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  • STICKY  Year 4 is About to Begin

    The 4th Year of Stitch Tease Bee will begin in a few weeks. Here is the list to...

    ylmommyx452 months ago1 replies

  • STICKY  Round 2 The Rules

    Stitch Tease Round 2 This is a pretty straight forward bee. Each member is assi...

    ylmommyx479 months ago9 replies

  • STICKY  Round 2

    Hi Girls With just a little over 2 weeks left until our Round 1 mailing date I ...

    ylmommyx481 months ago24 replies

  • STICKY  The Rules

    Hi Girls Here's the almost final plans for our bee. In no particular order, the...

    ylmommyx493 months ago27 replies

  • September 2015 - request inspired by a holiday!

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome to your lovely group. I have watched a...

    NickyShe52 months ago2 replies

  • June 2015 Last But Not Least

    This is the last month of our third year and I get to wind it up. I am really ho...

    ylmommyx454 months ago0 replies

  • January 2015

    Hello Ladies I’ve been thinking hard about which block I’d like you to ma...

    Quiltova60 months ago0 replies

  • October Block

    I've tried to keep this one on the simpler side this time around and I'd like ev...

    Knotted-Thread62 months ago2 replies

  • September

    I'm so happy it's my month as I love September - it feels more like a new year f...

    Lifesrichpattern63 months ago0 replies

  • A in for Angela in August

    Ange has sent us all an email to tell us what block(s) she wants. Be sure to pos...

    ylmommyx464 months ago0 replies

  • July 2014

    Hi ladies, Sorry, I feel a bit bad sending out my request, when I still haven...

    The_Littlest_Thistle65 months ago0 replies

  • Round 3 introductions

    Hey everyone! I know Trina and I are new this year. I've met a few of you in p...

    karijstewart66 months ago13 replies

  • June 2014

    Hi Girls! I'm so excited to be Miss June and kick off our next round. :) ...

    SewManyPossibilities66 months ago10 replies

  • May 2014 - Barn Block

    The Barn Block: Happy May Day! So here is what I’m asking for: 1) ...

    Spin the Bobbin66 months ago9 replies

  • March….Squares in squares

    Hello everyone, For March I'd like you to make me a couple of squares in squa...

    Quilting Helen in Switzerland67 months ago36 replies

  • April Block

    Yes, I'm Stitch Tease's April Fool! Sorry I'm a day late posting about this. ...

    Lifesrichpattern68 months ago2 replies

  • A is for April and Annabella

    Let's see what Annabella has up her sleeve for us to work on this month

    ylmommyx468 months ago0 replies

  • February Queen of the Month

    You all know Susan is queen and she has us working on a secret project for her. ...

    ylmommyx469 months ago4 replies

  • November- House Building for Ange :o)

    Hi Ladies I am going to be offering a choice of house blocks for you to make, r...

    heart of charnwood71 months ago30 replies

  • October

    Hi friends! I will be back tomorrow evening with our plan for this month. I'm ...

    Between Quilts73 months ago22 replies

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