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jnicholls357 10:49pm, 17 March 2012
This is it! Post a link to the results of your 24th March roll here before the 7th of April (Extension!). All of 'em damn it! Please tag pics according to the format radyyyymmdd. E.g., for this one, tag as 'rad20120324'

A link to a new dedicated set on your photo stream please. Together with comments, stories, approaches, challenges and learnings!

Contact sheets can be posted here as a single shot too/instead if you prefer.
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Kilgore Trout (leicamaster.) [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Kilgore Trout (leicamaster.) (member) 5 years ago
I would also like to add that people should tag the location where the images were taken using the mapping feature. In the end, this will let us have a cool map on the group page with everyone's location.
jnicholls357 5 years ago
8hlwellywell [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by 8hlwellywell (member) 5 years ago
Here's a contact sheet of my roll:

I did 5 shots that are trichromy
and 2 failed shots (?! not sure how that happened).

And here's one of the trichrome shots (three B&W images with 3 filters to produce 1 colour photograph):

Ørs 5 years ago
hello, I was invited to this nice group, I'll be participating from Venezuela :)
Rubin Starset PRO 5 years ago
So I just want to get my facts in order here...

* Pick a camera and a roll of fresh film
* Shoot the whole roll on the 24th
* Get the photos developed, scanned, processed, geotagged, metatagged, and uploaded by the 31st
* Post to the group
* Win

Am I correct here? :P
inetjoker PRO 5 years ago
No I think the date to get them posted is longer as some can't get a turn around that fast. I at least think I am not mistaken as some people can have a 24 day turn around or more if they shoot E6 from some places...
Burnt Umber 5 years ago
My E6 lab is only 10 miles away and their turn around can be as long as a week. It makes turn around on E6 and B/W hard for those who have to send it out.

I will be hard pressed to shoot only one roll :)
inetjoker PRO 5 years ago
I am going to cheat. I am going to shoot more than one roll. :-)
EyeCandy Photo PRO 5 years ago
inetjoker is that mean you are going to post a link to all of those rolls you are going to scan? wow.
polarapfel PRO 5 years ago
Hi there,

I think a week to get the film processed and scanned might be a bit short. The place I usually bring my film to takes a week to process.

Any chance we can increase the period of time?


jnicholls357 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by jnicholls357 (admin) 5 years ago
Let's aim for within a week knowing that there will be exceptions and no pressure if you find it tricky. We need a target date to keep momentum and to be consistent with the time sensitive 'philosophy' of the project so lets stick with the 31st as the plan. I'm sure those those posting 'late' will be worth the wait!
Cecilia Temperli PRO 5 years ago
There'll be more than 5000 photos uploaded within that week if everybody shoots 36 frames :-)
Kilgore Trout (leicamaster.) [deleted] 5 years ago
^ Some people will upload contact sheets (me!!).
EyeCandy Photo PRO 5 years ago
Maybe everyone should upload their best in the stream and post the link to their set which contains the photos.
Cecilia Temperli PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Cecilia Temperli (admin) 5 years ago
Of course! Forgot about that. Sorry. Good idea!
Just noticed that mentioned this too in the OP.
jnicholls357 5 years ago
Ok. A link in this discussion to the set in your personal photo stream and one pic in the main roll in a day / a day in a roll group pool please. Any other ideas on how to make this even better are welcome! It's had HUGE take up so thanks again everyone!
ExZacT 5 years ago
Just one pic in the pool, or the contact sheet for the roll?
Kilgore Trout (leicamaster.) [deleted] 5 years ago
@ExZacT: The contact sheet in the pool...
Josh_Wolf 5 years ago
Can I add a caveat that you can post your contact sheet or your favourite shot from the roll? Plus of course a link to your set here.

Some of us don't have the equipment to make a contact sheet and rely on our scanners to see the final result!
jnicholls357 5 years ago
Blia100 PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Blia100 (member) 5 years ago
@Josh - Contact sheet is easy... Photopaper + negatives in sleeve page + lightsource = contact sheet.. Oh and you can develop paper in D76, XTOL, Rodinal, etc... just doesn't develop as fast as using DekTOL. :D

Just a quick FYI so you know..
EyeCandy Photo PRO 5 years ago

i am sooooo ready for tomorrow...
Cecilia Temperli PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Cecilia Temperli (admin) 5 years ago
Thanks, Blia100. That's what I would have done because half of the time I don't know what I'm doing, especially early in the morning, and thought this method may not be 'good' enough, or looks acceptable enough. Early morning here in Oz and I am staggering around with the camera already... It'll be fun, not even out of the house yet! So, basically, I put the negs in folder on the flatbed scanner and just scan the lot, right?
Josh_Wolf 5 years ago
I think Blia was talking about actually printing a contact sheet, but hey that's a nice easy way for the rest of us to do it! If your scanner doesn't lose focus of course (they're set to focus on a certain depth, although not necessarily the depth your neg holder is at... but that's a whole other story!)

Well I have my first and last shots planned and a theme to tie them all together. Got my variable ND filter ready to shoot my T-Max 400 @ 1600 for plenty of contrast and my D76 mixed up... roll on tomorrow!
Cecilia Temperli PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Cecilia Temperli (admin) 5 years ago
I am using transparency film. With negative film it won't work with a flat bed scanner unless you convert the lot in an imaging program. Our scanner does not scan negs.
ExZacT 5 years ago
I'm gonna have a crack at scanning the negs with a flatbed as a contact sheet, I've done it before with C-41 but just have to try to remember how... Oh, and I'm 14 frames in :)
DinosaursAreNotDead [deleted] 5 years ago
Euuuh...a question: Is using dslr such my Canon 500d allowed ? I think the goal is to collect what we are doing today / March 24.
Basa Jauna [deleted] 5 years ago
tripowski PRO 5 years ago
I'm pretty sure this is film-only - why not get a film camera and give it a go? You might like it :-)
inetjoker PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by inetjoker (member) 5 years ago
FILM only... No Digital. we are a Luddite group. Digital does not come in rolls
inetjoker PRO 5 years ago
OK going to bed now I spent 14 hours of today helping my son move and babysitting not to mention about 12 other adventures and none required a camera. I will start at sun up. See you after the next adventure.
Blia100 PRO 5 years ago
Yeah, I was actually meaning making a contact print.. Sorry Cecilia.

Digital comes in rolls.. Absolutely!

See! (Hey if Nahanni can do it, so can I).. :D
Cecilia Temperli PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Cecilia Temperli (admin) 5 years ago
Here is a sample of an old test strip I just scanned with the flatbed scanner (a very old hp scanjet 5400c), out of the sleeve. Is this acceptable? I am technically CHALLENGED! :-) Edit: I am capable of making it smaller!

scanned with flatbed scanner by Cecilia Temperli

I am not sure whether I will be able to upload today's stuff. The lab I am sending the film to does E6 only on Thursdays, I think, so won't get the strips back before 31 March.

Edit: I've spent a few hours on the road, and I really enjoyed it. Hope I didn't stuff up!

Thank you for suggesting this great project, and getting it going so quickly!
william.olive 5 years ago
OK, my roll's in the bag.

I'm not at home, so now I need to find a 1hr photo, a rare thing these days.
Hyun Yu PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Hyun Yu (member) 5 years ago
Well my day's off with a whimper. Took a shot of the pancakes I was making for the family with the Star Wars pancake molds--and realized AFTER I pressed the XA2 shutter that I had wrong ISO set! So the BW400CN got exposed as 100, which wouldn't be the end of the world, except for the very long one-second exposure... Ah well, it can only get better from here on, right? :)
R. Lanning 5 years ago
Im in the same boat. Stumbled into the bathroom around 5:30 this morning, took a shot of my shaving stuff, and forgot I had just done a timed shot of my alrm clock. Not a big deal except I had added a flash along with the now 1 second exposure. This early morning photography stuff is hard. All that before I had even had my first cup of coffee.
tonicito PRO 5 years ago
Well, my roll is sealed and waiting in the fridge. Tomorrow I'm sending it to the lab and I hope it makes it back on time for the 31st :-/
I did a 12-exposure Portra 400 on 6x6 and it turns out, it was not enough! I had to hold my shutter again and again thinking "no, this is not worth your last shot!" :) Next time I'm going with a 24-exposure 35mm film!
It's been fun! :)
BrandonKowalski 5 years ago
my roll has been shot, and waiting to be developed
Blia100 PRO 5 years ago
@Cecilia - Looks good to me! I have my old 5400C out of storage, but can't use it via USB.. Windows XP was the end of its life. Of course, 7 with 32bit loaded would work. I have 64 loaded though .. ah well! Time to make a secondary boot on my desktop!
Blia100 PRO 5 years ago
My camera is still at frame 21 from 24.. *sigh... 3 images and that's it for now..
and I'm losing light! *sob.. looks like rain!
inetjoker PRO 5 years ago
8 shots in the gods of thunder and rain descend upon my head and camera.
BrandonKowalski 5 years ago
Film is now being developed in rodinal 1-150 for 1 hour semi stand, thanks to inetjoker ^^^ for recomending that method.
scholzj1 5 years ago
woke up to beautiful sun, which in rainy Oregon is rare this time of year. YAY!
Transmigration 5 years ago
had a mini heart attack when i was shooting the fourth frame, the moment i clicked the camera gave an error message saying need to replace battery but then the vewfinder went dark, i feared the worst, thought the shutter has messed up. so rewound the film back into the container, the shutter was fine, it was the mirror that was stuck so some how got it unstuck, phew. So my roll is ready to be developed, with couple of frames overexposed, but it was fun.
Josh_Wolf 5 years ago
My roll is developed and hanging to dry - looks good. Shot T-Max 400 @ 1600. Only problem I can see from the negs is major vignetting with the 21mm, has to be down to the variable ND. That's only about 3 shots out of 37 though so no biggie. Scans in the morning!
BrandonKowalski Posted 5 years ago. Edited by BrandonKowalski (member) 5 years ago
negatives are now drying look good and very well developed, will definetily use this developing method again, thanks again inetjoker. Hopefully scan them later tonight
8hlwellywell [deleted] 5 years ago
Haven't started yet. Gonna do HP5+ trichromy with my F5.... heading out soon. :-)
Mr. Massé 5 years ago
Okay let's do this.
Blia100 PRO 5 years ago
Well, still managed to get a few more shots after work finished. I just have to finish the roll now.. Only 7 more frames left! WOOHOO!

Of course, it's colour images, so I have to drop it off after to be developed..
jpr_me 5 years ago
Managed to shoot a roll of Fomapan of Portland's waterfront area before the dark clouds appeared and the train home beckoned. Will develop and dry it later tonight, and will scan it tomorrow.
inetjoker PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by inetjoker (member) 5 years ago
Yes the Sun god returned for a time I almost finished the roll but I am saving a few for the rest of the story. I will have it don in a few hours but I think development may wait until tomorrow.

Brandkow93 You are very welcome. I had to learn these things the hard way as I think I was the only person using this film that spoke in a language other than Chinese. :-)
Cecilia Temperli PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Cecilia Temperli (admin) 5 years ago
Well, Sydney was very bright and sunny and a fading sign in the sky read: "Mary....". Then later on "She said Yes!" appeared. And everybody on the bus pointed their cameras to the sky and said: "Ahhhhh...." I am one who is looking forward to a rainy photo day. Rainy days can be magic.
RalphHightower 5 years ago
That is a so cool flash drive! I'm joining a local camera club and they have a member presentation of photos of the month's meeting theme.

I think that I am the "lone wolf" that is still using film. To hand a film canister that is a flash drive would be great!
Cecilia Temperli PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Cecilia Temperli (admin) 5 years ago
I did a short photo course some time ago and there were only two of us still using film. That other person purchased a digital camera midway through the course, but another one remarked at the end of the course that she was going to try with her old film camera again. What swayed her were the good quality prints (from a pro lab) that I always presented. If you present prints make sure you get them from a pro lab. The difference between our Epson Photo R2400, which is an excellent printer, and prints from the lab is noticeable. Some digital camera users seem to confuse cheap and bad prints with film being bad, although I would hope that in a camera club that wouldn't be the case.
inetjoker PRO 5 years ago
Ralph I have seen them on the internet. But you could make one for nothing if you get a smaller flash drive and have a little skill. I was thinking of making one out of a Plus-X cassette. :-)
inetjoker PRO 5 years ago
Not this type of rain as it was washing trees down the street. :-)
Got my film all shot (36ish frames), mostly of my drive into work this morning. Will get processed Monday...fingers crossed =D
Kilgore Trout (leicamaster.) [deleted] 5 years ago
I shot a roll in my Hassy and I should be able to pick it up on Monday...
tripowski PRO 5 years ago
I shot a couple of rolls of E6 120 in my Holga..... will send them off on Monday and hope to get them back towards the end of the week. Was a particularly gorgeous day out there today, I had a blast!
ExZacT 5 years ago
RAD20120324 contact sheet

And... Done! My contact sheet is the index print from the lab. I'm tempted to throw my film scanner away - no adjustability whatsoever and the 4 presets are fairly well useless... I apologise for the scratches on the single images, I believe they're from the minilab machine and I've got no idea how to get rid of them (my editing knowledge is limited to using the Levels tool and resizing at the moment), however once I work it out I'll upload the fixed images.

Here's the link to my whole set:

Burnt Umber Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Josh_Wolf (member) 5 years ago
Set Here:

First edit:

The Queen Of The Rabbit Clan
inetjoker PRO 5 years ago
Burnt Umber No wonder you have hate fans at another group.:-)
Burnt Umber 5 years ago
inetjoker You have no Idea the level of hatred people feel for me. It only means I am doing things right.
BrandonKowalski 5 years ago
Here is my roll, for RAD20120324, my images may not be that good but i wasnt trying to get "good" images i was trying to show a little bit about my life, where i live what i do etc.

I am 17 and have shot film for about 2 years, on the 24th of March it was a lovely day, after lunch my girlfriend and i went on a walk as we do almost every saturday, aroubd where i live, Hellifield, is a very small village in north west England near the lake district. I felt that my life may be different to everyone else's participating given my age and living in a unique place. anyway i hope you enjoy my images and i look foward to seeing everyone else's :). I apologise for any scratches on the negatives. cheers.

Josh_Wolf 5 years ago
Great stuff so far :-) this is exactly what I hoped to get from this group, an insight in to how different one day can be for people around the world - Burnt Umber, it doesn't get much more different than that! :-)
Burnt Umber 5 years ago
Brandkow93 Nonsense. good images are images which turn out the way you saw them to be. it is about capturing light in a way that reveals your vision of the world to a third party. If you succeed in that, then your work is good. It has little to do with the quality of the image such as contrast, focus, composition, etc..

I think you captured a day in your life rather well. I feel like I was there, and that is good.

Amazing little point and shoot you have there. Yeah, it is a Pentax so you know it will kick butt, but there is a quality to the shots that read like a much larger format camera.
BrandonKowalski 5 years ago
@Burnt Umber. I agree, i think a good image also is one that makes you think or makes you feel an emotion, and i think that digital has change what a "good" image is, how sharp it is etc.

I agree its a great camera in my opinion better than the mju II, and its pretty hard to find, my only problem with it is the flash, it likes to go off even in bright situations.

Kilgore Trout (leicamaster.) [deleted] 5 years ago
@Brandkow you have some lovely shots in the set.

Hopefully my roll will turn out fine... After developing a roll of B&W film from the Hasselblad, I found out my back is having trouble. The spacing on the negatives is off and there might be some light leaks. Meh we shall see. I hope they turn out as I feel I got some nice flower shots!
kq6up 5 years ago
Poop, I didn't finish my roll. I couldn't bring myself to waste the last few shots. I guess my day was fairly uneventful.

metavida 5 years ago
Got a full roll waiting for processing! Now I just need bring myself to trust Walgreens to handle cross-processing my film (either that or wait until Monday when the real labs open). Also excited to hear there will be other shots coming in from yesterday's unseasonably sunny Oregon/Portland day.
Néstor Sánchez Cordero Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Josh_Wolf (member) 5 years ago
Hello amigos! This Latino in Washington DC here went out in the rain and got a bit of my neighborhood, Mount Pleasant, a bit of a rally for Justice for Trayvon and a bit of the Reason Rally at the National Mall...I wish I had taken 36 exp roll though!

rob orchard PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by rob orchard (member) 5 years ago
Got mine processed in an hour this morning, and hand scanned this afternoon (so I can get the sprocket holes:

a roll in a day / a day in a roll

I'll post up some of the individual pics this later week
8hlwellywell [deleted] 5 years ago
I was thinking of getting a blackbird fly, but didn't.

Nice set, Rob. I'm going to develop mine today.
GymeeDee PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Josh_Wolf (member) 5 years ago
Posted my shots. I actually shot two rolls of 24 exp each with two different cameras. First 24 shots used a Praktica TL 1000 using Walgreen's ASA 400 and the second 24 shots used a Mamiya-Sekor 528TL with Walgreen's ASA 200. I posted them unedited in my set "RAD20120324".

Josh_Wolf 5 years ago
Blia100 PRO 5 years ago
@Cecilia - I've printed my digital shots at home and with a pro lab.. And absolutely can see the difference! Don't get me wrong, my printer isn't exactly the worlds finest printer (Epson Artisan 810) and it'll print really nice 8x10 images, but when I see the prints I got from a Lambda laser photographic printer.... wow!

I need to finish the roll in my Spotmatic. There are a couple of images on there from the 24th..
CardiganKate PRO 5 years ago
You might spot Rob Orchard in some of mine (we both decided to join in with the project - great idea folks!), here's the contact sheet:

Roll in a day / A day in a roll

I'll post some individual shots in the week.
Brunswick Forge PRO 5 years ago
I did my roll happily. Took it by Walmart for handy 1 hr. service and discovered that the turnaround time is SIX DAYS. By then everyone will have forgotten this project. Dang. I'll post anyway, for what it'll be to anyone. Meantime, I'll enjoy everyone else's.
Cecilia Temperli PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Cecilia Temperli (admin) 5 years ago
I enjoyed your photostream! I too thought the whole lot was delightful, including the gorgeous self-portrait with Kate! Very sweet, a moment in time worth to remember! Thanks for sharing!

Yes, I know what a difference a Lambda and a home printer makes. Some of my daughter's best shots (which she occasionally can sell) are done on Fujiflex and they are stunning. So far we have not used that very expensive 'museum type' or whatever it is called, glass, but that glass just blows you away.
jpr_me Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Josh_Wolf (member) 5 years ago
My roll is up, but I can't figure out how to post the icon of the set...

Shots done on the waterfront in Portland, Maine on March 24, 2012 using a Nikon F2 Photomic and a Vivitar Series 1 28-90mm f2.8-3.5 lens on Fomapan 100. Developed in HC110, Dilution F for 12 minutes at 68 degrees. Minor Photoshop correction for levels. Other than that, this is what came out of the camera...

EDIT - updated to add your icon for you ;-)
BrandonKowalski 5 years ago
@Cecilia Temperli thank you very much :) i had great fun shooting and im glad you liked my images, thanks again.

L34H. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Josh_Wolf (member) 5 years ago
Here's mine:

Hyun Yu PRO 5 years ago
Here's my contribution:

Kodak BW400CN in Olympus XA2. A typical weekend day in my life--kids, kids, kids. :)
doglock75 PRO 5 years ago
metavida Posted 5 years ago. Edited by metavida (member) 5 years ago
The day in Portland, OR

Roll in a Day - 24 March 2012
Roll in a Day - 24 March 2012

I shot Kodak Elite Chrome 100 with my Minolta XG7. Loving seeing so many other peoples' days so far!
Nice work people!
Hyun Yu PRO 5 years ago
Yeah, I've been enjoying browsing through people's pictures as they've been posted. Very nice.
inetjoker PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Josh_Wolf (member) 5 years ago
OK so here was my day.
Khánh Hmoong 5 years ago
Blia100 PRO 5 years ago
ExZacT 5 years ago
Some awesome photos from what seems to be a great day had by all. I'm tossing up what to do for the next one, whether I try to plan something for the day or just take it as it comes. If I shoot b&w though, I'll definitely be heading back to the Korean War Memorial...

Keep 'em coming people, great stuff so far
Josh_Wolf 5 years ago
Post em up anyway, I'll still keep checking at least and I'm sure others will too! Also, I'm hoping this isn't a one off thing, we should arrange to do this again and see if we can make it even bigger...
Josh_Wolf 5 years ago
Keep them coming people, your sets so far are fascinating!
Here's mine, a lot of the photos came out blurry as I shot them whilst in motion....

Roll in a Day
Mr. Massé 5 years ago
Heading out to get my roll developed now!
vanezia 5 years ago
I'm developing my roll today!
Great rolls, everyone, it's so interesting to see how different everyone saw their day.
scholzj1 5 years ago
Here is my contact sheets, I can't upload the actual picts because I used all of my uploads for the month on my sister's wedding, but as soon as I can I will add them.
Evansshoots PRO 5 years ago
My set.

I absolutely loved doing this, I can't wait for next time!

Photo05_8 by Evansshoots
zedworks 5 years ago
Here's my roll:
Roll in a day / A day in a roll entry for 24th of March, 2012 by zedworks

Contact sheet made in Picasa from film scanned in the lab, but if viewed at Original size all the frames have a decent viewable size.

Details / story on the photo page above.
Transmigration Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Josh_Wolf (member) 5 years ago
Here come the set. Good to see so many filmlovers/photographers from around the world.

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