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cowfish 9:25pm, 17 December 2006
One day I will have as much hair as Phillippe - I suspect it could be this year...

I give it a week before I miss a day, time to prove myself wrong.

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cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday March 15th - Day 74

Sarnie and a pint

Stopped by the Wenlock this evening for a swift half in honour of Adam's birthday. Tasty beer (including the Umbel Magna coriander stout, which was rather lovely) and a salt beef sandwich always go down well. However, I had to run off due to feeling light crap and after sleeping on the tube all the way home I managed to stay awake for about 5 minutes after walking through the door of my house.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday March 16th - Day 75

Steve n Rich

A quick drink after work turned into a bit of a wander around including a trip to Ain't Nuthin But until it closed and a detour via Hung's for some alcohol removing congee. Eventually managed to limp home (after a knee injury when running for the bus) for 5am.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday March 17th - Day 76

Irn Bru

I did a lot of sitting around today. Sitting around feeling tired. And maybe slightly hungover. I may also have solved my Rubik's cube a few times. England may also have lost the rugby to Wales. Ho hum. However, I now have Irn Bru so the day can only get better.
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday March 18th - Day 77

Train Driver

Off to the Didcot Railway Centre today for a belated non-pub based celebration of Steve's birthday. After a day of taking photos of trains, with judicious use of the Refreshment Room and it's tea, I am rather dead but seem to have obtained some nice pictures of trains. Although, a day of trains seems to have given me more of a kick to volunteer at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum (as Didcot is an hour away and costs 10 quid to get to, while Kew Bridge is 10 minutes on the bus). I haven't yet visited the museum, but it involves steam engines and potentially playing with them so I can't see how I wouldn't like it. I better go down the pub and have a good long think about it...
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday March 19th - Day 78


Of out chucking rocks tonight, hopefully continuing my occasional improvement in bowling skillZ. Above is my Guinness Marmite, finally obtained for me from a Waitrose which seems to have been hoarding the stuff - initial report: very nice, tastes like Marmite. It's a little less salty and more mellow in flavour. Now I've got to make these 4 jars last until next year when they might make some more...
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday March 20th - Day 79

Save me

Work busy so didn't get home til late. That's about it. I did start eating Guinness Marmite with a spoon at about 4pm though.
cowfish Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 11 years ago
Wednesday March 21st - Day 80

Fashion show prep

Busy day at work today again - leaving at 9.20. No meetings tomorrow, which will let me get on with a few things. Tasty meats at lunchtime though, which is always a bonus.

The above piccy is from an "Alternative Fashion Show" in Spitalfields market, found while I was on my way back from lunch. Annoyingly I was running late for a 1pm meeting so I didn't get a chance to shoot any more.
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday March 22nd - Day 81


Yet another example of my glamourous life - I go for a wander at lunchtime and find the latest stage production of Fame in London draped over a taxi cab. Then I went and ate sushi.

Out for a few beverages this evening in order of Adam's birthday, but ran away early to pack for my trip to Ireland tomorrow. Unfortunately that plan seems to have devolved into watching Life on Mars and eating chicken. I like chicken.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday March 23rd - Day 82

No Parking

Off to Ireland this evening. Out of Stansted at 6:30 and in the hotel bar for sandwiches and Guinness by 10. Enough time after that for a swift half or 3 at a pub down the road (seemingly the only one open in Lisdoonvarna - the peril of travelling off season) and then back to the hotel to sleep. Although I ended up sitting up watching Good Morning Vietnam and sampling the younger of my dutytax free whiskies.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday March 24th - Day 83

Surfing Lahinch

Busy day of wandering around and looking at things today. Out after a rather excellent breakfast to the Cliffs of Moher, which seem to have been somewhat touristified since one of our party last visited, with a selection of rather welcome (to the cliffaphobic - ie me) walls and steps keeping us well away from the edges. This was followed by a run to the Ailwee caves for sandwiches and underground waterfalls. Then back to the hotel for a swift half before going to Lahinch for sunset and then to Barrtra for a fishy dinner. Then whisky and cards until we realised that the clocks had gone forward and it was almost time for breakfast.
cowfish Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 11 years ago
Sunday March 25th - Day 84

Island ruins

Breakfast and check out to start with, followed by an attempt to call my brother, whose birthday I missed yesterday. As normal he was not answering, although whether that was due to him working or being unconscious after a night of birthday drinks is still undecided. We decided to drive back to Shannon by as long and complicated a route that we could manage in the 8 hours before we had to check-in for our flights. We drove out to Lahinch again, to see the town in daylight, and then along the coast until we ran out of land just beyond Kilhaba (and the closest bar in Ireland to New York). Then a race back to Shannon to return the hire cars, argue over who pays for the flat tire and check-in for our late running flight. After the disappointment of a duty-free shop that we had to pay duty in and the slight surreality of an empty airport but a departure lounge (perhaps lounge-ette) with no food but cake and a large number of light camo clad US soldiers. Peaceful flight, with the stage-right side of row 1 all to myself and just enough time to edit my first run of photos from the trip. Heathrow was typically efficient and I got within an hour of touchdown. The quick beer and a see-what's-on-the-tv was slightly foolish leaving me getting to bed rather late for my 9am meeting this morning. Damn you Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
ItinerArts Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ItinerArts (member) 11 years ago
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday March 26th - Day 85

The Blackening

Back at work and busy as ever. No time to shoot anything today apart from this, the new Machine Head album that I may have been waiting a while for. It's quite good, although it needs some more listening. New Clutch album in a few weeks as well.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday March 27th - Day 86


Not much happened yesterday apart from my copy of the Police Squad DVD arriving. It is stlil fantastic.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday March 28th - Day 87

My wife redux

Managed to lock my keys into my house this morning, which was fun, but luckily my plan of leaving a spare set with Dave (after the last time this happened) bore fruit and I was able to get back in without drilling doors or anything.
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday March 29th - Day 88

Flowery Do

These entries have been a bit boring this week. This one's the same. Today I went to work and missed the London Drinker Beer Festival due to working late. I am now looking forward to a sandwich. I like sandwiches.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday March 30th - Day 89

Finest Quality

Went to work. Ate Nando's. Came home. New Clutch album - okay, but not as marvellous as I hoped. Good sandwich last night. Sleep now.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday March 31st - Day 90

Studying form

Out tonight at the Walthamstow Dogs with the flickr posse. Down on the evening after an initial 3 race streak, but stopped betting for people watching after a while.

Other random things that happened to me today:
1) Just as I was about to leave this morning to go shopping I had a knock on the door from a couple who wondered if I was a french speaker, as they had been informed that a french speaker lived in my house. While I am a language god, I don't quite consider myself enough of a french speaker to tell strangers that I am - I said "No". They had an A-Z and when I did go out shopping they were consulting it at the end of the road an making notes...

2) Something else that I've just forgotten. I might remember tomorrow.
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday April 1

Reflection of Jupiter

Sat around and didn't do much today. A bit of cleaning. Lunch down the pub. Film in the evening. Sat out in the sun. Very nice.
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday April 2 - Day 91

Milk Float

Busy at work and the bowling in the evening. Bowling 68, 144 then 111 shows the wonderfully random nature of my game.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday April 3 - Day 92

As The Curtain Falls

Managed to get to work, but went home sick at 12. Then slept. Hence the random picture of a book, which was for something else entirely.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday April 4 - Day 93

Tuna and Sweetcorn 1

I slept a lot today and am now much better. I ate pizza. Well done me.
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday April 5 - Day 94


Went to see 300 last night at the Imax. People hit each other with swords and spears the size of a house. Which was nice.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday April 6 - Day 95


Good friday and a day off work. Went on a bit of a mission today, with my faithful assistant Dave, to obtain a bike and a bbq. I got the bike, rode home, met up with a trainbound Dave (who had obtained the rather special swordfish steaks you can see above), obtained a bbq and some food and then after a stop home ran out again for booze and charcoal.

The gril was assembled, things were grilled (too many things, I'm rather stuffed now) and a selection of beverages were drunk. Now I have a brisket of beef sitting in the cooling bbq, slow roasting away. I tihnk i'll wuss it when I go to bed and bring it and stick it in a low oven over night, but it should still taste rather good.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday April 7 - Day 96

Hayfever Juice

Went for a wander in the Chilterns with some of the flickr folk. Best description of "notlondon" - "it has trees, sunshine, a canal and rail replacement buses" (thankyou Eeva).
cowfish Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 11 years ago
Sunday April 8th - Day 97

Neil Fallon 4

Up bright and early this morning for a proper test ride of my bike down the Grand Union Canal from Hanwell to Brentford. It was significantly less tiring than I expected and even managed to get over the rather steep bridge at the Brentford end. That said, I was rather pleased that my bike is so light when I had to carry it up the steps of a footbridge on my way back.

Off out this evening, after an afternoon of sitting in the sun, to see Clutch and The Sword at the Astoria. I managed to get rather a lot of in focus pictures of Neil Fallon, singer for Clutch, but pretty much none of anyone else (apart from their guest harmonica player). Top gig (especially The Sword, from whom I know have a CD [playing atm] and a t-shirt with a valkyrie on. You've gotta love nordic mythology based doom metal played by Texans) although the sound wasn't great. Not the best Clutch gig I've been to, but I suspect it may be more typical now that they've now got a big following over here and will be selling out larger venues each time they come over.

Anyways, work tomorrow.
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
daxster78 11 years ago
Wow that's a great picture of Neil!
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday April 9th - Day 98

Fear the Elecitial

Working today to cover the bank holiday. Grabbed a few shots for Wonderful London, but otherwise did a bit of work. Now hometime.
cowfish 11 years ago
LBT: hello to you as well and thanks.

daxster78: thanks - it's my fave piccy of the moment. I was quite surprised how well some of them came out, my little ixus 50 gig camera seems to work quite well.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday April 10th - Day 99

Cor, I didn't notice that

Went for a wander around Shoreditch with Boncey to shoot some graffiti for his photography class and then down to bankside for a few beers to say goodbye to Eeva who's back off to Finland at the weekend.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday April 11th - Day 100

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Wandered home and sorted myself out some tasty sarnies (well, wraps) to eat while watching the last episode of Life on Mars. Both wraps and tv were good.
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday April 12th - Day 101


Out for a few bevvies this evening in honour of Dave's birthday. I left early but the quote of the day to describe the outcome is "We broke him. We broke him into tiny pieces".
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday April 13th - Day 102


Rather uninspired for photography today and not a lot happened.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday April 14th - Day 103

Le Diner

Sat on my arse and ate beefs. Nice.
lramiro520 11 years ago
I always feel hungry when I visit your thread!

That graffiti art of the rat is, um, very interesting...

The Other Side Of The Fence
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday April 15th

Cocktail and Comics

Did a bit of a wander today down the route of the now disappeared Walbrook river - allegedly still navigable into roman times. Picked up my comics and finished the afternoon as you see in the photo, before watching the wonder that is Hellraiser: Bloodlines.
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday April 16th - Day 104

Empty 2

Bowling last night (two games under 100, one 120ish) - we got kicked upstairs for a few frames due to them running out of lanes downstairs. Gloriously deserted alley with only us and no crappy music. Unfortunately the lights in the lanes kept going out and we were dropped back downstairs again into a newly vacated lane after being told that the whole of the upstairs was actually out of order.

Still nice for a few frames though.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday April 17th - Day 105

Stone Controller

I don't really remember what happened yesterday apart from going to Nando's for lunch and buying posh gin on the way home. Ho hum.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday April 18th - Day 106

Tim Wheeler

Went to see Ash at an HMV free instore gig this evening - they rocked a lot. Then wandered on to a meeting about helping out at this year's Sci-Fi London film fest - I'm helping out with the Extreme Cinema convention that's going on at the same time as well as doing a few shifts at the festival. I also seem to be helping with the Arthur C Clarke awards, which is nice. I got tickets for a couple of films as well, amusingly the ones that open and close the festival, which is rather nice.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Camden Crawl, so I must now sleep...
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday April 19th - Day 107

Scroobius Pip

Camden Crawl day 1- saw a bunch of bands, but Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip may well have been the best. I may also have been too drunk to really appreciate the bands after. Most disappointing of all was the sound in Dingwalls when The Bluetones played - awful. Bad enough that we left, despite them being one of my favourite bands of all time. Ash finished the evening quite triumphantly though.
cowfish Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 11 years ago
Friday April 20th - Day 108

Barely Alive

I may have been hungover this morning. Very hungover. We got over to Camden and I lasted until 6.30 (hearing the People's Revolutionary Choir and The Dirty Feel, both who were rather great) before leaving Adam with a newly arrived Dave and Pedro before heading home to die. Now I'm off to sleep.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday April 21st - Day 109

Kenny Brown

Woke up still feeling a bit crap, so rode down to the farmers market, bought food, ate food and felt a bit better. Then off out for Steve's birthday, with some beers followed by Kenny Brown playing at The Spitz. Pretty good gig, with some lower points, but good jumpy blues.
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday April 22nd - Day 110


Went for a ride along the canal. What was meant to be a quick hour long round trip turned into a 3.5 hour trek, taking me up to Southall from Brentford and then along the Paddington branch to Hangar Lane and then home via the pub and a swift half.
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday April 23rd - Day 111


After a long day at work after a move to a new floor in the office, and into an office in my case, I went home, watched "Thankyou for Smoking" and became inspired by a martini. No olive, I'd run out.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday April 24th - Day 112

Cleaning windows - a madman's guide

Off out for an evening of debauchery at the St Moritz last night - the capital's infamous only swiss restaurant. I found a swiss wine that was drinkable (and didn't taste, to my disappointment, of salt and grapefruit like the one we had last time) and much fondue was ordered. Me and my plain cheese compatriot managed to finish our cheese for two, but the main posse barely managed half of their tomatoey cheesey goo, despite finding room for the rather tasty chocolate fondue at the end.

Use of the word "Fon-don't" when eating fondue should be outlawed.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday April 25th - Day 113

Empty Street

Worked late and missed going to the reportedly totally full pub to watch the futbol with some worky people. Rather lucky in the end, with our rather Liverpool supporter heavy posse probably not being best please - I await the arrival of my scouse officemate with slight trepidation.
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday April 26th - Day 114


I'm sure I did something today, but I can't remember what.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday April 27th - Day 115


Went to a graduate recruiting seminar, probably offended a co-worker talking about the Parthenon Marbles (not Elgin out of a sense of trying to make amends) and little else.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday April 28th - Day 116


Out early today (after being very good and riding my bike down to the farmer's market and back) to London Zoo to meetup with the London meetups group. I've not been for years (20+...) and it all seems to have changed. Well, I don't remember any of it, which probably means it's the same...
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday April 29th - Day 117

Proof of Esther's loveliness

Today I sat on my arse. Doing nothing. All day. Which was nice.
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday April 30th - Day 118

Uninspired sky scene

Uninspired photography day. Went to work. Went home. Tidied mail for previous residents. Went to bed.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday May 1st - Day 119


Not a lot again today - I'm off for the last two days of this week so am getting all my work done in 3 days rather than 5.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday May 2nd - Day 120

Happy trails

Out of work early to help out as a minion at the Arthur C Clarke awards tonight - I distributed cheese straws, held doors and was amused as a lady who I discovered to be Pat Cadigan surreptitiously pinched honey and mustard sausages every time I walked past.
cowfish Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 11 years ago
Thursday May 3rd - Day 121


After a day of helping out with the CineExcess conference and an evening of cat herding for the opening night of sci-fi london I got to go and see Things to Come - fantastic film with the most convincing use of the phrase "To the SPACE GUN!" ever committed to film.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday May 4th - Day 122

And so it begins again

Another long day of conference and films. Didn't get in to see any films this evening, but did manage to catch a conference talk on narrative structure in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Wold of Warcraft...
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday May 5th - Day 123

Welcome Puny Earth Slave

And again with the long day of conference and films. I sat in on a filmmakers talk with Neil Oseman of Soul Searcher and Christian Veil of Recon 2020 and Recon 2022. We had the premier of Captain Eager and the Mark of Voth in the evening, a project that I've been seeing bits of since my first sfl 4 years ago. Tamsin Greig turned up to be our "premier star" and there is at least one picture of her grinning while pointing at an sfl sign...
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday May 6th - Day 124


Last day of the festival and mainly a lot of sitting down and occasionally laughing at the shuffling zombies who had worked the all-nighter showings and hadn't yet gone home. Appropriately the film ended with an advance showing of 28 Weeks Later, which I rather enjoyed despite wanting to stop the not-zombies (they have a virus) from killing the characters so that I could beat them all to death myself. Most annoying people ever.
cowfish Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 11 years ago
Monday May 7th - Day 125


Spent today sitting on my arse and trying to become alive enough to do stuff. I eventually managed to ride down to the supermarket to pick up some veggies to go with the mutton leg that I picked up from the farmer's market a few weeks back - it was rather tasty, even if my gravy skills were not up to the task.

I also ate buffalo wings for breakfast. A decadence that I think I may have to partake of more often.
cowfish Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 11 years ago
Tuesday 8th May - Day 126

Odd one out

Back at work today only to be out of the office most of the day at the UCL Phd careers day. Back in for a meeting, a chat with the CEO and then home to sleep.
cowfish Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 11 years ago
Wednesday 9th May - Day 127


Normal busy day at work today. No plans for this evening other than going home before 7pm (5 minutes time...) and then sorting out the various things that need to be sorted out at home. And I still have a new (but small compared to the big old pile) of mail to do "return to sender" on.
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday May 10th - Day 128

Dog Unit

Went to work. Worked a lot. Went home. Slept.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday May 11th - Day 129

[some people] have sold us out

Busy day at work again, but started my comeback on the office Jenga circuit, beating Dave to go only 8-4 down. Then I got beaten by Colette so it's back to normal again.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday May 12th - Day 130


Down the farmers market this morning and then nipped to see Spiderman 3 before sitting on my arse for pretty much the whole of the day. Started feeling rather crap so went to bed.
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday May 13th - Day 131

Red Lion

Woke up feeling like crap and fell asleep on the sofa during the grand-prix. Woke up feeling much better and managed to cook a rather splendid roast pork shoulder. Down the pub for a swift half and a quick photo of the Red Lion for the Randomness Guide to London.
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday May 14th - Day 132

Ealing Green

Woke up feeling spectacularly crap again and called in sick. Felt slightly better after watching Kill Bill, slightly worse after Trancers and then better again after Jaws. Wandered down to the shops to get a photo and a can of spaghetti hoops (pasta based chicken soup for the Heinz canned food obsessed) and then continued to feel crap for the evening.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday May 15th - Day 133


Back at work today and busy. That's about it.
cowfish Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 11 years ago
Wednesday May 16th - Day 134

Curtain Road

Still more busy.
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday May 17th - Day 135

Finest Beef Dripping

Out for a wander to Waitrose at lunchtime to obtain tasty lunch. Ended up not going to the Ealing Beer Festival in the evening due to a lack of drinking companions so stayed at work late. Ho hum.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday May 18th - Day 136

Fiery sky

Over to Dave'N'Let's house for dinner this evening. Tasty ducky goodness as purchased from Waitrose yesterday - the use of chilli sausages deskinned and mixed with oranges as a stuffing was genius.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday May 19th - Day 137

Shuffle Board

Up early for my weekly trip to the farmer's market but felt rather uninspired. Grabbed some impressive looking kale, which I haven't tried before. Then off to the Ealing Beer Festival for some tasty beverages. Lots of tasty beer and (randomly) the FA Cup final being shown on a big screen with a projector swinging in the wind. Back home in the evening for a bit of a sit down, as one does after drinking beer all day.
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday May 20th - Day 138


Sat around a lot today - drinking beer all day takes it out of one. Cooked up my kale this evening: tastes rather horrible. I need to find a better recipe than steaming it to remove some of the rather nasty taste. Half a bunch left though, so definitely room for some more experimentation.
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Try this on for Kale - or spinach...
1 - rinse very well with cold water and get all the small pieces of grit out...rinse until you are sure.

2 - dice some onions - according to how much you like

3 - find some "elephant garlic" - you may have to ask - sounds funny but is a mild form of garlic. The garlic is large and can be sliced julien style or even diced about the same size as onions

4 - non-stick fry pan and some olive oil.. a light level of oil - not a deep one

5 - make the pan hot - not explosive hot but not luke warm either -enough so the onions and garlic sizzle - start off by cooking these to 1/2 clearness (see through)

6 - add in the kale / spinach and fry it up until it reduces it's volume and turns dark.

Might sound funny but tastes good. Also if you stick to the traditional vapeur method you have been using - try shaking some drops of white vinegar on the finished product or even some pepper vinegar sauce.

Hard to explain - easy to do...good luck....now if you start craving collard greens - THAT is where we can make a REAL tasty pot !

CollardGreens: Oops!
cowfish 11 years ago
Finding Collard Greens in the UK is pretty much impossible (and I have worryingly looked into it...) but I will continue experimenting with Kale. Apart from the traditional "fry it with tasty things" method I've also been recommended a "fry them and make kale crisps". Which sounds slightly mad but tasty.
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday May 21st - Day 139

Bud Light

Out bowling tonight - best games of recent times, with a 148 (2 points off of buying beers for everyone and predicted to be 155 until we realised that you don't score double in the 10th frame) a 1teen and a 108 (getting worse as the beer kicked in and my knee died).
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday May 22nd - Day 140


Work until late and then home to indulge in computer game addiction.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday May 23rd - Day 141

There are no photos, only Picross

Training all day (learning how to train people to train other people...meta) and then home playing computer games...
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
once upon a time i was a mahjong junkie
cowfish 11 years ago
I lasted more than a third of a year...
But for now - FIN.
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