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Lefty Limbo ADMIN September 9, 2014
Howdy folks! Thanks again for your contributions to the group, and feel free to add any more! I've been doing searches on the net every couple of days, and haven't found anything…yet. Be sure to let me know if you find anything of interest. Rock on! --Lefty

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Ah, the beloved Pee Chee Folders of '70s and '80s school daze. Who didn't decorate them with their favorite bands and customize the athletes to their own demented liking?

If you did, and you still have it somewhere, we welcome it here…with Open Arms. Pun intended.

I urge you NOW to dig through your closet/basement/attic/trash/someone else's trash and help preserve this truly lost art form, before they're gone forever.

Currently accepting specimens from the '70s and '80s; however, if you have anything from earlier period, that's even more awesome and I will definitely include it.

Thanks for your interest and spread the word!

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