Mermaid Sews 10:23pm, 10 April 2012
Mail cut fabric to me by May 12th. As soon as I receive all of the fabric I will sort them and ship them back out to everyone. Please place your fabric in a plastic bag with a piece of paper or index card with your name and address on it. (somehow some of my fabric from a previous swap ended up loose in the mail, and this allowed the post office to return it to me).

For US participants please include a self addressed stamped envelope with your fabric so I can return your sorted fabric to you. Please put my name and address in the return address space. The easiest way to do this is to have the post office weigh the package you are sending to me without the return envelope and have them put that amount of postage on the return envelope.

For international participants I will need your Paypal email address and I will send you an invoice for the exact shipping charge when they are mailed.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to FM me or to ask here.
Crabapple Quilts 7 years ago
Lorelei - this is a great swap! Just telling you up front that April is a bit busy for me so I probably won't ship until the very beginnign of May. Still in line with your deadline but just want you to know...
fresh birthday [deleted] 7 years ago
Fabric sent 4/13.
Dorrylu 7 years ago
Sent the fabric today!
beneficial rose [deleted] 7 years ago
Mailed mine today 4/16.
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
My envelope of fabric went out in the mail today! Be on the lookout!
rocco78 7 years ago
I have fabric on order.
fresh birthday [deleted] 7 years ago
Tracking info says my envelope was delivered yesterday.
Mermaid Sews 7 years ago
Received fabric from theconfusedquilter, Dorrylu, and Lisaleh
mikiconnell 7 years ago
Lorelei -- I mailed my package to you this afternoon (4/18). Thanks for hosting!
Mermaid Sews 7 years ago
I received fabric from Marci and Sewscrappyquilts. However, Sewscrappy quilts you forgot to include a SASE.
akiri423 7 years ago
Sent mine today!
aquilterstable 7 years ago
Sent mine today also.
bignuttyquilter 7 years ago
Mine were also posted out today!!!
ylrbmk 7 years ago
I cut and packaged mine yesterday. I will go by the P.O. this afternoon, and it will be headed your way. :-)
stephjacobson 7 years ago
Mailed mine today!
Nanners1222 7 years ago
Mine went in the mail today!
Mermaid Sews 7 years ago
I received from bignuttyquilter (3x!!), Akiri423, and flickrdeb50. Flickrdeb50 you did not include a SASE.
maychappell 7 years ago
Sent!! Thanks:)
aquilterstable 7 years ago
oh darn - sorry! I'll send one along!
Crabapple Quilts 7 years ago
How are most people shipping? I have padded flat rate envelopes ($5.30) to use but that seems like a lot to ship 1 yard (I've used to ship for a 5yard swap). How are others shipping? I hope to get mine out today or tomorrow.
akiri423 7 years ago
I use the regular priority flat rate envelopes. If I print at home, they're a little cheaper ($4.90, I think?) plus include free delivery confirmation. You can't print the return postage, as far as I know. I figure it might be a little more expensive, but I don't have to pay for the envelopes and I know that things will get there quick. ;)
Crabapple Quilts 7 years ago
fluttering scene [deleted] 7 years ago
Sent mine off today (finally...) and apparently I picked the envelopes that have the most requirements. The mail lady was like, be sure to have them put the return address on it and to hand it to their postal worker or it will be considered a threat and be sent to the lost mail department....

...I'll be picking different envelopes next time. Hope they get to you soon!
bignuttyquilter 7 years ago
I bought some of those non-rip Tyvek envelopes and shipped them that way. They are unharmed and very sturdy envelopes. It was almost 3 dollars to ship.
aquilterstable 7 years ago
so sorry for the inconvenience - envelope in today's mail.
Crabapple Quilts 7 years ago
Ok - my package is on its way - sent today 4/26.
Mermaid Sews 7 years ago
I received from Nanners and Steph Jacobson and Kimberly Woods
PolkaDotClassic 7 years ago
send priority envelope today 5/5
beneficial rose [deleted] 7 years ago
I had the post office weigh the same amount of fabric and sent the SASE to you Thursday.
modifiedmix 7 years ago
Mine will be off first thing tomorrow morning!
Sent mine yesterday morning!
tawny_tawny 7 years ago
I sent mine today!
educated attraction [deleted] 7 years ago
Super slacker sent it today! (But, today is my birthday, so that is my excuse!)
Sent today!
fordcowgirl_85 7 years ago
Mine went out today (5/11)
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