H.R. Paperstacks 2:01am, 3 February 2012
Anonymous Graffiti Magazine: Issue Two by H.R. Paperstacks

After many long hours of work, the second issue of Anonymous is finally completed. Within its pages are tons of high quality flicks from benchers across the country, and walls around the world - that's right, we've got some international friends that were nice enough to send us some flicks, all of which are marked with that country's flag to rep their respective country. We also are lucky enough to have a 2 page spread of some of BAERs amazing work. In addition to that, the guys over at TCI were nice enough to hook us up with a ton of their end to end flicks from 2011, so if anyone missed out on one of the 200 posters they printed up this year, here is your chance to have those flicks. SILK from the UNITED CRUSHERS wrote and article for the second issue that deals with KYTs invasion of the Twin Cities in the late 90s, which was an important timein shaping the future of many writers at that time. GETM was also nice enough to interview Anonymous's pal HOPE4, so there is also a HOPE4 interview in there, complete with a lightning round of questions.

It will be available online here:
Groups Beta