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Novice_Pro 9:27am, 27 June 2013
Hi Guys,

I got myself a D5100 last week and have been pottering around the house and garden taking a few shots to get myself familiar with all the different settings. As a noob my images look ok and I am keen to get some quality images. I have the kit lens and the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8g has just arrived.

I would be grateful for advice on the best settings for both the lenses I have. Next week I will be taking images of my children's sports day and then where off to Majorca where I hope to get some real treasured shots.

Hope am not being to vague, thanks in advance.
Roz Walton 5 years ago

Thanks for your post, I've had the D5100 for a year or so now and am still getting to grips with its' many capabilities - it largely depends on what you are hoping to shoot on what settings to use. Since I mainly shoot landscapes I am no real expert but I did get some really helpful advise from Geoff Harman [Uplands wolf] who has a D5200 now I think. May be worth dropping him a line.
Donald M 5 years ago
I set the sharpness to 6 in std picture setting, then show highlights in playback menu - vital and be ready to adjust exposure for clipped highlights. I have d-lighting in auto and rest is factory settings. I have been pleased with the results.
Marc Freeborne 5 years ago
The 1.8 is a great lens, i always shoot on continuous for live shooting, burst 4-5 shots, its amazing the difference fractions of a second make, oh and with the amazing sensor we all have, dont be scared of a high iso setting, i avoid flash as much as possible, and if you do get a bit of noise, even windows photo editor does a half decent job of calming the image.
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