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Ladybadtiming ADMIN March 5, 2013
you can still browse of course
new adventures in the new group ...

ok it's a wrap guys !
thanks for everything

Group Description

(Useful links at the bottom of this page)


We're on !
If you just discovered this group, feel free to join, anytime, and create your topic.


Welcome to your online daily photo diary of the year 2007.
Please read the rules carefully.


February's special theme (see topic) :
"The beast(s) that live(s) at my place..."


Rules :
- You have to create a topic which will become your diary.
Including your name in the title isn't an obligation but is much appreciated.
The topic creating message can include a self-portrait of you.

- You'll HAVE TO post one, (and only one !) photo for each day of 2007 in a NEW message each time, that will represent your day or its highlight.
You must write the date of the photo in your message.
You can add text if you wish, about your day, or not.
- The photo MUST be in "MEDIUM SIZE".
- Please tag your photos with :
MDPD2007/(month) (like MDPD2007/01 for January, MDPD2007/02 for February, etc...).
- Nobody else can put a photo in your topic, but everybody can post text messages.
- You'll be able to post 1 photo/week in the pool. That photo has to be what you consider the best or the most relevant of the ones you posted in your topic.

- You can't create another topic than your diary one. For any question, idea, or else, use the "General" topic.

Please follow the rules, this group is heavily administrated, for the sake of effectiveness. I'm sure you'll understand


To make things easier, and doable :
You don't have to post a new message with a new picture every day.
You can regroup your postings.
Let's say you don't have internet for 5 days. When you get it back, you'll post 5 new messages, with the 5 photos of those 5 days, in the right order.
But, there has still to be 1 photo for each day and a new message for each photo.

Tip :
There will be a lot of topics. So to find yours easily, just bookmark it (press Ctrl + D (or Apple + D) when your on its page).


Philosophy :
This project you do first for yourself !
If you don't get that, you'll quickly stop, believe me.
People might have different reasons to do it.
I personally see this as an opportunity, in one year, to look back at what was 2007 for me. What it was made of.
So, if I'm in an office for 3 months, there will surely be 3 months of office pictures. Boring... as life in an office... as my life would maybe have been during those 3 months. But that's what it was, and that's what I have to show if I want to be able to look back on what my year really has been.

It's a really hard project to do until the end.
You'll have to take ONE PICTURE A DAY, every day, all year long. Whatever your mood is, whatever your life is like, whatever you go through, whatever free time you have. But in the end, I think it's worth it.
Think about this really seriously before jumping in.
Don't forget : you'll need to have a camera with you EVERY SINGLE DAY an entire year long. But if one day you don't have it, do not forget your cellphone might take pictures too !

And feel free to gather around and leave comments on other's topics.


There is no minimum quality for the pictures here.
Great shots, snapshots, high definition pictures or cellphones pictures...
Any subject too.
It's YOUR life. So, for example, nudity is not forbidden.

Cheating on this work is easy. Please don't. Actually, nobody would care. But you'll know you cheated. And this project is for yourself. So you would cheat yourself.


Some will cheat, a lot will start and abandon, some will start, abandon, and restart, and..., some will join during the year, some will do it really seriously, some will take really good pictures and others only snapshots, some will post only self portraits as others won't ever show their face, some will show only the interesting highlights of their days when others will reveal the boring day-to-day life they live (and maybe like), some will show only laughs while others might show tears too...

But in the end, it will be your year.


Project :
At the end of the year, I plan to gather the best photos (and texts) in a "day by day" style book, showing the daily life of different people all around the world.
So the more we are doing this, from the more different places around the planet, the more interesting it will be.


Links to the official topics :
Introduction - Locations
The book you just finished
The 15th day of the month's theme : FEBRUARY
The 15th day of the month's theme : JANUARY
The greetings cards topic - Give Us All Your Love for the 365 Days to Come


This is an "invite only" group, because it will be easier to administrate this way.
Feel free to ask for admission.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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