Sanjay_Joshi 3:54pm, 10 May 2013
Anyone interested in having a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly picture competition?

Peer marking, must provide positive critique, depending on submissions 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Darren can provide casting vote and valuable learning / suggestions. Winner sets following theme.

We need a minimum of 8 regular contributors.

A great opportunity to get out and about, maybe meet up (for example we could all meet to take pictures of the same subject, like Rochester castle). Or start a social.

What do you think?
Arthur Beecham 5 years ago
Hi Sanjay

Good idea if you can get the numbers. First subject can be flower as i have just post three pictures using those macro lenses you suggested. impressed with the results. Social would be good to exchange ideas.

Sanjay_Joshi 5 years ago
not getting much response, Darren can you help promote. May open new opportunities.

D Tovey may be interested :-)
Lesley-ESS 5 years ago
I'd be interested in online comp, but I am limited for time for meeting up, although I'd try to get there if I can.

Darren Woolway ARPS 5 years ago
Hi Sanjay,

Sounds like a good idea and I did try posting it in the newsletter before. I will put it in again, will write a new one next week. D Tovey... do you mean David?

Sanjay_Joshi 5 years ago
yep David. Very good friends of ours :-)
sarahdbuchanan 5 years ago
I would be interested in taking photos following regular themes however wouldn't be able to meet up as have little spare time on my hands!
spiky tomatoes [deleted] 5 years ago
I'd like to support this idea, though may not always be able to contribute.

spiky tomatoes [deleted] 5 years ago
Sanjay - any progress with the project, or isn't there enough support as yet. Don't lose heart. Perhaps a post in one of the camera groups will stir up interest!
Sanjay_Joshi 5 years ago
I think we have enough to kick off. Any suggestions for a theme?

I'll have a think about rules and timescales.
Arthur Beecham 5 years ago
How about

Rivers / Streams
Animals farm / pets
Night shots

You could go bi monthly with six weeks to produce you photo's with the result in two weeks with the next topic?

Only a suggestion, any other ideas

Sanjay_Joshi Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Sanjay_Joshi (member) 5 years ago
Works for me.

Why don't you pick the first topic Arthur. We need to get our returns in 6 weeks after we announce the topic.

Not sure whether we can create folders in the group.

Darren, as the group admin, can you create separate areas depending on the topic, and then manage the marking. We should all critique on each photo and name the top 3 winners - 1st, 2nd, 3rd with points 3,2,1 respectively. (this will hopefully prevent ties).

Any other ideas are welcome.

Arthur Beecham 5 years ago
Before we pick a subject
On the rules front.
1. Time limit six weeks
2. Number of pictures to post (ie 1or 2 or 3 )
3. Who's going to keep score
4. Need to resister interest to take part or we will not know if all the photos are in.
Arthur Beecham 5 years ago
Just found on flickr create a group.
3 types
1. Public any one can join in and contribute
2. Public invite only, allows the public to view but not add photos. Only the invited can add photos and the account can be administered.
3. Private can only be seen by those invited members, no public access.

We could invite the five of us + Darren
We could limit membership to the Woolway Photographic Students
Name required for the Group. Comments on the photos can be done through the discussions within the group.
This is all subject to Darren agreeing to judge for us.
Sanjay_Joshi 5 years ago
Arthur, you are well ahead of me here.

I like the sound of 2.

Suggest 1 photo. (makes scoring easier). And as its only top 3, shouldn't be too difficult to manage.

Would you be able to set up and admin the group, I'll help if required.

I'm sure Darren will want to see his students move on and improve ;-)

maybe we call it the the"Woolway Student Comp" or "WSC" group.

Peer judging could be more appropriate.

We can always change rules etc depending on whether it works for us or not.

Arthur Beecham 5 years ago
Will get going then and set it up and hopefully send out some invites
Arthur Beecham 5 years ago
Sarahdbuchanan and d tovey , I can't find them on the members list. Should I invite all registered members to join?
Darren Woolway ARPS 5 years ago
I can't see the group on my list, what's the link?
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