Rococo57 PRO 10:34pm, 6 April 2011
Everybody welcome, feel free to express yourself :)
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<b>Welcome to VOYEUR locale:</b>

<a href=""><img src=""
width="60" height="60" alt="VOYEUR locale"/></a>

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Welcome to VOYEUR locale:

VOYEUR locale

Fave and Award 3 images
Wandering Dom PRO 6 years ago
Thanks for the invites and for creating this group !!
Rocking to the maximum/minimum ;-)))
Rococo57 PRO 6 years ago
try to do my best :):):) need good pic's to do it :)
zeze57 PRO 5 years ago
thx for the invite ! Looks like a nice concept, relativizing a bit the Abstract Hype which is somehow in the air at flickr :)))
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