Pranay04 ADMIN February 20, 2014
You are well on your way, for the finishing line!

Hello are you having fun yet? I know I do, so lets keep on going!

This is a 4 Level Step-Up Group & once you have 4 Level 1 Awards you may Post Directly to Level 3.

Don't forget to have Fun! Enjoy & Respect others.

Just a reminder:
We don't mind, if there is a touch of color in it, but the base of it all has to be black and white.

This group pool is for members only.

This group discussion is for members only.

Group Description

This groups should be fun, and go by the "Honesty" system.
You are happy, to receive so PLEASE, award your fellow photographer.s, too.

We think to give 4 awards when you post one image, should go without saying, but feel free
to give more. It doesn't hurt our feelings at all.

When you have 4 Awards, you may post your Photo directly to level 3

Click button under award, to move ahead.

Award Code

************************( Copy Under this Line )*************

"Congratulations, your Black and White
image is a treasure, thanks for sharing."

<a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="180" alt="Level 2 Award MBW/"><

Collect 4 Awards and Post Directly to Level 3
&lta href="">Click To Post to Level 3/"><

***********************( stop copy before this line)*******************

Award will look like this:

"Congratulations, your Black and White
image is a treasure, thanks for sharing."

Level 2 Award MBW
Collect 4 Awards and Post Directly to Level 3
Click To Post to Level 3


Group Rules

Welcome to the "Magic of Black & White" Groups -Level 1

Please actually READ the following Rules. They are in place in order to maintain the integrity and standard of the Group. Do NOT just 'Click', I Agree and later abuse Admin or Moderators because you got banned.

Rules of Macig in Black and White

Posting in this group is MODERATED.
- You MUST give AWARDS to at least FOUR (4) photos as soon as you posted your photo
- NO Pornography, No Cheap Sex.
- NO Disrespect of Race, Religion, Sex or Culture.

- NO Politically Motivated Photos or Cartoon.
- NO Nationalism or Chauvinism or Fanaticism in any form or way.
- NO Photos of War Equipments.

- Removing a Photo from our Group's Pool then Re-Posting it Strictly Forbidden.
- Re-Posting a Photo Rejected by an Admin or Moderator while in our Group's Queue is Strictly Forbidden.
- Re-Posting a Photo Removed by an Admin or Moderator while in our Group's Pool is Strictly Forbidden.

Administrators Have the Right to Remove Photos from the Group's Pool Without the Need of Giving any Reason or Justification.
Such Photos May Neither Be Reposted Nor Replaced the Same Day.

No Member May Block an Administrator or a Moderator from our Administrative Team.


- SI INSERTAS SIN DAR AWARD, serás excluido del grupo,

- La Inserción en este grupo es MODERADO.
- DEBES DAR AWARD a AL MENOs (4) FOTOS. Apenas insertada tu foto en grupo.

- NO SE ACEPTAN pornografía o el vulgar pornografía o el sexo.

- NO SE ACEPTAN discriminación racial, de religión, de Sexo o de Cultura.

- NO SON ACEPTADOS Fotos o Imagines con propaganda política.
- NO SON ACEPTADOS el nacionalismo o el chovinismo o el fanatismo de cualquier tipo o expresión.
- NO SON ACEPTADOS fotos de armamento militar y de guerra de cualquier tipo.

- ES PROHIBIDO remover e reinsertar una foto en nuestro grupo.
- ES PROHIBIDO reinsertar una foto previamente removida por un Administrador.

- Los Administradores tienen derecho de eliminar fotos del grupo sin dar una justificación o razón.
Estas fotos no podrán ser reinsertadas o sustituidas el mismo día.

- Ningún Miembro podrá bloquear un Administrador o un Moderador de nuestro Grupo de Administración.

• Si vous ne voulez pas offrir des récompenses (awards), passez votre chemin !
• Si vous insérez une photo sans donner des récompenses, vous serez exclu du groupe.
• La participation à ce groupe est soumise à des règles.
• Vous devez récompenser au moins 4 photos en attribuant des « awards », aussitôt après avoir inséré votre photo.
• Ne sont acceptées ni les photos pornographiques ni les photos de sexe.
• ne sont acceptées les discriminations ni raciales, ni religieuses, ni sexuelles ni culturelles.
• Ne sont acceptées ni les photos ni les œuvres contenant de la propagande politique.
• Ne sont acceptées le nationalisme ou le chauvinisme, ou le fanatisme quels qu’en soient le type ou l’expression.
• Ne sont acceptées les photos d’armement militaire ou d’armes de guerre, d’aucun type.
• Il est interdit d’ôter et de remettre une photo dans notre groupe.
• Il est interdit de réinsérer une photo qui aurait été retirée par un administrateur.
• Les administrateurs disposent du droit d’éliminer des photos du groupe sans devoir se justifier ni en fournir de raisons.
• Ces photos ne pourront jamais être réinsérées ni remplacées le jour même.
• Nul membre ne doit bloquer un administrateur ou un modérateur de notre groupe d’administration.


01 Wer keinen Kommentar abgeben will, braucht nichts einzustellen. Wer ohne Kommentare Fotos einstellt, wird gesperrt.

02 Das Einstellen in diese Gruppe wird moderiert. Es müssen pro eigenes Foto mindestens VIER (4) andere Fotos kommentiert werden, unverzüglich nach dem eigenen Hochladen.

03 Keine Pornographie, Keinen billigen Sex.

04 Keine Beleidigungen anderer Rassen, Religionen, Geschlechter oder Kulturen.

05 Keine politisch motivierten Fotos oder Zeichnungen
Kein Nationalismus oder Chauvinismus oder Fanatismus in irgendeiner Form.
Keine Fotos von Kriegsmaterialien oder Gegenständen

06 Das Entfernen von Fotos und ein Neu-Einstellen sind streng verboten.
Ein Neu-Einstellen von Fotos, die vom Admin oder Moderator abgewiesen werden, ist streng verboten.
Ein Neu-Einstellen von Fotos, die vom Admin oder Moderator entfernt wurden, ist streng verboten.

07 Administratoren haben das Recht, Fotos aus der Gruppe zu entfernen, ohne einen Grund oder Rechtfertigung hierfür zu geben.
Solche Fotos dürfen nicht neu eingestellt oder wieder ersetzt werden.

08 Mitglieder der Gruppe dürfen einen Administrator oder Moderator nicht blocken.

01. -
SE NON VUOI DARE AWARDS, prega di non pubblicare.
Se pubblichi SENZA DARE AWARDS, sarai bannato.
02. -
Distacco in questo gruppo è moderato.
- Devi dare AWARDS ad almeno quattro (4) foto appena hai postato la tua foto
03. -
- NO pornografia, Niente sesso a buon mercato.
04. -
- Nessuna mancanza di rispetto di razza, religione, sesso o cultura.

05. -
- Nessuna foto motivati politicamente o cartoni animati.
- NO nazionalismo o sciovinismo o di fanatismo in qualunque forma e modo.
- NO Foto di Apparecchiature di guerra.

06. -
- Rimozione di una foto dal pool del nostro gruppo allora re-posting è iStrictly Proibita.
- Re-Posting foto Rifiutato da un Admin o Moderatore mentre in coda del nostro Gruppo è severamente vietato.
- Re-Posting foto rimossa da un Admin o Moderatore mentre nel Pool del nostro Gruppo è severamente vietato.

07. -
Gli amministratori hanno il diritto di rimuovere foto da Pool del gruppo senza la necessità di fornire alcuna ragione o giustificazione.
Foto Tali non possono essere né Ripubblicato né sostituito lo stesso giorno.

08. -
Nessun membro può bloccare un amministratore o un moderatore del nostro team amministrativo.

** Agreeing to these Rules will help to maintain the high standard and quality that we all wish to see in the group.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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