sayonion 7:39pm, 2 November 2011
I just wanted to let you know that I mailed my charms to you today. :)
Pear Tree Stitching 6 years ago
I mailed mine yesterday (nov 1st) yay!!!! ;-)
mikiconnell 6 years ago
I took mine to the post office on Monday.
Creative Mompdx 6 years ago
I mailed mine today!
Brenna2614 6 years ago
I mailed mine yesterday!
capture1 PRO 6 years ago
sent priority mail today!
Mailed Saturday morning priority mail.
Little Bluebell PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Little Bluebell (member) 6 years ago
The elephants are parading their way to Ohio!! : )

Smile Elephant in Gray by Little Bluebell
Sewn by Leila (L.Meg) 6 years ago
Mailed yesterday!
Linboose 6 years ago
I mailed mine out Saturday Morning. Should get to you today :)
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