Stolen !!!

Carol Robinson Photography 4:24pm, 10 September 2009
The beautiful historical gate. Stupid people!!!!!

Cool Fence

Such a crime! Really it does make me very sad...
heinrick oldhauser 8 years ago
Somebody made off with the gate? Damn, that sucks. :/

It's bad enough that the South Courtyard fence has been lost.
Summerfrost Photography [deleted] 7 years ago
:( i too was very upset by this! ):
drag strip 7 years ago

A few former patients at this hospital post here..if your interested on background of living in this Hospital.
I'm up there every summer. How easy is entry? I've heard it'swatched pretty closely. Any advice would be greatly apreciated!
w8tvi 7 years ago
I had forgotten that I took these two shot of the gate:

Rusty gate
State Hosptal - Rusty Gate #2
Groups Beta