ebr1 in the pilbara 12:09pm, 13 August 2013
just wondering what everybody's using to scan photos as ive just done my one hundredth film and mine/dads old one's decided to play up and will fail very soon.
i currently use a canoscan fs4000us.......any thoughts?
EBRG16 5 years ago
Hi Nevin: I'm using an Epson Z700 flatbed, a Canon flatbed (900 series) and a Nikon ScanV film & slide scanner. The Nikon & Canon are fine but had to add the Epson when I got a job to scan 60 halfplate glass negatives - a nice machine.
Cheers: Melanie
ebr1 in the pilbara 5 years ago
not much on the market now!!!
it seems that nikon and canon dont bring anything into aust, so its seems that a plustek might be my only option.
Trainiac PRO 5 years ago
I got an Epson V370, seems to do a nice job if a little slow. The V700 is the go though if you find one. Very flexible but not cheap.
Shawy in Brisbane PRO 5 years ago
I had a nice little Konica Minolta Dual Scan IV which did an excellent job at a hard-to-beat price. It died though, and no-one is around to even think of repairing it. I've looked at second hand units but the market is very thin. I couldn't afford either one of the few dedicated slide and neg scanners still available, and also can't afford the Epson 700.

So, I opted for a 30mm macro lens off eBay, which I use on my DSLR with an old-style slide duplicator I modified for the purpose. It works well, with a flash against a screen providing the illumination, although I could just as easily use daylight.

I can't say it gives quite the detail of the scanner but it's not far off. This might be because I'm not quite sure I have it set up just right yet. It is however much faster than the scanner. I also find it faster and easier to evaluate the result than I did the scanner.

I do find the files though easier to work then the scanner's files.
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