52 by 52 4:54pm, 8 December 2012
At last we are in a position to publish the 52 by 52 Members Book!

Order yours here:

Purchase the book before Monday 10th to receive the book (just) in time for Christmas. If you enter the code WINTER2012 at checkout by 13th December you get a 15% discount. More details on the offer:

52 by 52 makes no profit from the venture and one pound of the sale price for each book goes to

We're going to create a hardback version of the book printed on premium paper and without the Blurb Logo at the back of the book early next year. As well as the hardback book we're in the process of creating iPad and PDF versions too.

The making of the 52 by 52 Members’ Book
This has been an experience in itself that has been enjoyable and fraught in equal measures. We, the admin team, are sorry we have not managed to keep to the original timetable, but we were keen to produce a quality book, and did not want to compromise the final product by rushing the final stages.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we wanted to share with the members the processes and stages we have gone through, plus give you some details of the selection process, and the occasional issue, where we changed our plan during the process.

We had always intended to produce a book that reflected the range and diversity of the challenges and equally the member’s responses to them. We also wanted to include as many members’ photographs as was feasible and to represent the breadth of membership.

Our criterion for selection was:
- Considering the photo's relevance to the brief.
- Ensuring the aesthetic quality remains as high as possible.
- Keeping the number of entries from individual members to the lowest feasible number.
- Taking into account the total number of challenges that were tackled by the entrant.
- Reflecting the member’s contribution to the project outside of their submissions.
- Applying as impartial view as was possible over the inclusion of our own (admin team) images.
- Trying to avoid specific aesthetics reoccurring.
- Considering the print quality of the photo.
- Considering how the photo fits with its partner on the same or adjacent page.
- The photos' orientation in relation to the design of the book to achieve a consistent flow.
- The length of the supporting text for a challenge.
- Keeping the number of pages below 120 and thereby keeping cost down.

The selection process:
Consisted of an on-line voting system which listed all entries, with a picture per entry. The spreadsheet incorporated various formulas, which added up votes and cross-references to individual entries.

Each of the admin team voted individually for all entries in a descending score, with the first selection = 1 and so on to the last selection.

The key photograph was the one with the lowest score.

Change decisions in design and selection:
At various stages in the process we had practical issues that affected our various decisions.

We quickly realised that our idea to have two different books (one with one picture per challenge in soft back and a hard back version (with perhaps more pictures per challenge), was prohibitive because of cost.

We decided to go for soft and hard cover versions of the essentially same design (Members deciding how much they want to spend), but including a range of pictures from each challenge as this would give us greater opportunity to include a larger number of members in the publication.

Inevitably as the book layout emerged, various “tweaks” had to be made. A small amount of judicious cropping to fit the software used by Blurb and the occasional horizontal flip was needed to enhance the flow of images.

Decisions over the cover and text content were quickly agreed. Only the logo appears on the cover with a strap-line. In the book we wanted to include some background to the project and comments from members about their experiences in participating. To do this we composed a short introduction and have used some quotes from members’ contributions in the discussions and ending threads to round off.

The finished result:
We hope you agree that the finished book is a true representation of the breadth and depth of the 52 by 52 experience. A big thank to everyone who's contributed to the book, it wouldn't exist without you.

— Dave, Julia & Mark
T Silva 6 years ago
Thank you for the great work!
Patrick_Sagnes 6 years ago
Excellent job !!! I just order ! Can't wait to have mine. Thank you so much
dacaccia 6 years ago
Thank you very much! A fine book, well designed! have ordered mine already ;)
Leripix 6 years ago
It looks stunning - Well done everyone.
Just about to order mine.
joji sasaki PRO 6 years ago
thank you, Dave, Julia and Mark for all of your work. very well designed and edited. it does look stunning indeed!
Palofperu PRO 6 years ago
Many many thanks for all the hard work that's gone into bringing the book to fruition, David, Mark and Julia you're terrific. Just about to put an order in.Everyone's work looks wonderful. What a treat to savour, roll on the delivery!
scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 6 years ago
Yep, agree with all above. Congratulation on all your hard work.
Just ordered mine, very excited cant wait.
bart1eby 6 years ago
Ditto everyone else. Looks superb. Ordering mine shortly! Well done team! bjb
Steve Leverett PRO 6 years ago
Book ordered - looks fantastic in the preview. Excellently produced - amazing range of photos. Many thanks to you, Dave, Julia & Mark; many thanks to all the contributors.

All the best for 2013.

Voltaire 2010 6 years ago
You've done a really excellent job. The juxtaposition of images is really sensitive and effective. Thanks Dave, Julia and Mark for all your hard work on this. Have ordered my copy. Can't wait to receive it.
Larking About 6 years ago
Great stuff ! Thank you for all the hard and I am sure difficult work in putting that together !!!
(Can I admit to spluttering on my coffee and laughing at seeing my anatomy so exposed !!!!)
dacaccia 6 years ago
I got mine today - great work, good book quality, a photo book worth to buy!
gri2011 6 years ago
Dave, Julia y Marcos: Thank you very much! I really love the design of the book!
sillsillsills 6 years ago
It is great to have the published book in my hands. Thank you very much Dave, Julia and Mark, for the excellent work!
scala66/Paul Marsh PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by scala66/Paul Marsh (member) 6 years ago
mine arrived today, have to say it all looks great. everything seems to sit together nicely. well done everyone.
cant wait to get going again.
Leripix 6 years ago
Mine just arrived too - and although I've (obviously) seen all the photographs before on screen, to see them printed and to have the book is way, way better. It's a great memento of the year.

Well done everyone. I'm really proud of us!
MOD1966 6 years ago
My book arrived yesterday and likewise I was thrilled! It's great to see all the creativity and hardwork coming together. Well done to all photographers involved and especially Julia, Dave & Mark for putting all the work into the book...good job!

Happy Christmas and all the best for 2013.
52 by 52 6 years ago
Thank you so much for the kind words everyone. The book was only as good as the work in it so everyone can be justifiably proud.

For people with iPhones, iPads or iPod Touchs the book is now available through the iTunes store for just £1.99:

We're going to look afresh at the Hardback version after Christmas so it should be ready somewhere around early February. It will largely be the same content but we'd like to see a proof before putting it on sale and that can take a few weeks to be delivered.

On a personal note I'd like to thank Julia and Mark who've contributed a huge amount to the Members' Book, copy writing, image selection, editing, sequencing, proof reading, communicating with contributors... the list goes on.

— Dave
msiagirl PRO 5 years ago
A wonderful book and thank you all for your hard work! I'm so proud to have joined this challenge and meeting such a great community. Looking forward to your next step. Best wishes always for the New Year!
david_gillett 5 years ago
The Society Cafe bought a copy, so it should be nestled somewhere between Magnum Contacts and Simon Roberts We English! Your shots looked great on the wall by the way.
52 by 52 5 years ago
The Members' Book is now available in hardback!

We've added the option for you to choose between either Dust Jacket or Imagewrap covers and we've also taken the opportunity to make a few improvements to the design and layout of the book.

Having seen a sample hardback book with an alternative paper stock we've chosen to keep the same paper as the softback edition because we felt it better suited the content. We also decided to keep the small Blurb logo on the last page as removing it would have added £8 to each book which seemed excessive.

A full preview of the books is available here:

If you've a website or blog it's easy to embed the full preview of the Members' Book within it by clicking on the 'Share' link then the 'Embed' tab from the book preview.

As with all of the other formats (softback, PDF and eBook) 52 by 52 makes no profit from the venture and one pound from the sale of each book goes to PhotoVoice.

Thanks once again to everyone involved in the book, the hardback edition feels like great way to wrap up year one!

— Dave, Julia & Mark
52 by 52 5 years ago
To celebrate the imminent launch of 26 by 26 we've made the 52 by 52 Members' eBook free! It's available for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch on iTunes:
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