themistress 3:06pm, 13 March 2007
I get a great feeling inside knowing that other people, with great fucking taste in music come together and form a community.

If you are new to pure fucking metal, introduce yourself and turn that metal up!

Hahahaha! Expect to see awesome photos. Feel free to post anything relating to metal. Cause some CARNAGE. \m/ Never stop moshing.
Pierre the III 11 years ago
hiya all..

im a metalhead from germany.

i hope this group will grow really quick.

greetz to all metalheads!!


I'm from Texas, born and raised.

before anyone asks, I"ll set soem things traight (I've had people ask me from like New York and its compeltely retarded)

No. I do not ride a horse to school.
I dont' even OWN a horse.
I don't live in the country,
Yes, I have an accent, but it's not strong. Strong accents come from Abeline, Tx.
I am NOT a hick, God no.
I don't even own a pair of cowboy boots.
I don't have a cowboy hat, the closest thing I have is my dad's University of Texas Longhorn Band hat, which looks exactaly like a cowboy hat.
My dad does work in the oil industry, but more people don't than do.
Not everyone loves country music here.
A shit load of people are nowhere near the stereotype of "native Texans"
I don't love my country. I disagree with a lot that we're doing, but I am extremely thankful of all the freedoms we get, even though now, because I'm white, I have less power than minorities. The blacks, hispanics, asains, africans, have more power than white people.
There's almost no racists in Texas, well, white people aren't racist, everyone is actually racist against us because they hold grudges from 100's of years ago (talk about pathetic). When the slaves were freed, they were allowed to go back to Africa, and look, they STAYED. It's constanly held against white people. and the hispanics are mad at the whites for NOT having a second national anthem in spanish.

I hope this group grows fast, too =]


jackbyrne1192 11 years ago
i just found this group and it is the first one i joined. im from cleveland, so i like to go to peabody's down under. its the best place on the whole fuckin earth.
Tyria 11 years ago
....hi....metal New Zealand..xXx...
autumnal fires 10 years ago
Hi, this is Elena from Germany. Just found this group and immediately joined in! Great to see some METAL on flickr! Metalized greetings, Elena
RavenHorse 10 years ago
Hello,new member here, I'm from southwestern Indiana,not much of a metal state-especially where I live. I'm an old school classic metal fan from the 80s. I like all metal from the hair metal,progressive,power,speed,thrash,death and some black metal. I do not like KISS,Bon Jovi, or christian metal. fave bands are Motley Crue,Dream Theater,Lost Horizon,Dream Evil,Judas Priest,Iron Maiden,DIO,Alice Cooper,Slayer.Fates Warning,Testament,Annihilator,Nightwish,and so much more.
inquisitive things [deleted] 10 years ago
hola, my name is raul. i am from texas. san anto to be exact. i love music, i prefer to listen to metal. all kinds of metal. love going to concerts, it is my addiction.
The EGG and I 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Adi from Israel. Happy to join your group.

A.T.W.A 10 years ago
Hello, just found this group
I live in Georgia, fav metal genre is Death/doom alos listen black, trash, death, power. soo nice to see you here and Keep metal ;)
The Light Attack 10 years ago

My name's Nic, and I'm from England. I love metal, of almost any subgenre, but i specialise in Folk Metal, Battle Metal and Viking Metal...


Seb from northern Germany. Happy to be here and looking forward to seeing some great pix by you all!

Feel free to have a look at what I can offer and leave some comments.

wakeuphate 10 years ago
Mark from Northern Ireland here... Keep up the metal!
clean porter [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi there
Rocking group!!! I'm Sheila from Central Scotland and I love metal!!! All types esp my all time favourite Slayer and Anthrax x
breakable weather [deleted] 9 years ago
hey Steve from NYC , metal on!! I shoot shows when I can , dont get to every show I want but ...Ill post what I have and update when I can , glad to be here , or anywhere for that matter!
xs \m/
-= Mobo =- 9 years ago
Hi, Mobo from France. Not a pro, but I take my camera to concerts whenever I can. I have hundreds of pics I'd like to upload, but I need to sort them first !! :P

See ya around !
Clarã 9 years ago
I'm Clara from Venezuela. Cheers to all true metalheads here!

I'm Robert from Virginia Beach, if it's metal I'm there! Over 30 years of headbanging experience.
Little Grey 8 years ago
i'm Brigitte,from Ottawa Canada. i'm 36,and fell in love with Metal at 12,and i still love it.
Distortionplus 8 years ago
Hails! I'm Morris from Calgary, Canada. Been rocking out to Metal for over 30 years and not slowing down one bit. Started taking band pics about 3 years ago just for the hell of it and it's become my favorite hobby... besides going to shows of course!
Allan Arbelo 7 years ago
I'm Allan from Costa Rica in Central America, and hopefully find some good friends around here ...
DISARM Magazine 7 years ago
Hey! I'm Dave from Toronto, Canada. I shoot lotsa bands, but nothing beat metal shows for energy and feel!

Next up...Volbeat in March!!! 2nd time shooting them and I'm a huge fan too, so even better.
‹ ƒlip 7 years ago
Hey all,

Illustrator // Designer from Chicago.

\m/ \m/
itsmextiabx3 7 years ago
metal head from Pa. jam on & horns up XD
Leo Rocca PH 4 years ago
Hi, my name is Leonardo. I'm an argentinian photographer.

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