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Group Description

Susan, the Well Seasoned Cook, a fellow food blogger of mine created this fun event somewhere in July last year ( and it was a great success around the foodbloggers.
Now she had to step back from internet activities due to serious health problems and is no longer able to post those lovely Wednesday roundups.

This Flickr goup should help safe all the BWW pictures of those who still do a BWW post every week and provide a space for her to browse through once she is back!

Group Rules

What the group is all about:

1) Your Photos should be black & white.

2) Your photo/s need not be of actual food, but also of the preparation, presentation, and consumption of it. There are restaurants, with their facades, signs, and awnings, kitchens and staffs; sidewalk cafes and umbrella tables; street food (carts, kiosks, food trucks); food courts and fast-food joints; farmers markets, stalls, stores, grocery shelves; and pressing your lens, rather than your nose, against that bakery window. Look, too, at what's going on inside your own kitchens and dining areas: pantries, pot racks, tools and utensils, appliances; glassware, dishes, and utensils; set tables, buffets, cocktail and dinner parties, and picnics; and friends, neighbors, and strangers sitting on curbs chomping down corn on the cob or licking the drips off ice cream cones. Whether it's a bowl of rice to a pot of bouillabaisse bubbling on your stove, leave no crumb unturned.

3) non Black & White photos and/or non food-related photos will be removed from the group!

Tips for Black and White Images:

* Adjust your digital camera settings (either in auto modes or manually) to shoot in B/W. Aim for a correctly exposed image to minimize corrections later on, or better still...

* Shoot in color, then play with the different B/W conversion tools in your processing software. Most software offers the simplicity of a click or the manipulation of sliders. There are several tools such as desaturation and removal of color with effects that are less sophisticated and visually arresting as others, but do, in fact, do the job. If you choose these methods, you have the option of further refining the highlights, shadows, and midtones by working with the levels dialogue box. Levels can adjust the lighting to brighten and darken areas of your image, as well as change contrast, for more drama.

*Experiment with different B/W filter effects, such as Green, Orange, or Infrared. These filters will not actually impart colors onto your images, but manipulate the light waves to create very different B/W looks. Some of these effects will be more attractive to you than others based on composition, subject matter, and personal taste. Although all B/W photos have vague warm or cool tones, you will find that filters such as Sepia or Cyanotype will tint your images with either discernibly brown or blue tones. Given the inexact and debatable nature of the definition of monochrome/grayscale, and that color monitors are not equally calibrated, nor do our very human eyes register color exactly as those of the next gal/fellow, I will also feature monochrome/grayscale images with Sepia and Cyanotype tones in addition to the obviously well-known and traditional B/Ws.

taken from Susan's intro into Black & White Wednesday: - please note that she is no longer ble to do the roundups, so sending photos to her is not necessary - just add them here to the group!

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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