nogravityleft 9:20pm, 17 December 2006
Well, hello...
Let me introduce myself... It's me, girl, currently living in Russia, who always wants to discover something new in this ordinary life, find new contacts, experience... something else...
You will say: "And what??"
And i will say: "Nothing, only but I have a Dream!"
And do you have any dream?
My Dream is to live in the City Of My Dream, named Paris :)
During this future year i will try to convert my Dream into a fact...
We'll see what will turn out ;-)
Good luck to me anyway! :)
peaceful mice [deleted] 12 years ago
Ho Chi Minh, was a waiter in paris back in the 1920's .get on a bus, go check it out, let usknow how you like it. Does the current regime allow you Russian citizens to travel outside the country? (I'm asking that because I really don't know.)
nogravityleft 12 years ago
You should learn nowadays history more sedulouy cause we, in Russia, don't have any regime!
Yes, it was, but long time ago in Stalin era...
So we are free! And can do what we want!
brash deer [deleted] 12 years ago
Imbaaaack: on which planet have you been living since end 80s?

Totalitarism in Russia is not as strong as it used to be, for more than two decades now, ok the last guy (Poutine) might not be the finest democrate on earth, but, man that's still a big change since the real bad guy before that (Staline).

If Tamara wants to travel to Paris, she'll find a lot of French from Flickr@Paris who will love to make her do a ride of the city of lights...

Follow the guide...
leroyer 12 years ago
Come on guys, give Imabaaaack! a break, will you... he asked a genuine question. Better ask a question and look ignorant for a minute, than not ask it and stay ignorant for the rest of your life.

Tamara, you're welcome anytime in Paris.
And as Atryu pointed out, there is a really cool group for you then (and I'm not saying this because I administrate it... not at all).
nogravityleft 12 years ago
Atryu... Thanks for your advocacy to Russia! It's cool when somebody knows that Russia is not such a country where bears are walking on the streets and that totalitarism is dead (yeah, Putine is not the best way to "cure" Russia but who can offer somebody more better for such nominee at the moment?)...

Yes, i want to travel to Paris and i know Flickr@Paris group pretty well.. Yeah, cool group indeed! (Did you hear that, Philippe? ;-) )

Besides i had such cool guide as John C last time when i was there!

Philippe...Thanks for invitation(?) ! ;)
And, yes, i know that you administrate this cool group...
And by the way i've met you there for 5 minutes when i was at La Poudriere... You probably didn't remember me.. :)
leroyer 12 years ago
Oooooh, that was you, sure !!
And John is such a cool chap !
(I heard you well by the way).
So, you say, bears don't walk in the street in Moscow ? Damn...
nogravityleft 12 years ago
That was me! You say you've recollected me??
Yeahhh, he is cool indeed! ;-)

I'm glad you heard me :)
And, yes, no bears, no Staline, no Lenin, no revolutions.... Hmmm... What else..? :-)
ILIGHT 11 years ago
Hey. When are we gonna see some cool daily photos- like the rocking ones in your photostream? I've taken the liberty of faving your James Brown Tribute shot. Thanks for doing that, by the way!
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