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Brian has passed away

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Dear friends, it was with sadness that I heard of the passing of my distant kinsman Brian yesterday.

He was known as the only man who could make The Queen sound common. His scathing intolerance of anything he perceived as inane crap rebranded as art was legendary. The Emperor's new clothes invariably failed to cut the cloth with Brian Sewell.

Holding strong and well seasoned views, he was regularly baited to speak his mind on a wide range of issues by those desirous to stir controversy. Unsurprisingly he despised living and working in this suffocating age of political correctness held aloft by the smug cloud of chattering class concensus. Of course, as he was a free radical the chattering class would despise him in return, and their media would take great delight in exposing his frailties.

Brian was born Brian Perkins in Hammersmith in 1931, the illegitimate son of hellraising composer Philip Arnold Heseltine (who killed himself shortly after Brian was conceived) and his mistress Mary Jessica Perkins (the daughter of a publican, she became a minor artist). His mother was to be the guiding influence on Brian's early life. In 1936 she married Robert Sewell, from whom Brian received his surname. A closet gay who "never came out, but...slowly emerged", Brian led a fairly solitary life, shunning the thought of marriage, or in his own words "better to be alone than the husband of some termagant, being dragged around the supermarket".

I shall miss his wit and observational skills greatly.

R.I.P. Brian Sewell.
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