Josh_Wolf 8:09pm, 27 March 2012
OK, I've been reading your feedback and want to make this as easy and as fair as possible, so would everyone please take part in these two quick polls for me? No signup required so no spam, just take you a minute and will help decide the future of the group :-)

1. How often should Roll in a Day happen?
2. Should we choose a theme for each roll or leave it open?

Thanks in advance for your help and feel free to make any further suggestions here

UPDATE: well voting was clear and for now this will remain a monthly event and open to all. Obviously you don't have to take part every month, but at least with regular events it'll never be too long before you can jump back in. We're not setting strict themes at the moment, although we may suggest themes for those that want a little inspiration. Hopefully this will make the group as open and as accessible to all as possible and most importantly it'll remain fun!

Thanks to everybody for taking part.
fawcetownsley PRO 6 years ago
Once a month/leave it open.
Burnt Umber 6 years ago
once a month. leave it open
MrDAT 6 years ago
Um, those two links are actual surveys.
Josh_Wolf 6 years ago
Yeah was just gonna say, if you wouldn't mind voting on the links, it'll make it so much easier to count! Thanks, I do appreciate you taking time to do this, want to make sure the group goes in the direction the majority want it to :-)
Blia100 PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Blia100 (member) 6 years ago
I figure once a season... leave it open

edit: yes I voted
GymeeDee 6 years ago
inetjoker PRO 6 years ago
Who cares about the majority. This was your idea. :-)
dotcomjohnny 6 years ago
Once a Month/ Open Theme
Thanks MrDat :)
RLGarlick 6 years ago
sessyargc 6 years ago
Thanks for trying to get everyone's opinion. Done!
doglock75 PRO 6 years ago
Cecilia Temperli PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Cecilia Temperli (admin) 6 years ago
The more people you ask, the more different opinions you'll get. Your idea, you make the decisions. Fine with me.
Edit: I placed my vote though :-)
Hyun Yu PRO 6 years ago
Voted. Once a month and leave it open.
inetjoker PRO 6 years ago
I did not vote I hate those things as they are 3rd party and use your votes selections and other thoughts. So I will Abstain.
Burnt Umber 6 years ago
I tried abstaining once. After about a week my wife threw me to the ground and took advantage of me.
Khánh Hmoong 6 years ago
tonicito PRO 6 years ago
Done. Thanks for organizing these polls and for trying to get everyone's opinion! :)
towering houses [deleted] 6 years ago
conspiracy theorist. :-)
‹shin› PRO 6 years ago
voted. Thanks for asking
Robotnik5 6 years ago
I am new here. I am hoping 1 time each month.
Blia100 PRO 6 years ago
Meh, I guess once a month seems to be the majority so far..
Except, I shoot one or two rolls a day, on a regular basis!
Cecilia Temperli PRO 6 years ago
I just received an email from the lab that my order should be ready to be dispatched on April 3, so should get to my place about April 6. Not much I can do about.
perfect zipper [deleted] 6 years ago
1. How often should Roll in a Day happen?
=> once in a month seems fine

2. Should we choose a theme for each roll or leave it open?
=> Open theme or a selection of several themes (this can help, sometimes, when you lack inspiration)
clean sand [deleted] 6 years ago
Once a month and the we should be able to join in on a set theme if we want to =)
Josh_Wolf 6 years ago
That's fine Cecilia, you should still submit it and tag, I for one am enjoying seeing what everybody got up to :-)

Thanks to everyone so far, I'm going to give this until 6:00PM GMT Friday 30th March, then myself and the rest of the admins will talk about where to go next based on all of your feedback :-)
SuperDewa PRO 6 years ago
I love the concept of this group, although I did not participate (it's not so simple for me to get film developed -- I need to work that out first). I am not going to vote but want to add my voice to say I will probably participate in the future.
Bubble Level PRO 6 years ago
I am more likely to participate once a quarter. Also leave it open, otherwise on any chosen day I'm not sure I could cover a specific theme.

My preferred film processing takes 2-3 weeks to get the results back so I would prefer no limit or a 1-month limit to post the results.
doublecappuccino PRO 6 years ago
Missed this the first time around, but I'd love to try it, schedule permitting. Answers:
A) Once a month.
B) Open (for me, it's generally easier and often more fun to finish off an entire roll when there aren't restrictions), but I would try themed in a pinch
inetjoker PRO 6 years ago
Answer when I want to get involved. :-)
needmorefilm 6 years ago
At least once a month, and leave it open. Although, the occasional theme wouldn't hurt. It forces people to get a little more creative. I could use some more motivation and inspiration. And shoot more film!
McFarlaneImaging PRO 6 years ago
Once a month gives us something to look forward to, even if we can't participate each time, and for the moment keeping the topic open will be more convenient, adding a theme to later dates will re-invigorate participation if it starts to get stale.
I'm new here and interested to the ideal.

Once a month and Open Theme
- 21 6 years ago
This is pretty interesting.
Once a month is good.. and Open theme for now. Maybe very general themes.
touristguy87 6 years ago
...with all the film-shooters on Flickr, what difference would it make?

Make it as often as convenient for the judges. Some percentage of film-shooters will participate, as is convenient for them.
jdawn1982 6 years ago
touristguy87 makes a good point. What difference does it make? The people who want to participate monthly will participate monthly if it's an option. The people who don't want to participate every month don't have to do it every time. That's the beauty of the world we live in--choice.
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