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gerardtcc PRO 11:55pm, 29 February 2012
Most of the Ewok Class 31/4s looked pretty much identical after overhaul, but there were a few give aways if you knew your locos.

31 401 was immediately obvious as it was the only one without footsteps in the gangway door :
31401 Paddington 030187 E by Mister C's photo gallery

31411 was the only refurbished example to carry a white stripe and numbers on all cabsides for a while :
31411 . Ipswich Passenger Yard . 20th-September-1987 . by AndrewHA's

31412 and 31416 were repainted with Stratford style silver roofs in 1985 for specials run for the Ford motor company. 31412 also acquired a headboard bracket at this time and was easily distinguished from 416 as it had a headlight.:
31412 YORK 070985 B by Mister C's photo gallery

31416 Littlebury 300385B by Mister C's photo gallery

31418, 31444 and 31461 were all built with disc headcode system and looked like this :
That said there were minor front end differences to all three. 31444 had the ohl warning plate lower than the other two and 31461 had the two lamp brackets lower than 418 and 444.
31450 (the Incubator) was also originally fitted with discs but was unique in that it also had a headlight
31450 by AJF 1

31450 was one of a few to have vertical radiator grilles as seen above and other ewoks with this modification in the mid 80s were 31405/429/432/433/460. In the late 80s this became a standard modification after overhauls.
31414/29/33/39 all had the front end ohl warning plates in a non-standard position. 31414's was very low :
31414 Dullingham 120486 by Mister C's photo gallery

and 31429/33/39 were all higher than standard :
31433 Hitchin 010684 by Mister C's photo gallery

31436 which was an early withdrawal had the plate in a unique offset position :
31436 . Ipswich Station . 14th-February-1986 . by AndrewHA's

31401/05/12/14/46-55 all had headlights and later several locos received central headlights at the bottom of the old gangway door like on 31408 below ::

31408 by CEO720W

Locomotives not referred to above were pretty much identical, although there were other variations in later years such as the infamous winking windows, more of which anon.
More detail on the 31412/416 silver roof story in caption to this:

31416 Liverpool Street 210385 by Mister C's photo gallery
dlc456 PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by dlc456 (member) 4 years ago
31404, after Ewoking, got non-standard lamp bracket positions:
31404 - Skipton by Quality BoB

These are in the same position as on the Skinhead 31/4s and 31404 was in works around the same time as 31418. Maybe the same bloke welded on the brackets, not realising his mistake! I think they look like fangs, which is apt as '404 was a beast! Incidentally 31187 was like it too, the only other.
gerardtcc PRO 5 years ago
Well spotted Dan. I'm sure there are other differences. Do you know how many Ewoks were painted grey as 31/4s rather than 31/5s ? I know some remained blue like 31434.
dlc456 PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by dlc456 (member) 5 years ago
Mmm, grey 31/4s... is that ex-works (CEM) or simply repaints?

Off the top of my head ex-works all over grey were (1990ish):
31417, 419, 424, 451, 454, 455, 457, 461, 462, 465, 466, 468. Fairly sure all of these got vertical grilles and a hat.
31417_13.4.90 by runtheredline

As did 31456, 458, 463 & 467 but remained blue (mid to late 1989).
31456 110689 by John Neave

Repaints were:
31411, 412 & 453 were all over grey (repaints by shed?) too, as was 31431, the latter having gone back to works for fire damage repairs (and considerable improvement in performance!), but none had the grilles/hat combo.
31453 - Sleaford, 26th August 1989 by Pyewipe Jct

Then there was the wholesale painting of everything 'Dutch' a little later on.

And there's the 'Mainline' ones: 31405, 407, 422, 423 & 464. '405 already had VG&H, 7 & 22 were unmodified (kept H, no VG), 23 & 64 were VG&H fitted in works.
Mappa Mundi At Penmaenmawr. by neilh156

Have I missed anything?! Apart from grey ones with/without blue stars, numbers on the front, white handrails...

EDIT: add to the 'mainline' + hat, no vertical grilles examples 31420, how could I have forgotten that?
gerardtcc PRO 5 years ago
Thanks Dan, OMG what a can of worms ! Thanks for all that explaining about the grey ones, I've never been quite sure. I suppose I should be cheeky and now ask which ones were always blue !
dlc456 PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by dlc456 (member) 5 years ago
It is a can of worms, as by 1990, with the different liveries and mods, and before the 'Dutch' obsession, they were all a bit different! Always blue?:
31400-404, 406, 408, 409, 415, 416 (exc silver roof period), 418, 425, 427-429, 432, 434-436, 438, 440, 442, 443, 445, 450, 459, 460 & 467. I think!
dlc456 PRO 5 years ago
Small driver's 'winking' window? This mod was done on works visits in, what, late 1987 to late 1988? I was a bit sketchy about these but here goes:
31400 at Sheffield by blackwatch55013

31400, 403, 414, 416, 425, 427, 429, 430, 432-435, 437-439, 441-445, 447 & 450.
gerardtcc PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by gerardtcc (admin) 4 years ago
Another new one on me, I thought 31435 was always blue too, but apparently not :

31435-DU by 37686

I see 31416 & 31445 went grey after they were renumbered into the 5xx series.
gerardtcc PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by gerardtcc (admin) 4 years ago
Locos painted grey at works overhauls were, in chronological order, 31453 & 31412 (Feb 89), 31455, 31457, 31462, 31461, 31424, 31451, 31417, 31454, 31465, 31468, 31466 and finally 31419 (March 90). I have mad e a separate gallery of these at :
All others were done at depots - presumably Immingham and Bescot ?

The main line liveried examples were 31464 (July 1990, but withdrawn within a couple of months with a droop cab) :
Ouch 31464 by grandadpip

then 31405, 31422, 31407 and 31420 (Feb 1992).

The final works overhauls were in regional railways livery : 31410 (June 1992), 31439 & 31421 (July 1992) and two further examples which were in works for unclassified repairs, but which got RR repaints though never confirmed as light overhauls, these being 31455 (Jan 1993) and 31465 (Feb 1993).
gerardtcc PRO 4 years ago
The list of locos which never received headlights is as follows :

31400/02/04/06/09, 31425/28, 31436, 31440/43, 31464.
I haven't seen a picture of 31457 with a headlight but I think it had one.
Tohmmm 1 year ago
UPDATE To above
31435 was painted at Bescot after an E exam - it never received embellishments (plaque or arrows).

31416 became 516 and was painted dutch - i think by Bescot as well at a major exam.

31545 remained blue to the end.

31455 + 465 for RR were both unclassifieds - basically re-eth, repaint and i think a generator repair.
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