Karf Oohlu PRO 9:39am, 17 March 2011
We've got the little pulley wheel; nice little guy, very handy in lots of spots.
But there must be other things with that connection? I'm sure I saw something recently with a zamor that used a different bit, didn't recognize the piece, obviously not too common.
Any thoughts?
thwaak 7 years ago
Yeah, as mentioned in your photo thread apparently the train throw switch has stubs that work, although in that context it has limitations purely because that piece is so specialized. We need to find more pieces that work, but ones that have more basic functionality as well.
Karf Oohlu PRO 7 years ago
Mission accepted
bikicsmilan 7 years ago
Good luck guys! :-)
Karf Oohlu PRO 7 years ago
^ That bit I was referring to was yours, I now see : )
bikicsmilan Posted 7 years ago. Edited by bikicsmilan (member) 7 years ago
Some time ago in late 2010 before I came to Flickr I did a thorough research on this fascinating Zamor connection and found some pieces with the stubs you're looking for. I never photographed these tablescraps until now, but upon my joy to have found some other freaky people for a group therapy I finally took those photos today. The one with the Technic helmet is a brand new idea though. Thanks for the inspiration guys! Oh, and by freaky I meant freakishly awesome of course :-)
Edit: This afternoon I found further parts with a Zamor grip: The crossbow (coolissimo), the bow and arrow (maybe too tight), the bat-a-rang (not a clear grip but tight enough) and the Fabuland fishing rod (useless).
Karf Oohlu PRO 7 years ago
Great job matey, been slack myself, but those are some interesting connection you've got there : )

So I/m going to have to put some time aside and experiment with them
bikicsmilan 7 years ago
I can hardly wait until you and Thwaak place these in some awesome MOCs! :-)
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