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Welcome! Head over to the Introductions thread and do your thing! We will begin with September and run through March. We'll take December off for all of the crazy holiday madness!

Feel free to post your favorite Orange/Aqua projects!

P.S. Button Update~Button is done, I'm working on linking it correctly :)


  • STICKY  Wrapping Things Up!

    Happy May Day gals! I apologize for my absence from this group, the LQS wher...

    ~Dorrie36 months ago5 replies

  • STICKY  Check In

    Hi everyone! Be sure to check in and let one another know whether you've complet...

    ~Dorrie38 months ago5 replies

  • STICKY  Updated Mailing List

    Happy New Year ladies! We have an updated mailing list, so check your non-Flickr...

    ~Dorrie41 months ago0 replies

  • STICKY  Guidelines

    Alright ladies, these are the guidelines we'll follow. . . When it's your mon...

    ~Dorrie41 months ago4 replies

  • March Is Me!

    Hello~ Well, March is me! I'm preparing fabric packets to send out and should be...

    ~Dorrie35 months ago13 replies

  • January 2012 - Geese in a Ring

    I can't believe it's my month already but here goes! I've been working on an ora...

    fordcowgirl_8538 months ago23 replies

  • February 2012 - String X Block

    I have choosen the String X Block (posted my samples). There are several tutor...

    ~yolanda38 months ago20 replies

  • Are we continuing??

    Will we be starting over for another 6 months? Could we???

    littlbluecottage {}39 months ago4 replies

  • February Is Yolanda!

    Hi everyone! It's time for our newest member ~Yolanda to preview what she'll be ...

    ~Dorrie40 months ago1 replies

  • Introductions

    Hi Everyone~Let's introduce ourselves. You know~the usual good stuff. It's a goo...

    ~Dorrie41 months ago9 replies

  • Our New Member

    Hi everyone! Yolanda has graciously agreed to hop aboard our Orange & Aqua Be...

    ~Dorrie41 months ago1 replies

  • Losing A Member

    Hi everyone, Paige (aka Paper Starfish) has had to leave our group due to per...

    ~Dorrie41 months ago1 replies

  • December~enjoy the holidays

    Happy Holidays everyone! We'll be taking the month of December off to focus on f...

    ~Dorrie42 months ago0 replies

  • November Blocks

    Hi all! I'm excited to be mailing out my fabrics to you. (Tomorrow - sorry i...

    littlbluecottage {}42 months ago11 replies

  • October Blocks

    Hi ladies, I just posted fabric to you today for October. I am asking for...

    BrianaArlene42 months ago14 replies

  • It's Time For November!

    Hi everyone! We should be wrapping up our October blocks and mailing them bac...

    ~Dorrie43 months ago0 replies

  • Wonky Stars/ September Blocks

    Ok so I got all the packages in the mail yesterday. What I would like is 2 12....

    maddieandme143 months ago21 replies

  • It's Nearly October!

    Hi Gals! Sorry for the absence, it was one of those months with the kids gett...

    ~Dorrie44 months ago2 replies

  • Get Ready, Get Set, Sew!

    Hi everyone! August sure blew by quickly. September belongs to Beth (aka maddiea...

    ~Dorrie45 months ago3 replies

  • I love this block...

    Have you all been as fascinated by the "swoon" quilt asi I am?? Would you all b...

    littlbluecottage {}45 months ago11 replies

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