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Welcome to The Purge's Public group. We have very few rules about what you can post in this group, so we hope that you will abide by them without complaint. If you are unsure of the limitations, please check with an Admin. Thank you.


  • STICKY  Q/A Discussion Thread

    Ask questions, get answers, read official announcements, or just simply tell us ...

    ✠Andreas7 days ago1,725 replies

  • STICKY  The Purge Storyline

    This thread will be updated regularly. Only meaningful, official Purge scenes wi...

    ✠Andreas16 months ago3 replies

  • STICKY  General Announcements

    This is solely a general announcements topic, and should not be commented on. C...

    Bøsstøne17 months ago8 replies

  • 250th Member Challenge

    It is challenge time once again! In opposite to prior challenges, this one will ...

    ✠Andreas2 months ago111 replies

  • Confirmed Hardware

    The Confirmed Hardware thread replaces the old vehicles thread with a selection ...

    ✠Andreas11 months ago4 replies

  • Favorite Faction

    We at the Purge´s private group are searching for a new group icon for the publ...

    ✠Andreas12 months ago70 replies

  • Factions

    This thread shows you all currently active and confirmed Purge factions. If you ...

    ✠Andreas13 months ago9 replies

  • Stage Three: Ascension

    Setting: Nine years after Stage Two, January 2039: The world has changed a...

    ✠Andreas13 months ago7 replies

  • Public Group Survey

    It has been quite a while since the creation of the Public Group and it has grow...

    ✠Andreas16 months ago24 replies

  • 200th Member Challenge

    In the past challenges we were looking for you to create a nice looking scene fi...

    ✠Andreas17 months ago52 replies

  • 100th Member Challenge

    As our public group has reached 100 members, we have got a challenge for you! ...

    ✠Andreas17 months ago23 replies

  • 150th Member Challenge

    Your Objective: Create a scene displaying the EU attack on the Neptune Geo-En...

    ✠Andreas18 months ago33 replies

  • Stage Two: Shadow Age

    Setting: Five months after Stage One, November 2029: The European Union i...

    [Renegade]19 months ago19 replies

  • "Modern Apocalypse" Building Challenge

    Your objective: Create either a moderate display/vignette or a conventional s...

    [Renegade]22 months ago34 replies

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