Hello Ladies

afraid wealth [deleted] 2:25am, 18 February 2012
Well, to start with, I am fairly new in the respect of sharing Lacy. She has been with-in since I was just a young boy. She has ventured out a couple of times complete and that was amazing to say the least. I drive all over the USA and just every once in awhile I do get a chance to get a room. But I mostly say in the cab of the truck. I drive sometimes in scanty clothes of underware and it is so exciting. I do not know if others see me or not but the idea of them seeing me is very arousing.

I love dressing up, but I really do not have but a few items and I would so love to have more. You Ladies are so beyond in your dress, looks and experinces then I am and I envy you for that.

I wish I had a great motel story, but I don not, pity.

I have written this in hopes others will resond and perhaps tell thier story.

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