Mark of Falworth PRO 11:36pm, 13 June 2013
The Castle Battle Contest! by Mark of Falworth

To create a LEGO MOC or scene depicting an event involving armed conflict between LEGO minifigs.

There are four awesome categories to choose from.

Build a MOC showing some epic siege action! Ideas include: battering rams, scaling ladders, trenches, and trebuchets pitted against some sort of defensive fortification.
Assorted Brickwarriors pieces.
CBC Epic Siege Category by Mark of Falworth

+ 1 #70400 "Forest Ambush" set

Build a MOC showing a devastating raid! Ideas include: sacking a village, a skirmish over farmland, and generally wreaking havoc among the unprepared.
Assorted Brickwarriors pieces
CBC Devestating Raid Category by Mark of Falworth

How many minifigs can you have battling (and balancing) over one stud of space?
Based on a similar contest from times past, this category will test your creative balancing skills to the limit!
Assorted Brickwarriors pieces
CBC Single Stud Battle Category by Mark of Falworth

Does your battle not fit in the above-mentioned categories? Or do you want to have it out once and for all in the open field? This is the place for you!
Assorted Brickwarriors pieces
CBC Ultimate Battle Category by Mark of Falworth

+ 1 #70400 "Forest Ambush" set

The parameters and rules of this contest are as follows:

1: Size: There is no size limit excepting the “single-stud battle” category which may not be attached to a larger plate or brick in order to aid in stabilization. The figs must stand on their own on a single 1x1 stud footprint.

2: Scale: Entries must be minifig scale. Adding a forced perspective to your minifig scale build is okay, but it’s not what this contest is focused on.

3: Part Usage: Must be made with LEGO products or any accepted Customizer products, e.g. Brickwarriors, however no clone brand products are permitted. No digital (LDD) entries will be permitted.

4: Deadlines: The contest will begin NOW, and the contest will end on August 31 2013 - (This will be judged as midnight in whatever time zone you live in). There will be no extensions to this deadline.

5: New Submissions Only: Entries must be of something new, never before seen on the internet or entered in another contest on Flickr, etc.

6: The Theme Restrictions: Your entry must be castle-fantasy-themed, basically… no guns. ;)

7: Judging: This will be done by a panel of three builders not submitting to the contest. Your entries will be judged by build quality, presentation, and creativity. Results will be posted very soon after the contest ends.

8: Restrictions on Entrants: The contest is open to all old and new members of this group.

9: Number of Entries allowed: There is no limit to the number of entries you wish to submit, however quality is what we’re looking for. :)

10: Submissions to the Entry Thread: You can post up to 3 pictures of your creation to the entry thread to show all angles. Only images submitted in the entry thread and before the deadline will be judged. Please make sure you are using the brackets so that the picture shows in the thread - [pic link] (Admins and Mods can help if you are unsure how to do this).

11. The Prizes: We have some utterly incredible Brickwarriors pieces and accessories for each category!

12: The admins reserve the right to remove any entry(s) that they would deem objectionable.

13: Post any questions or comments below.

14: Build on! :)
Automaton Pictures 3 years ago
Looks fun! Let the building begin!
SSchmidt-- 3 years ago
Hey Mark, this looks awesome!

Can you post a reference pic on the single stud one?

I think I have it understood, but I just want to be sure.

Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago

this is what we're going for...
Single Stud Battle Example. by Mark of Falworth

Only more so. :D
IronBricks 3 years ago
Mark of Falworth:

Ooh boy, that looks tough. I'll give it a shot though, since I don't have many pieces. : P
Automaton Pictures 3 years ago
I understand that entries have to be castle/fantasy themed, so could they be based on The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit?
PedroPolo PRO 3 years ago
cool contest! i'll join it!
Kc_63 3 years ago
Wow definitely entering!
Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago

Yup. It's a little challenging. ;D

Automaton Pictures:
Indeed! Those definitely fit the theme! :)


Awesome! :D
Automaton Pictures 3 years ago
Mark of Falworth:

Great! Thanks!
John_Snow55 3 years ago
Can the stud be attached to a base or does it have to balance alone?
mencot 3 years ago
Cool stuff, have to see if I can come up with some mocs
Erathor Pridenar 3 years ago
Nice, I think I'll do this :) Can the entry also be a free build for the LCC e.g. Loresii battling Outlaws, or something like that?
#LGProductions# 3 years ago
This contest looks epic, but I've never built castle before, so I'ma gonna lose :P
Finland Brick 3 years ago
Wow,Looks like i cant still enter after the LoB contest is finished. ;)
Ben Unleashed! 3 years ago
Alright! My bricks are getting dusty, I guess I should participate in this ! :D
TTROOPER 3 years ago
there should be a last stand category:P
maybe my entry will fit under the siege one minus the fancy equipment
soccersnyderi 3 years ago
Cool contests Mark! I'll probably enter one or two as I'm working on something that will fit the requirements now and should be able to build another entry before August :)
Automaton Pictures 3 years ago

Yes, there should be a "Last Stand" category!
Mattiusxavier 3 years ago
Interesting. I have some massive pitched battles coming up anyways. :D Might as well throw them in the lot. :D
SSchmidt-- 3 years ago
Sir Erathor: I don't think they can be for another forum, based upon rule 5. They have to be completely new.
Bluethorns55: Rule 1 clearly states that it is a stud only, with nothing being used for additional balance. You can see that in Marks reference

Mark of Falworth:
Thank you Mark for taking time out of your busy building schedule to conduct this!
AK_Brickster Posted 3 years ago. Edited by AK_Brickster (moderator) 3 years ago
Bluethorns55: Please see Rule 1:

"There is no size limit excepting the “single-stud battle” category which may not be attached to a larger plate or brick in order to aid in stabilization. The figs must stand on their own on a single 1x1 stud footprint. "

Not sure how to be any clearer than that. The stud may not be attached to anything (Lego or otherwise) to help it stay balanced. This includes gluing it to your tabletop ;)
AK_Brickster Posted 3 years ago. Edited by AK_Brickster (moderator) 3 years ago
: I think that as long as it is new at the time you post it to this contest, then it is OK to also use it as a LCC free build afterward.
#LGProductions# 3 years ago
Automaton Pictures:


I agree with these guys.
Also, can you use figures that are aren't custom? So like say I just used the ones lego made?
Tim Lydy 3 years ago
This is a sweet contest! I'm glad I found out about this from Eurobricks--and I can't wait to make some builds for this!
Digger1221 3 years ago
I'm a little confused about this single-stud thing. Does it have to be just minifigs standing on the stud, or can you build something with guys on it that narrows down to a one stud footprint. Also, does it have to be built on a stud, as in a 1x1 round plate, or just a 1x1 area, eg. could we use a 1x1 brick or something like that?
bruce n h Posted 3 years ago. Edited by bruce n h (member) 3 years ago
Cool contest, Mark. It's good to see a successor to the old Battles contest that we haven't run in a few years. I've posted this to the front page of Classic-Castle and also to my blog BrickContests.
-Edit- I also added it to the CC events page. I know this isn't an official CC event, but we also note castle contests started by CC members on that page (e.g. last year's Dragon Contest by Siercon and Coral).

Wedge09 3 years ago
Interesting contest, I think I will try to do something d:-))
THEDONALD13 3 years ago
Sweet ... count me in Mark!
Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago
Thanks for you comments everyone! :)

I look forward to your awesome builds! ;)

I think that a "Last Stand" situation could easily fit in every category. :D

bruce n h:
Wow! Thank you Bruce! Much appreciated! :)
Ultron32 PRO 3 years ago
Cool, I'll have to try one or two of these.
Erathor Pridenar 3 years ago
Thanks, I hoped that would be the case :)
ShareburG 3 years ago
Nice idea for getting this group up and running!
I'll probably have to squeeze in an entry or two now as well.
TTROOPER 3 years ago
Mark of Falworth:

LegoFreak98 [deleted] 3 years ago
I can use fleshies aswell ?
Digger1221 Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Digger1221 (member) 3 years ago
Btw Mark, this is a really great idea for a contest. It seems that good Castle MOCs have been a bit lacking in recent weeks, hopefully this will pick things up a bit! :)

Happy building all! :)
Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago


Go for it guys! ;)


Sure! Use whatever color figs you want! :)
The Timinater 3 years ago
I will do my best to enter!

Can we enter in a category more than once?
Or is there any limit to how many categories wer enter?
LegoFreak98 [deleted] 3 years ago
The Timinater:

See rule 9.
mpoh98 3 years ago
Ooh this looks like fun! I might be able to scrape in a few builds! :D
Hayden, 3 years ago
I'm so in!
_.Astro._ 3 years ago
Mark, I'm sorry, but I'm not sure about one thing in the 'single stud' category. I understand that the base can not be wider than one stud, but can it build up from there? Can we build a small 'base' which is one stud at the foot, but gets a bit wider as it goes higher?
Digger1221 3 years ago

Yeah, that's what I was wondering...
CrazyLlama2 3 years ago
This sounds awesome! Question: can I enter a moc in this contest and in the GAC#1 that's going on in LoB as well?
[C][B] 3 years ago
Are custom minifigs allowed? Like painting, cutting, gluing, decals, Ect.
Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago


No. We don't want lot's of bricks in your single stud battle. Please keep it to one stud, or better yet, one minifig foot. :)


Yes, but that not really the focus of the contest. :)
Digger1221 3 years ago
Mark of Falworth:

Ok, gotcha. Thanks! ;)
Mike-1911 3 years ago
Can I use time travel, and references to Monty Python?
jaapxaap 3 years ago
must it be a battle, or is a castle only enough?
AK_Brickster Posted 3 years ago. Edited by AK_Brickster (moderator) 3 years ago
Mike-1911: You certainly can. I can't guarantee that an army of time-traveling space aliens invading a castle will appeal to the judges though...

There should be a battle. It's a "BATTLE Contest", after all!!
jaapxaap Posted 3 years ago. Edited by jaapxaap (member) 3 years ago
thx... but when the red soldiers demolishes something from the blue soldiers?

and may it be something from the greek antiquity?
Night Reaper1 3 years ago
Is it alright if I post this to the contest, and also post it as part of my storyline for LOM? (Its kind of like LCC.)
Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago

That would be OK. But keep in mind that this is a CASTLE battle contest.

No, Greek antiquity is not in the castle-fantasy theme.

Night Reaper1:

Yup! That's fine! As long as it's castle-fantasy themed and a battle. :)
Mike-1911 3 years ago

and the Monty Python part?
Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago

Yeah, that would be OK. ;)
Angeli ¥ 3 years ago
well... I think I could also give it a try ;)

stay tuned, Drow will be comming to paint your world in black ;)
jaapxaap 3 years ago
how can i add an photo in an reply?
gid617 3 years ago

If it's a Flickr photo, [photoURL]
Sir Robert of Evorth [deleted] 3 years ago
Can you enter two times?
Brickvalier [deleted] 3 years ago
Sir Robert of Evorth: I am not a judge, but if you look at rule 9 you can see that there isn't a limit to the amount of entries you can do. ;)
Night Reaper1 3 years ago
Could I repost pictures (deleting old ones) so I can edit them?
Mattias G. 3 years ago
For Entry 1. Can we have a siege being broken?
Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago
Sir Robert of Evorth:

Yes you can! Enter as much as you like! :)
Night Reaper1:
Yes, that would be okay. Try to edit them before entering next time. ;)

Mattias G.:
Yes, that would be fine. :)
[Rolling] 3 years ago
Could it be collaborative?
Glorified Pessimist 3 years ago
Oh, might as well. Shouldn't be too difficult to build, just to build something good.
-The White Beret- 3 years ago
Mark of Falworth:

The single stud can have like a 4x4 base if its like a 1x1 cylinder with the actual figures on it right?
Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago

Only in the ultimate battle category.

Darth LEGOlas:

Yes! But hurry! The deadline ends soon!

-The White Beret-:

Try not to include any extra bases. Just one 1x1 plate on the bottom of a fig's foot, please. :)
Mark of Falworth PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Mark of Falworth (admin) 2 years ago
Well, the deadline for the CBC is over! Thanks ever so much for all the splendid entries guys! :D

We'll have the results posted ASAP!

(also, I am a cheeky little monkey who loves bananas.)

(I see what you did there AK.... ;) )
Dodge... 3 years ago
Thanks for hosting the contest!
IronBricks 3 years ago
Thanks so much for hosting! I enjoyed it, even if I didn't do much...
LukeClarenceVan 3 years ago
Thanks for the great contest Mark!
Fraser Lloyd 3 years ago
Thanks for the awesome summer contest Mark!
|T|itus 3 years ago
Yeah, that was a fun contest ! Thanks Mark !
CrazyLlama2 3 years ago
The contest was fun! It should be an annual things or maybe semiannual!
balthazar_ 3 years ago
Yes, i took a lot of fun - building entries :)

And are the results posted?
'Sergeant Chipmunk' 3 years ago
Yeah, thanks Mark! It was a great contest!
Wedge09 3 years ago
Thanks for hosting this contest with so great entries! There will be a second round next year? d:-D
Erathor Pridenar Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Erathor Pridenar (member) 3 years ago
This has been an awesome contest; I only wish I could've entered more!
Thanks Mark, it was good of you to host it :D
mpoh98 3 years ago
Thanks Mark for an awesome contest!
Brickvalier [deleted] 3 years ago
Thanks Mark!
The Lego Alchemist 3 years ago
Thank you very much for hosting! I definitely enjoyed trying to control my sanity the single stud battle, which was a very creative idea. In fact, I might have to make a few random ones! If only I could have entered more...
Erathor Pridenar 3 years ago
The Lego Alchemist: Yeah, I'm gonna do some more too :)
Justin M 3 years ago
Thanks Mark, judges, and everyone else involved in this. Y'all put quite the contest on! :D
pif500 3 years ago
Thanks for the contest!
Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago
You're welcome guys! Thank you all for the fantastic entries! :D

Long live castle battles! ;)

Not yet. Very soon! :)
Octavian43 3 years ago
Thanks for the great contest, it got me out of a builders block.
Angeli ¥ 3 years ago
I had so much fun ;)
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