Scott Dungan PRO 4:40pm, 26 May 2006
Thanks to all the admins and members of 'The World Through My Eyes'. Take a look around. If you like the group, please join. We would be happy to have you. You may know a lot of the members already. If not its a great place to make new Flickr friends.

Welcome and have fun!

If you aren't a member of The World Through My Eyes please consider joining that great group too.
Micky** PRO 12 years ago
: )
inquisitive hope [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by inquisitive hope (member) 12 years ago
Thank you for the welcome to World Through My Eyes thread posted here, Scott and Andrew :)

Its a real blast to see all the photos with the music; and I'm really enjoying the cooperation between all of us, since most of us are happy members of both groups! Great stuff!

I look forward to capturing and posting photos in all my favorite groups!


"He say "I know you, you know me...." ;>
Andrew Pescod PRO 12 years ago
As Scott said, and I would like thank you all from The World Through My Eyes for your help with setting up this group and your new thread idea.

I look forward to the continuing cooperation between the groups,

gigamatronics5 12 years ago
thanks for the invite! ^.^ i'm looking forward to this
shoshawnna 12 years ago
what a great concept...thanks for the invite
LesterSpence PRO 12 years ago
this is an excellent idea. thank you for the invite!
aixcracker PRO 12 years ago
Thanks Scott!
This is something that gives one something to think about when shooting with the camera or when you are looking at the archives.
hysterical moon [deleted] 12 years ago
Hey scott, thanks for this nice Welcoming! It's great to see so many frineds from "The World through my eyes" and even more new faces.
I came across this group by searching pics with song lyrics to them, as I sometimes do myself. It's really inspirational, looking at all these lovely shots here,too!!!
Often, at first glimpse on an uploaded picture, a song comes to my mind and i feel like sharing this.
At several occassions, it seemed even more suitable to the shot, as a long explanation would 've been. ;-)
THANK YOU guys so much, for hosting this group and share all your great work!!!

Pictures With Stories
Inspired by Music
Try it Tuesdays

Enchanted Doll
Scott Dungan PRO 12 years ago
Thanks all:) I'm gald this group is working out so well. Please invite all your flickr friends and keep the pictures coming:)
ahead gold [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks for the invite toooooooooooo. Great group pool idea. -Jonathan
Scott Dungan PRO 12 years ago
Glad to see you Jonathan:) I hope you enjoy it.
Infinity Rain 12 years ago
Thank you so much for the invite, looks like a great group of people :)
Andrew Pescod PRO 12 years ago
your welcome Infinity, thank you for joining
slippay 12 years ago
Yes thanks! A great Idea. Music inspires me all the time when I'm out taking photos......
Durotriges 12 years ago
Thank Rain, for the invite. I look forward to posting here! :-)
luxuriant statement [deleted] 12 years ago
thank you :)
Pockafwye 12 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I look forward to spending more time here!
oldbrushes 12 years ago
looks like a fun group to be in. thanks rain for the invite.
quick dinner [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks for the invite!
Scott Dungan PRO 12 years ago
You're welcome everyone. Please have fun and invite all of your friends:)
Robertson the Bruce PRO 12 years ago
hello and thanks scott. this is a great idea. for me it's sometimes 'chicken or egg?' as the image often triggers songsense, but i don't usually look for an image that will convey a musical idea... then again, maybe the two spheres of understanding are like two sides of the brain, firing little impulses and talking to each other constantly. hmmm....maybe. yes. definitely. well maybe.

thanks again! :)
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