bwrahbwrah jonguh 12:12am, 10 January 2007
hi all, i'm new to this group and fairly new to pasting...
now i have this insatiable hunger for information on the subject and was basicly curious about how you guys go about making the actual poster...

personally i started simply by using a4 printouts/photocopies, then went to pasting several a4's on newspaper and at the moment i spraypaint my designs directly on newspaper using stencils.

guess a lot of you just use old fashion talent to paint posters. but in the picture pool i also see pictures of posters which look like large prints on news/butcherspaper... is this like screenprinted stuff ?

anyheuw... just eager to hear the prefered methods of poster making... and hopefully learn something :)

Deadicated 12 years ago
I think that's a great question, what kind of stock is best, stays up longest. I actually never did this but am fascinated by it. I would imagine as far as process goes, anyway you can. I'd do stencils and/or silkscreening. That's just me though, I bet this is where a printer with a larger format comes in handy. Although billboards are pasted up in pieces.
ad hoc talk [deleted] 12 years ago
allright im still in high school and with out i would never be going as big as i do lets get a
1. get a projector
2. get your photo on your computer or simply design
3. print it out on transparent paper and blow it up big on a wall of cardboard to trace it out on it
4. cut it out
5. spray it
6. paste dat shit on the city
7. screen printing is a thing that most people cant get a hold of
i managed with a thermafax look for those and then once you get one let me know i can guide you through all the materials you need and how to do it
8. that is how i do my posters and i got rolls of paper that are custom sized to be as big as i want and i roll can last a year if you post 5 posters everyweekend i beleive roughly its alot of paper alot of paper at least a 1 ft wide or bigger of rounded up paper thin paper almost like butcher but i think its better

hoped it helped check out my posters i have no new ones up and umm im learning still to not mention im laying low because ive been busted one to many times this year
bwrahbwrah jonguh 12 years ago
don't have an overhead but managed to get quite a large stencil by using the 'Print tiled pages' function of coreldraw... it prints your design on multiple a4 pages...
myself i print directly on photobook pages, laminate them en cut 'm.
BamCe_Ingesson 11 years ago
If you don't have a Overhead projector you can with a halogen floodlight and a stencil make larger version. might even work with some cardboard and a transparency aswell. Do a search on youtube i kno ive seen this done in a video.
eye never sleep 11 years ago
when i first started i used the white side of wrapping paper and just free handed my design on it......but i just got a projecter so im gonna start going bigger
ZachMcDonald 11 years ago
Paper. Brush. Paint.
markuza 11 years ago
my printer does poster printing- I can print stuff on 4, 9, or 16 pieces of paper- I print out the image then take it to the copy shop, then cut it out and sometimes I paint it and then I paste it up
quasikunst...asa 10 years ago
time, stencils, cans, paper ... =D
handsomely twist [deleted] 10 years ago
ive been drawing on acetate then blowin up on a projector. Then stenciling my posters. Im using lining paper its like wallpaper. But interested to know where i could get plain newspaper from or butcher paper. What is butcher paper anyway?
Drab Art 10 years ago

this is a quick 'how to' I made for my blog in reply to a few queries i was getting about this sort of thing, has a great link to a glue recipe i use too.
malarko 10 years ago
print mine on a big fuck off plotter using a super sneaky free technique, its easiest..
Kris Trappeniers 10 years ago
here's some free software to blow up images:
print the multiple pages, reassemble the image, put a strong light source underneath a glass table , put the stencil material on the table and trace the different layers, then cutout and spray
acme01 10 years ago
i use a plan printer which prints onto a roll of paper, but unfortunately these prints can't be pasted as the ink runs, so I use a large format copier to copy the poster as many times as required! I'm lucky I have access to all this equipment for free at work :)
BrendanMcGarry 10 years ago
you could always just draw a large image. any place that does printing for contractors/architects will make copies for not tooo much money. If you have all the time - yeah an overhead projector would be good. I just buy rolls of poster making paper stock and paste that directly or draw on vellum and get photocopies of that.
rapoela 9 years ago
i do mostly mash up work. manipulated digital images and digitised hand drawn stuff which i print out on a4 from a laser printer. i paste large stuff as multile print out posters, like pasting up a puzzle. lazer printed colours last long and depending on quality of printer cna produce great colours if you want. also colour prints with old scholl paint, textas, highlighters , wateva on black and white print outs for the effect.
skunyak 9 years ago
Hi, I print posters for wheatpasting and all outdoor marketing campaigns. I also sell the real stuff Wheat paste, all you have to do with my wheatpaste is add water and it sticks as god as glue. Its much more affordable and environmentally perfect. I also have a youtube video on instructions on how to wheat paste on my website Let me know if you have any questions
posterboy619 9 years ago
i often use silkscreen to do posters and if i used acrylic i make copys with a photo copier so the ink doesnt run, i also use a projector and draw out my posters about 3 or 4 inches big and then blow them up i then just use house paint or acrylic paint on butcher paper which is just big rolls of paper that are about 3 or 4 feet wide and as long as you want the paper comes in different weights aka how thick the paper is
ish today 9 years ago
dont use projectors, thats cheating. freehand it all. thats what makes an artist.
apes.attack 9 years ago
i silk screen everything or stencil everything. Silk screening turns out looking really nice. It takes a little while to get the screen set up for printing, but it is well worth it. and extremely cheap
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