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This thread shows you all currently active and confirmed Purge factions. If you intend to build creations relating to one of these factions, you should take some time and read the guidelines.
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DARKWATER Advanced Infantry by ✠Andreas

DARKWATER Worldwide is a highly modernized, western, 21st century PMC. It is known to have one of the most elitary armies around the globe and superior equipment. Additionally DARKWATER is said to have numerous secret research facilities all over the middle east and to be continuously developing more effective ways of destruction. DARKWATER´s major weakness is however the relatively small amount of soldiers of the PMC, therefore open frontline combat is most commonly being avoided. This small weakness is however balanced out by the high specialization of every single DARKWATER unit. Unlike many other PMCs DARKWATER does in fact develope and produce its own equipment. Most of it will then be kept exclusively to the company which is yet another aspect making DARKWATER a truely unpredictable enemy.

DARKWATER Guide by The Purge

The colorsheme of DARKWATER vehicles is bley and black with highlights in light bley, as well as trans red, trans green and trans dark.
On a DARKWATER aircraft you may also add a black-yellow-black flag.
Figures shall look somewhat dark and/or malignant.
Armament of elitary Units shall be Pulse Rifles, AC8s, HCSRs and Miniguns. Regular agents may use these as well, but more commonly H&K firearms or ARCs.
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European Union - EU

EU Infantry Fighting Drone by ✠Andreas

The EU is central European economic and political union. From early 2020 on, it features core elements of police states, such as media manipulation. While technically still existing, the single states of the union have almost no political power, because all major decisions are made by the strongest states of the union, Germany, France, England and Austria. While elections and democracy officially exist, the political decisions and overall course remains the same, no matter who is elected. This is a required disadvantage to prevent the radicalization as it happens in those eastern states of Europe, which were forming the New Warsaw Pact.

The EU´s centralized military is large and well equipped, it utilizes the resources of each member state. The borders, especially the eastern ones, feature strong defenses. All major EU cities, such as Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London or Frankfurt feature a well modernized urban appearance and almost no criminality. Riots however, while uncommon, are usually fought with Shock Troops and then denied by the media.

Unwillingly to accept the economic loss resulting of DARKWATER´s invasion of New York in late 2028, Europe was sending EU Shock Troops to the East Coast of the USA. The majority of those did however not participate in combat till late January of 2029, but instead served as protection for US Troops returning from the Middle East. This changed in Febuary of 2029 when the US Army needed addiotional backup to take back various cities all over the Mountain States. After succesfully stopping the Warsaw Pact in Nevada and Arizona, EU Shock Troops could later be seen pushing northbound from Maryland in order to weaken DARKWATER´s presence outside of New York. In fac,t the EU´s high tech Military is not far behind DARKWATER´s current Military and could therefore be a key in fighting DARKWATER´s Troops in Manhattan.

European Union by ✠Andreas

EU Standard Infantry features a light composite armor which gives their armor a charateristic white look. More advanced units wear masks of the same material.
Vehicles used by the EU follow a White-Black-Tan colorsheme. Small amounts of bley may be added as well. The EU also has a wide variety of camo vehicles, using urban (light/dark bley) camo or EU woodland (light/dark bley and dark green) camo.

EU Army [2029] - Update by ✠Andreas

As far as weapons go, the EU forces typically use European firearms. This includes, but isn't limited to the German XM8, G36, MP5, G3, UMP, and MP7, the Austrian AUG, the Belgian SCAR series (outdated however). It is ideal for you to match the firearms your units use with their origin. Obviously, this would change depending on the country of origin,, the correct weapon for Troops from Austria would be the BA ABR.
Stage Two adds the XBr3 and the XM7/XM7s as well as the XDmr and XMs.

EU Military Guide by The Purge
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United States of America- USA or just US
USA Military Guide by The Purge

As the spearhead of humanitarian and anti-democratic movements around the world, the United States not only stands as a powerful political power, but also as a military power. Although only bearing an average amount of ground forces, the US Armed Forces have some of the most technologically advanced war machinery on Earth, seconded only by Pan-Asia and DARKWATER. Unfortunately for the United States, its initiative to act against threats all over the world, and the hubris tendency to "shoot first and ask questions later", has won the US many enemies from various reaches of the world. As a result, the United States was specifically targeted by the Warsaw Pact, DARKWATER, and all of their associates. Due to the combination of all these enemies, even the might of the United States found itself backed into a corner, and so in its darkest hour, the US turned to its long time friend, the European Union. Despite being crippled, the US is still a major contender in this fight and paves to path for NATO and the EU to walk on.
V-06 U.S. Advanced Recon Vehicle by [Renegade]

US soldiers wear Dark Tan based uniforms with Dark Tan helmets, arms, legs, and vests. Torsos can be either Dark Tan or, if you wish to simulate a combat shirt, plain Tan. As far a camouflaging goes, any pattern with a base of Tan or Dark Tan is acceptable, this includes, but isn't limited to: MultiCam, A-TACS, Desert MARPAT, 3-Color Desert, 6-Color Desert, and so on. As for vehicles, most US vehicles have a base of Dark Bley with Dark Tan or Tan details and highlights. Vehicles can also be completely Tan or Dark Tan, and if you wish to camouflage a vehicle, perhaps to match your unit (hint hint) that would work too.
US Army [Stage I 2029] - Update by ✠Andreas

As far as firearms go, the US uses primarily weapons chambering the 5.56x45mm NATO and the 7.62x51mmNATO. This includes such weapons as the M4, M16, Masada, M249, M60, M240B, SCAR-H, SCAR-L, M14, and HK416 Just think of weapons that are iconic US guns...
U.S. "Grand Faction" [Spec Ops] by [Renegade]
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Warsaw Pact
Warsaw Pact... For the WIN by Empty Sandbox

A collection of European countries, including Russia, have agreed to form an alliance with each other. From there, it had been manipulated into an actual force.
The Warsaw Pact force doesn't fancy much equipment that is complicated and expensive. Being so large in quantity, the Warsaw Pact focuses on more of a 1970's-80's look, with small "sprinkles" of very modern additions. Uniform and vehicles, together, share a very similar color-scheme; OD/sand green, neutral greys and occasionally black.

Warsaw Pact Casual Infantry by The Purge

Troops of the Warsaw Pact are not loaded with over-excessive equipment, but manage to fit standard needs. As you can see from the example picture, the figure has a consistent pattern of a sand green and a black colorscheme. However, many of times troops share a tradition of personalization with their appearance. This makes nearly every trooper unique. In most cases, personnel wear balaclavas, tactical vests and are equipped with mild firearms such as the AK47.

Some more examples of some WP soldiers: (Most forces use typical Russian firearms, such as AK's, RPK's, and so forth)
Warsaw Pact Heavy Specialist by The Purge

Warsaw Pact Casual Sniper by The Purge

The New Warsaw Pact by Bøsstøne

Just as with the US faction, if you wish to personalize your WP soldiers with camo, go for it. Examples bellow:
Bitches Are Evidently Uneducated.. by Bøsstøne

Some Warsaw Pact Soldiers by кола☭

BTR-28 by Empty Sandbox


Warsaw Pact BMP-4 by кола☭

With a neutral grey and sand green colorsheme, Warsaw Pact vehicles make their appearance. The most common types; BTR's, IFV's and tanks are what will be primarily used in combat. Others such as helicopters and jets are less common, but are still majorly part of the collection. The vehicles are hardly heavily armed, with a few acceptions. Many sport 50. cal turrets both manual and auto, that can be easily loaded with explosive ammunition.
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Composed of East-Asian Countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, Mongolia and a few others. Japan, being the head country, has been having strong technology innovation and contains many corporations that pertain to that sort of thing.

Currently, Pan-Asia has been suffering from a social decline due to major attention towards armed forces and weaponry.

Faction Standards:

Pan-Asia Military Guide by The Purge

Troops all share the same basic color scheme; black and blue. With the exception of the Black Ops (Which is entirely black), units all share blue arms, torso, headgear and legs. Tactical vests such as the B12 and AA1 should be black along with the hips. Hands are blueish-gray. Visors are chrome blue or gold (depending on what units sport it).


Pan-Asia Q.C.S.D "圣甲虫" by Empty Sandbox

Pan-Asia A.P.T.E.V "白龜" (Transport Varient) by Empty Sandbox

As pictured, the A.P.T.E.V and the Q.C.S.D are mainly white (as well as the vehicles to come...) with splashes of a select secondary color. Vehicles are intended to be quite futuristic, but fit right along with those of the EU and DarkWater.
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Sharp Sky Associates

Sharp Sky Associates, earlier known as Sharp Sky Security Tech when it was found in 2017 by Daniel Sharp and Maximilian Sky is a private military corporation operating in the Middle East and Africa, later also in southern Asia. Its biggest achievement was to exploit the tremendous need of protection for wealthy warlords and dictators of that region by supplying those with highly trained and well armed security personal and equipment. The major downside of that was obviously that Sharp Sky Security Tech had conflicts with the beliefs of the western world, forcing Sharp Sky to change their plans. In 2021 both founders were imprisoned. As a team of thirty Sharp Sky contractors did assault the British prison three weeks later, both were freed. Eventually, when the company was forbidden in all EU countries as well as the USA, it was reformed, renamed and has a new operational headquarter in Abu Dahbi. Sharp Sky Associates was born. In the following years Sharp Sky´s major opponent became DARKWATER, a PMC with more advanced vehicles and armament, however way fewer Troops at that time. The competition of both PMC in the Middle East was even leading to a war of companies which suddenly ended with the disappearance of DARKWTER from the Middle Eastern Black Markets as of 2025, leaving only minor combat engagements between both companies.

Standard Infantry:
Sharp Sky Associates by ∠Eric The Red

With EU Troops engaging in the Middle East from September 2029 onward, Sharp Sky had a hard time keeping their business up, as that is commonly disturbed by the EU´s tries to hunt down DARKWATER facilities in that area. The earlier conflicts between Sharp Sky and the EU only worsened the situation as Sharp Sky personal, as one of the EU´s long time secondary enemies, is to be shot at sight. Facing high losses, in both, profit and personal, Sharp Sky did later fall back to India. Sharp Sky´s raids on various abandoned DARKWATER facilities led to some technological advancement of the PMC, never the less Sharp Sky´s access to top notch technology remains limited.

Sharp Sky units commonly utilize the M4 carbine or ARC while in combat.

Sharp Sky Scouts by | Fade |

Sharp Sky Tactical Force:
Introducing Sharp Sky Tactical Force by | Fade |

Sharp Sky techs combined DARKWATER technology and new technology from India to create a light-weight, durable and highly advanced type of helmet design and armor for an elite class soldier.
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S.A.T.A. (Saudi Arabia Tactical Alliance)

The Saudi Arabia Tactical Alliance (SATA), was formed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates and Oman. SATA´s goal is to prevent further expansion of the EU on the Eurasian Continent and to ensure its own political and economical independence. The SATA military utilizes heavy armor and a limited amount of weapons. 

(Weapons: Pulse Rifle, XM7, XMP, G36, XSR, MGL and RPG)

Stage Three: SATA Advanced Troops by The Purge
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Greater Argentina

The government of Greater Argentina is corrupt and widely financed and controlled by drug cartels. The Internal Security Force (ISF) is its police which also operates in the role of a private army for the corrupt government. The actual military of Greater Argentina is smaller than its ISF which is why Sharp Sky is required for big size Military operations.

(Weapons: HAC, ABR, FMG9, HCSR/Ferret and rarely M110, PSG-1 and ARC)

Stage Three: Greater Argentina ISF by The Purge

Heavy Infantry (Actual Military)

Stage Three: Greater Argentina Advanced Infantry by The Purge
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S.A.N.G. (Southeast Asia Nationalist Group)

The S.A.N.G is an activist group against the will of cooperating with the Pan-Asia government. This SUB-faction consists of hired guns. Weapons consist of the following: AK-47's, M16's, Bloop Guns, SPAS shotguns, Uzi's, M14's RPG's.
S.A.N.G Mercenaries by The Purge

Note: This is a Purge Chronicles faction. As of yet, public members have not been allowed to build for the Chronicles, and any MOCs featuring these standards by public members will not be allowed into the pool.
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