Morbius19 PRO 8:51pm, 24 February 2015
Dom Corrado …. "Be good, or don't get caught!"
“ Not, how did he die, but, how did he live?”
I am dedicating this Group to "Big Dom" Corrado.
His memorial at Lunacon 2014 was a very emotional gathering.
The panel included four friends that have know Dom for years.
Dennis McCunney, Larry“Lordlnyc”Nelson, Len“Bogie-Wan”Provenzano and his closest friend Robert A. Rosenberg.

The Westchester B auditorium was filled with people that came to honor the memory of a man that gave so much. And a man who asked very little in return. The panel announced that they didn’t want to take up all the time allotted, preferring to have the audience tell their stories. Hands raised all around as one by one tales were told of what Dom meant to people and how much he would be missed. Many of the Original Dom’s Kids were there along with the Next Generation of Dom’s Kids. And many Honorary Dom’s Kids.
I know that Dom was listening and probably screaming that's enough. But we needed to share our loss with each other.
So like it or not, the tales were told and tears were shed for a giant of a man that we all loved.
As an Honorary Dom’s Kid I’d like to say.
Well done Mr. Corrado
He was and forever will be unforgettable... Peace my friend.

Dom was featured on National Geographic TV's "Comic Store Heroes"
Youtube link provided by Joshua Goldberg
Dom’s segment on “Comic Store Heroes”
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