tonyc34 8:53am, 1 July 2013
recently bought a d3200 and am finding my way around using aperture and shutter modes ok during daylight. I am attending a party on Saturday and would like advice on settings for a party/disco environment. I have purchased a sb400 flash and will be using the std kit lens. Any constructive help greatly appreciated
stevem0011 4 years ago
I would start at f5 at 1/60.Check you pics if OK leave it if not then adjust. I-ttl might be slower but a better option as at parties there is usually changing lights.
tonyc34 4 years ago
Thanks for the advice Steve. If any are post worthy I'll put some on.
mvicentiu1 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by mvicentiu1 (member) 4 years ago
Please tell me why in auto mode, indoor/bar conditions, Nikon D3200 always choose to shot with ISO3200? There's a lot of noise at ISO3200. So, which manual parameters should I choose? Thank you.
Sd_neo PRO 4 years ago
mcicentiu1 you are able to set the max iso for auto mode in the settings. You could possibly lower it however it might not be a good idea.

Based on your focal length and amount of light, the camera will always try to 'take the shot' in auto mode the best it can. That means it will use a fast shutter speed where possible, and max aperture. If it still struggles it will adjust the ISO to its max.

If your using a kit lens with a max aperture of say 4 or 5, then your going to need quite a bit of light, and indoors that's probably not going to happen unless the shutter speed is quite slow.

If your going to take lots of indoor photos, maybe invest in a prime lens like a 1.4 50mm, or 1.8 50mm. This will allow lots more light. They are also great for portrait shots.

But ultimately if you want more control of the camera settings switch that dial from auto to M .

Hope that helps
mvicentiu1 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by mvicentiu1 (member) 4 years ago
Thank you Sd_neo.
Let's take two shots using the 18-55 kit lens.
- I shot a photo in auto mode. Camera chooses ISO 3200, 3.5 aperture and 1/60 exposure. The photo looks noisy;
- I shot another photo in manual mode. I choose ISO 100, 3.5 aperture and 1/60 exposure. The same 18 mm focal length. The indicator in the viewer tells me there's gonna be underexposure. I ignore this and I shot. The photo looks great!
I can't understand this. Why the camera always choose high ISO for indoor shots? Why can't I trust the camera's exposure indicator in indoor mode?
I uploaded in my photostream the two photos, one in auto mode, the other in manual mode...
Sd_neo PRO 4 years ago
Did you use a flash? and if you did was it the one on the camera or an external one? There looks to be a bright spot in the pictures like a flash?
Sd_neo PRO 4 years ago
According to the photo info you used flash. When using flash the shutter speed wont really make a difference for what your doing. Anything upto 1/200 should produce similar results. My guess is that that it is altering the power of the flash to cope with the iso setting you are using. In auto mode, it will possibly use the max iso you let it, so it can lower the flash power therefore saving battery.

Go into settings and modify the max iso to something like 800. Then retake the auto picture. I am guessing a little here but it will probably show same result, but with iso at 800.

The flash is doing all the work for you in this shot. So the only thing being altered is the flash power and the iso. Try taking the shot at the same aperture, shutter speed and iso 100 without flash. Black picture? That's because at that setting, there isn't enough light to produce the picture. Which is why the flash does the work..

So in auto the camera seems to be selecting the max iso you allow, and then adjusting the flash power accordingly...

I am guessing at this a little though, so try the above shots and see what you get.
Sd_neo PRO 4 years ago
Also, it will try to keep the flash power as low as it can so it can recharge quicker for the next shot. Again I am guessing but a little experimenting should be able to check.

Another test you can try is to alter the shutter speed all the way to 1/200. You should get the same shot.
Sd_neo PRO 4 years ago
Menu ->shooting menu -> ISO sensitivity settings ->Maximum sensitivity This is the option to change to 800

Better still take Auto ISO sensitivity off, and do it in manual for more control.
mvicentiu1 4 years ago
Sd_neo, thank you for your advices, I'll take more shots.
mvicentiu1 4 years ago
Is there a setting for entering copyright information in D3200?
stevem0011 4 years ago

You can using image comment in set up menu. image comment -input comment -j.soap foto (C) - switch comment -on.the message only shows in meta data and not on the image.You can enter also to metadata in NX2.I believe to add over an image you need software.
Sd_neo PRO 4 years ago
You can also store a profile in NX2, which you then apply to all images as you transfer them from your camera to hard drive
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