DT_Rat 8:11pm, 5 July 2011
Hi. I was not allowed to add a photo of mine (taken with a D5100 and having EXIF data) to this group. I was told it violated a "pool rule"

Could someone please share these rules?


FYI - the photo in question is this
Dafydd Penguin PRO 7 years ago
ditto, come on guys, I'm a UK D5100 user and as above I can't post a pic using the wonderful 12-24mm f2.8!

My post was : www.flickr.com/photos/56897352@N02/
Roz Walton 7 years ago
Well yes, same thing has happened to me today as well, and I started the group. Have no idea what is wrong as have not changed anything, will investigate and see what can be done as it is very frustrating I know.
Roz Walton Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Roz Walton (admin) 7 years ago
Well, as suspected - i set up absolutely no rules at all when I formed this group - apart from a request to geotag that is! And that of course is the answer - please geotag your images.
DT_Rat 7 years ago
oh yeah! can you believe out of the 150+ photos I have on flickr, this is the only one that wasn't geo tagged?

Thanks for your reply, it was added successfully
pauldulac 5 years ago
Why the geotag rule anyway?
Wol1906 5 years ago

Probably because it's very frustrating (especially when most photos will be geographically close) not to know where an interesting photo was taken. Especially if you'd like to go there and take a similar picture yourself...

The one time it's really annoying is when you've taken photos that leak privacy information. I've taken a fair few pictures in my back garden and either (a) I don't post them here or (b) the geotag information is intentionally off. Not by much - you could probably find me within a mile or two pretty easily without that - but enough so I can't be precisely placed.
Roz Walton 5 years ago
What you can do if you don't want to share your info is t put your geotag in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, comes up with some interesting results!
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