Wol1906 8:44pm, 18 August 2013
For those of you with a smartphone (or tablet) but not a dedicated camera GPS device, this is how to use Android to geotag your photos.

The BIG problem is timezones. The advice generally seems to be to configure both devices to local time, or both devices to GMT, but this can be a bit tricky. The obvious solution is to apply a time correction, but this also can be a bit tricky.

Download "My Tracks" to your phone from the Play Store. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you use it - it can flatten your battery in short order, certainly in less than a day. You can also reduce the intervals (time or distance) which it records, which will reduce the battery consumption. Once you've recorded your track, export it to your SD card as a gpx file, and copy it to the same folder as your photos. Note that, by default (I haven't tried to change this) it will save the gpx file as GMT, regardless of your time zone.

If your camera is set to GMT, then pretty much any geo-sync program, such as ViewNX2, will now correctly geotag your photos. If, however, like me you want your camera set to local time, some of these programs are useless.

Download Google's GPicSync program. Run it, tell it where to find your gpx file, and where to find your photos. The last thing you need to tell it is your offset from GMT (which it will use to correct the time on the photos to match up with the gpx file). My current time is BST (GMT+DST, or UTC+0100) so I tell it "1 hour". Click on "Synchronise", and it will go through the photos putting in the geotags.

Oddly enough, Google Picasa doesn't seem to like this much! It shows some photos as being geo-tagged and some not, despite the information pane showing that they are all geo-tagged.

ViewNX2 is useless for geotagging if you have any timezone information. Despite the D5100 being capable of storing timezone info (indeed, ViewNX2 displays this info to you), ViewNX2 doesn't use it! If the photo time is set to 15:00 (GMT+0100), then it will look for (and match) 15:00Z in the gpx file (despite Z saying "this is GMT"!) And although ViewNX2 has a mechanism for providing times, the help states clearly that any EXIF time will over-ride a user-supplied correction! This is a shame, as ViewNX2 is in other respects a much better program than GPicSync.
ILLW 5 years ago
Great idea, thank you for posting on the site Wolf.
Personally I take the easy way out and geotag once uploaded to Flickr, but then I'm pretty lazy.
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