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Hey guys, please follow the rules and avoid gettting banned!! Post your photo and comment on the 10 photos straight away!!


  • Can We Get Some Active Moderation and Administration Here?

    Can we get some active moderation and administration here, please. This is a...

    TomBrooklyn36 months ago0 replies

  • I am stepping down as an Admin

    I am stepping down as an Admin....for personal reasons I can not commit to Flick...

    CeeCeeDotCa36 months ago6 replies

  • Name the offenders

    If someone has violated the rules and you know about it, please give the name a...

    ~Dezz~36 months ago67 replies

  • Have you received 95 or more points??

    Have you received 95 or more points? Then be proud and show it off here!! Congra...

    CeeCeeDotCa69 months ago36 replies

  • 85 to 95 points

    How about those photos that were nice, but judged to be not quite masterpieces? ...

    Macrofocus69 months ago212 replies

  • removing unfavorable scores

    I'm not very active in this group so question : is it usual for ppl here to remo...

    paw_con71 months ago5 replies

  • POST HERE - If you didn't get all 10 Scores.. (New Thread)

    If you didn't get all 10 scores and you should have, please send or leave them a...

    Sirils.74 months ago5 replies

  • POST HERE - If you didn't get all 10 Scores..

    If you didn't get all 10 scores and you should have, please post a SMALL version...

    ~Dezz~79 months ago47 replies

  • Need a Moderator

    Anyone want to volunteer? WE NEED HELP!!

    ~Dezz~79 months ago7 replies

  • LET'S VOTE!!!! Group LOGO Contest

    Okay - so I'm sick of looking at my own photo for the group logo, so we're going...

    ~Dezz~82 months ago19 replies


    oh it's a hard life... don't want to bother you with another thread with tril...

    Ingo Kwiat83 months ago5 replies

  • Invite Your Friends! Let's get BIG!!

    Hey guys - please feel fre to invite all your friends and let's get this group B...

    ~Dezz~84 months ago1 replies

  • what's up with perolo's photos?

    perolo keeps dropping his photos and doesn't score, last three photos hes posted...

    nikkispics86 months ago1 replies

  • Thanks but no thanks

    This used to be one of my favourite groups on FLICKR, but I no longer enjoy post...

    Birds of the South86 months ago3 replies

  • kick Khaled out

    This guy has posted two pics inside ten and did not post any comments /scores fo... months ago3 replies

  • Help- cant comment

    I cant comment on pripers photo. No box for me to write my comment in comes up w...

    rosswebsdale96 months ago2 replies

  • censored?

    what happens wiki tango?

    MarkCat96 months ago6 replies

  • this group is dying?

    I remember 2 months ago when I post a pic I had 10 comments in an hour more or l...

    MarkCat96 months ago11 replies

  • Skipping photos?

    Hello What's up all ? :) i just wanted to that ok if i skipped a ...

    al-noof96 months ago2 replies

  • Scoring Appeals Panel *

    ~~~ APPEALS PANEL ~~~ formerly known as "Admin's reappraisal" modrule ONE low sco...

    Ingo Kwiat97 months ago7 replies

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