gailpiland PRO 2:00pm, 14 March 2012
Hello Flickr friends,
I am Gail k Piland
I taught art for 33 years and was an artist myself showing my work about once a year at what ever gallery I was working out of. I did drawings and watercolors. Usually I ran after school art classes.

My subject matter is an expression of the things I believe in. Like simplicity, economy, peace, love, compassion, and beauty. I am a long time mediator so Buddhist principles are often expressed visually. I have always had a love of the egg shape and the circle so that is another theme that is just a part of the way I see the world. As an art teacher it has been my privilege to help others express their inner vision. Now retired I can express my own.

I use a couple of cameras, Photoshop Corel X3 and Incendia for the fractals.
All my work is from my own photos, fractals and textures.
I am Thankful for the support and encouragement of Flickr friends.

"Transforming Fractals"
A Jewel
A Jewel

Contemplation, compassion & empathy A
Contemplation, compassion and empathy

Gardian Angel @ work
Guardian Angel @ work

Magic Pendent
Magic Pendent

mountains & fish
Mountains and Fish

She who cannot be named
She who cannot be named

stone Dweller
Stone Dweller

Who's in charge
Who's in Charge?

Where Angels are born
Where Angels are born

The soul of a Lion
The Soul of the Lion

Surreal Seatle
Surreal Seattle
skagitrenee PRO 4 years ago
Thank you so much Gail for spending all this time to create this set of new and spectacular artworks.

Your background serves you well. I always feel there is so much more then what I initially see, giving me moods of deep complexity. Your blending and choice of colors is always just right, often soothing, yet stirs as well.

You are successful in bringing us the feelings you want. You are a true talent and I am proud to have you here☺
Rich Eye PRO 4 years ago
Gail Piland is one of the great digital artists on Flickr. Her work is characterized by its variety in style and subtle use of color and design. Her art characteristically conveys an emotion or feeling that is important to her and which she shares wtih her viewers through her art. These feelings range from the personal to the social. What I like most in her work is that she follows her own path--she does not try to be "cutting-edge" or fashionable. Her art is her own, as all good art should be. Thank you, Gail, for sharing your art with us.
Diana Thorold. PRO 4 years ago
A great selection Gail - you have a true style of your own - I love how you combine fractals, photos and art work - inspirational.
Thank you for sharing
Spherical Me PRO 4 years ago
I see some old favorites, and some great art here. You have such a talent, and I always stop and really look at what you make.
You have been an inspiration to me. I really need to make some more time to be creative and on Flickr, but for now, I'm just popping in to compliment you on your work.
Have a wonderful week!
Marezia57 PRO 4 years ago
WOW! absolutely amazing!! these works are stunning! you´re a great artist, congrats. I´m really impressed ;) xxxx
☼Grietje Haitsma PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ☼Grietje Haitsma (member) 4 years ago
When I watch your Artwork and read your lovely comments, I know you are touched by an Angel. It's pure love you sending into your creations, that also makes you a great "Flickr" friend!!!
Pifou 2010 PRO 4 years ago
WooooooooooooW !!! What a Fantamarvellous Works, Gail !!!

I did'nt Knew you were a Teacher in Art but I've felt that you were a Special & Talented Person ( and a Funny Friend too) !!!
Love your Work,your Photos ,in Fact I love you !!! LOL !!!
What Else ......................!!!!
Keep enjoying us with your marvellous Creations as long you will !!!

Always a régal pour les yeux et l'Esprit !!!
MelineMinassian 4 years ago
Oh Gail i have to search back about 60 pages to your first artwork that IMPRESSED me ,and i still remember it, that was Ten months ago ,that's when i met you,here's the link to the

You are very talented artist and wonderful friend ,love your style and the way you represent your artwork,which reflects your lovely soul and your big heart , You are not Retired yet Gail you have many students here that need to learn from you, and i am one of them ,thanks for sharing your lovely and inspiring work my friend.
My best wishes ,and hugs,.. keep going Gail
Tedje51 PRO 4 years ago
Wow... what a wonderful selection of your artwork, Gail! It's a feast for my eyes. You're a very talented friend!
Paul B0udreau PRO 4 years ago
I don't think I can add enough to what's already been said...simply, a fantastic gallery of beautiful and intriguing digital art. Wonderful work, Gail! Cheers!
What a wonderful gallery of images, Gail. It's so great to see you "up close and personal" ;-)! Your artistic creations never cease to amaze, please and stimulate all who see them!
Barbara Courouble PRO 4 years ago
This is a nice format to get to know a bit about you Gail. When you leave a comment I shall give it a great deal of credit knowing it was written by someone with knowledge in the subject of art. Looking forward to playing with you in the future.
MONKEY50 PRO 4 years ago
Richard Gugins 4 years ago
Just when I start to think that maybe I know what I'm doing I take a look at one of your creations and I'm humbled. They are truly awesome and so full of life, the details amazing and intricate. Yet for all your talent you still take time to make nice comments on my feeble efforts. Thank you. It has been most encouraging.
Psycho_Babble 4 years ago
Just wanted to toss my two cents in. Each of the folks who have been featured here are creating amazing art. Gail, your work shows a sense of identity while maintaining a level of variety that is difficult to pull off. I am drawn to the circle as well, so your work freequently catches my eye, before I realize again that it's one of your pieces. Thanks for your inspiration and for your feeedback on my work as well.
Amazing artworks!!! Captivating! Congratulations!
Aum Kleem PRO 4 years ago
Only a person of great inner beauty can juxtapose her passion for art combined with sensitivity and contentment. Gail Piland creates beautifully inspired and crafted compositions, imaginative, exciting, enchanting and original.
God bless her and thanks for her gift.
garlandcannon PRO 4 years ago
You have enriched my life in many ways. You are an art and meditation model for us all.
gailpiland PRO 4 years ago
Thank you all for your kind words about "the Kreative People" Highlight Gallery..............I am the one who is humbled by your praise!
What would we do without Flickr friends and encouragement?
You gallery is stunning, just like all your works we can see on FLICKR.
Hope you go on teaching us the art you dominate with so much humbleness, sensitivity and a very good sense of humor!
God bless you!
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