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This thread will be updated regularly. Only meaningful, official Purge scenes will be included for the storyline development. Scenes with a repetitive character may be ignored. High quality scenes are more likely to be used than the ones which show low effort.
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Once upon a time in a Pre-Apoc world, there were many countries. These nations were all part of the United Nations, an organization created to ensure peace among the nations of the world. Possibly the most powerful of these nations was the United States of America.

Invasion by ✠Andreas

On December 22 of the year 2028, New York City, the heart of the modern world, was invaded by DARKWATER Worldwide PMC Troops.

Darkwater Worldwide POW Facility by Bøsstøne

Simultaneously the PMC took tactical prisoners all over the globe, weakening the USA´s Military in previously unknown dimensions. Many soldiers found themselves commandless and far away from their sieged home country.

Rescue by Bøsstøne

The remaining US Army officers, suddenly confronted with a different, technologically advanced enemy, had to react fast in order to save at least a few captives from death inside the PMC´s POW and research facilities.

Invasion of Los Angeles by кола☭

The PMC was however not the only problem the USA had to face during late 2028. Apart from DARKWATER´s east coast invasion, the New Warsaw Pact attacked the United States with a massive west coast landing.
Due to America´s militaristic presence in the Middle East, only low resistance was ready to counter the USA´s invaders during the first days.

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-Chapter One-

>>World War Three<<

The Prototype by ✠Andreas

Within only a few days, DARKWATER Worldwide managed to conquer the area around New York, additionally Manhattan became both, the PMC´s operational base and an independend city full of american hostages. Therefore, the USA could not make use of its full militaristic potential.

Operation: Breaking Surface by ~Nick Roth~

Instead, a different approach was necessary. The USA introduced "Operation: Breaking Surface", meaning the infiltration of New York and the use of scouts to find out the weaknesses of DARKWATER´s strategic sites.

Melrose - 2029  by [Renegade]

During the search for an effective way to move troops into Manhattan, the experts of "Operation: Breaking Surface" noticed a Russian attack inside the city of Los Angeles. The striking aspect of said attack, was the use of a certain kind of explosive, which was originally developed by the american DARPA as explosive trigger for a new kind of ABC weapon. Apparently, that part of the weapon was however taken from a captured armament depot in San Francisco.

School's Been Out by Empty Sandbox

When the USA were still busy moving troops back to their homecountry, the New Warsaw Pact moves deeper and deeper into American terrain. As a result of that, the NATO members invoked Article Five of the NATO treaty. The European Union´s states, most of them being part of the NATO, were the USA´s first ally to take actions, by sending EU Troops to America.

What Happens in Vegas.... by Magυs

The EU´s assistance was showing results at once, the Warsaw Pact´s assault was successfully stopped in Las Vegas. Sadly this caused the confrontations in the areas western of Vegas to become way worse.
The EU, scared of losing major parts of its military in open combat, established its command base for operations on american soil in Chicago. The evacuation of american citizens out of the city in order to make room for the EU´s military, caused an event which obtained sad popularity as the "Chicago Riots".

Chicago Riots [FINAL] by ✠Andreas

The Union´s slaughter of unarmed civillians caused Europe to have a bad reputation concerning the american public. Therefore many EU Troops were removed from open combat as well as their role to keep civil order in various cities. Instead, the advanced EU soldiers were more commonly working under the command of the NATO Spec Ops Wing.

NATO Operation Diamondshark (2) by ✠Andreas

One of their missions was to secure a VIP in Manhattan. Due to TF 223 and "Operation: Breaking Surface", elitary NATO commandos were in fact able to enter Manhattan and to secure General John Castle, one of America´s most trusted experts concerning the DARPA´s research, DARKWATER and warfare in general.

Blind Eye by ✠Andreas

Even though "Operation Diamondshark" caused massive casualties concerning the NATO´s military, it has yet proven that DARKWATER is not invincible, as General Castle was successfully secured. Castle´s plans of fighting the Warsaw Pact changed the course of NATO warfare.

The Gulag by [Renegade]

Two days later Prisoner 28 and Prisoner 29, both dishonorable Grand Faction ex-members, were located and extracted from a DARKWATER protected Warsaw Pact Gulag in a central Manhattan hotel. To reunite his old Spec Ops team was however only the very beginning of Castle´s plans. With his knowledge, EU Commandos managed to localize the remaining explosives from the attacks in Los Angeles.

Understatement by ✠Andreas

Those were still in San Francisco, inside a warehouse. Due to its weak protection by only tiny amounts of Warsaw Pact soldiers, EU Commandos were able to secure these trigger explosives from the DARPA "Snake Eye" project. Even though these bombs already unleash a huge destructive power, John Castle explained that the true potential of those explosives could only be used with all components of the original project "Snake Eye". All missing components were, according to Castle, located inside the DARPA facility in San Francisco.

Snake Eye by ✠Andreas

A mysterious substance known as V-V13 finally turned out to be the last missing component for the DARPA´s V-V13 Lightwave Bomb Prototype. The project had however been reasonably canceled by the DARPA. Castle however intended to finish it with the help of the newly found will of the american government to fight the Warsaw Pact without any mercy.

Army of Darkness by ✠Andreas

DARKWATER, worried about the recent developments, strengthened its defenses by mobilizing its reserves. A certainly necessary step, since their enemy got way stronger during the past months.

Purifying Fire by ✠Andreas

The NATO´s Purifying Fire policy was introduced in order to legitimize the deployment of NATO ABC weapons on american soil. Only a small spark was needed as reason to unleash an inferno of a previously unknown size.

Ambush by кола☭

The Warsaw Pact´s attack on one of the EU´s major outposts in western America was that spark, followed by the first in combat deployment of V-V13.

V-V13 by ✠Andreas

Its target, the City of Portland, Oregon, was destroyed within seconds, also destroying one of the Warsaw Pact´s major supply lines. In order to scout the destroyed city, American Troops were send to search and scan the ruins as far as possible.

Darkness... Then Redness... Then Whiteness by Empty Sandbox

The threat resulting out of the Warsaw Pacts massive presence around the West Coast was apparently finally limited, as the destruction of Portland killed one of the Warsaw Pact´s most elitary soldier groups.

"No Shortage of Volunteers, No Shortage of Patriots" by Empty Sandbox

But the Portland Incident was way more than just a crucial change for the American West Coast. It was creating a greater support for the American Military than any propaganda campaigns could. The victory in Portland was leading to further victories all over America.

Reclamation by ✠Andreas

The reclamation of Portland became a symbol for the NATO´s superiority and the Warsaw Pact was confronted with the fact that their sheer number of Troops would not help them on American soil anymore.

'Wastelands' -The Purge- FP by [Stijn Oom]

DARKWATER´s reports from Portland revealed that the EU was responsible for the incident. Russia´s response was an act of rage. Only hours after DARKWATER was informing the military command of the Warsaw Pact, Europe was invaded by all remaining Warsaw Pact reserves.

Operation Thunder Clap by кола☭

While the southern and eastern countries of the EU were overrun by the invading forces, the core regions of the European Union prepared for a war like it was never fought in Europe for almost a century.

Neon Nights by ✠Andreas

DARKWATER forces finally managed to achieve, what even the massive amount of Warsaw Pact military failed to achieve earlier, they took over Berlin and paved the way to Brussels.

Fall of Berlin by ✠Andreas

The European Union eventually had to accept that they could not beat DARKWATER with their current amount of Troops in Europe and therefore decided to better risk America´s survival than to risk their own.

Inconvenient Necessity? - Alternative by ✠Andreas

All EU personnel operating in the USA got orders to move back to Europe in order to prepare a counter attack. However this left America as easy target for Pan Asia, or possibly even as a new colonization era colony. The prediction of that situation alarmed American Patriots.

Broken Promises and a Public Enemy by ✠Andreas

In order to secure America´s future, a conspiracy against the current US government was planned and executed with the help of DARKWATER. DARKWATER itself was losing one of their original supporters, because the Warsaw Pact has lost almost all their financial and material resources. The new US government, with a way greater public support and full control over the US Military, was offering a great replacement.

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-Chapter Two-

>>Shadow Age<<

"Buried in the shadows, yet soon to be revealed."

Overdue by ✠Andreas

With its full military at disposal in Europe, it did not take long for the EU to reclaim what was rightfully theirs. Various major EU cities, including Berlin, were assaulted and the entirely inferior Warsaw Pact Troops stood no chance, as their strongest ally DARKWATER already began to retreat to the Middle East in order to later move more and more personnel to the United States.

The Fall of Ukraine by кола☭

Slowly facing the facts, the Warsaw Pact ordered the remaining soldiers back to the Warsaw Pact territories in order to defend the motherland. The Ukraine was the EU´s priority target, attacking it from multiple fronts.

Under the cover of night.. by [MIXBRIX]

The way through Poland did not show any major engagements compared to Prague, which still required the EU to clear out the streets from remaining Warsaw Pact scavengers, while other EU armies did already proceed to the Ukraine, again causing massive damage to the Warsaw Pact military.

Off the Wall by Empty Sandbox

Searching for tactical plans to cut the Warsaw Pact off resources was a crucial part in clearing out the remaining resistance of Warsaw Pact fugitives left outside of the cities to be able to concentrate on those more effectively.

The Taking of Prague by [MIXBRIX]

Eventually, Prague was taken by the EU after weeks of urban combat and casualties on both sides. Europe was however not the only front where the EU was seeking revenge, after reclaiming tactical sights in southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East were to become within strike range as well.

Preparations by ✠Andreas

The Neptune Geo-Engineering Facility, a research installation inside an artificial rain forest was known to be under DARKWATER control for many years. Tracking down DARKWATER in the Middle East and Northern Africa, it was obvious that the EU would assault it.

Overgrown by ✠Andreas

Shock Troops met only minor resistance, yet the dangers of fighting in a jungle were making the operation take longer than planned.

"Every living thing profits.. by [MIXBRIX]

Eventually the facility was taken by EU Troops, revealing that DARKWATER has more Geo-Engineering facilities, most of which can however not be located with the intel from the Neptune facility.

Skyline Scouting by ∠Eric The Red

Being aware of the EU attacks, DARKWATER moved everything of greater importance to the US, leaving only outdated information at the overgrown Neptune facility. All DARKWATER officials were long evacuated, their research completed or abandoned weeks ago.

Dam Good Work by Empty Sandbox

With more and more DARKWATER facilities being created in the United States, the USA were able to quickly improve the technology standards of their Troops.

'Hanging by a thread...' by [Stijn Oom]

Combat tests of the updated soldier assistance systems were showing great results, leading to a new kind of American soldiers, the US DARKWATER Operative.

Nightfall by Deff .

The first true combat engagement of the operative was "Operation Aftermath" taking place in the California mountains.

Operation Aftermath by ✠Andreas

Eliminating the last remaining Warsaw Pact fugitives on US soil turned out to be rather easy, G.R.A.N.D. forces, assisted by the US DARKWATER Operatives, also utilizing widely superior technology, saw no challenge in the terribly equipped enemies.

Trailer Park Boys by Empty Sandbox

While the USA was getting back to its earlier position as superpower, the EU was now yet again expanding their assaults, moving Troops deep into Somalia, in order to assault another DARKWATER facility, yet again located in a heavily Geo-Engineering manipulated territory known as Somalia Industrial District.

Somalia Industrial by ✠Andreas

Despite the natural resistance of the manipulated region, a strike team was able to proceed deep into the hazardous central area.

Industrial Firefight by ∠Eric The Red

Finding DARKWATER roaming through the Ruins of Somalia Industrial was only brining up more questions, why would the PMC be interested in failed Geo-Engineering and the bombed place? Answers were to be found in the underground facility, so they believed.

Darkened Success by ∠Eric The Red

"Washington" A code found in the facility, at that time a meaningless detail. Other information was of far greater interest. DARKWATER operations in Japan were apparently in the planning and were to show significant results for their research. Research that apparently related to a mobile geo weapons system and these facilities.

Broken Borders by ✠Andreas

With that information, the EU was executing their plans far more rapidly than originally planned, moving into the United Arab Emirates was the next step, because the Union hoped to reveal more about how DARKWATER financed all their research. Simultaneously, the conflict in Eastern Europe was worsening.

Penetration by ∠Eric The Red

Many EU Troops having regrouped at the border to Russia, the well defended heart of the Warsaw Pact. The European Union was finally ready to take the first step into hell penetrating the Russian borders at many places. The fighting in Belarus was however still not ended, because the Warsaw Pact was holding the cities at any cost and had several weeks to prepare for the siege of their cities.

Preparations by кола☭

Utilizing Commandos to prevent any Warsaw Pact communications outside of the Warsaw Pact mainland finally was the solution to the seemingly endless back and forth in the cities.

Operation Blackout by | Fade |

Minsk would finally fall, leaving only northern cities outside of Russia to remain under Warsaw Pact control, but not for long.

Search and Destroy by | Fade |

Striking deeper and deeper into northern Warsaw Pact territory was also very successful, in order to be slowly building up a steady movement towards Moscow. Not to mention that the EU was widely safe from nuclear weapons now that a complete protective system was set up around the Russian borders.

Teetering on a pedestal by [MIXBRIX]

To surrender never was an option for the Warsaw Pact government however, it was clear that this war would be fought out to the deep end.

"Out of the Frying Pan and into Pan-Asia" by The Purge

While the Union was steadily obtaining greater power throughout the western half of the Eurasian continent, a different conflict was to arise in the eastern half. Unnoticed by the rest of the world, which was very much focused and worried about the EU´s foreign policies, the United States of America moved Stealth VTOLs and the USS Honey Badger aircraft carrier across the pacific.

Plane to Catch by Empty Sandbox

A Pan Asian Hacker, Yorudan Onīru, leaked information about Pan Asia´s research relating Biological and Chemical WMDs to the USA. Worried about what might happen when those are unleashed in these very much conflicted ages, there was only one solution, to destroy the research in a covert operation. Shadowknight I, the extraction of the Hacker was only the beginning.

Semper Fi... Or Die by Empty Sandbox

US Marines were inserted at various tactical positions in Tokyo, Section 7 being the primary position in order to move to Section 6, the industrial area.

Shadowknight II by ✠Andreas

Shadowknight II was the true core of the operation. Together with DARKWATER, the USA would cover their secret assault on Tokyo as terrorist attack. While Pan Asia would not be aware of what just happened, the actual task to destroy the WMD plans as well as the required factories and research facilities could take place. With DARKWATER Troops inside the city core and US Marines inserted into Section 7 a day earlier, everything was in strike position.

Wild Fire by | Fade |

Explosives placed by DARKWATER undercover agents went off at night time and all strike teams attacked simultaneously.

The Heat in Pan-Asia Rises by « ℱritz »

As expected, Pan Asia was unable to react to what was going on, Pan Asia´s Military was widely unaware of what was happening when all of Tokyo was suddenly in flames. Only the normal security teams remained as resistance against the US Troops.

Corporate Collapse by Empty Sandbox

Eventually US Troops were able to infiltrate the Pan Asian facilities and to complete the objective. The extraction of all units however, was a greater problem than expected.

Reckoning by Empty Sandbox

While extracting Marine teams, the G.R.A.N.D. forces and the Hacker worked out well, the fate of a single DARKWATER unit, Lancer, would have a far greater significance than first expected.

Compromise in the Night by Empty Sandbox

In the morning hours, Pan Asia Black Ops were the first Units to investigate the events of the night. It did not take long to find out who was behind the attacks and that it could not have been an act of terrorism.

The Primitive Side of an Advanced World by [MIXBRIX]

Pan Asia started searching Tokyo for those US Troops that didn´t make it to the extraction points.

Road Rage by Empty Sandbox

Other cities, such as Osaka were also observed with far greater attention from that point on, facing the massive damage done to Pan Asia´s research was leading to far greater caution.

Technological Advancement in Politics by | Fade |

There was more to the attack than it first seemed, in the past night those Pan Asian units still operational managed to capture the DARKWATER unit Lancer, originally expecting an American operator left behind, but quickly discovering the situation to be very much different.

Masks Off by Empty Sandbox

This great success was however kept secret within Pan Asia´s military, the fear of being sabotaged again and the pain of the past incidents were still present. To capture a DARKWATER unit alive was a rare occurrence, because the PMC usually send in troops to shut down those capable of revealing DARKWATER´s secrets and Lancer did much more.

Dream Eater by Empty Sandbox

As a DARKWATER Shadowknight II operative, he was proof of the secretly formed alliance of DARKWATER and the USA, but additionally his inside knowledge on the PMC granted Pan Asia access to a variety of critical intel. Aware of their enemies, the gained information were to be shared with the European Union as Pan Asia´s remaining political ally and best chance for revenging the damage caused by Shadowknight II.

Winter Warfare by Deff .

Upon reaching St. Petersburg, it was clear that the European Union managed to achieve a clear combat superiority by now.

Sub Warfare by n7mereel

The Union´s fight in Warsaw Pact territory was nearing its end, not only did St. Petersburg quickly fall under EU control, but the first EU troops reached Moscow.

Strike at Dawn by | Fade |

The final strike against the slowly collapsing Warsaw Pact finally became feasible, now that the EU was able to operate inside the Warsaw Pact´s capital.

Over the edge and into the darkness by [MIXBRIX]

Knowing the location of the Warsaw Pact president, EU Commandos entered his rundown hiding spot, leaving only the dead corpse behind when the sun rose the day after. The remaining tactical intel of the Warsaw Pact on their earlier partner and failed ally, DARKWATER, was gone, not only revealing weak points in DARKWATER´s defense of Manhattan, but in combination with the intel received by Pan Asia about a variety of hidden DARKWATER facilities worldwide.

The Last of Us by кола☭

Disillusioned and finally accepting the downfall of their motherland, the last remaining Warsaw Pact soldiers slowly surrendered to the increasing amount of EU Troops in Moscow.

Fighting Back by ∠Eric The Red

The war against the Warsaw Pact was however not the only war the EU fought in 2029. EU Troops invaded Syria in order to establish an operational base for the Middle East closer than the previously recaptured outpost in Greece. Syria´s resistance was the PMC Sharp Sky Associates, which was at that time only able to dispatch barely well trained operatives, because it also provided security for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates .

Scavenge for Power by ∠Eric The Red

Sharp Sky had been raiding DARKWATER facilities since early 2029 to gain advanced technology. Up to a certain extent, this was leading to a war of corporations between Sharp Sky and DARKWATER.

The Sudan Lie by | Fade |

Even though this caused significant losses on Sharp Sky´s side, it was a success in so far that Sharp Sky managed to create a prototype of an advanced kind of combat operative on their own.

Welcome to the next stage of human warfare… by | Fade |

For financial reasons, the Sharp Sky Tactical Force, other than its prototypes, was not established until after Shark Sky had been contracted by various United Arab Emirates civilians to remove EU personnel from Dubai in late 2029, because the UAE government did not take that in their opinion required step.

Abu Dhabi by The Purge

Facing many losses, Sharp Sky quickly had to realize that the contract was not worth its costs for the PMC, instead an evacuation of Sharp Sky´s contracting party and all Sharp Sky personnel became necessary.

Pressed for Time by ∠Eric The Red

While Dubai had been a loss for Sharp Sky, it never the less improved their reputation as a PMC, because Sharp Sky managed to withstand the EU, a military superpower with a far greater amount of Troops and advanced combat tech for at least the required period of time to evacuate VIPs. Independent financiers in India then supported Sharp Sky´s completion of the Tactical Force.

Operation Night Light by | Fade |

Combining the intel retrieved in Moscow with information shared by Pan Asia, the EU was finally able to determine all weak spots of DARKWATER in New York and to work out an invasion plan during multiple months of planning. Finally Operation Big Apple launched in April 2030, covertly moving EU military into New York through the Harbor at nighttime.

Eyes in the Sky by | Fade |

In opposite to the EU´s expectations, this did not remain unnoticed by DARKWATER, as the PMC´s scouts had been monitoring the city closely.

Operation Big Apple by ✠Andreas

This resulted in both, the EU and DARKWATER to openly engage combat the following day. American Troops did not actively participate in the fight, they were only evacuating civilians. Indeed the EU was expecting that, because the intel they collected over the past months revealed that DARKWATER´s contract with the USA states that DARKWATER is to provide combat support for the USA, but not vice versa.

The Washington Project by ✠Andreas

These circumstances enabled the EU to indeed fully breach DARKWATER´s defenses and to enter the Manhattan facility with a special operations team. The team eventually triggered the self destruct sequence of the facility, leading to its destruction and causing DARKWATER to lose control over its worldwide Geo-Engineering network known as the Washington Project. This became known as the Manhattan Incident.

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-Chapter Three-

>>The Surge<<

"A rising tide, the Surge of the South..."

At the Edge of the Future Front by ✠Andreas

The long term consequences of Manhattan were devastating, deserts spreading north and south of the equator in the 2030s, to be known as equatorial Dead Zones. Taking a toll in world population, escalating the southern water crisis and causing major refugee waves. Both the US and EU found themselves under political and economical pressure, a peaceful solution was far out of reach, so military advancements in the aftermath of WW3 saw their first real use, with the US seizing control of leftover Middle America, a largely abandoned desert at this point, but by definition a natural border in the south, forcing refugees further down the equator.

Of Mechs and Men by ✠Andreas

The European approach was of a more sinister nature, widespread conflict in earlier years with SATA and Sharp Sky, led to a more radical solution, claiming fewer personnel losses by deploying mechanized units, Sentinels. With little distinction between moral standards, war crimes and pure efficiency, remaining middle eastern resistance was brought under control in quick paste.

Dubai Border District by n7mereel

Opposing SATA claims, the Middle East has become a lost bet for the locals, depraved, drained and exploited by the Union with little chance to fight back in sight, with any uprising against the oppressive northern regime struck down with mechanical force.

Obliteration - SSA Troops by n7mereel

Lost, in particular considering Sharp Sky´s self chosen relocation to South America, in favor of a promising contract to assist a new rising superpower, Greater Argentina in quelling former regionally dominant Brazil, which by 3036 was sufficiently strangled by American refugee policies and middle American mass migration to allow for a full takeover under assistance of the advanced SSA Tac Force.

Rio Nuevo by ∠Eric The Red

Rio Nuevo, intentionally renamed in reference to New York, as former economical and cultural world center, until its destruction in late WW3 of course, was set to become a new melting point for the rising south. Annexed and later established as Capital of Greater Argentina, its technologically advanced water supply system, became a staple of southern ambition, but yet the city also still was a strong example of Greater Argentina´s inner conflict, symbolically shown in the drift between the rich in the inner city and the poor in the slums.

Desert Island by | Fade |

It was also this conflict that kept Brazilian resistance boiling against the admittedly also oppressive but widely beneficial new order. A conflict not to be fought by GA itself, but by Sharp Sky in place for them. A test, a success to put the PMC back to former glory.

Field Work Bottom by | Fade |

With Shark Sky and Rio Nuevo´s ISF reinsuring internal stability, Greater Argentina assigned its attention to the prevention of external interference in its power gains. Rightfully so, as attempts of such intrusions were plentiful.

Deception by ✠Andreas

Obviously once more contested in its former state as economically dominant world-power, the US covertly attempted to intervene in favor of Brazilian autonomy and a reestablishment of the former power balance. One of a few failed attempts, the other one being related to coordinated sabotage of GA water distribution.

Levels Rising by | Fade |

It would not last, in contrast to the European attempt at establishing a military presence in South America. In 3039, the EU had their first operational base there, with more to come, hidden well enough to back later operations if required.

Undisclosed by ✠Andreas

Earlier in the 2030s, the EU expanded in other regards as well, quite literally, after the defeat of the Warsaw Pact the landmass to be maintained increased drastically.

Suspicious Refugee by | Fade |

Faced with those challenges, Europe´s initial attempts to establish western standards widely across Russia failed, to the dismay of the European administration, resigning to a more authority based approach, utilizing Sector Commanders as during WW3´s Siege of Germany.

Through the Steel by | Fade |

With vast military and civilian resources in play for southern regions and the Middle East, Russia largely remained in its technologically and structurally poor state none the less. Eventually however and with the rising pressure of the Dead Zones also impacting Pan Asia, a Pan Eurasian plan was formed to solve mutual problems and bring order to the continent.

Public Security (Part 1 of 2) by Empty Sandbox

A combined effort was finally the desired peaceful end to two decades of potential war and very real conflict in both western European and far eastern society, even utilizing the collectively gained space to address social and refugee issues as far as possible.

Room Service (Part 2 of 2) by Empty Sandbox

In contrast to Pan Asia, the European Union however still had one final open enemy to address...

Blending with the Crowd by ✠Andreas

...DARKWATER, which was a phantom following the Manhattan Incident, leaving practically no clue to their presence for almost a decade when upon accident, an Australian IT expert and Arcadia Biotech employee hacked into DW network, making himself the prime target for both, the European Union and the shadow corporation that DW became.

Ten Minutes Earlier by ✠Andreas

Living undercover in Rio Nuevo, Mr. James Namarra found himself all to eagerly alarmed when he received the inside call about multiple military units closing in on his penthouse, barely making the escape. The EU traced him down, viewing him as their best chance to finally track and shut DARKWATER down.

Stakeout by ✠Andreas

EU Troop movement in the city, while covert, would not remain unnoticed, with DARKWATER catching on to it, that Namarra, as one of their own hit-list priorities, was now within reach. A race of life and death was now his only chance for survival.

Uptown Surveillance by | Fade |

DARKWATER, with undercover agents even in Rio´s very own ISF, in fact was first to identify the running man, but that advantage did not last long.

End of the Line by | Fade |

EU Commandos intervened just in time to prevent DW Scouts to shut down the loose end, however causing open firefights between EU Spec Ops units and advanced DARKWATER troops above ground in one of Rio´s many airports.

Terminal by ✠Andreas

It was DW´s last stand, the final attempt to prevent Namarra from revealing their proxy corporation network, the final boundary to remain, but doomed to fail with Namarra´s successful extraction, forcing DW to retreat.

Unfriendly Takeover by ✠Andreas

With Arcadia exposed and shut down, followed by many more companies that used to be part of DARKWATER´s supply and research network, the once mighty PMC giant, was crippled, unable to operate on a global scale and more importantly, forced into the shadows as its carefully established influence in regards to the US was cut off. The EU´s 3039 presence during the airport firefights has been investigated and is yet another reason for rising tensions between the global North and South...

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