skagitrenee PRO 12:55am, 15 January 2012
Thank you Diana Thorold for choosing me.
I was born in Paris France. My parents seeking a better financial life immigrated to Brooklyn New York at my age of 6. We lived there for 18 years. As I grew up I became aware of my father the artist. Being almost blind from Retinitus Pigmentosa, he painted on black velvet. He loved painting portraits, so perhaps this is why I have been fascinated with faces of sorts. He also was a lover of nature and gardened in our small backyard. Thank you dad (no longer with me) for your love of art and nature...they flow within me.
I met my first real love skagitstan at 18. Married at 21 and drove out west in his Volvo. The west coast has since been our home for many years, but it wasn't until 8 years ago that we finally were able to be north where all along we wanted to be. We live about an hour Southwest from the Canadian border.

As a child I loved coloring and yes in the lines. But my more serious art journey started in my twenties with acrylics, watercolor, felt pens and crayons. Being a Sci Fi lover I gravitated to fantasy and Dali like scenes. I never studied the classic artists as I always remembered my father telling me: make your art your own, don't copy the style of others.

My hubby who was then testing software for Apple eventually gave me his Mac. On this computer I bought an old now defunct program called Superpaint. With this I became involved with mirror images. I then went onto kaleidoscopes. I fell in love and stayed there for many years. I did eventually change over to a PC with other art programs, but stayed with then Jasc (now Corel) as it was a program with a built in kaleidoscope maker. It wasn't until I joined flickr over 4 years ago that through a kaleidoscope group I started challenging myself with other people's source pictures. I had fun there for a couple of years, but slowly wanted more. I was afraid of layers, but did eventually teach myself. Then the art world opened up many new doors. I got bored with just plain scoping and tried to be more adventurous. The group did not appreciate this so I did leave and started K-Play, first as a top ten group, then through several changes became any art you wanted group. This past year I closed it as many members petered out. I opened Kreative People as a public group in hopes of attracting more artists to play in our challenges and contests. This is how the source thread came to still be and I'm still hoping our KP members will start creating with them.

For those who do not know, I sign my name as Renaxel. Ren is for Renee (Irene) axel is for my married name Axelrod.

I was born with a progressive nerve disease (Charcot Marie Tooth) that includes weak hands, arms and poor dexterity. This keeps me limited in some art making choices. It is partly due to this disability that I became a plug-in junky to easily get many different looks. With the use of these plug-ins I have been able to keep up with my love of diversity. You will often find birds in my work. For me it represents freedom of movement...what I lack. But also high spirit and guardians of nature. Nature is very important to me as it helps me forget the harshness that sometimes life can bring.

I use Paintshop Pro x4 as my main art program. My most favorite plug-ins are Topaz Labs (I highly recommend them), Flaming Pear and I.C. NET. I do use several others.

My theme for this show is "Fantasy: Scenes with a Smidgen of Nature".

Thank you for your visit.

Great Blue Heron Abstract

The Black Mountains

Magic Carpet Ride

Backyard Fog in WInter


Midnight Dream


Rolling Through


Happy Dreams
Spherical Me PRO 4 years ago
You continue to inspire me, over and over, with your work. And of course, you know I love spheres. You have such a great sense of color and space, and your art is always so refreshing and beautiful.
I am proud to be a member of your groups. It's flickr friends like you that make me wish I had time to do more, and interact more.
Thanks for sharing your story, and your work.
Psycho_Babble Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Psycho_Babble (member) 4 years ago
The work you have chosen here is stunning, but it must have been difficult to choose among the many wonderful scenes you have created.

Your story is quite inspiring. Thank you for sharing it.
Pifou 2010 PRO 4 years ago
It's A Marvellous Gallery, Renee !!! Really Fabulous Works !!!

Btw ; Thanks for this Help !!! It's more clear for me Now !!! LOL !!!
Barbara Courouble PRO 4 years ago
Thank you Renee for sharing a little bit about yourself and your artwork. We have 4 items in common: I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and lived there for 35 years and moved west; Married a Frenchman; work on a MAC; and love kaleidoscopes. After working on a MAC I will never go back to a PC. That we do not have in common.

Your use of color in your work draws the viewer to read into your story. Now I understand your use of birds as it tells your story in your work.

Glad to have met you and hope I haven't given you too many gray hairs in the last month.

MelineMinassian 4 years ago
Now i know you better Renee, you are my first friend on flicker you taught me much ,with your group i started to show my artwork here on Flickr ,which was more than fun to me ,i appreciate and feel honored to have you as a friend ,you are a great artist struggling with all you difficulties, we have to learn much from you thanks for sharing your art your biography your patience and love, keep going Renee wish you health strength and all the best things in your life:)
garlandcannon PRO 4 years ago
I love having this chance to learn a bit more about you, dear friend. You see how so many really love you and have benefitted so much from your mentoring! Me too!

And the pictures you chose--ultra-uber-super-wow. So many of them I was previously unfamiliar with, so that is an ice-cream-sundae treat!

Diana Thorold. PRO 4 years ago
Dear Renee over the years you have inspired and delighted me with your wonderful creations - always experimenting and looking at things in a different way - coming up with a new angle - thank you.
A magical selection of some of your awesome creations - salute
Yes, Renee, your images are amazing and beautiful and magical...! I liked the amazing story that you wrote above. You are a continual inspiration to me and to others here in Flickr. And, I am very proud to be your friend!
ladyinpurple PRO 4 years ago
All fantastic works of art!
just1snap PRO 4 years ago
So nice to find out more about you and the obstacles you have had to overcome in your life. Art is so inspiring as well as therapeutic and your creativity encourages so many of us to experiment and most of all, enjoy.
Best wishes, Lynda
Palmsgb 4 years ago
Renee your art is inspiring , your use of colours makes me envious, and your friendship valued (even though it has been a short space of time )

your gallery is a joy to look through and one i hope you are proud off

all the best

jaci XIII 4 years ago
Your witness of life is very inspiring. Your art is wonderful too, with effects and colors so beautiful, and a pleasure to have you as a contact and friend, congratulations.
Lala50 PRO 4 years ago
your artwork is wonderful.......and your story so have a great eye for colors..and design.......
☼Grietje Haitsma PRO 4 years ago
Dear Renee, all your creations are wonderful and full of joy. It's always a pleasure to watch your endless creativity in your art/ nature designs. Over the last years you were a big inspiration to me, thank you for that my friend!
junibears PRO 4 years ago
I haven't been on Flickr very long so only recently found your art.
Dear Renee your story is inspiring, just like your art.
Thank you,
This is a wonderful gallery, Renee, and I'm so glad to get to know you better! You're definitely Flickr royalty and I'm honored to be your friend (though I'll never understand how you could go back to a PC after using a Mac ;-)).
KaCey97078 PRO 4 years ago
It is a pleasure to read about someone who does such marvelous artwork... I have bumped into you briefly in other groups but I think maybe this one will be a good one for us... Your creations are wonderful and I enjoy seeing what an imaginative mind can produce... Thanks for sharing yourself and your talent with us...
- M i c h a e l - 4 years ago
What a stunning collection you have gathered here, Renee. Thank you for sharing of your art, and of yourself!
Taluula2two 4 years ago
So glad to get to know you a little better, Renee, to know some of your story and see some of your art. Ditching a MAC for a PC though ...... Mmmmmmmm!
Tedje51 PRO 4 years ago
What a lovely collection, Renee! You're combining fun, creativity and nature in your art in an excellent way!
Thank you for sharing about yourself and your work and inspiration!
Marezia57 PRO 4 years ago
Thanks Renee, for sharing your story of life with us :) i´m new here, and i´m glad i´ve find you. Your works are so vibrant, alive and happy! full of warmness! thanks. Btw, I like jasc, i use jasc animationshop3, for my animated works, it´s great! and i worked with jasc 8 and it´ easier than photoshop, imo. Congrats, have a happy week.
MONKEY50 PRO 4 years ago
RuthArt PRO 4 years ago
Renee, you are an inspiration and a great source of supportive encouragement to me. It's so nice to get to know you better .....amazing story of your father still doing art with his eye problems....that is my great fear because I am being treated for glaucoma!!
Your art is full of wonderful images and though I may not get the 'story' in all of them, I am always attracted to them because of color and design, which you use to the greatest possible effect.
May your life be continually filled with beauty and the freedom you feel when you create.
gailpiland PRO 4 years ago
Dear Renee, Thank you for sharing. I have learned more about you still. Your a sister on Flickr and in the world as well. This is a fantastic gallery full of unique and creative wonders from nature and your boundless imagination. You inspire so many of us. I join with your other friends and artists to wish you ease and blessings in your life. May the muses bless you and us for a long time to come!
skagitrenee PRO 4 years ago
You have made me feel loved and appreciated. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart☺
Richard Gugins 4 years ago
It is largely because of your kindness I have continued with my digital delusions. Thank you for sharing your own wonderful art and for inspiring me to learn again.
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