Lightroom 4

Arthur Beecham 7:24am, 8 May 2013
Hi Darren
Enjoyed the course very much. Invested in a prime lense and light room 4. You recomended a very versatile photo package. At the moment trying to get my head around it but what I have achieved to date has improved my photographs. Using U-tube to help understand LT4.
Thanks again for a great day.
Looking forward to a landscape day in the future once I have tried out all that I learned on the introduction course. Auto seems old hat now, using manual 99.9% of the time.
Arthur Beecham.
Darren Woolway ARPS 5 years ago
Lightroom classes or online tutorials will start in September.

All the Best.
Arthur Beecham 5 years ago
Will keep a eye out for them.
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