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If you're a cat owner you'll sometimes be puzzled by your cats behavior, especially when they give you a nip or bite and then lick you straight afterwards. This kind of behavior is very normal among cats as it's regarded as a sign of affection and not aggression. What your feline friend is trying to tell you is, they Love You, it's their way of giving you a kiss!

Sometimes their cat kisses can seem more like a bite or a sharp pinch which can hurt. Remember don't get angry at your cat as you can confuse the poor puss. If your feline friend gives a firm love bite than just be firm and say No! In time your cat will understand it's still OK to show affection but not to cause you pain.

The reason they do this is not to hurt you, they are simply kissing you like they would normally kiss another cat. Because cats have thick fur and their nerve endings in their skin aren't close to the skins surface like ours, they need to nip harder in order to express their affection.

For a cat, this type of affection is quite acceptable, but as a pet owner it's not the most pleasant experience being bitten. To stop this type of behavior you can train your cat not to bite, although this can take some time, patience and persistence before you can control this habit or stop it completely.

Although most cats enjoy affection try not to caress them too much as this can over excite them. An over excited kitty will exhibit many tell tale signs like purring, rubbing against you, chirping and a stiff tail that can quiver. Cats that are over excited usually can't control their emotions, so be prepared in case your cat wants to give you a kiss.
Make sure when you approach your cat too look at their tail first, as their tail is like their mood detector. Remember if their tail is quivering with excitement avoid contact as you might end up with a love bite.

Approach your cat when it's in a good mood, their tail will look calm and only the tip will gently move. On the other hand if they're unhappy their tail will flick from side to side, it's always best to avoid contact with them until they return in a better mood.

Living in harmony with your cat is possible, just try to be aware of their mood swings and if they do bite and lick you (kiss you) remember it's there way of saying I love you
Taco_45 [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Taco_45 (member) 6 years ago
My cats bite me because sometimes when I pet them they will get irrated at me and then bite multiple times which makes me laugh.
deb~kelly 6 years ago
my cats lick you first like they are tenderising you then they bite!
Sair Jane PRO 6 years ago
What happens if they don't lick you after the bite? Do they just hate you? :-P haha
I tease my black cat and we play about, but she get's too entusiastic with her teeth and claws! When she get's all vicious I pick her tail up and give it to her and she ends up biting her tail then starts washing's strange!
livyohio 6 years ago
My Cats Do The Same Thing
timmerschester PRO 6 years ago
My kitty, Chester sits next to me on the couch while i eat a snack. he will rub his teeth and lightly bite my arm. It's like a social "eating" thing....he gives kisses and wants to try the food that you are eating. Most of the time he doesn't really want or like what I am eating..but he wants you to offer it to him.
Ninna_1 6 years ago
My cat sits on my sandals... not any shoes, just sandals-like shoes.. sleepers and so.... Why is that? I have wondered for... ever! .. is it cause he thinks he's in charge? - :P which can be the truth--- or what's the reason for that? ... Of course he bites me after brushing him.. he's purring and then bites! :)
Acire9 6 years ago
My cat Maya will (when I am holding her) rub her teeth on my ear, and lick my ear, and gently bite my neck. Silly kitty!
G_NJPat PRO 6 years ago
Cats who bite when you're petting them may be exhibiting signs of feline hyperesthesia, also known as "rippling skin disease".
Thankfully, my cats don't bite too worst offender has calmed way down and learning to read her body language has helped us avoid handling her when she isn't in the mood so we don't irritate her and end up bit.
Mark Hewitt ovacast 5 years ago
My cat nibbles when hes being affectionate. He bites when hes playfull and climbes the curtains when he wants letting out :-)
Little Emily 92 5 years ago
My cat bits then licks when I annoy him :)
Ebtehal Al M 5 years ago
my cats do the same =))
dinadiirv 5 years ago
My cats give me love bites.
kashif520 5 years ago
they love you, they hate you.....
opticSniper PRO 5 years ago
Its probably to release the flavor before they eat you.
pinkythegreat 5 years ago
Maybe its weird....but if you scratch my cats back, and hold your hand up he bites it like he's biting a flea....the weird part is......i lovvvvvvveeeee it when he does hurts like hell and looks way nasty....i think i have a sickness...i should be on a tv show
kitty cat 12499 5 years ago
My cat will lick my toes for a while and then start to bite... then I am like"Bad Cat!!!!!" And then they run away real fast and I feel bad! But my toe was sore so I had a reason... but luckily my cats forgive me.:)
Tiomax80 5 years ago
Haha she does the same! Could you please add my photo to the pool?
ramcewan PRO 5 years ago
My kitty who sadly passed away a few years ago would like to play a game if I held my hand up in front of her and cupped slightly, sort of like a cobra snake, she would put here ears back and get crazy and attack!

Generally though my Siamese cats have not been the biting type. My littlest one will however gladly groom my eye brows and side burns if I let her, she will also lick my hand while I pet her, presumably to help.
Nana ThePurpleRoomz 5 years ago
my cat just lick me at a toe sometime,because she love me...and I can imagine,if Melody day..
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