 27 - my workspace

this is my workspace at home. i hung those pictures there years ago. they were a part of a larger collection that used to live on another wall. they really need to be replaced with some of my more recent work.

my desk
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 28 - my backpack

this is what i carry around all the time. i need to go in and add notes.

my backpack exploded
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 29, 2007 - mirror at bedtime

i am in a hotel in (well, near anyway) chicago for business.

before bed head
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 30, 2007 - mirror in the morning

bad case of bedhead...

bed head
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 31, 2007 - what is it with me and mirrors?

still on travel for work...

mirror michael
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 1, 2007 - home

i flew home early this morning. it is an odd sensation to have breakfast in chicago and lunch in dc. my trees started to bloom when i was gone.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 2, 2007 - more car woes

screw in my tire. this is the third time i had to call a tow truck in three weeks. think someone is trying to tell me something?

spare me
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 3, 2007 - signs

i am not sure if it was neighborhood kids or someone hitting the curb...

yeah, clearly no standing.
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 4, 2007 - studio

i met luis tonight at home depot so we could buy hardware to hang the backdrop supports in our new studio. when did home depot go bilingual?

when installing the supports, i accidentally hit one of them with my head and gave myself a nasty bump/gash.

casa depot
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 5, 2007 - concussion

after hitting my head last night, i just went home and went to bed.
this morning, i woke up and went to work, but i wasn't feeling well and couldn't concentrate, so i went to the e/r to get checked out. they did a head ct to rule out a brain bleed. it is just a concussion. i will need to rest for a few days and i will be ok.

what a patient sees
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 6, 2007 -- devon

today, i had my first shoot in the new studio. we are calling it "studio 400". i shot a young girl named devon who has a beautiful face. it was a little cold in the studio so she rarely smiled.

photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 11 years ago
april 7, 2007 - masha

"you have never shot me during the daytime" mosh said.

i put her by the window to take advantage of the daylight.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 8, 2007 - easter

renee and i had my parents over for easter dinner. i am sure it was a nice change for my mom not to cook. we cooked the turkey the day before, just to be sure it would be done (why do turkeys take so long to cook?).

we made easter dinner for my parents
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 9, 2007 - follow up

i had a follow up with the dr today about my head. while there, i told him about my wrist and how it didn't seem to be getting better. he thinks i may have broken it when i fell a month ago and it didn't heal properly. he ordered x-rays, but i don't have time to do them until we get back from the cruise. i'll wear a splint until then.

baumanometer and stuff
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 10, 2007 - noodles & co

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 12, 2007 - rain

in anticipation of our cruise with christina, every day, i update my away message on google chat. today it says "3 days til vacation". i am very much looking forward to this.

im only happy when it rains
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 11 years ago
april 13, 2007 - corbin and ashley

while doing some last minute shopping at target for the cruise, corbin and ashley walked up behind me in the checkout. how random!

corbin, ashley and michael
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 14, 2007 - last supper

because we go away tomorrow for 9 days, we wanted something we knew we likely couldn't get for a while, so we went to chipotle!

photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
april 15, 2007 - cruise day!

this morning we woke up at 4pm because we needed to leave by 5am for our 625am flight to miami. it was raining when christina and tim picked us up. tim dropped us at the airport and we had the worst flight i have ever had. once off the plane, christina had a run-in with a carnival representative at the airport who was less than helpful. we managed to collect our luggage and catch a cab to the miami seaport where we managed to get onto the boat earlier than expected. the check-in process was smooth and we were eating lunch on the lido deck by noon.

christina marie
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
april 16, 2007 - a busy but good day

our second day on ship was a day at sea and i used that time to photograph christina on deck and in one of the lounges. this was also the first of two formal nights and azcra and christina had planned ahead of time to wear the same dress and i'd wear my tux and we'd go arm in arm to dinner.

i warned azcra that people often jump to conclusions and to expect someone to think we were christina's parents, and sadly, that happened on at least three different occasions tonight. azcra took it very personally and wanted to kick one of the photographers who said it in the nuts, but we calmed her down.

later in the evening, we all went to karaoke and christina sang britany spears "oops i did it again" while i sang "baby got back" with one of our dinner mates named jen.

we had a lemon drop shooter and a red-headed slut to celebrate jen's birthday which made the singing much more interesting.

i know that i was the envy of every person on ship with these two by my side.

christina marie and azcra
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
april 17, 2007 - puerto rico

while azcra napped, christina and i watched the ship dock in san juan. we went to wake her so we could go into the city for shopping and dinner.

before leaving for the trip, i had asked christina if i bought her a ring, if she would wear it. christina is one of my closest friends and she loved the idea. i mentioned it to azcra who liked the idea of us all getting matching rings so while in town, we found a place that had exactly three rings in sizes that fit each one of us with three small diamonds. we each bought one for the other as a token of our friendship and affection for one another.

we got matching rings

after shopping, we found an latinasian cuisine restaurant called dragonfly and had a really excellent dinner before returning to the ship.
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
april 18, 2007 - st maarten

today we docked in st maarten on the dutch side. we headed out early to do a quick shoot with christina on the dock and after, on our way back to the ship, we bought some hand rolled cigars

hand rolled cigars

we went back to the ship to prepare for our snorkeling tour;
christina is afraid of water, but she agreed to go with us and try. i was proud of her as she actually managed to get in for a while... until she saw a barracuda and asked me to very quickly get her back to the boat. i did and left her sitting on the launch as i snorkeled back out to the group and would up holding a brittle star for the first time as our guide would dive down and find neat things for us to see.

when we got back, we had very little time, but azcra really wanted to go to orient beach to nude sunbath. we had very little money and the tour bus drivers couldn't guarantee us they could get us there and back for $20 each way so we went shopping and i bought christina a dress, then we hit the beach for a very quick swim before our water taxi back to the ship.

it was a good day in port, but when we got back to the ship, something happened between christina and i that hurt my feelings very much. when i tried to talk to her about it, she wouldn't let me talk so i told her to fuck off which only made matters worse.

when everyone cooled down, we talked and made things better.
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
april 19, 2007 - st thomas

i knew enough about st thomas from having been there once before that you don't need a tour if all you want to do is go to a beach. maagen's bay is the beach at st. thomas and we caught a tour van there for $8 each.

i shot christina on the rocks alongside the bay.


she was still afraid of the water, so i offered to take her on my shoulders out until only her feet touched. i kept her on my shoulders in the water for what felt like an hour. the water was warm and the location was beautiful. i was hoping the ill feelings that we had the day before were going to go away but i still felt an air of animosity.

just before we got back on the ship, we stopped into a pharmacy and picked up a few items, knowing we would be on the water for the next 48 hours straight. christina's hair was being bleached by the sun and salt and was in need of new color so she picked up two bottles of maroon and dyed her hair before dinner.

for anyone who doesn't know, you are supposed to leave on hair dye for about 20 minutes. christina fell asleep and left it on for two hours.
when she washed it out, her long hair came out in clumps in her hands.

azcra and i went out together for a while and when we came back, we found christina in the bathroom with our toenail scissors in hand and bangs cut into her hair.

azcra took the scissors and locked them in the safe so christina couldn't do any more damage.
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
april 20, 2007 - a haircut at sea

azcra and i went to breakfast while christina slept and when we returned, she had the toenail clippers out this time cutting out large chunks of hair. azcra agreed to cut her hair but didn't have any real scissors so i was tasked with finding scissors on the ship. this was no easy task. they don't sell combs or scissors (one could reason that scissors could be used as weapons i suppose) so i managed to borrow a pair from one of the gift shops that was designed to cut boxes and paper, not hair.

azcra did her best to cut layers into it (her mom is a hair stylist)

christina gets a haircut
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
april 21, 2007 - cubans

i am not really sure if it was today or yesterday, but christina and i had almost exactly the same issue come up as the one that caused the large blow-up a few days ago. azcra and i headed out on our own to try to give christina some space and met up with jen and a few of our other dinner mates at a bar. i took this shot of azcra there. she says i had the 'sexy' filter turned on


later, azcra and i went to the cigar bar and smoked cuban cigars while i drank gran marnier. cigars are interesting but they didn't do much for me. the congac was too strong for my taste. azcra got high as a kite off the cigar and the rest of the night she was intoxicated and quite funny.
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 22, 2007 - back in port

while we were at sea, christina's boyfriend tim drove from dc to miami due to an illness in his family so christina decided to leave us for the final two days we planned to be in miami and comfort him. tim picked us up at the seaport and took us to our hotel. it was too early to check in so we called azcra's parents to see if they wanted to make the 2.5 hour drive down to see us. they suggested we cancel our reservations and drive up to see them instead so we did.

we hadn't seen them since july of 2006 so it was nice to visit.


this is their dog, pixie.
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 23, 2007 - flying home

we said our goodbyes to azcra's parents, then drove back to miami for the flight home. it was a horrible flight, not quite as bad as the first, but it left me saying "i don't think i will fly american again".

bruce, azcra and dee

when i turned on my cell phone, i immediately got two text messages from moose who was watching our dogs. "your dogs are evil and they don't listen... but they are ok"

followed by "oh yeah, there is a fire in your neighborhood. don't worry, it isn't your house"

when we got home, there was a three alarm fire still going down the street from us. thank god it wasn't our house.
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 24, 2007 - damage

three of the houses were just gone. the other two will likely have to be demolished as well. 12 adults and six children are now homeless. i heard a rumor it was a bbq grill on someone's porch that fell over.

there was a fire down the street from my house

today was just plain awful. i was dead tired at work, and during the day, azcra found out something that really made her angry at christina so she told her she no longer wanted to be friends. this was devestating as christina is one of my closest friends. to make matters even worse, construction delays made my 45 minute commute closer to three hours tonight. today can bite my ass.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Holy crap... what an experience you've been having...
eelend PRO 11 years ago
just dropped here
but i'll come back

your portraits are amazing

eelend's 2007
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Sorry to hear of the ass-biting days.
Here's to better days, with less ass biting...
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
daxster78 11 years ago
Wow, that's crazy. Thank god it wasn't you.
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 25, 2007 - down

i have been staring at my feet a lot today :(

taking things one step at a time
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 26, 2007 - caterpillars

the caterpillar represents change. at some point this little bug will completely transform into something that takes flight. being someone who believes in signs, this should make me optimistic, but really, it just makes me think, ew... bugs.

photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
april 27, 2007 - evie

some time ago, i had scheduled a shoot for today and despite my depression, i decided to go on with it. to my surprise, evie was depressed as well, so we wallowed in it together and talked a lot during our shoot.

evie is a perfect example of second chances; over a year ago, she approached me to work with her and we set up a shoot. she was a no-show and i was quite put off by that. i don't normally reschedule no-shows but when i met her at a networking event a year later, my disappointment from the incident was gone and i was willing to give her another chance.

she showed up and we took some beautiful pictures, this being my favorite.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 28, 2007 - putting things straight

today, azcra had a wedding shoot planned and she had hired gloria to assist. it was the first time i had seen gloria since early february and i knew there were things we needed to put straight. i asked her to take some time to talk to me when she got back from the wedding and she agreed.

we walked down to the pond and sat on the rocks and talked about the things that had been going on in our lives since we last saw one another.

the caterpillars slowly climbed on and off of us and we picked them off one another as we talked.

i asked her why she was withdrawing from our friendship and because she isn't good at talking about her feelings, i told her what my intuition was telling me and asked her to confirm or deny it.
she told me "your intuition is very good, michael, you should trust it" which told me more than i'd even asked.

michael and gloria
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 29, 2007 - surrounding yourself with friends

dawn came over today. azcra, dawn and i had a quick lunch and saw hot fuzz, hoping it would cheer us up.

michael and dawn
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
april 30, 2007 - dog days

fiona... love the ears
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 1, 2007 - new kitten

azcra and i were talking on the phone today. i was telling her about how someone from our past had called and what strange timing it was, and in the middle of our conversation, she started cooing and talking in a high pitched voice to someone other than me.

apparently, she had finally seen the litter of kittens she knew to be living under the construction trailer she works in. she was able to pick up one of them, a black one with blue eyes and once she had him, she didn't want to let him go.

she brought him home tonight. the vet said he is a boy, about 7 weeks old.

new kitten
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 2, 2007 - day 2 of captivity

the title is an inside joke with azcra who told me a joke about the difference between what dogs and cats think about living with people.

we still haven't named the new kitten. the vet called him "no name kitty". we are thinking cinder or asher, something to do with black.

new kitten
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 3, 2007 - terminator bunny

i'll be bunny...

terminator bunny
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 4, 2007 - no name kitten has a name

we named our kitten 'boo'.

a) because he is black and reminds us of halloween
b) because boo radley is a character in to kill a mockingbird and it fits nicely with our other cat's name 'atticus'

boo in the air
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 5, 2007 - tiana hunter

the first time i shot tiana, it was very late and everyone was tired and the pictures were only so-so. i was worried that she wouldn't want to work with me again because we didn't get the quality of work that she was looking for, but much to my pleasure, she did and we shot an amazing set tonight in my new studio.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 6, 2007 - quiet day

today, i drove tia to baltimore for a shoot and then drove home for a nice quiet day with azcra and boo.

azcra and boo
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 7, 2007 - ashtray on my deck

i am trying to think who i know smokes marlboro's ...

smokie smokie
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 8, 2007 - sunset

i love sunsets full of color.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 9, 2007 - dinner with friends

i have been down for a few weeks now and azcra thought it might be good to have some friends over to try to pull me out of my depression, but during dinner, i said something that made me realize just how upset and bitter i was. it was a real eye-opener.

the puppies were locked away during dinner because they misbehave but phil took pity on fiona and gave her love and attention so she would stop crying.

phil and fiona
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 10, 2007 - the majestic

azcra and i met with amy, the gallery director of the honfleur gallery in washington, dc to discuss them representing azcra's photography.

if you haven't been to the majestic in old towne alexandria, va, you should try it; it just recently changed ownership.

azcra amy and michael at the majestic
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
may 11, 2007 - shelley

i shot a girl named shelley today who brought her boyfriend to the shoot. after he introduced himself, he said that we had met before. as it turns out, he had dated another one of my models some years ago and we had met very briefly at a group shoot. small world.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 12, 2007 - bluebird

i found this bluebird lying on the ground dead this morning outside of the borders bookstore.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 13, 2007 - noodles... again

i think we may be addicted.

noodles... again
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 14, 2007 - treats

on warm days, my dogs enjoy a bowl of ice cubes to cool off

water water
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 16, 2007 - studio renovations

i took today and tomorrow off to work on the studio. we have a big networking event this saturday night and we want the studio looking good. today, i painted the railings black and tomorrow, i'll hang curtains to cover our shelving.

studio 400 renovations
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 11 years ago
may 17, 2007 - almost done

the curtains are hung, but we need a few more.
i like the red couch in front of the curtains :)

i'll have lunch with glo and dinner with azcra and cassie tonight. social me!

studio 400 - the red couch
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 18, 2007 - mary

i shot mary and her friend ally today. i shot mary back on her birthday and she enjoyed the shoot so much, she wanted to come again. i invited them to the networking event tomorrow to see if they can get any interest from other photographers.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 19, 2007 - networking event at studio 400

that is me, gloria, melissa and mike. lots of good networking tonight, and i got to see gloria and melissa too, yay!

michael, gloria, melissa and mike
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 20, 2007 - emergency in the server room

i had to cancel a paying shoot today because we had a power outage at work and someone didn't do their job and notify the right people, so instead of getting paid $250 today, i am sweating my ass off in a hot room with millions of dollars in computer equipment. fun.

ps/ this was the temp when i arrived, it got up to 97 degrees before it was over.

the server room was a little hot
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 21, 2007 - claude

claude used to be the skinny cat. since we switched to canned food, he has put on 4 lbs!

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 23, 2007 - sweetriot

i found these chocolates at the organic market and they are addictive. not so much the esspresso beans but the cacao... mmmm.. and only $70/lbs!

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 24, 2007 - sunrise over noaa

they are building the new national weather center across the street from my office. noaa (Noah National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) will be a really big deal apparently.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 26, 2007 - stevi

i had a bad feeling about this shoot. i didn't think it was going to happen at all, but it turned out to be a really good shoot. my studio mate looked at these and said that they were a huge step for me.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 28, 2007 - reesa

azcra and i shot reesa today.

BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
Hi My first visit here -- don't know how I've missed it. Entertaining diary -- beautiful photos. I'm surprised you don't have more visitors -- I'll Be BACK!!!! Gotta go to you photostream to comment :-0
Dragonhide 11 years ago
97 degrees in a room full of computers.. YOW!! Not my idea of fun.. yikes.

Great photos, and I checked out your journal from 10 years ago... how cool. What I thought was especially cool is that your html'in back then is still relevant today, it still looks and functions great! :)
eelend PRO 11 years ago
i absolutely LOVE Boo

eelend's 2007
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
may 31, 2007 - christy

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 1, 2007 - kat

i have known kat for a few years and while we have been friends, i have always felt she kept me at arms length and during our shoot, we were talking and she let something slip about something that happened years ago that made me understand why our friendship was the way it was.

i have the best conversations in my guest bedroom...

photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 6 years ago
june 2, 2007 - the leather strap

sometimes, i think my life can't get any weirder. those are the times life laughs in my face. i was shooting head shots for an actor and towards the end of the shoot, he says "okay, now how about some full length nudes. i thought he was joking as he was in his 60s and i am in my 30s and wouldn't want full length nudes done. he was not joking. what got me was the leather strap!

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 3, 2007 - my happiest days

my happiest days are days when i am shooting all day. i convinced veena to craw into the back of a filthy coke delivery truck for this amazing photo. i shot all day today, even in the rain :)

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 9, 2007 - hannah

my point and shoot broke so i haven't been shooting daily shots. i just bought a canon powershot g7 to replace it, so hopefully that will change soon!

tonight i assisted louis aragon with a shoot. he was shooting hannah jeli of wilhelmina nyc and he offered to let me shoot her as well. after he set was over, i stepped in and got some really good shots of her. this is one of the unedited ones. best of all, she was fun to shoot. can you believe she is only 15?!

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 10, 2007 - me

photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 11 years ago
june 11, 2007 - the mundane

i really admire photographers who find beauty in the mundane.

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 12, 2007 - tamar

i shot tamar with makeup by kamil tonight

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 13, 2007 - mom

saw my mom and dad tonight.

michael and mom
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 14, 2007 - lunch with g

had lunch with lisa g today

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 15, 2007 - the big easy

we are in new orleans for a long weekend business trip. tonight we went to arnauds for dinner and the waiter dropped a plate of food on azcra. we didn't even get dessert free after that, jeesh...

bananas foster at arnauds
eelend PRO 11 years ago
mmmm i'm sure that was really tasty ;)

eelend's 2007
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Hope THAT wasn't what fell on your wife.. ouch.
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 16, 2007 - exploring new orleans

i am not sure if this was storm damage or if the building just fell down, but i really liked that the building looked like it was cut in half. the toilet in the small attached shack was funny.

note the toilet...
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 17, 2007 - horse drawn carriage tour

azcra and i had never taken a buggie ride before. we got a night time tour of the french quarter.

carriage ride
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 18, 2007 - flying home

i had what felt like an anxiety attack waiting for our plane to board. i am not sure if it was this view or if it were related to other things going on in my personal life., either way, not very comforting.

when gray planes fly in wet gray skies...
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 20, 2007 - namesake

i had an actor with the same last name come for headshots. he noticed my name in a list of headshot providers and liked my work. i liked him, he was funny :)

eelend PRO 11 years ago
he's very handsome
love the shot of the 18th

eelend's 2007
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
I don't know why I have been missing out on your diary, I see the last time I commented was on March 4. I have fave'd a number of your wonderful portraits, and raved over them all. I enjoyed the animal shots also, and appreciated getting a slice of your life.

I hope to be here more regularly.
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 22, 2007 - unseen

i have worked in the same building for almost 12 years now and today i got to see a room in the basement that i have never seen before. it is just a small reminder of 'knowing' something isn't always 'knowing' everything.

power room
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 23, 2007 - lines

i have been friends with zanne for many years now and i spent the day hanging out with her. she was dog-sitting her sister's dog and was quite surprised both that i wasn't afraid of the dog and that the dog took to me very quickly. it is just something i know about animals, that if they sense you are afraid of them, they will react to that. even when she barked loudly at me at the screen door, i just smiled at her and waited for zanne to answer, then greeted her respectfully.

later, zanne and i would have long conversations about friendships and the lines between friends and something more. i told her i had problems with seeing those lines and she said "do you want me to give you a clear line?" I nodded and she walked out of the room and returned quickly with a post-it note that said "this is my line, from me to you" with a straight line drawn on it.


photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
june 24, 2007 - don't walk

not much going on today.

don't walk
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